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    FIFA crew Arrives Nigeria today For Inspection Of facilities in advance Of U20 female world Cup

    A five-man inspection team from FIFA will arrive Lagos, today, Monday, for a four-day inspection of facilities and equipment, that Nigeria has put forward to host the U20 Women’s World Cup in 2020.

    This was confirmed in a statement by the Head, Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Communications Department, Ademola Olajire.
    The officials Christopher Exley, Sara Jane Booth, Kliment Taseski, Rhiannon Ceirwen Martin and Heyral Kaj Jurgen, will arrive today.
    They would be received by Amaju Pinnick, President of NFF, first Vice President Seyi Akinwunmi and General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi.
    Also NFF Executive Committee member and Chairman of the Nigeria Women Football League Aisha Falode and top officials of the Lagos State Sports Commission led by the Executive Chairman, Kweku Tandoh will receive the FIFA team.
    Nigeria has put forward the cities of Lagos, Benin, Asaba and Uyo for the hosting of the 16 nations finals.

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    Nigerian lady shares CCTV footages of her househelp assaulting her 2-year-old son and giving him faeces to eat(Videos)

    A Nigerian lady Uchechukwu Ogugua, got quite thankful as she shared CCTV footages of her househelp Agatha, assaulting her 2-year-old son left in her care. 
    According to the lady, she thought her son's teacher was inflicting the injuries on him but the CCTV footage uncovered who was behind the act. Accusing the 14-year-old househelp identified as Agatha Joshua of feeding her son with faeces, flogging him mercilessly and also sleeping with the driver and security man, the lady stated that she never maltreated or flogged her to get such in return. 


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    Lady found dead under a hotel bed in Owerri

    A lady has been found lying dead under the bed in one of the popular hotels along world Bank Road, Owerri. It was gathered that the body was discovered underneath the bed by a cleaner in the hotel.

    The killer who is yet to be identified flew with the girl's belongings including her clothes, underwear, phones etc making it difficult to identify the girl but Police are
    investigating the case. It is also believed that there is a new ritual killing format in
    Please be careful!

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    Policeman Disgraced By Prostitute For Refusing To Pay After ‘Service’ (Photos)

    A police officer has been given the embarrassment of a lifetime after he slept with a prostitute and refused to pay her.
    There was mild drama around the Dangote Refinery, Idasho, Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos as a s*x worker disgrace a Mobile Police officer after he refused to pay her for her service, PM Express has revealed.
    It was gathered that the Mobile Police officer, believed to have been attached to provide security for workers at the Refinery site, reportedly sought the services of the s*x worker and they agreed on N7,000 for an all-night romp.
    Trouble started on Sunday morning when the middle-aged s*x worker demanded her money. The Mobile Police officer reportedly was only able to offer her N1,000, which the lady used to pay for her cabin room. Irked by the response of the officer, the s*x worker held him until she drew the attention of passersby.
    When asked what transpired between them, the s*x worker explained what they had agreed on before the romp.

    At that point, the people that had gathered insisted that he should pay the lady the agreed fee. He remained adamant until they seized his torchlight and cap while asking him to respect his age and the uniform he had on him.
    After haggling for a while, he eventually brought out N4,000 and handed over to the lady when he noticed that people were taking shots with their mobile phones. He then left the scene amidst boos and jeers from the people that had gathered to know what happened. 


    Ghanaians Like Sex, They Like It Too Much– Efia Odo

    The new face of stardom has a lot to say about Ghanaians, especially to those who have always been on her neck.

    Ghanaian TV Personality, Efia Odo has said in an interview that, some Ghanaians like associating themselves with sex so much that they tend not to think about anything apart from sex.
    In an interview with Zionfelix, a media person, upon disclosing her relationship with several celebrities, Efia Odo blatantly said that there is always a wrong perception when people see her with most male celebrities.
    “Ghanaians are always saying I dated Kwesi Arthur, had sex with him and then we two broke up. They also said I had a thing with King Promise and Darko Vibez, all because I shot music videos with them. I mean, can’t a male and a female be friends without people thinking about anything sexual?
    “I think in Ghana when somebody says they have a crush on someone they automatically think you want to be in a relationship with the person and have sex. You can crush on someone because of their personality. It’s always about sex, that means sex is the only thing Ghanaians have in mind. Ghanaians like sex, they like sex too much.” She said.
    She further cautioned that, if she hasn’t come out publicly to announce who her boyfriend is, Ghanaians should not ‘pick’ one for her forcibly 

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    Drama As Bird Lands On Hospital Patient’s Bed; Turns Into A Lady (Video)

    Tunde Ednut, a popular social media influencer, and a former musician have shared the video clip of how a bird allegedly flew into a hospital patient’s bed and turned into a woman.
    According to the video which was made public via his Instagram page, the woman left everybody at the hospital in shock after she was unable to fly again.
    People within the hospital premises, at that point in time, were seen bringing out their recording devices to capture the moment.
    Watch the video below;

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    Over 1,000 Nigerian soldiers have been secretly buried at night in secret cemetery by Buhari's administration' - US Wall Street Journal

    Over 1,000 Nigerian soldiers have been secretly buried at night in secret cemetery by Buhari's administration' - US Wall Street Journal

    Then they will show their families plastic bottles or plywoods as representing the dead soldiers.
    Powerful US Wall Street Journal in a new expose says that over a thousand Nigerian soldiers have been secretly buried at night by the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration, in order to hide the true state of the war on terror.
    According to the report, 'after dark, the bodies of soldiers are covertly transported from a mortuary that at times gets so crowded the corpses are delivered by truck, according to Nigerian soldiers, diplomats and a senior government official. The bodies are laid by flashlight into trenches dug by infantrymen or local villagers paid a few dollars per shift'.
    “Several of my comrades were buried in unmarked graves at night. “They are dying and being deleted from history” said a soldier from the Maimalari barracks, where more than 1,000 soldiers are based.
    The secret graveyard at Maimalari isn’t the only one in Nigeria’s troubled northeast, the senior government official said.
    The burials convey a picture at odds with a war Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, a former general, has repeatedly claimed his army has won.
    The reality is that Africa’s largest land force a U.S. counterterrorism ally is struggling against an insurgency that first flared a decade ago and is now rejuvenated by Islamic State and the return of fighters from Libya, Syria and Iraq.
    The insurgents now control hundreds of square miles of territory across four countries around the Lake Chad basin, a crossroads of Africa where the U.S., U.K. and French militaries have bases or provide special-forces training. On Sunday, gunmen attacked a funeral on the outskirts of Maiduguri, killing at least 65 people, according to government officials.
    “This group is one of the most effective, if not the most effective Islamic State contingent at the moment,” said Site Intelligence, a terrorism-monitoring group.
    Nigeria’s government last summer stopped reporting the deaths of soldiers in its fight with Boko Haram insurgents and a splinter group that calls itself Islamic State West Africa Province, or ISWAP. Mr. Buhari was re-elected in February after a security-focused campaign in which he repeated that the Islamist insurgencies in Nigeria had been “technically defeated.”
    But the sprawling secret graveyard in Maiduguri and an official cemetery at the base, the operational command for the northeastern front in Borno State, now hold the bodies of at least 1,000 soldiers killed since the terror groups began an offensive last summer, according to soldiers and military officials—some of whom estimated a far higher death toll.
    The Nigerian military and the presidency didn’t respond to requests for comment on the war, casualties, and the secret cemeteries.
    In November, Mercy Tamuno was told her husband, Adah, had been killed in an insurgent attack on an outpost in Cross Kauwa, a town about 100 miles north of Maiduguri. When she demanded to see where he was buried, she was taken to the official cemetery at Maimalari, where graves are marked with plywood headstones. There she was led to a spot marked with a plastic bottle with her husband’s name written on it.
    “It was the only one marked in this way. I’m not sure it was his grave but that’s what the army told me,” Mrs. Tamuno said.
    Two soldiers from Lance Cpl. Tamuno’s unit said he had been buried days earlier in the secret graveyard. The plastic bottle was prepared to appease his wife, they said.
    “We know he was buried in the unmarked grave. There was no funeral,” one said.
    As the secret cemetery at the Maimalari barracks grows, the military has expanded the site into neighboring fields. “The farmland has been fenced off so they can bury the forces,” said Sarah James, a 50-year-old farmer whose husband is a retired soldier.

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    Father who raped, impregnated daughter, jailed 21 years

    A herbalist, Jacob Alonge, 52, has been sentenced to 21 years in prison for raping his daughter, Gift, at their home in Ososo village, Akoko-Edo, Benin, Edo State.

    Aside from raping the 17-year-old repeatedly and impregnating the daughter, he procured abortion for her and shaved the hair in her private parts. He also instructed her not to sleep with any other man, as he turned her to a sex slave.
    Gift had become pregnant a second time when the matter became public knowledge and he was arrested by the police and arraigned in court.
    Pregnant 17-year-old Gift, however, died along with all other four others in an accident on the way to the court. Among the dead were Gift’s uncle, two workers of a non-governmental organization, BraveHeart Initiative, helping Gift with the case, and the cab driver.
    Jacob, who had pleaded guilty to the counts against him and was about to be sentenced, changed his plea on the day his daughter and the others died.
    Jacob was accused of being in possession ‘without lawful and reasonable excuse fetish wrap of his late daughter’s pubic hair at Okeh Quarter in Ososo village, Akoko-Edo Local Government Area of the State. Jacob was accused of having unlawful and indec
    The court on Thursday concluded its trial and sentenced him to five years on the first count of possession of fetish wrap of Gift’s pubic hair.He got two years for raping and impregnating her and 14 years for repeated sexual assault.The magistrate said the counts should run consecutively.


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