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    Top 5 Dog Breeds That Are Best For Guarding Nigerian Homes.

    If you are a dog lover, then this is for you. This is a list of the best 5 dog breeds you should   consider guarding your home with.
    Whether you live in Warri , Benin, Portharcourt, Abuja or Lagos, these breeds will make potential intruders think twice.
    NB: If you want the best from your dog, get a pure breed and not the cheap diluted ones you see around.
    See list below:-
    5. Rottweilers

    These are medium sized breeds and are very common in Nigeria. The Rottweiler has a natural tendency to assert dominance if not properly trained.
    They are medium barkers and would rather give a warning growl before attempting an attack.
    The best part of them is that they have a very very mean look that would send a stranger running for his life. Cost of maintenance isn’t bad either.

    4. French Mastiff

    Similar traits with rotts but are far bigger. They have the biggest heads in the canine world too. They only bark when they need too and are great with kids.
    This is my favorite breed tho. We owned one year ago before she died. There are many reputable breeders around Nigeria.

    3. Caucasian Shepherds

      Very popular among Nigerian homes. They can be very territorial and aggressive. They aren’t good with kids either so if you consider keeping one, always be on the lookout for kids around.
    They are also very large and have a great tendency to bark compared to rotts and French mastiffs. They can bark at anything even flies and birds.
    If you don’t like noise or you live in a serene environment, stay away from this breed.

    2. Boarboels

    The breed originally bred to fight off lions and guard home and farms. These breeds are very large, muscular and intimidating.
    They bark when necessary and not unnecessarily. They are easy to train and maintain. If you get a boarboel to guard your compound, you have no worries.

    1. Doberman Pinscher

    What more can you ask for in a security dog? Athletic, mean looking, fast etc. They are good barkers as well and only bark when necessary.
    They are very territorial meaning your compound is theirs and will protect it and the occupants at all costs. To make matters worse, they have a very mean look.
    Just a stare from them will make you run for your dear life.
    They are arguably the most beautiful and elegant in the dog world. When we were kids, we commonly called them police dog.
    Which Of These Breeds Do You Like?
    Comments Below.


    Photos and Video From Reality TV Star, T-Boss’ Baby Shower

    Nigerian reality TV star, Tboss is enjoying motherhood after showing off her baby shower photos and video.
    Former BBNaija star, TBoss has shared with her followers a video of her baby shower, before her child was born.
    The colorful event was attended by family and friends.
    A video from the baby shower shows the former reality star lifting her dress up to show off her naked bump to her guests.
    She wrote:

    It was absolutely beautiful – She with a couple of my lovely friends turned family organized the whole party and it was sooo cute?
    Good food, lots of cakes, drinks & yummzzz, Great friends & loads of fun games- Jezzzz I never knew my friends & sister were so competitive ?.All Round a Night to Remember??

    Thank you to everyone who came over to celebrate with us ( There’s 2 of me now?) I’m most grateful for your friendship, Love, care & support and I celebrate you All???. Thank u @beautybykuni? @miss_goldilocks Thank you for the video-

    Watch video below:


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    ‘I Used all the cash I had to keep Banana dealer Who Collapsed’- guy Narrates

    A good Samaritan narrated his experience of saving a petty stock trader… According to him, a banana seller was lifeless besides her goods and people were passing her by.
    He took her to the hospital, and he used his last money to ensure she got adequate treatment.
    Read his narrative below;

    Metro News

    Horrifying Chronicles Of Police Extortion, Harassment, Torture Of Harmless Citizens

    “The police is your friend” the motto of the Nigerian police force, but many have raised questions if this is really true with the activities that go down in the police force. The Nigerian police force boast of over three hundred personnel, but the level of insecurity in Nigeria is at its emergency state.
        Many Nigerians have largely described the Nigerian police to be professionally ill, as many have come out to accuse the police of bribery, corruption, extortion, and harassment of citizens. The international community rates the Nigerian police as one of the most corrupt in the world.
    This has, however, caused many Nigerian to lose hope and confidence in the Nigerian police owing to the unethical conduct of some of its operatives.
        The Nigerian society is largely regarded as a developing state and some have said it has invariably affected the police force as some have protested that the Nigerian police are not well equipped in literacy and training. Accordingly, illiteracy, inadequate funding and welfare of the policemen have been argued to affect the efficiency of police personnel.
    In the same vein, some members of the police have been diligent in their works and have received recognition from the international and local level but this is pinch salt compared to the ills of the force. Some operatives of the Nigerian police have however been reported to involve its self in embarrassing extortion, illegal detention, harassment and extrajudicial killing.
    In separate interviews, Information Nigeria reached out to some victims of police harassment and extortion, chronicling their heart-breaking tales.

    Testimonies Of Harassments 
    A student of the University of Lagos, Ramon gave a full insight on what he went through in the hands of some policemen:
    “My experience was an unlawful arrest by the police. I was on my way to my mom’s office that fateful day, my mom had ordered an Uber to bring me to her office at Alausa from Unilag.
    “I was on my way when a police van crossed us and told us to park, we did and I was interrogated for a while and later one of the policemen requested for my phone, I hesitated at first, but later gave them.
    “Scrutinizing what was on my iPhone, the policemen concluded  I was a ‘yahoo yahoo’ boy with no proof. According to one of the policemen, I had a flashy lifestyle and any young man who has a flashy lifestyle is a yahoo boy and I was going to be arrested.
    “As we continued the journey in the Uber ride, I was told to call my yahoo friends to come bail me, and I said I’m just a young university boy going to see my mom at her office. Then one of the policemen told me to call my mom to come to bail me.

    “After I called her she asked she speak with the  policemen who told my mom they suspect me to be a Yahoo boy and she has to pay N150k to bail me or I’d be taken to ‘Panti’ Prison and I won’t be seen, my mum protested saying she can’t pay that money because I wasn’t even guilty of I was accused of. After a while, she said she was coming to bail me and not take me away from there.
    “The policemen started interrogating me about my parents and wanted to know my family background. After a while, I was released but the officers maintained my face has been marked, saying I will be rearrested.
    READ: EXCLUSIVE: Misfortune, Extortion, Pains Of Tenancy In Lagos
    “In all of these, my ATM was collected; I was hit and threatened to be shot.”
    A young stylist and a student of Yaba College Of Technology narrated his ordeal with men of the police force when he was going to get materials for his clients:
    “So I was on my street at Akinola in Bariga, when some police officers on the street were picking boys at random.
    “I was on dreads because I’m a fashion enthusiast and a stylist. On my way out, I encountered two men who were on mufti and they flashed an ID card saying they are police force personnel, I was first accused of being a bad boy because of her hair and they instantly told me that I would need to go with them to the police station.
    “I protested that I cannot. One of the policemen requested for my phone, an HTC Andriod, and after they searched my phone, they concluded I was a ‘yahoo boy’. In all honesty, I was in a hurry to get some fashion materials for my clients and I did not want any delay from these men so I told them to name their price out of the desire to leave them and get going, not because I was guilty of their accusation.
    “One of the policemen said 10k, but I didn’t have up to that, and in fact, I’m, not a yahoo boy Then we were dragging forth and backing, can you imagine we were negotiating on the money they will collect. We settled for 5K and I just had to leave because these policemen will waste your time and still collect money.
    “I have encountered them many times and sometimes I have to bail myself away.”
    The most common venue for police extortion in Nigeria occurs at police roadblocks and checkpoints. On a daily basis throughout Nigeria, drivers of taxis, minibuses, and motorcycles, as well as private motorists are subjected to routine extortion under threat of arrest, detention, and physical injury after being obliged to stop at official or semi-official police roadblocks.

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    Access Bank Introduces Smartphone Device Financing Scheme

    Access bank has introduced Device financing scheme for Nigerians for procurement of phones on credit.
    Device Finance scheme is designed to provide customers on salary income with the opportunity to purchase smartphones of their choice and pay over a period of 12 months.

    Device Finance is designed to finance the purchase of devices under a contract arrangement. The financing scheme currently includes smartphone devices, where customers can enjoy additional benefits with an optional monthly airtime bundle, which can also be converted to data.

    “Under the Device Finance scheme, we are offering a variety of smartphones from TECNO to the iPhone series ranging from ₦12,500 – ₦325,000, where customers pay anything from ₦1,500 a month to ₦30,000 a month, depending on the selected device.

    “The Device Finance airtime bundles range from ₦2,750 – ₦22,750 and our partnership with MTN allows MTN users benefit from huge discounts, where customers can also get some devices for free by adding the monthly MTN airtime bundle subscription”.
    Features of Access Bank Device Financing
    No collateral required Free airtime bundles with MTN Up to 12 months (12) term Who is Qualified?
    The Device Finance scheme is available to all Access Bank salaried customers
    How to Get Device Finance Scheme from Access
    loading... Customers can access the Device Finance scheme by downloading the QuickBucks app from Apple iOS App Store or Google Play store and follow the prompt steps.
    by  Yomi Prof 

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    IPOB Attack: Igbos Can’t Be Trusted With Presidency- Junaid Mohammed

    Lagos – Elder statesman and the Second Republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed has said the unwarranted attack on former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu by members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is a clear testimony of how the Igbos will behave if they produce the President.

    Speaking in an interview with Daily Independent, Junaid who condemned the attack on Ekweremadu in Nuremberg, Germany also said the South-East region cannot blackmail Nigerians into ceding the Presidency to them by engaging in acts of violence.
    While calling on the Federal Government to handle IPOB with an iron fist, Junaid also warned politicians in the South East who are secretly funding the organisation to learn from the attack on Ekweremadu.
    “I do not support an attack on any person or his family because of his political belief”.
    “I hope those of them who have been fanning the embers of disunity and those who think they can blackmail Nigeria into conceding the Presidency to them will now think twice and see clearly that they have shown their character in their attitudes towards power”.
    ” That is very disastrous and I don’t think Nigerians should hand over power to these kinds of characters”.
    “First, they have shown that they are not reliable and also, they have caused a lot of mayhem in the history of Nigeria from 1966 to date. They caused tribal coups and very bad handling of their minority in the country and of course, they are directly responsible for the loss of the Southern Cameroun from Nigeria to French Cameroun. They have a lot to learn from living with other people and must see that other people from ethnic groups different from theirs are entitled to be respected”.
    “They must also know that they can’t use blackmail to achieve what they want. That seems to be their own idea that they can use raw power which can be dangerous to our democracy”.
    “So, it is a pity that Ekweremadu was manhandled by IPOB but at the same time, they should also know the kind of local champions they are sponsoring with their own money,” he posited
    By Temidayo Akinsuy


    Ex-Super Falcons forward Ifeanyi Chiejine forward passes away

    Former Nigeria international Ifeanyichukwu Chiejine has passed away, NFF confirmed on Thursday.
    According to NFF, the former Super Falcons forward passed on at the age of 36 following a brief illness on Wednesday.

    She was the youngest player at the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup.
    Four-time Women’s AFCON winner and ex-Super Falcons forward Ifeanyi Chiejine has died at the age of 36, after a long illness.
    Chiejine had featured for several clubs across Europe and USA before her final professional stint with Zvezda Perm in Russia.

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    News flash: Man caught for stealing hotel's plasma TV in Benue state.

    The incidence happened in Kyabiz Hotel in Markurdi, Gboko road. The Plasma thief was caught after the Hotel's Security insisted on checking his bag, only to confirm he has their plasma TV alongside keys to other rooms in the hotel.


    Metro News

    We’ll Expose You, Bring You Back To Nigeria If Any Igbo Leader Is Attacked Again, S’East Governors Warn Nnamdi Kanu

    South-East Governors have issued a stern warning to Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) over his threats to attack them and other South-East leaders abroad.

    The Governors, in a statement on Tuesday night,said should Kanu make his threat real, they would by all means repatriate him back to Nigeria to face the wrath of the people.
    The statement was signed by its chairman and Governor of Ebonyi State,David Umahi.
    Senator Ike Ekweremadu was at the weekend assaulted in Nuremberg Germany where he was invited as keynote Speaker and special guest of honour at the occasion of annual new yam festival and convention of Ndigbo in Germany.
    Few minutes after the attack, IPOB claimed responsibility in a statement by its spokesperson,Emma Powerful.
    This was also followed by a broadcast by Kanu through the group’s rogue Radio station, Radio Biafra, in which he also corroborated the earlier statement and maintained that the Southeast Governors and other Igbo politicians must receive Ekweremadu’s treatment any time they are seen in public abroad.
    The attack on Ekweremadu by IPOB has received condemnation from all quarters and South-East Governors in the statement described the attack by IPOB as a display of shame and ignorance.
    The Governors said they have noted the threats by Kanu who they alleged is fighting for his self interest but pretending to be fighting for Ndigbo and would soonest expose him if he doesn’t retrace his steps.
    They said if Kanu is serious let him direct his members whom he claimed live in over 100 countries to fight the foreign killer herdsmen in those countries.
    The statement reads: “South-East Governors are saddened with the ugly display and dance of shame by IPOB in Germany in attacking one of the finest leaders of Ndigbo, Senator Ike Ekweremadu. We totally condemn it as we weep for them as they never knew the implication of their naked dance in public.
    “We have also noted the empty threats by Mr. Nnamdi Kanu (a former ordinary Member of MASSOB) to attack Governors of South-East, Ohanaeze leadership and other Igbo politicians for not supporting the self-acclaimed supreme leader in his self-fight for the raw power and wealth while pretending to be fighting for Ndigbo.
    loading... “We wish to warn that should any Southeast person be attacked anywhere in the world, we shall, by all means, bring back Kanu to Nigeria to face the wrath of our people. It is madness for anyone who wants raw power with no experience to think that we Governors will support the killing of our people giving out our scarce land to herdsmen.
    “If Kanu is serious, let him direct IPOB to fight those foreign killer herdsmen in their countries of origin since he claims the IPOB is in over 100 countries in the world.
    “If Kanu who was previously in MASSOB but needed power and money wants Biafra and he is the self-acclaimed supreme leader, let him come back home with his army and guns to lead us to battle for the empire he desire to lead other than cheap talks. Soonest Ndigbo will know him better.
    The Governors, however, assured the people of the region that they would continue to protect them against killer herdsmen and other insecurity; and won’t be distracted by cheap talks.
    “We assure our people that we are doing so much to protect them against killer herdsmen and other insecurity problems. We have also been kidnapping and cultism in the Southeast to near zero level.
    “We are highly committed to the security and well-being of our people and will never be distracted by cheap talks”, the said.

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    Imo Police Recover Mansion Okorocha Gave To His Ethiopian Girlfriend

    A video trending online shows the moment Imo State Recovery of Move able Assets Committee stormed a property belonging to the immediate past governor of the state, Rochas Okorocha in Imo State.

    Reports claim the former governor gifted the house to his Ethiopian girlfriend, and she has been evacuated from the premises.
    Various items along with the lady’s undies were seen littered over the place.
    loading... The recovery team was led by Governor Emeka Ihedioha, who visited the place, with men of the Nigeria Police.
    Information Nigeria recalls the officials of the State Government Committee on Recovery of Government Property, have broken into the sealed premises of Nneoma Okorocha, wife of former Imo state governor in search of stolen property.


    Breaking News: Ex-Ghana star Junior Agogo dies at age 40.

    Ex-Ghana striker and 2008 Africa Cup of Nations poster boy Junior Agogo is reported dead at age 40, GHANASoccernet.com can exclusively report.
    The leading football website can confirm that the former Zamalek player passed in London on Thursday morning.

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    Ekweremadu's, attack: German govt. deports Nigerians 48 hours after Ekweremadu’s attack

    German government has deported a new batch of Nigerian migrants, less than 48 hours after the attack on former Deputy President of the Senate Ike Ekweremadu, by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

    According to reports, the migrants have already left Frankfurt Airport at 8 a.m., and were expected to land in Nigeria’s Murtala Mohammed International Airport between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.
    The number of migrants deported was not ascertained as at the time of this report, it was however, gathered that they were picked randomly from different accommodation centres.
    It would be recalled Last month two batches of Nigerians were sent back home from the European country.
    “The flight will be from Frankfurt on Monday. For those who have been given the information, the plane will take off by 8 a.m. and arrive in Nigeria between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.
    “Those who will be deported will be picked randomly from their different accommodation centres from 3 a.m. till 5 a.m. in different regions and conveyed to a central place and finally to Frankfurt Airport,” the Co-ordination Activist for Network Refugees 4Refugees, a political platform for refugees and migrant self-organisation based in Stuttgart, Germany, Rex Osa, told The Nation.
    Osa added, “When their asylum application is already expired, they are obligated to leave the country.
    “For those who don’t leave voluntarily, they will be given a what is I can translate in English to mean toleration status. This status is not a resident title; it is to show that the person is still there because the deportation is hindered because of one reason or the other.
    “These people are picked up early in the morning without expecting the police.
    “Some would be picked up from work also. When the police arrive in their rooms, they would be allowed to pack things not more than say 64 kilos. The police will be standing to make sure the person does not escape.”
    The activist urged the federal government to come to the aid of the victims as many of them are coming with a myriad of challenges.
    “Among these people are many sick people. Nigeria should be expecting a lot of people who have psychological problems, and people with spinal cord problems leading to paralysis.”
    (Credit: NAN)

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    Ekweremadu's, attack: Nigerian embassy "request a thorough investigation ... in accordance with German law."

    "The Nigerian embassy "has requested a thorough investigation ... in accordance with German law."
    Full press release from the Nigerian Ambassador on questions I asked, relating to the attack on Senator #Ekweremadu

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    Tension in Lagos:Many Injured as Violent clash between Hausa and Yoruba People

    Tension in Lagos, the commercial headquarters of Nigeria;

    Scores Feared Dead, Many Injured as Violent clash between Hausa and Yoruba People broke out at Ile-Epo, Abule Egba, Alimosho Local Government Area of the Commercial City.
    Crisis escalated over Hausa's failure to pay market royalty to Market Leaders, an eye witness told The Elite Times Citizen Reporter, Seun Adebayo.
    Goods worth #50m destroyed.
    Police drafted to the area to maintain law and order now


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    Amaechi gets highest Catholic Knights promotion

    Former Minister of Transportation and current ministerial nominee, Hon Rotimi Amaechi has been promoted to the highest rank in the Catholic church under the order of the Knights of St. John

    The Exemplification honour of the knights of St. John from Grand Master, Nigerian Temple Noble and Exalted Knights of the Holy Cross Knight of St. John International was conferred on the former Transportation Minister for his service to the Order and humanity for over twenty years at the Pope John Paul II catholic Centre in Abuja.
    While speaking, Monsignor Kenneth Enang in charge of the pope John II Catholic Centre explained that the promotion was premised on his support towards the growth of the Catholic church
    "We want to thank you Knights of St John's, all the other knights, college of knights for the work you are doing for the church, for the support we get from the Knights in many areas not only the financial support but the moral support.
    " The Knights of St Colombo's built the seminary we have now at kuje when cardinal Ecandem was alive and many of the Knights have built churches and handed over to the church.
    "We ask God to bless you and your good works and let your labours not be in vain."
    In his acceptance remarks, an elated Amaechi who is a committed catholic and a member of the Knights expressed joy for the promotion
    He said, "For our leaders, our grandmaster here present thinking that we are qualified, my friend Collyns and Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, we are very grateful and happy for considering us worthy of this great position. Thank you and God bless you."
    CREDIT: Israel Ibeleme

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    Sapele Boy goes insane for Refusing to use his mother for Rituals

    This Young boy ran mad because he refused to use his mom for money rituals.
    In the video, the boy was saying

    This happened today in Sapele Delta state.
    Groups of people were holding him not to run away, while some said tied him Rope and take him to their house.
    According to an eye witness, he refuses to use his mom for the rituals after his penis was rejected.
    This is very serious, money is the root of all evil the said.
    He must have loved his mum very much for not using her?

    Boy Runs mad for Refusing to use his mother for Rituals - Delta state (Video) - odinceblog.mp4

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    Alleged HIV-spreader alert! Facebook user issues warning to the public

    A facebook user Engr Comrade Oliver Okwumadinma has issued a strong warning to the public that 

    A lady identified as “Jennifer Ogegere”, has allegedly threatened to effect other men with an HIV infection she contracted from her boyfriend.
    In a facebook chat with someone identified as anonymous;
    The light slim complexion lady hinted that she already had unprotected sex with a man.
    She, however, vowed to distribute to as many men she intends to get intimate with, particularly those in Sapele region of Delta State.
    See Facebook chat below:-

    link to her Facebook Profile => Jennifer Ogegere

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    Attack on Ekweremadu: A Sacrilege, Very Reprehensible....Abaribe

    Minority Leader of the Senate, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe has described as reprehensible and utterly sacrilegious the attack on former Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu by some persons claiming to be members of IPOB in Nuremberg, Germany.

    Abaribe not only condemned the despicable act but said it smacks of utter ignorance of the prevailing situation at home with regards to what the leaders are doing in the circumstance. " It is a brazen show of ingratitude to a man who has been at the forefront in the struggle for all that is good for the Igbo race".
    In a statement issued in Abuja on Sunday, the Minority leader said he and the entire minority caucus in the Senate are appalled on the very nauseating attack on the revered Deputy Senate President, Ekweremadu for no reason whatsoever. "We condemn it", Abaribe said.
    Senator Ekweremadu he said has given his all in standing for the Igbo race, particularly when "we stuck out our neck to arrange and stand for surety for the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu.
    "Obviously this is not how to repay a man, an outstanding leader of men, an unpretentious Igbo leader who has given his all even going as far as deploying his means to arrange for the bail of Nnamdi Kanu, not minding the repercussions to his illustrious political career.
    "It is unfortunate. The perpetrators of the attack should know that as Igbos, we respect elders and reverence our leaders. The unwarranted attack is not the character of the Igbo. This is un-Igbo. It is most worrisome and even inconceivable that the attackers will choose an auspicious occasion where our people are celebrating and showcasing our rich culture to exhibit such unbecoming and condemnable conduct in the name of agitation.
    "No, that was not agitation, no right-thinking human will identify with such behavior. Yes, Nigeria is going through a horrendous phase, which is a fault line that her leaders, particularly we the Igbo leaders are engaging others to find a lasting solution to.
    "Resorting to mob mentality and venting the spleen on our leaders rather creates a vacuum that will leave our people helpless and confused in the circumstance", he said.
    Senator Abaribe added that there are rules of engagement in the country when things go awry and that is the way we should go at all times until we reach an acceptable national consensus in which Senator Ekweremadu will always play a major role.
    Remember the popular Igbo saying...
    However, he appealed to Senator Ekweremadu not to be discouraged in any way, but rather be stoic and take it in its stride as the price often paid in leadership.

    Metro News

    End Of The Road, As America Breaks Silence On El-Zakzaky, Releases Emergency Statement

    The United States of America, USA, has described as baseless, the allegation raised by the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, IMN, that it colluded with the Federal Government to disrupt the treatment of their Leader, in India.

    Recall, that the IMN leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, travelled to India to receive medical care, as ordered by a Kaduna High Court.
    However, he has since returned to Nigeria without receiving any medical treatment, following what the Federal Government described as antics by the IMN Leader, to embarrass the nation.
    The group has quoted a source as saying that before Sheikh Zakzaky’s arrival at New Delhi’s Madental Hospital, Officials from the American Embassy in India, had “threatened” the hospital’s management not to admit the Clergyman.
    “Even as the Doctors were enthusiastically waiting to receive the Sheikh to save his life, the American Secret Agents have threatened the hospital Officials not to go ahead to treat the Sheikh at the hospital”, the group claimed.
    Meanwhile, the American Embassy has dismissed the claim, saying that, it has no comment on the baseless allegations.
    The Embassy in a response to the allegation raised by the group stated that the US holds highly human rights and fundamental freedoms of all citizens.
    “The Embassy of the United States to Nigeria has no comment on these baseless allegations. We will state that promoting, protecting, and advancing human rights and fundamental freedoms, continue to be a top priority for the United States. The right to exercise one’s freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, is a universal human right and bedrock American principle”, the Embassy stated.

    Metro News

    Attack on Ekweremadu an insult to Igbos, Nigeria – Omo-Agege

    The Deputy President of the Senate Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege has condemned the attack on his predecessor Sen. Ike Ekwerenmadu, describing it as an affront against the Igbos and Nigeria.

    In a statement issued in Abuja on Sunday by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Yomi Odunuga, the DSP said the attack was not ‘only dastardly exportation of irrationality but an aggressive international affront against the image of Igbos and Nigeria’.

    NAN reports that the former Deputy President of the Senate, Ekweremadu was on Saturday attacked by members of the proscribed Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) in Nuremberg, Germany.

    Reacting further to the attack, Omo-Agege expressed shock over the undeserved assault and called on law enforcement agencies in Germany to investigate and bring to book all those involved in the vicious attack.

    “Senator Ekweremadu honored the invitation of patriotic Igbos in Germany who wanted him to deliver a keynote address at the event organized to commemorate the New Yam Festival.

    “But some aggressively discourteous elements hijacked the effort to perpetrate a disgraceful assault that seeks to deepen the portrayal of members of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) as enemies of democratic norms and values.

    “What they did is not only a violent assault against the good image of the Igbo race across the world but an aggressive attack against the traditional norms of a people known to be hardworking and respectful of meaningful contributions by leaders such as Senator Ekweremadu.

    “Such disappointing physical abuse also grossly disregards Senator Ekweremadu’s democratic antecedents and his longstanding commitment to the cause of his people. But, as he has said out of the usual largeness of his forgiving heart, these people know not what they do.

    “Such criminal attack, along with other anti-social attempts to accuse, condemn and lynch anyone remains utterly condemnable and illegal, notwithstanding whether it takes place on Nigerian or foreign soil as it is the easiest invitation to anomie,” Senator Omo-Agege stated.

    Metro News

    Nnamdi Kanu offers N1m reward for overseas itinerary of Southeast Govs, Igbo leaders

    Leader of proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu has offered N1m reward for credible information on the overseas travel itinerary of Igbo leaders, especially Governors from the zone.

    Kanu announced this in a live broadcast on the rogue radio station, Radio Biafra on Sunday night.
    He was speaking on the recent attack by some of his members on Senator Ike Ekweremadu in Germany and the spare of killings and kidnappings in the southeast.
    He said a member of the group has made the money available for credible information anytime Governors of the Southeast and other leaders from the zone are traveling.
    “So if you are working in any Government House in Southeast and you know which city in the world the governors is going to be, inform us so hat we will mobilize for him and you will be rewarded with N1m,” he declared.
    In the 87- minute broadcast, Kanu said the grudge of the group with the governors is that they proscribed the group.
    “They and not the Federal Government of Nigerian proacribed IPOB.
    “They said they proscribed IPOB to douse rising tension in the region. What caused the tension, because the Milliary raided my house in Umuahia,” Kanu said.
    He also accused them of secretly approving the RUGA settlement in the Southeast.
    On the attack on former Deputy Senate President Ike Ekeremadu, the IPOB leader said the the senator connived with the governors to proscribed his group.
    “They also brought the Army to raid my House in Umuahia. How many times has he spoken against the killings and kidnappings happening in his own state?
    “He went to celebrate New Yam Festival in Germany when his people are being killed and our women being raped. Where did they get the new Yam because there is none in Igboland since all the farmlands have been destroyed by herdmen”.
    The IPOB Leader also accused Ekweremadu of embezzling money budgeted for construction of Enugu-Port-Hacourt Expressway by former President Goodluck Jonathan administration.
    The Nation could not independently verify his accusations against Mr Ekweremadu.
    Apart from the Governors, Mr Kanu listed others on the group’s overseas watchlist to include Ohaneze Ndigbo President-General, Nnia Nwodo and Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai.
    On Nwodo, Kanu accused him of accusing Igbo youths of carrying out the recent killings, kidnappings and other criminal activities in the Southeast especially in Enugu State.
    For Buratai, Kanu said the group will never forgive him for his role in various killings and atrocities allegedly committed by the Military in the southeast
    He warned them to steer clear of any foreign country for their own good.
    “We have nominated 5 persons each in every country or the world who are ready to be arrested and be jailed for this purpose. Many of us have been killed so what is there in going to jail”, he said.
    He praised the outspokenness of Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe and former Aviation Minister Femi Fani- Kayode.
    “We campaigned for Abaribe’s re-election because he always spoke the truth every time about what is happening in the country and today he is the highest political office holder in Igboland”
    “Fani Kayode is not an Igbo man but he always stands for the truth and so we have enormous respect for him”.
    Mr Kanu also claimed that the Milliary is beginning another Operation Python Dance in the Southeast tomorrow (Monday) in the SouthEast which is targeted at his group.

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