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  1. It was again harvest of convictions for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Benin Zonal Office on July 5, 2019, as 17 internet fraudsters were convicted and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment by Justice Nnamdi Dimgba of the Federal High Court sitting in Asaba, Delta State. The fraudsters were arraigned separately on one count each of impersonation and obtaining by false pretence contrary to Section (22)(2)(b)(1)(ii) of the Cybercrime (prohibition prevention etc) Act 2015 and punishable under Section 22(b)(IV) of same Act. The suspects include Lukman Sarumi, Udaze Sylvester, Bassey Ibrahim, Nelson Aimieyekagbon, Felix Joshua, Udo Omoiyabra, Ikpomnwonsa Raymond, Endurance Adedugba and Welch Samuel. Others are Abiodun Sadiq, Patrick Enahoro, Favour Okushi, Joseph Michael, Lawal Opeyemi Muyideen, Oladeji Tobi, Toafeek Dauda and Adepitan Oluwabunmi The charge against Sarumi reads: “That you Lukman Sarumi (alias Le Xuan Dong) sometimes in February 2019 in Warri, Delta State within the jurisdiction of this honourable court and with intent to obtain property, did obtain the sum of $1500 (One thousand five United States dollars) from one Xuan Nguyen by fraudulently impersonating one Le Xuan Dong and thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 22(2)(b)(ii)of the Cybercrime (prohibition prevention etc) Act 2015 and punishable under Section 22(2 )(b)(iv) of the same Act ” He pleaded “guilty” to the charge when it was read to him. Similar charges were also preferred against the other defendants by the Commission and they aĺl pleaded “guilty”. In view of their plea, counsel for the EFCC, Larry Peters, prayed the court to convict and sentence the defendants in accordance with the plea bargain agreement between the prosecution and defendants. Justice Dimgba, thus, convicted and sentenced Sarumi to one-year imprisonment without an option of fine
  2. A Nigerian Singer, Simisola Ogunleye popularly known as Simi, reportedly pregnant, flaunts Baby bumb in new Instagram photo. The singer flaunt her baby bumb as she celebrate Children Day’s. A close source to the singer said she is pregnant but decided to hide it from public. Simi was married to Nigerian highlife singer, Adekunle Kosoko know as Adekunle Gold in a secret wedding,recently. Reactions Below
  3. A Nigerian Singer, Simisola Ogunleye popularly known as Simi, reportedly pregnant, flaunts Baby bumb in new Instagram photo. The singer flaunt her baby bumb as she celebrate Children Day’s. A close source to the singer said she is pregnant but decided to hide it from public. Simi was married to Nigerian highlife singer, Adekunle Kosoko know as Adekunle Gold in a secret wedding recently. Reactions Below
  4. Recently, the Ebonyi State Police Command on Monday confirmed the death of a 100-year-old woman and three other family members, who died as result of alleged food poisoning. The Police Public Relations Officer of the command, DSP Loveth Odah, confirmed the incident while speaking with DAILY POST in Abakaliki, capital of Ebonyi State. She noted that the command received such mysterious information with a heavy heart, adding that the corpses of the said victims have been deposited at Matter Hospital located at Afikpo North local Government Area of the state. “The death of the said persons was as a result of food poisoning. A family of four at Amachara village at Afikpo North LGA was discovered dead on their bed inside their room. “We sent a team of police officers to the area and discovered that the said family of four ate their last meal and gave up. The victims included a woman of over one hundred year and another elderly of over seventy years and two others. “Their bodies have been deposited at the Matter Hospital and autopsy will be conducted to ascertain the real cause of their death. “We urge people to always check the type of food they want to eat to avoid this kind of mysterious death,” she warned.
  5. ADVICE TO MEN . BE WISE BE SMART You met a girl and you both fell in love..Months pass by and you still going strong then she gets attached, calls you all the time, double texts you, makes you her WhatsApp profile picture, she sleeps over at your house whenever you ask her to, she takes you to movies with her own money, she does everything to make you HAPPY.. Later, she starts hearing rumours, she confronts you and you deny (as usual). She catches you with different girls you apologise and she forgives you because she loves you. She starts to be skeptical about herself, starts feeling like she is not enough for you, she is not beautiful enough, you cheat time and time again, she tries fighting for the relationship but she realizes that she is fighting alone. She walks away and you don't even try stopping her because 900+ likes means you can get any girl you want.. Months later you are in a relationship with a new girl that is more beautiful, more curvy than her.. You take cute pictures and you start posting them with cute captions. She finds out and it broke her because you have never posted her pictures nor made her your WhatsApp Dp before... "She is still trying to get over you"... Your new girl cheats on you so you walk away and move from relationship to relationship.. unfortunately, they don't just happen over night.. You then realize that she is the only girl that has ever loved you.. the only girl that had your back..Your RIDE or DIE.. You try messaging her and she blocked your ass cause seeing your pictures with that girl broke her. One day, while at the mall you bump into her and she is still beautiful and you decide to talk to her, to tell her you are sorry and try to fix things but a guy shows up and holds her hand. She tells you it's her boyfriend and they came to celebrate their one year anniversary. By then you'll realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars. DON'T BE A VICTIM! Men cherish what you've got and be satisfied.
  6. Photos from ReginaDaniels induction to the 'married women group' with traditional rites in Anioma as wife of Ned Nwoko She is not the problem of Nigeria so critics should mind their business. The issue is, look at the way her husband dressed, which means once you are rich you can dress anyhow.... Hmmmmm money!!! God please i want be rich
  7. English singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran is set to be a billionaire before he turns 30 in just two years. According to Daily Mail, the 28-year-old pop star has amassed an eye-watering fortune and has millions rolling into his bank account each week thanks to the success of his Divide tour which has reportedly seen him earn close to £500 million so far. Ed is expected to earn more than £100million over the next three months of his money-spinning tour, meaning he’ll surpass U2’s record of £579.35 million made during their 2009-11 run of shows. Reflecting on Ed’s incredible success, music industry expert Mark Borkowski told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: ‘The man who was busking on the streets is now a man who is going to be a billionaire. Above all, this shows just how potent live music is nowadays. ‘It’s the one that generates the money. The music business has moved on with labels having to be more savvy and Ed clearly has a team that knows what it’s doing.’ PR guru Marcel Knobil thinks Ed’s popularity can be linked to his humble persona and ‘raw talent’. He said: ‘Ed is an extremely talented individual who demonstrates it is not always about the packaging but about the perfect product. ‘People such as him, Adele and Sam Smith give less credence to glamour and just display raw talent.’
  8. Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha, has said that the seizure of his Certificate of Return as the senator-elect of the Imo West senatorial district, is only getting him prepared for his utmost political dream which is to become the president of Nigeria. Governor Okorocha who will be exiting office come Wednesday May 29th, said this when he spoke during his valedictory thanksgiving service held at the Government House Chapel in Owerri. The governor who accused the elite class of ganging up against him, said that those who want me to go to prison will go to prison before me. “I tell you, I am the most criticised person in Nigeria today. I don’t know why the entire elite hate me with cruelty. My Senate ambition is still a battle. More than 30 people have joined the suit to fight me. All these, I will overcome. They are only preparing me for the glory ahead.”Mark it, I will be president of Nigeria. I said this on this altar so that the kingdom of God will rise against those fighting to stop me. Also, those who think they will put me in prison will go to prison before me. They don’t want me to be at the National Assembly, but I will be there. I know I am the last man standing, but I will not give up.” he saidAccording to Governor Okorocha, most people do not understand fully his style of gevernance. “Only a few of them later realised that I meant well for the state. I governed the state with passion. I broke protocols and bent the laws, but I never broke laws. When I took over the office eight years ago, I wasn’t unmindful that a lot of people will misunderstand me and try to distract me. But today, I have left the state better than I met it. I am the architect of the new Imo. I am a satisfied governor.” he said.
  9. The battle to stop the Imo Governor Rochas Okorocha from going to the Senate took another dimension on Saturday as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was ordered not to issue a Certificate of Return to him as a senator-elect for Imo West. The order was made by a High Court sitting in Owerri. The court, in a suit filed by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Senatorial candidate for Imo West Hon Jones Onyeriri against the INEC, ordered that the status quo be maintained until the hearing and determination of the Motion on Notice. The presiding judge, Justice E.F. Njemanze, adjourned the case till June 5 2019, for hearing.
  10. A Nigerian man has walked down the aisle with two women at the same time and photos from the white wedding are circulating the internet. Society has up-played monogamy and it is considered morally wrong (in some religion and cultures) for a man to marry more than one wife. However, in Islam, there is no sin in marrying up to four wives. When a non-Muslim man marries more than one wife, his choice is questioned by preying eyes who beg to understand the rationale behind his decision. On a basic level, people wonder how he is able to manage two women when keeping one is considered a herculean task. All that however is not a problem for this young man who has internet users rather amused over his choice of marrying two women on the same day. The photos from the white wedding have been making waves online and all most people can do is wish him luck in the new chapter of his life. Groom signing the marriage register with his brides (Picture/UGC) Source: UGC Trio couple exchange vows (Picture/UGC)
  11. A Nigerian doctor, James King, has recounted how he helped save the life of a passenger who was almost dying onboard a flight from Kano to Lagos. James who shared the amazing story on his Facebook page, wrote: Its getting clearer now, …why I was born.I just saved a life who would have possibly died midair in the aircraft I was a passenger in.I was on seat 14F of BOEING 737-300 of AZMAN AIR from Kano to Lagos.Suddenly, his head dropped.A passenger on seat to my far left on the other side of the aisle.The Indian man sitting besides him screamed and called the attention of the air officials. The Indian said it seems the man passed out.We were still several miles above sea level.Far from Lagos our destination.As it is with my nature, I was listening to some music with my earpiece on board this flight. I was rocking myself head forward and backward, my hands slightly moving up to the powerful music of SHOW US MERCY by Will Adiks.The movements to the unconscious passenger got my attention.I removed my earpiece.In 5 powerful long strides I got to the dying patient. To the Air Hostesses, “I am Dr James King. I want to take over. He is deteriorating fast.”The Air Hostess said, “Ok sir. Go ahead.”And she gave me way. I quickly checked his pulse around his radial artery. It was small volume, irregularly irregular rhythm.I shouted, “Any doctor, nurse or paramedic here?”No response.All the other passengers on board were staring at me with a forlorn look.As if there was an impending danger to all of them.I turned to the immaculately dressed 3 Air Hostess around me. “We can save this life together. His life depends on us now.”I turned to one of the hostesses, “Can you please get us all the medical boxes and kits in this aircraft”She responded, “Ok sir” and walked fast away.I asked two other male passengers to help me lift the dying man from his seat to the aisle between the airfraft seats, …so I can have more space to start my intervention on him.We placed him on the ground.I immediate positioned him supine and also freed his respiratory airways by tilting his head backwards a bit.I again asked, “please can I have any cloth or anything to support his neck.”The air hostesses removed their top suits clothing and handed them to me. Obviously well trained. Thank you AZMAN Air.I was surprised at such empathy by the Air Hostesses. I was truly encouraged and energised.I folded two of them and placed them under the neck the of dying man.At this point the dying man was already having rolling up eyes, …all white.I listened to his apex heart beat.It was very weak and faint.I knew in seconds, he would be dead if I don’t do something fast. I commenced CPR (Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) on him.He responded.Then he began to convulse uncontrollably.At the top of my voice, I shouted “Can someone get me Diazepam please?”An air hostess ran somewhere to get it.It was 30 minutes before landing.If nothing was done fast he will die in less than 10mimutes.I repeated CPR again.And again. And again….I listened to the heart using my stethoscope.Some mild activity commenced.I turned to the chief air Hostess, please call Murtala Mohammed Airport and tell then to arrange an Ambulance before our landing.” She said, “Right away” and began to rush toward the cockpit to inform the Pilot to do so.When I was sure the patient’s ventilation improved a bit, I quickly withdraw 5mg of Diazepam and gave him straight intramuscular on his buttocks.Returned to the supine position again.Commenced CPR.Checked his radial pulse.I then announced to everyone that… “I AM buying time. He will survive.”I was on the floor of the aircraft kneeling around him.Monitoring every single thing I can pick from his reflexes.The chief air hostess came back. I asked her, “How many minutes do we have more to land?”She said, “in 5 minutes.”I again announced to everyone on board, “HE will survive.”Then there was a loud sudden noise in the aircraft.Then we landed on the runway.Three men/passengers carried him.We evacuated him very fast out of the plane.At the foot of the plane there was no ambulance waiting.I was visibly angry and now shouting at the top of my voice to all the airport officials.That the ambulance is at the other side. In a rage I said to them, “This is wickedness. We did all our best with God’s help to keep this man alive for 30 minutes and you people could not even get an Ambulance to wait here?”Someone suggested that he should be taken in one of the Toyota Hilux van.I said “No, it will kill him before we get anywhere”.I screamed, “Any clinic in the airport?”That was when their brains came back to default reset and they chorused, “Yes.”I said to the good men still carrying him let go.That was when we rushed him to the clinic you are seeing in the photo of this post.Its the airport clinic that is close to the Arrivals of the Murtala Mohammmed airport, Lagos. I explained everything I did and the medications given to the doctor on call.She took over.Then I walked out and looked up to heaven and said, “I know You are involved in this. Thank you Lord.”I stayed on the case thereafter.He survived.And presently in a government tertiary hospital in Lagos for expert management. Addendum:I actually came to Lagos for a humanitarian programme, an aboslutely FREE Medical outreach, poorly funded, meant for the sick and abandoned Prison inmates .We are all born to save lives.
  12. Media personality, IK Osakioduwa, is celebrating his 40th birthday party yesterday May 26th. The party is a Game of Thrones themed party. His friends Banky W and wife Adesua, Ebuka, Bovi and wife, Timi Dakolo and wife, actress Linda Ejiofor and her hubby Suleiman, all dressed up in their favorite Game of Thrones Character to the party. Ebuka dressed as Jon Snow, Adesua Etomi as Daenerys, Banky W as Ser Jorah Mormont, Bovi as Night King and his Wife as the Red Witch, Bukola Dakolo dressed as Cersei while her hubby, Timi came in dressed as Spartacus. See more photos of the stars in their outfit and tell us your favorite
  13. Canadian singer, Justin Bieber took to Instagram to share these loved-up photos with his wife, Hailey, and revealed he gives her a new nickname every day. For one of the captions, “New nickname for her every day today she’s my goo goo ,” he captioned a lovey-dovey photo of the couple. In the other photo he posted, the pair were pictured in the studio while he works on his upcoming new music. “Studio vibes.. with my studio chicka ..,” he wrote.
  14. Aisha Buhari on Saturday vented her frustration on the Federal Government’s Social Investment Programme, SIP meant to help the poorest of the poor. The wife of the president attacked the programme saying it has not yielded the required results in the north, according to a report by Vanguard. The President’s wife stated this at an interactive programme for women at the Presidential villa, Abuja. She disclosed that she was assured that 30,000 women will benefit from the programme from Adamawa but as the administration winds down, she was yet to hear from them. The Social Investment Programme is under the control of Mrs. Maryam Uwais, who is the Special Adviser to the President. According to her: “Concerning the N500 billion voted for SIP, that was part of 2015 campaigns where they promised to give out N10,000, feed pupils in primary schools and give N5,000 to the poorest of the poorer. “The SSA to the president on social investment is a lady from Kano and I’m sure that my husband decided to put somebody from Kano because of the population and political impact it made. “I have never asked how the money is being used or is being given out. I met Barrister (one of the President aides on SIP) once and he promised me that for my state (Adamawa) we should get 30,000 women to be given N10,000. Up till now I haven’t heard from him. “I don’t want to raise alarm that my state do not benefit from it, where SGF came from, I kept quiet because I don’t want people to say that I talk too much. “Recently I saw a 74-year-old man selling petty things in Kano, I asked him how much is his capital, he told me between N3,000 and N4,000. Don’t forget that we have campaigned to give the poorest of the poor, N5,000 every month .. “So I don’t know where the social investment… Maybe, It worked out in some states. In my own state, only a local government benefited out of the 22. I didn’t ask what happened and I don’t want to know but for it fail woefully in Kano, it’s not a good sign and it’s not a good thing. “We have a lot of women that do business locally due to the cultural thing in the north, that are at home doing their businesses. Some are millionaires, some have thousands of naira, they need the assistance but they do not get it. Most northern women do not belong to any market association “I was expecting that N500 billion to be utilized in different methods in the north for the aim to be achieved. I don’t know the method they used but most of the northern states do not get it. My state do not get it,” she said. “How many of you get it in your state? My state did not benefit from it.” Women in the hall answer overwhelmingly. Mrs. Buhari added, “It worked out well in a situation whereby they have market associations but I was thinking different methods should be used in the North.” She also expressed reservations on the $16 million counterpart fund expended on mosquito nets.“I have heard about mosquito nets, Nigeria paid its counterpart fund, $16m. I asked them to give my own share of the net to send it to my village people. I didn’t get it.“ They have spent, $16 million on buying mosquito nets, I did not get it, maybe some people have gotten it. But I feel that, that’s my personal opinion, $16 million is enough to fumigate mosquitoes in Nigeria. That’s my opinion,” she said.Mrs. Buhari, however thanked the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha for including women in the inaugural activities of the president for second term. “I will also like to use the opportunity to thank the SGF for including women in the inaugural activities of Mr. President, this is what is called next level. They didn’t allow us to participate in politics but now they have started given us hope that we can be involved in certain things,” she said. She also disclosed how she managed to include herself in an anti drug committee chaired by a former military administrator of Lagos, Buba Marwa.She said, “I also managed to put myself as member of the committee and wife of the Vice President. The wife of the Vice President has worked very well, it took her one year to go round schools in Abuja because of the level of abuse. Many girls don’t go to school because they are afraid of being raped while returning from school or when their parents are away.“You know most of their parents are farmers. The revelation is beyond comment. I asked her to publicize her discovery but she didn’t, if she had done so, it would have served as lesson. ”The wife of the president, disclosed that the president has provided N12 billion for the treatment of trauma cases in across the country.“Over N12 billion has been released by the president to take care of trauma cases in across the country. Can you please monitor the money? The ministers are going very soon and the money are being released,” she said.She pleaded to the All Progressive Congress, APC, to refund the money women used in purchasing nomination forms in the last 2019 elections.She said women were marginalized in the elections despite their effort to get elected.She advised the women not to relent in the pursuit of their dreams and promised to continue to champion their course.
  15. Alarming!!!. 40percent of Nigerian youths still engage in Illicit drug abuse, a recent report by the United Nation Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has confirmed. The report obtained by the Advocacy for Positive Behavioral Patterns Initiative expressed worry over the increasing rate of drug abuse among youths which according to them is responsible for the increasing rate of crime in the society and high spate of suicide. The Chairman of the Civil Society Organization Mann Bamidele disclosed this yesterday in Abuja during an awareness creation exercise for secondary school pupils on Drug Abuse- and violence among teenagers. Mann who pointed out that the awareness creation was part of activities to celebrate the World Children’s Day celebration with the theme illicit drug abuse among teenagers and the challengers noted that the importance of the sensitization exercise was because of the prevalent rate of drug abuse amongst the youths. He pointed the high rate of depression in the country leading to suicide saying most people fall into depression because of drug abuse adding that they have always encouraged the teenagers and youths that if they need to get high they should get high on grades, not on drugs. Lamenting that the awareness level of drug abuse is low in the country, he said many youths have fallen into drug abuse due to the lack of understanding and they could be easily lured through peer pressure. Mann disclosed they have been working with UNODC to sensitize the youths on the effect of drug abuse and the need for them not to fall into victim of being pressurize into the illicit act. The Deputy Director Child Welfare Social Development Secretariat FCT bemoaned the high level of drug abuse in the society affirming that the usage among used could be as high has 40percent. He said “Drug abuse among children has become a source of concern, aside the conventional drugs there are other things taken as drugs such as Solution for tyre, cough syrups among others. Stressing the need to raise more awareness on the menace, he noted that aside government, parents, schools, friends all have roles to play in addressing the situation. A Senior Resident Doctor with National Hospital Opeyem iOshodi said the effect of drug abuse is far reaching saying their is an high risk of mental illness and also limit productivity.

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