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  2. THERE’S ONE ABSOLUTE TRUTH WE CAN ALL AGREE ON ABOUT THIS COUNTRY: NIGERIA NEEDS HEROES. A LOT OF THEM. The country has been failed time and again by people in real positions of power to do something about its decay that it’s easy to completely lose all hope in the country. However, there are people who are not giving up just yet; people who still battle to protect the little flicker of hope in the pervading darkness that the country struggles in. Adepeju Olukokun is only another average Nigerian who decided that he had had enough of the government’s system of willful neglect and disappointment and was intent on doing something about it. Olukokun had experienced hardship first hand, growing up in a polygamous family where sustenance was hard, hawking on the street for the better part of 15 years. The things he was exposed to growing up inspired him to do his part to make sure he could prevent other people having to suffer through the same. This led to what is known today as Kokun Foundation. Well, NGO Owner, Kokun, took to his insta-story to share his depression story and how he is currently feeling suicidal even though it’s been a while he was sad. According to Kokun, the depression challenge he is currently facing is so much for him. Here is post the philanthropist shared below;
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  4. SINGER OMAWUMI ISN’T VERY HAPPY WITH THE NIGERIA POLICE FORCE, A SENTIMENT WHICH SHE SHARED ON HER TWITTER. It looks like she was a victim of an unruly stop-and-search routine, writing about being “disrespected” by uniformed officers who abused their office. She would have ended up seriously hurt if she hadn’t put her foot down and known her rights, she shared. I’m a proud Nigerian that louds the effort of the NPF(Nigeria police force) but today I was a victim of uniformed officers that abused their office. If you want to stop and search, do it respectfully. I was disrespected today and if I didn’t put my foot down or I didn’t know my rights, I would have ended up seriously hurt. We can do better by ourselves in any position we find ourselves. You owe it to your citizens to be/do better. Omawumi becomes yet another celebrity to fall victim to police misbehavior, after Lola OJ who was “physically assaulted,” DJ Obi whose tire was allegedly shot at, and Praiz who was arrested.
  5. NIGERIA’S FIRST FEMALE BANKER DR. SARAH ADENIKE MOROCCO-CLARKE HAS DIED AT A GRACEFUL AGE OF 80, SHE DIED DAYS AGO. FAMILY SAYS SHE PASSED AWAY PEACEFULLY ON SUNDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2018, AFTER A SHORT ILLNESS. She was Popularly known as the ‘Iron Lady’ , a moniker seemingly taken from references to the then British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Morocco-Clarke was given this nickname because of her stern mien and no-nonsense attitude professionally. The Morocco-Clarke matriarch leaves behind six successful children, thirteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. May Her Soul rest in Peace.
  6. PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI HAS ARRIVED NEW YORK FOR THE 73RD SESSION OF THE UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY. The session opened September 18, with the theme “Making the United Nations relevant to all People: Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities for Peaceful, Equitable and Sustainable Societies.” Buhari is expected to address the General Assembly on the opening day of the General Debate on Tuesday. Femi Adesina, the president’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, also revealed that President Buhari and his wife will also attend a welcome reception hosted by the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres and his spouse for Heads of State and Government and their spouses. Accompanying the president during his trip is Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki; Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama; Attorney-General, Abubakar Malami; Minister of Health, Isaac Adewole; and the Acting Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu. See photos from his arrival in New York:
  7. Don’t even know her, But Her photos have been flooding IG Explore, and I had to bring it here, see more below!
  8. Do you also want to know how to make perfume in Nigeria? Probably, everyone wants to know this, because only the magic, sensual and enticing world of aromas can attract a person. Sweet notes of vanilla, a passionate smell of roses, patchy patchouli – all have their preferences. Keep reading our guide and create your personal perfume. Most likely, a lot of people faced with the usual situation, when visiting a perfume shop, we have difficulties in choosing the fragrance, namely those notes that are obliged to play for the benefit of a hard-to-match image. So many ladies and gentlemen start to think about the creation of their own perfume based on the personal preferences. If created successfully such perfume can even become your business card and will be unique. PERFUME CREATION To make a perfume with your own hands, you should understand that the basis of any real perfume is essential oils, which in various combinations can create a unique fragrance. First of all, you need to choose the aromas of natural essential oils that you like most of all. To do this, you can take ordinary paper, which should be cut into thin strips. On each piece of paper, sign what kind of oil you are applying. Then apply one drop to the strip and arrange a mini-exam. With your eyes closed, inhale the fragrance of the oil, and then read the name. You should only smell one by one, without opening your eyes. After that, prepare the necessary inventory: cut clean strips of paper; one glass container for mixing; a set of essential oils; glass pipette; pure ethyl as the basis for liquid; jojoba oil without a smell as a base for oil perfume; beeswax as a basis for dry perfume; glass bottles for ready-made perfumes. Any perfume consists of three phases. Each phase is made up of fragrances, depending on the persistence of essential oils: The first phase is the initial note. It contains fragrances that can be smelt in the first 15-20 minutes after application to the body. As a rule, these are citrus, mimosa, basil, mint, anise, rosewood, lavender, and many others. The second phase is the main note. The heart of any perfume is revealed after half an hour. Use to create the main note of fl0ral fragrance, essential oils, musk, fennel, pine, cinnamon, tobacco, thyme, nutmeg, cloves, and others. The third phase is the base note. The “aftertaste” of the perfume. Leave a smooth, slightly noticeable fragrance, which is also called a train. This includes essential oils of myrrh, incense, most woody fragrances, for example, incense, patchouli, vetiver, and wood moss. Some fragrances can also be used to create other phases, the main thing is to keep a single composition, the general nature of the product. HOW TO MAKE PERFUME AT HOME IN NIGERIA Do you wonder how to make homemade perfumes by creating exactly your scent? It`s simple enough. First of all, it`s always necessary to create a composition of “heart of perfumes.” Put on the signed paper strips a drop of essential oils belonging to this group. After that, bring various combinations of these fragrances to your nose, choose precisely the combination that you like. After that, add one fragrance of the main note. Don`t rush to combine several scents at once, so you cannot catch the necessary combination, and you can get confused as to which combination you might like. Lastly, add the oils of the initial note in the same way. After you have prepared the basic composition, apply it on a cotton shawl and leave it for 1-2 hours. If after this time the fragrance will please you, then you have made the right choice. Don`t try immediately for complex compounds, each note should contain two or three types of oil. STEPS TO FOLLOW TO MAKE YOUR IDEAL HOMEMADE PERFUME The proportion of used oils should be – 1/2/3 (drops), depending on what smell should play in the first, second or third phase. But the rule isn`t strict, each determines for himself the intensity of an ingredient, depending on their preferences. After that, in a glass container with a pipette, mix the oils you have chosen in the proposed proportion. Now you can start, directly, to make perfume. Decide what kind you would like to make. If the perfume is on an alcohol base, then the concentration of the oil composition can be 20-30%. If you want to make the oil perfume, the essential oils have to be 10%, and a dry one can be prepared from beeswax in the proportion of 50/50. Pour the perfume into a sterile glass bottle. Remember that alcohol perfumes after mixing should infuse for at least three weeks in a dark dry place. Mix the compounds for your future perfume slowly, but don`t shake. For oil perfumes, the infusing period is much shorter – no more than a week, and dry one can be used immediately after preparing. Thus, you can make for yourself the necessary fragrances for each occasion. Besides, perfumes composed individually for a particular person and can become a wonderful gift to him or her. We offer for the first time to use ready-made recipes of already proven perfumes. Don`t worry about the fact that the fragrance won`t be individual, on each person such a composition will play in its way. INGREDIENTS FOR MAKING PERFUME Each fragrance has a symbol and can play a role in a person’s life, check out the most popular essential fragrances! Orange. A fragrance that gives impudence and fun, increases optimism and self-confidence, creating around the aura of confidence and serenity. Bergamot. It can neutralize the aggressive and spiteful energy of the crowd, protect your aura from external factors. It can aso stimulate the individuality, open the creative deeds, reveal the artistic essence and suppress isolation. Basil. The smell of basil can save a person from complexes, increase self-esteem. Vanilla. It pushes to create a family, makes an aura of trust, warmth. It also harmonizes already established relationships, helping to hear what the interlocutor says, taking his or her place. There is a belief that the fragrance of vanilla is the aroma that makes men crazy. Carnation protects the wearer from excessive emotionality. It can also be a powerful defense against energy vampirism and enmity. Grapefruit reveals a person’s inherent talents, helping to achieve success in work. Jasmine is the oil of a female, wise and sophisticated beginning. It liberates, reveals a bashful character, eliminating all complexes. Ylang-ylang is a fragrance that allows understanding a loved one from a half-word, strengthens intuition, increases the woman`s sensuality and man`s desire. Ginger will add determination and firmness to the character. It can also help a weakened organism in the fight against the disease. Cinnamon will add coziness and warmth to the aura. To a man, in whose fragrance there is a note of cinnamon, people will always come in search of advice and comfort. Lavender. The meditative motifs of lavender will help to relax and realize yourself completely. Lemon is the fragrance of a traveler, helping in any situation to feel comfortable. Mandarin helps to find peace in the soul, restoring an aura damaged by another’s malice. It gives a little naivety and childish immediacy to the owner. Muscat will help to increase tolerance in the life of the family, the achievement of career goals. It`s also often used to develop intuition in adolescents, helping them to cope with transitional problems. Peppermint enhances mutual understanding between people, removes the expectation of trouble, a feeling of tension in the relationship. Patchouli strengthens intuition, helps to feel the right beginning. It`ll help to cope with any situation. Rose transforms the energy of anger and sadness into an objective evaluation of the resulting situation. It`s the fragrance of shy and young people, giving the character lightness, freshness, and refinement. Pine is a doctor among the oils, which allows to restore and heal forces after a severe emotional impact. Tea tree protects from the aggressive impact of the environment, creating a protective shell around a person. Eucalyptus regains strength after a disease, or an evil look, it can give longevity to the owner. HOW TO MAKE PERFUME: SIMPLE PROPORTIONS Learn a couple of ideas on how to make an easy and at the same time amazing perfume that will make other people ask what a wonderful perfume you have. FRESH SUMMER PERFUME NECESSARY INGREDIENTS: 20 ml of ethyl; 5 drops of lemon oil; 3 drops of lemon balm oil; 2 drops of neroli oil; 2 drops of bergamot oil. CLOVE EASTERN PERFUME NECESSARY INGREDIENTS: 20 ml. ethyl; 4 drops of clove oil; 3 drops of violet oil; 2 drops of rose oil; 2 drops of bergamot oil; 2 drops of lavender oil. But here is a more complex recipe for perfume. But the bright tropical motifs in its composition won`t allow you to be disappointed in the efforts you have spent! CITRUS SPICY PERFUME NECESSARY INGREDIENTS: 50 ml of ethyl; 2 cinnamon sticks; 1 tbsp. asterisks of a carnation; 3 tablespoons orange peel; 2 tablespoons of rum; 4 laurel leaves. Mix all the ingredients and put them in a dark place. Lightly shake the contents daily. After a week, filter and add: 30 drops of orange oil; 4 drops of lavender oil; 3 drops of neroli oil. After, let the fragrance infuse in a dark place for three weeks. Creating perfume with your own hands is a fascinating process. After the first successful experiment, you will want to repeat your success, and you`ll be happy to discover more and new unusual combinations of fragrances. Besides, this hobby can also have practical value. In addition to saving money and an exclusive fragrance, you can please your relatives with original gifts for various holidays, choosing perfumes following their tastes and wishes. Create the fragrance of your dreams, enjoy this process!
  9. Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West made her runway debut at a fashion show which took place at Pacific Palisades near Los Angeles on Saturday. The event celebrated the launch of the toy brand’s new Bigger Surprise product and the 5-year-old was among the children that made the runway at the fashion event. North who was styled by Simone Harouche in a Michael Jackson-inspired look rocked a red leather jacket and matching mini-skirt, which she paired with a zip-up black crop top, white socks, black shoes, a black Cult Gaia purse, and red lipstick, Her mom, Kim was also in attendance to cheer on her as she made her way down the catwalk. Watch Video below.
  10. Mavin first lady goes on her kneels as she greets music legend sir Shina Peter at the launch of perfume brand, Sapphire Scents at Lenox mall in Lagos yesterday and also the unveiling of Cee-C as their latest brand ambassador.
  11. Ex-BBNaija House mate Abiri Oluwabusayomi populary know has khloe has just replied a troll who was disappointed about her dressing. She said: “is it like you are mad. What's your business with what i wear? Who asked for your opinion? I can do whatever I like or wear anything. It’s my body. Get lost.”
  12. A viral video has revealed how Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe of CCC Genesis Global (Isheri Outreach) instructed a female church member to go away with all the offerings paid to the church by members during a Sunday service. The prophet said he was led by God to make the members of the church happy and the chosen woman was living in lack and sadness. The rest of the church clapped and jubilated as the woman packed the monies in a black bin bag in tears. Watch the Video below
  13. A lady has were given herself trending online after photos from her celebration went viral. In the trending video posted online, the woman whose identification is yet to be decided can be visible dancing along with her buddies in a room in which they amassed for the party. The woman and her pals determined to tug their fabric on reason and display off their underclothes at the same time as dancing as different girls in the room seemed on. Not minding the backlash and criticisms that will trail her movement, the excited lady decided to put up the video on social media, to the shock of internet users who blasted her for that.
  14. There has been chaos in Lagos Island for some time now following clashes between two notorious groups in the area. The clash between the Onala boys and Okepopo boys, which happened recently – saw thugs armed with cutlasses, guns and other weapons battle each other in the street, thereby causing fear and tension among the residents. Multiple trending videos which were posted online, show the thugs fight each other with weapons and even shooting in broad daylight. A report has it that despite the presence of police stations in the area especially the central police station located at Adeniji street, the area boys fight each other consistently with the security men doing little or nothing to stop the crisis. The residents are calling on the state government to find a way to stop the re-occurring clash. Watch Video Below…
  15. As the 2018 Osun gubernatorial election came to an end, hopes of many Nigerians in the different political parties were dashed as the Independent National Elect0ral Commission (INEC) declared the election as inconclusive. Since the declaration by INEC there have issues raised on why an election should be declared inconclusive, what steps are to be taken in such situation among many others. While Nigeria’s elect0ral body has announced that there would be a supplementary election to reach a conclusion on the Osun gubernatorial, NAIJ.com has put a list of frequently asked questions on elections in Nigeria as made available by INEC. Below are the questions: 1. What is an Election? According to INEC, an election can be defined as a process where people vote for preferred candidates or political parties as representatives in government. 2. What do you mean by general elections? General elections mean the elections held in the federation which may be at all levels, and at regular intervals to select officers to serve after the expiration of the full terms of their predecessors. 3. What is a bye-election? A bye-election is an election to replace a member of any of our legislative houses following a vacancy occasioned by death. It may also occur when an incumbent becomes ineligible to continue in office; for example, because of a recall or as a result of a constituency election being invalidated due to voting irregularity. 4. What is run-off election? A run-off is an election conducted when the first election fails to produce a clear winner for the position of president or governor. This can happen when the candidate with the highest votes does not have the required vote spread in the affected state/federation. 5. What is re-run election? A re-run election is an election conducted when the first one was marred by malpractices or when correct procedures were not followed. 6. What is an inconclusive election? An inconclusive election is an election where the total number of registered voters in units where the results are canceled or where the elections are postponed, is sufficient to cause a change in the outcome of the election in the affected constituency. Meanwhile, NAIJ.com previously reported that the opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had rejected the declaration made by the INEC on the Osun gubernatorial election on Saturday, September 22. The party said it rejects in its entity the declaration made by the elect0ral body that the Osun election is inconclusive. The party also urged INEC to declare Ademola Adeleke as the winner of the Osun governorship election. According to PDP, Adeleke has satisfied all the requirements of the 1999 Constitution as amended.
  16. A Nigerian Lady was Slam by social media users For Showing Off Her Boobs Publicly Watch video
  17. Manchester United coach Hose Mourinho has admitted his side deserved punishment after United were held to a 1-1 draw by Wolves at Old Trafford. The newly-promoted side shared the points, posting a remarkable performance on the day Sir Alex Ferguson returned to the Theatre of Dreams after a brain surgery. Joao Moutinho’s second-half strike canceled out Fred’s goal as the newly-promoted side went home with a precious point.
  18. Kaduna Power Supply Company Recruitment 2018, Requirements for Kaduna Power Supply Company Recruitment and How to Apply for Kaduna Power Supply Company Recruitment. Are you willing to work with Kaduna Power Supply Company? We are glad to inform the general public that the Kaduna Power Supply Company Recruitment 2018 is Ongoing and interested applicants are to apply Here. Chief Technical Officer (Solar Energy Specialist) – GL13 1.Degree in Engineering, Quantity Surveying or related field with minimum of 7 years work experience in energy-related projects. 2.A Masters Degree and registration with professional bodies are added advantage. Other Requirements: 1.Only Second Class Upper Degrees or equivalent from recognized institutions will be considered. 2.Persons above the age of 40 need not apply. 3.Evidence of course/registration with professional bodies will be an added advantage. 4. All applications must be written in the English Language Principal Electrical Engineer – Gl12 Requirements 1.Degree in Electrical Engineering with a minimum of 3 years work experience. 2.Must be ICT literate/skilled. Registration with a professional body is an added advantage. Other Requirements: 1.Only Second Class Upper Degrees or equivalent from recognized institutions will be considered. 2.Persons above the age of 40 need not apply. 3.Evidence of course/registration with professional bodies will be an added advantage. 4.All applications must be written in the English Language. Other vancant positions are also available which includes Open Jobs Higher Technical Officer (Renewable Energy) – GL08 Commercial Officer – GL09 Principal Electrical Engineer – Gl12 Principal Mechanical Engineer – GL12 Principal Civil Engineer – GL12 Information System Specialist – GL08 Chief Technical Officer (Solar Energy Specialist) – GL13 Higher Technical Officer (Energy Efficiency) – GL08 Admin Officer – GL08 Director (Operations) – GL16 Director (Corporate Services) – GL16 Deputy, Engineering Division – GL15 Public Relations Officer – GL8 Chief Monitoring and Evaluation Officer – GL13 Deputy Director, Admin & Finance Division – GL15 Procurement Officer – GL08 Confidential Secretary – GL08 How to Apply for Kaduna Power Supply Company Recruitment Applicants should address their Applications, together with detailed CV’s to: The Managing Director/CEO, Kaduna State Power Supply Company, Atiku Abubakar House, Muhammadu Buhari Way, Kaduna State. All submissions should be by post or hand delivered to the address above, with a soft copy forwarded to: jobs@kapsco.kdsg.gov.ng Note: Additional information on the above position can be gotten at the office of the; “Director – Administration, Kaduna State Power Supply Company, Atiku Abubakar House, Muhammadu Buhari Way, Kaduna – Nigeria”. To be considered, your application must be received before the closing date above Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
  19. GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – MARCH 23: Drake performs at The SSE Hydro on March 23, 2017 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. (Photo by Ross Gilmore/Getty Images) RAPPER DRAKE WAS RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL AFTER COLLAPSING ON STAGE WHILE REHEARSING AT THE AMERICAN AIRLINES ARENA IN MIAMI, FLORIDA. The 31year old felt unwell and couldn’t perform. After canceling shows on Friday and Saturday, Drake apologized to his fans. According to RadarOnline, The setback came after his rival Kanye West demanded that he and other stars stop talking trash about his wife, Kim Kardashian. He is said to be convalescing.
  20. DAVIDO HAS BEEN SWIMMING IN SEVERAL TIDES OF EMOTIONS SINCE THE OSUN GOVERNORSHIP ELECTION BEGAN. After the outcome was declared inconclusive yesterday, the musician decided to unwind with his bae Chioma. Both of them who have been writing controversial tweets back to back have been seen relaxing and laughing off the stress of the past day. To show his fan how much he is enjoying his much-needed break, Davido shared a video of himself and Chioma in the bedroom of what looked like a luxurious place. They were both laughing and throwing off love darts with their cosy postures. While the Nwa Baby crooner was lying down without any cloth covering his chest, Chioma was sitting up on the bed and tending to herself while wearing what seemed to be a white nightwear. Despite the relaxed poses, it was evident that the Osun state election which has been postponed to a later date was still bearing on Davido’s mind. This was revealed in the short dialogue he had in the video he shared. Davido said this statement: “Tell them we are coming for you.” Then he asked his girlfriend Chioma to do the same. Something about these words insinuates that Davido is talking about the Osun re-run election and how he intended to pull all effort with regards to it. Fans of the musician have given their opinion of this video. As expected, they were full of praise for the couple whose love seemed to overflow boundaries. Some people, however, were displeased that Davido had no qualms showing off his beautiful partner in such state. This expected criticism must have been what influenced Davido to address his Assurance bae in a caption that expressed his love for her and also warned her not to follow in his ‘rebellious’ stride: “@thechefchi no follow me talk o dem go hold u ehn!”
  21. JURGEN KLOPP INSISTS LIVERPOOL’S SEVEN-MATCH WINNING RUN DOES NOT MAKE HIM “A GENIUS”, WITH THE GERMAN HAVING MERELY UNLOCKED THE CLUB’S POTENTIAL. It has taken the best part of three years for the Reds to reach this point, with a proven manager turned to in October 2015. Klopp was brought to Anfield to build on foundations put down by Brendan Rodgers which had started to crumble. He has delivered on that remit, with a faultless start to 2018-19 helping to raise expectations even further, but major silverware remains the ultimate goal. Klopp is hoping to land a first trophy since 2012 this term, with all of those connected with Liverpool urged to have “the time of our lives” as tangible success is chased down. “We grow step by step. The club, the team, everything. Hopefully, it stays like this,” Klopp told reporters in the wake of a 3-0 victory over Southampton. “I am not a genius. I knew about the potential of the club and the stadium because everyone knows about it. “Of course it is different [now] but the team is different and we win step by step. If I would have said three years ago we would have a better atmosphere in the stadium and win more home games then that is nothing. People would expect that. “We want to win things but we don’t know when that will happen. We don’t have a clue, so we should have the best time of our lives until it happens. “Performance-wise, result-wise, atmosphere-wise, have the best time until it happens. “When it happens we have to start again. If it doesn’t happen we have to try again. That is how life is and football is.”
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  23. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has declared the Osun State governorship election inconclusive. The reason for the cancellation, according to the elect0ral body, is because the number of canceled votes is higher than the margin between the two top candidates – Ademola Adeleke of the Peoples Democratic Party and Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress.
  24. Popular musician, David Adeleke, popularly known with his stage name Davido, has called on supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to fight against ‘injustice’ over alleged plans by the Independent National Elect0ral Commission (INEC) to declare yesterday’s governorship election in Osun state inconclusive. Daivido, who is a nephew to Senator Ademola Adeleke, the PDP governorship candidate in the election, in a tweet on Sunday said Nigerians must come out fight the ”daylight robbery.”
  25. 2018 has been one of the toughest year for Cynthia Morgan and her career, From been chased out of her home by her Landlord over unpaid rents, Uncontrollable smoking habits, Pregnancy rumors and all, Lastly, she deleted all her photos on her IG, Making lots of rumors flying that she’s pregnant. However she had remained silent, until a few hours ago, with a Photo she just dropped and caption looks like she just made a return, See below! ‘They told me sell s&x. I told them fck it my music is dope. *cynthia morgan to MADRINA. Yes I changed my name
  26. Anthony Joshua has made it 22 fights undefeated and reaffirmed his status as the world’s leading heavyweight. It wasn’t easy, some might even say he made hard work of it, but Povetkin was tough and talented and took some stopping. When Joshua did stop him, it was brutally clean and clinical. The unified heavyweight world champion retained his four belts after a grueling seven-round mandatory title defense against veteran Russian. The British star dropped Povetkin with a brutal assault in the seventh round and then floored the WBA mandatory challenger again to signal a sudden and dramatic ending to his title defense.
  27. ADEMOLA ADELEKE, THE CANDIDATE OF THE ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS IN THE ONGOING OSUN GOVERNORSHIP ELECTION, HAS WON HIS EDE NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA WITH A WIDE MARGIN OF VOTES. Mr Adeleke won with well over double the votes garnered by his closest rival, Gboyega Oyetola of the APC. The collation officer, Taiwo Mafimisebi, announced the result at about 1.50 a.m. At the end of collation at the INEC headquarters in Ede, Mr. Adeleke polled 18,745 votes to beat his closest rival, Mr Oyetola who had 7,025 votes. Following Mr Oyetola is the candidate of the Social Democratic Party, Iyiola Omisore, who had 1380 votes. In fourth and fifth positions were candidates of ADP, Moshood Adeoti and ADC, Fatai Akinbade with 758 and 89 votes respectively. Ede North has 11 wards. A total of 28,672 valid votes were recorded in the local government while 1631 was rejected, both making 30,303 total votes cast. See full results including ward breakdown below: Collation started at the INEC headquarters, Ede North by 9.50p.m. The local government has 11 wards. Result from ward 9 Apaso, Ede North (10 poling units) Total number of registered voters – 3608 Accredited – 2037 ADC – 2 ADP – 73 APC – 508 PDP – 1276 SDP – 67 Total valid votes – 1956 Rejected – 81 Total votes cast – 2038 Result from ward 8, Ede North (13 poling units) Total number of registered voters – 5453 Accredited – 2682 ADC – 5 ADP – 54 APC – 626 PDP – 1791 SDP – 34 Total valid votes – 2575 Rejected – 101 Total votes cast – 2676 Result from ward 11, Ede North (7 poling units) Total number of registered voters – 2420 Accredited – 1324 ADC – 0 ADP – 64 APC – 273 PDP – 858 SDP – 30 Total valid votes – 1247 Rejected – 51 Total votes cast – 1298 Result from ward 1, Ede North Total number of registered voters – 3934 Accredited – 2091 ADC – 8 ADP – 40 APC – 523 PDP – 1313 SDP – 40 Total valid votes – 1983 Rejected – 106 Total votes cast – 2089 Result from ward 2, Ede North (22 poling units) Total number of registered voters – 8606 Accredited – 4119 ADC – 4 ADP – 74 APC – 716 PDP – 3015 SDP – 89 Total valid votes – 3983 Rejected – 136 Total votes cast – 4119 Result from ward 5, Ede North Total number of registered voters – 7358 Accredited – 4222 ADC – 9 ADP – 52 APC – 708 PDP – 2321 SDP – 626 Total valid votes – 3832 Rejected – 383 Total votes cast – 4215 Result from ward 4, Ede North Total number of registered voters – 6757 Accredited – 3436 ADC – 13 ADP – 91 APC – 787 PDP – 2010 SDP – 227 Total valid votes – 3194 Rejected – 235 Total votes cast – 3429 Result from ward 6, Ede North Total number of registered voters – 5345 Accredited – 2616 ADC – 7 ADP – 47 APC – 646 PDP – 1687 SDP – 55 Total valid votes – 2503 Rejected – 109 Total votes cast – 2612 Result from ward 7, Ede North Total number of registered voters – 7331 Accredited – 3127 ADC – 19 ADP – 54 APC – 640 PDP – 2014 SDP – 157 Total valid votes – 2954 Rejected – 138 Total votes cast – 3092 Result from ward 10, Ede North Total number of registered voters – 3571 Accredited – 1744 ADC – 11 ADP – 105 APC – 399 PDP – 1012 SDP – 26 Total valid votes – 1581 Rejected – 158 Total votes cast – 1739 Result from ward 3, Ede North Total number of registered voters – 5293 Accredited – 2997 ADC – 11 ADP – 104 APC – 1199 PDP – 1448 SDP – 29 Total valid votes – 2863 Rejected – 134 Total votes cast – 2997
  28. THE OONI OF IFE, OBA ADEYEYE ENITAN OGUNWUSI, DID NOT VOTE BECAUSE HE SEES ALL THE GOVERNORSHIP CANDIDATES IN OSUN STATE AS HIS SUBJECTS, HIS AIDES HAVE SAID. The Lowa Adimula of Ife, High Chief Adekola Adeleye, who said he is the Ooni’s second in command “to the left”, explained that the Ooni cannot be seen to be taking sides with any of the candidates. There is a polling unit by the Ooni’s palace, but he did not come out to vote. “It’s not good for the Ooni to vote for any candidate. If he must vote, it will be for all the candidates because he’s the father of all, but that’s not possible, so kingmakers advised him not to vote. “He cannot take sides. All the candidates are Ooni’s subjects and so it’s better for a father to be neutral when his children are in a contest,” Adeleye told our reporter. Ooni’s traditional Aide De Camp said the royal father only blessed all the candidates, wished them well and prayed for a peaceful election.
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