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Man ties the knot with two different woman on the same day

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A Nigerian man has walked down the aisle with two women at the same time and photos from the white wedding are circulating the internet. Society has up-played monogamy and it is considered morally wrong (in some religion and cultures) for a man to marry more than one wife. However, in Islam, there is no sin in marrying up to four wives. When a non-Muslim man marries more than one wife, his choice is questioned by preying eyes who beg to understand the rationale behind his decision. On a basic level, people wonder how he is able to manage two women when keeping one is considered a herculean task. All that however is not a problem for this young man who has internet users rather amused over his choice of marrying two women on the same day. The photos from the white wedding have been making waves online and all most people can do is wish him luck in the new chapter of his life.


Groom signing the marriage register with his brides (Picture/UGC) Source: UGC 


Trio couple exchange vows (Picture/UGC) 


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