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    Governor Promises N30m Reward For Information That Will Lead To Arrest Of Bobrisky

    Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike on Thursday promised to give N30 million to anyone who will give useful information that will lead to the arrest of those who killed a Director with the Rivers State Government during the Choba crisis and a notorious criminal called Bobrisky in Gokana Local Government Area.
    Wike made the pledge on Thursday when he handed over 40 Patrol Vans fitted with Communication Gadgets to Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS), See 4 Eye, Police Anti-Kidnapping, Police Anti-Cultism, Federal Road Safety Corps and Eagle Crime at the Government House Port Harcourt. 

    Metro News

    Soldier Reportedly Kill Okada Rider Over N100 Bribe In Aba (pix)

    An Okada rider has sadly lost his life in a most painful manner after being shot dead over alleged refusal to offer a bribe to a soldier.
    A Nigerian soldier stationed at the Ogborhill axis of Aba has reportedly killed an Okada rider identified as Mr. Chiomaobi Nwaogu Uzoukwa.
    It was gathered that the sad incident took place after the Okada rider refused to pay a bribe of N100.
    The Killing of Uzoukwa is currently unsettling Ogbor Hill as Motorcyclists has taken to the streets over the killing of one of their own.
    See his lifeless body below:


    Huawei launches HarmonyOS, a Perfect Replacement for Android

    The long-awaited HarmonyOS has been announced as Huawei kicked off its annual developer conference today. In China, it will be known as HongmengOS.

    According to Huawei, the operating system can be used in everything from smartphones to smart speakers and internet-of-things devices like sensors. The platform supports RAM sizes ranging from kilobytes to gigabytes.
    The operating system will support a range of apps, specifically noting that HTML5, Linux, and Android apps will be compatible. Meaning you’ll be able to run these specific apps on HarmonyOS in the future.
    HarmonyOS is ready to run on phones, but “for the consideration of partnership and ecosystem,” Huawei won’t be using it on phones just yet. Yu did say, though, that if the company isn’t able to use Google’s Android operating system, HarmonyOS is ready to go.
    HarmonyOS like Android will be open-source. That means developers can take HarmonyOS and modify it for their hardware, a feature which has formed the foundation of Android’s success.
    The first product to use the new platform will be the Honor Vision TV set, which will be launched in China tomorrow (August 10).
    Now Huawei has the choice to switch from Android anytime, any day with ease. The story is still developing, so we’ll keep you updated.

    Metro News

    New medical procedure could delay menopause by 20 years

    A medical procedure that aims to allow women to delay the menopause for up to 20 years has been launched by IVF specialists in Britain.

    Doctors claim the operation could benefit thousands of women who experience serious health problems, such as heart conditions and bone-weakening osteoporosis, that are brought on by the menopause.
    But the specialists believe the same procedure could also improve the lives of millions more women by delaying the onset of more common symptoms of the menopause, which range from low mood, anxiety and difficulty sleeping, to hot flushes, night sweats and a reduced sex drive.
    The procedure, which costs between £7,000 and £11,000, is being offered to women up to the age of 40 through ProFam, a Birmingham-based company set up by Simon Fishel, an IVF doctor and president of the UK Care Fertility Group, in collaboration with other specialists.

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    “This has the potential to be of significant benefit to any woman who may want to delay the menopause for any reason, or those women who would have taken HRT, and there are lots of benefits around that,” Prof Fishel told the Guardian.
    Nine women have so far had the procedure to remove and freeze their ovarian tissue with a view to delaying the menopause when they are older. Doctors use keyhole surgery to remove a small piece of ovarian tissue, which is then sliced up and frozen to preserve it.
    When the women enter the menopause, potentially decades from now, the frozen tissue can be thawed out and grafted back into the body. To restore falling hormone levels, doctors typically choose a site with a good blood supply, such as the armpit. Provided the ovarian tissue survives the process, it should restore the woman’s declining sex hormones and halt the menopause.
    “This is the first project in the world to provide healthy women ovarian tissue cryopreservation purely to delay the menopause,” the company’s chief medical officer, Yousri Afifi, told the Sunday Times.
    Doctors already use a similar procedure to protect the fertility of girls and women who are about to have cancer treatment. Before they begin anti-cancer therapy, doctors remove some ovarian tissue and freeze it. If the woman wishes to have children in the future, the tissue is then thawed out and reimplanted next to the fallopian tubes, which pick up the mature eggs that are released by the tissue.
    How much the new procedure will delay the menopause depends on the age when the tissue is taken and when it is put back. Tissue taken from a 25-year-old might postpone the menopause for 20 years, while that taken from a 40-year-old might only delay its onset for five years.
    Fishel points out that young women today can expect to spend 30 to 40 years in the menopausal stage and while many will benefit from hormone replacement therapy, it does not suit everyone.
    Richard Anderson, the deputy director of the Centre for Reproductive Health at Edinburgh University, has performed ovarian tissue freezing for young girls and women for 25 years. He said it was “old news” that the transplants could restore hormone levels, but added: “What is less clear is whether this is a safe and effective way of doing so.”
    Beyond postponing menopause, the doctors believe the procedure could save the NHS substantial amounts of money by reducing treatment costs for the menopause and more serious, related problems such as heart conditions and osteoporosis.
    But it could also be a game-changer for fertility treatment. Unlike IVF, ovarian tissue preservation does not require drugs to stimulate the ovaries, and is likely to produce far more eggs. If women in their 20s routinely had ovarian tissue removed and stored, Fishel said, they could potentially have access to thousands of eggs should they later decide to have children.
    Women could even have part of their tissue reimplanted to restore their fertility before starting a family, and the rest regrafted later to hold off the menopause, he said.

    Metro News

    See Photo Of One Of The Students Who Died In The ATBU Bridge Collapse (Photo)

    One of the students who died at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University after a bridge collapsed, has been revealed.
    One of the victims of the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi bridge collapse has been identified as Salamat.
    Salamat, a 200 level student studying Chemistry Education, was killed alongside four others when a pedestrian bridge at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU), Gubi Campus, collapsed last night during a heavy downpour.
    Salamat and other students were on their way back to the hostel when the bridge linking the lecture rooms to the hostel collapsed, killing 5 and causing others to suffer various degrees of injuries.
    Salamat’s sister had gone on Twitter to ask for help in locating her sister after the bridge collapsed.

    Hours later, she returned to the platform to inform that her sister was one of those who died.


    BBNaija Star, Anto Lecky Poses In Bikini

    Anto Lecky who seems to have left the shores of Nigeria for her base in the United States of America has flaunted her body in style.
    BBNaija star, Anto Lecky shares sultry photos on her social media space where she bares her body in the hot bikini wear.
    The young lady has resisted online bullies who keep warning her about flaunting her body online. She returned from the U.S to participate in the BBNaija reality show but she failed to win.
    The beautiful lady has become an influencer in Nigeria since the show ended.
    See more images below:


    Metro News

    #RevolutionNow: Things You Should Know About Sowore’s Movement

    The protesters said their demands had been broken down into three phases, each of which contains issues that must be addressed.
    Youths and facilitators under the auspices of the Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria on Monday, August 4, defied threats of security agencies to hold the ‘Revolution Now’ protest in four states of the country and Abuja
    States where the Revolution protests took place are; Lagos, Osun, Ondo and Cross River.
    It would be recalled that on Saturday, August 3, the State Security Service arrested the publisher of popular media organisation Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore.
    The SSS said Sowore was arrested for calling for revolution against the present administration.
    Sowore who contested for presidency in the 2019 general election in series of recent video clips decried the governance pattern of the present administration.
    Meanwhile, the Nigeria Police also warned that Revolution Now protesters would be made to face the wrath of the law.
    Despite the threats, several Civil Society Organizations (CSO) maintained a ‘no-going-back’ stance despite Sowore being in detention and the warning from police.
    The protesters said their demands had been broken down into three phases, each of which contains issues that must be addressed.
    The three phases are as follows:
    * First phase: End anti-people economic policies
    * Second phase: End special privileges for the ruling class
    * Third phase: Return political power and national wealth to the working people
    First phase – End Anti-People Economic Policies:
    * Return of fuel prices and electricity tariffs to their levels in 1999.
    * End to estimated and inflated billing by the electricity distribution companies
    * No devaluation of the Naira.
    * End to the insecurity and constant bloodletting in the country
    * Abolition of tuition fees in all public universities and secondary schools.
    * Immediate payment of the N30,000 minimum wage
    * The immediate release of all political prisoners, including Shi’ite leader Ibrahim El-Zakzaky and his wife
    * The immediate payment of all outstanding salaries of workers and pensions of retirees.
    The second phase – End Special Privileges for the Ruling Class:
    * All public officials must be banned from educating their children in private schools in Nigeria or in schools in foreign countries.
    * These officials must be banned also from obtaining healthcare in private hospitals in Nigeria or in hospitals in foreign countries.
    * An immediate end to the use of police or military personnel as private security guards for these officials.
    * Except for the president and governors, these officials and their immediate family must not live in class-exclusive estates
    The third phase – Return Political Power and National Wealth to the Working People:
    * The complete and uncompensated repossession by the working people of all national resources stolen by the ruling class
    * The complete and uncompensated seizure by the working people of all private wealth accumulated by public officials during and after their tenure of service.
    * The complete socialization of all land in the country and declaration of access to land as a basic right.
    * To break the stranglehold of the ruling class on political power by banning from politics all who have stolen the people’s money and property since 1960.
    * To reduce the cost of governance by abolishing the Senate, thus establishing a uni-cameral legislature with only the House of Representatives.
    * Abolishing the death penalty except for the embezzling or privatization of the public wealth.
    * Producing a new constitution for Nigeria by a democratic and people-led process involving open discussion, debate, and determination of proposals and suggestions by the working people. 


    GLOBAL NEWSKemi Olunloyo Shares Sad Experience How She Was Abused At 8 (Video)

    After adding a year to her life, Kemi Olunloyo has revealed how she was molested at a tender age.
    Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has opened up on how she was sexually molested when she was eight years old and nearly r*ped at the age of 13.
    Kemi Olunloyo who turned 55 on Tuesday released a video where she said she was molested at the age of eight.
    In the video on her Instagram page, Kemi Olunloyo said she felt great at 55 even though she might look like a 35-year old woman.
    She said she was almost raped in 1978 during the ‘Ali must go’ riots, promising to release the full video soon.
    “I feel great at 55 even though I may look like 35, my s*x drive is high. I was molested at 8 years.
    “One of my dad’s students came home and he fondled me and he just tore my clothes, I was naked on Ikorodu Road,” she said.
    Watch video here:


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