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      Curvy Actress, Nkechi Blessing Markets Bicycles In Sexy Fashion (Photos)

      The controversial actress and movie producer, Nkechi Blessing Sunday is presently using her sultry pictures to market bicycles for kids.

      Nkechi Blessing is a popular face on Instagram who is never far from minor social media dramas.
      She has been creating awareness and publicity for a kiddies store with some alluring picture postures.
      She has been showcasing her hips, bum and cleavage to attract people to the page to buy goods.
      She seems to be making gradual progress with the influencer role she is playing.


      Cossy Ojiakor S*x With Dog

      The s*x with a dog scandal involving actress, Cossy Orjiaor has been unraveled as the producer of the movie speaks.
      The producer of the movie “Itohan” in which Nollywood actress, Cossy Ojiakor was alleged to have had s*x with a dog in one of the scenes has been found by Potpourri.
      Mr. Lucky Ewah, the producer spoke to Potpourri on phone and explained what actually happened in the film shot in 2002.
      A video purportedly surfaced on YouTube showing Cossy Ojiakor in a sex scene with a dog after a defunct magazine, Enquirer owned by Tunde Moshood had made a mincemeat of the scene in one of the publications of the magazine, alleging in plain words that actress, Cossy Ojiakor actually had s*x with a dog with robust pictures to back it up.
      From 2002 till date, the producer of the movie “Itohan” has been incommunicado and nowhere to be seen until Potpourri tracked him down and had him speak on the role of Cossy Ojiakor in the movie. Hear him: “There’s been some sort of controversies over the film you once produced “Itohan”, I want to get the whole story and the role Cossy Ojiakor played in it.
      “As a movie maker, I’m not the kind of producer that produces nude stories or pornography. I make movies that have to do with women and youth re-orientation. I don’t know how Tunde Moshood got in touch with those materials and he has been using those materials.
      “That movie was uploaded on YouTube on 22nd of September, 2009. As long as Tunde Moshood has the materials on that project, I’m alleging him to be the person that uploaded it.
      “Those are the things my lawyer is working on because it’s an infringement of a right. He did not work with me on my set. He has never been a co-producer, director or co-sponsor. So, how did he get those materials?
      “As I speak with you, I don’t even know Mr. Tunde Moshood. In this very case, Tunde Moshood must come and answer the court. How did he get those materials? The materials the Censors Board did not approve or use… Who gave him those materials?
      Are you saying that the materials he (Tunde) uploaded are not from the film?
      They are not from the film.
      So, how did he work that out?
      That is my challenge concerning this whole controversy. So many people have said so many things based on social media, wanting to know if the producer of the movie is alive or around. Truth is, I haven’t been around for some time.
      This movie has really caused a lot of controversies because people think that what actually happened in the movie was true. That is the reason Cossy called me to come and clear the air and let Nigerians know that she didn’t actually sleep with a dog.
      Now, this is the reason the movie was made in that manner. Recall that the movie was produced in 2002 at a time when the NAPTIP stories on women trafficking were very high, especially in the Niger-Delta region. I’m from Edo State.
      There was a time, Her Excellency, Titi Abubakar set up an NGO called NAPTIP, National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons. This same movie was taken to that office because it was an advocacy movie, to advocate against human trafficking.
      That was why the movie was produced at the time. To pass the message that most Nigerians travel abroad to do all sorts of undignified things to make money without knowing the dangers involved. Nigerians know the truth about the movie, but my major challenge and concern is how Tunde Moshood came to possess those materials.
      Even the movie director doesn’t have access to the material. Only the producer has access to it. So how did Tunde Moshood have access to the materials?
      According to Cossy in most of her Instagram posts, she said it’s Halima Abubakar that released some of the clips to Tunde Moshood who was her boyfriend at the time…
      She told me all of that. If it is Halima that gave him the clips, they have to come and explain to us because Halima also didn’t work on that set, so how did she get the clips? Halima didn’t work with us. I’ve never used her in any of my jobs. So, how did they get those materials? That’s where my lawyer is coming in.
      The social media war of Cossy Ojiakor, Tunde Moshood and Halima Abubakar
      The movie “Itohan” was shot in 2002 and uploaded on YouTube in 2009 after the magazine, Enquirer owned by Tunde Moshood made a publication about Cossy Ojiakor having sex with a dog just about the time the movie was being shot. It was 17 years ago and all the drama associated with the saga appeared to have been rested for good until Cossy opened the old wounds again in an Instagram post on her page two weeks ago.
      It all started with a picture post by Uche Ogbodo on Instagram, showing Halima Abubakar and three other actresses. Cossy had reacted to the picture, calling Halima a snake that betrayed her.
      She then went ahead to paint the picture of how Halima Abubakar leaked the pictures from the movie “Itohan” to Tunde Moshood, publisher of the then Enquirer, whom she also described as Halima’s boyfriend.
      “We were roommates at the time and she had access to my things. I got a picture from the location camera guy on some of the scenes from the film. Halima stole the pictures and gave his boyfriend who twisted the story to sell his magazine,” she said in a private chat with Potpourri.
      Cossy said she had never recovered from the stigma the story and pictures brought her and released comments after comments concerning complicity of Halima and Tunde and how they tried to ruin her. At some point, Cossy mentioned Tunde Moshood’s daughter and the latter got infuriated that he replied Cossy with an Instagram post of the video showing Cossy and a dog in bed while some white men watched. But from the video, there was nothing to show that the dog had sex with the actress.
      However, Tunde Moshood backed the video with a caustic comment directed at Cossy.
      He said, “It’s been 10 years since we ran the sex with dog story of Nigeria’s No 1 porn star, Cossy Ojiakor. Good for her then, it wasn’t an internet era, so the story was good as being stale before she pulled her luck too far.
      Ordinarily, I would have kept mute with all the name callings but having to drag my innocent daughter was going to the crescendo. The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than be saved by criticism. Those pushing you won’t be able to help you by the time I finish with you. This story has come and gone but he who the gods will kill, they first make mad.
      Sticking to good habits can be hard work, and mistakes are part of the process. Don’t declare failure simply because you messed up or because you are having trouble reaching your goals. Instead, use your mistakes as opportunities to grow stronger and become better. Now, Cossy Ojiakor, this challenge is for you.”
      However, Halima Abubakar has kept quiet about it all. Chico Ejiro, who was the director of the movie has kept mute also and declined to speak when approached by Potpourri.
      Source: Vanguard 


      Ghanaians Like Sex, They Like It Too Much– Efia Odo

      The new face of stardom has a lot to say about Ghanaians, especially to those who have always been on her neck.

      Ghanaian TV Personality, Efia Odo has said in an interview that, some Ghanaians like associating themselves with sex so much that they tend not to think about anything apart from sex.
      In an interview with Zionfelix, a media person, upon disclosing her relationship with several celebrities, Efia Odo blatantly said that there is always a wrong perception when people see her with most male celebrities.
      “Ghanaians are always saying I dated Kwesi Arthur, had sex with him and then we two broke up. They also said I had a thing with King Promise and Darko Vibez, all because I shot music videos with them. I mean, can’t a male and a female be friends without people thinking about anything sexual?
      “I think in Ghana when somebody says they have a crush on someone they automatically think you want to be in a relationship with the person and have sex. You can crush on someone because of their personality. It’s always about sex, that means sex is the only thing Ghanaians have in mind. Ghanaians like sex, they like sex too much.” She said.
      She further cautioned that, if she hasn’t come out publicly to announce who her boyfriend is, Ghanaians should not ‘pick’ one for her forcibly 


      BBNaija: ‘I will pay N1Million for any boutique to send clothes to Tacha’ – Jaruma discloses

      Sex therapist, Jaruma who has continually declared her support for Big Brother Naija housemate, Tacha wants a boutique to send clothes to the BBNaija housemate.

      The famous slay queen on Instagram, is now out of clothes only one month into the show after she declared that she didn’t bring many clothes for the show.
      The slay Queen continues repeating her clothes, particularly during Saturday night parties.
      Her god-mother, the proprietor of Jaruma Empire, who has been a solid power behind Tacha says she is eager to pay 1 million naira to any boutique that can send clothes to her.
      She proceeded to state Tacha is certainly not a rich child, she doesn't have cash as many people think. 


      I am sad about facing possible eviction every week” – Tacha confesses

      The 2019 edition of the popular reality show, BBNaija has come back to grace TV screens in Nigeria as many viewers are keen to be aware of the lifestyle of housemates.

      One of the housemates on the 2019 edition of the show who seems to have raised the hopes of many Nigerians is a popular Instagram celebrity, Tacha.
      The young lady had built a reputation for herself as a raunchy dancer on the internet and Nigerians have been hoping to see some of those displays in the BBNaija house.
      During Tacha’s diary session with Big Brother, she revealed that being nominated every week for possible eviction is making her sad and getting her bothered.
      When Big Brother asked how she was feeling, Natacha replied saying ”I am sad about facing possible eviction for the third time in a row and it is beginning to bother me”.

      Tacha who is always confident about her stay in the house told Biggie that her plans if she eventually gets evicted from Big Brother’s house is to keep pushing her brand forward.
      The spunky 23 year old from Rivers State was a popular Instagram celebrity before entering the house.
      Recall that Tacha was fake evicted from the show which made Big Brother put her in a Secret Room where she had to watch what was happening in the house on a TV.
      The other Housemates had no idea her eviction was fake and this made her return into the house quite controversial and disheartening for the housemates. 


      Braless Lady Twerks To Naira Marley’s ‘Opotoyi’ (Video)

      A video by a braless Nigerian lady has gone viral after the controversial singer, Naira Marley shared the video on his Instagram page.

      The lady was seen in the video dancing to Naira Marley’s new song, ‘Opotoyi’ in a braless see-through outfit that showed everything.
      ‘Opotoyi’, a song by Naira Marley was released a few days ago while the singer was in prison and it’s already getting massive reactions.
      Nigerians, however, have gone to his page to condemn the lady.
      Watch the video below
      Bräless Lady Twerks To Naira Marley’s ‘Opotoyi’ (Video) • GLtrends.com.ng.mp4


      BBNaija: ‘Pray For Frodd’ – Fans React As Esther Makes A Move On Him (Video)

      Esther has poured out her heart during the act of kindness challenge as she spoke to Frodd. 

      Esther has expressed her intentions towards Frodd during the ‘act of kindness’ challenged given to them by Biggie.
      It was all fun in the Big Brother Naija house and obviously a moment of truth for Mercy, as she advised Frodd to get what he wants at all cost.
      Recall that Biggie gave the housemates ”acts of kindness” task of Tuesday, as they were made to show kindness to another through various means for a minimum of 10 minutes.
      When it was Esther’s turn, she picked Frodd and the task asked her to give him some encouragements.
      During the process of carrying out the task, Esther advised Frodd to fight for whatever he wants and not give up.
      It, however, appears that Esther stylishly told Frodd not to give up on her yet, since her lover, Nelson have been evicted.
      Recall that Frodd had nursed and expressed his feelings for Esther, but she declined on the grounds that she was in a romantic relationship with Nelson.
      To the surprise of many, the “Acts of kindness” task instructed by Big Brother has helped to settle the rift between the duo.
      Watch the video below:


      GLOBAL NEWSKemi Olunloyo Shares Sad Experience How She Was Abused At 8 (Video)

      After adding a year to her life, Kemi Olunloyo has revealed how she was molested at a tender age.
      Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has opened up on how she was sexually molested when she was eight years old and nearly r*ped at the age of 13.
      Kemi Olunloyo who turned 55 on Tuesday released a video where she said she was molested at the age of eight.
      In the video on her Instagram page, Kemi Olunloyo said she felt great at 55 even though she might look like a 35-year old woman.
      She said she was almost raped in 1978 during the ‘Ali must go’ riots, promising to release the full video soon.
      “I feel great at 55 even though I may look like 35, my s*x drive is high. I was molested at 8 years.
      “One of my dad’s students came home and he fondled me and he just tore my clothes, I was naked on Ikorodu Road,” she said.
      Watch video here:


      BBNaija Star, Anto Lecky Poses In Bikini

      Anto Lecky who seems to have left the shores of Nigeria for her base in the United States of America has flaunted her body in style.
      BBNaija star, Anto Lecky shares sultry photos on her social media space where she bares her body in the hot bikini wear.
      The young lady has resisted online bullies who keep warning her about flaunting her body online. She returned from the U.S to participate in the BBNaija reality show but she failed to win.
      The beautiful lady has become an influencer in Nigeria since the show ended.
      See more images below:



      ‘If I Die And Go To Hell, It’ll Take Me A While To Realize I’m No Longer In Nigeria’- Charley Boy Says As He Blasts Nigeria’s Leaders.

      Charles Oputa, better known as Charley Boy or Area Fada, has shared photos of himself in a casket as he likened the condition of Nigeria to being in hell. 
        The veteran entertainer captioned the photos:    


      ‘I Don’t have Any Bank Account’ – Prophet TB Joshua

      Leader and founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T. B. Joshua has declared that he does not operate any bank account.

      Concise News reports that TB Joshua in an interview with The Maravi Post recently, says because he is more concerned about touching lives, he doesn’t keep the money.
      “This is the problem the country has brought to us; that is what we are talking about.
      “Here we have a foundation for the youths, a football club. There are about 4000 of them that come from across the country, and we have a bus for them.
      “We are also involved with the destitute in Oko-Baba, you saw the buses were given to them and how they are being taken care of and we are giving them scholarships,” the influential televangelist explains.
      He continues: “We have people in Leeds University in London, which is one of the best universities in the world. There are also the widows, the physically challenged – and we have a warehouse where we keep the rice which we give to these people.
      “Each trailer is N5million and we have about four trailers. There are also the aged people – we look for them and take care of them, even the ones that are sick. Of course, you know that to run a football club costs a lot of money.
      “Even the PHCN where they train, we paid heavily to secure it. These are some of the challenges we are facing. So when you now talk about the issue of tax, does it means that we will withdraw all these and use it to pay tax?
      “We are doing more than paying tax. I don’t operate any bank account, not to talk of keeping money here.
      “These people are my bank account. I believe so much in this so that in the nearest future, people can stand and say, ‘I am now this through the grace of God in the life of TB Joshua’”

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