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Growing Paternity Fraud and Issues in Nigeria: Men Please Be Careful!

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The perception that paternity fraud is high in Nigeria is not unfounded. Reports have been making the rounds that Nigeria has the 2nd highest rate of paternity fraud in the world after Jamaica. Many men have been unknowingly raising children that are not theirs and to curb the trend, there have been calls for the introduction of mandatory DNA testing at birth “The issue of paternity is a trilogy. It’s a moral, scientific and legal issue,” a concerned commentator noted. “Series of DNA tests carried out in laboratories are showing that a number of children are being fathered by men who are not their biological fathers.”

Meanwhile in Nigeria, according to available data, at least four out of 10 men are not the biological fathers of their children. Lagos-based DNA experts confirm that many men do not know that they are not the biological fathers of their child. One expert noted that currently, the situation in Nigeria is quite high and the introduction of DNA testing for kids trying to join their parents by American embassies are exposing more families to this painful reality. Majorities of the first-borns are highly affected in most Nigerian families even those at home.
According to the American Association of Blood Banks, globally, a third of all men are not the actual fathers of their presumed children.

~~ Hillary Ekemam

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