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Found 21 results

  1. Tayo Faniran is not here for all the hate train parade against #BBNaija star Cee-C. In case you have not been following the show: Cee-C has been painted the villain of this year’s edition, and it is all thanks to her strong personality and aversion to bullSh!t. Often, she was embroiled in squabbles with housemates, and it was why most of them, especially Alex and Tobi, weren’t pleased when she wasn’t evicted on Sunday. But Tayo Faniran thinks the housemates could do better. Posting on his Twitter yesterday, the BBA star expressed his displeasure with the remaining Big Brother Naija housemates for overtly showing their hatred for Cee-C. “Why are they making it obvious that they dislike Ceecee, she has been too much at times but I’ve seen her soft side, I admire her confidence and self believe,” Faniran wrote. And when a Twitter user tried to diss him and Cee-C, the BBA star dragged the troll for filth, while maintaining his defence for Cee-C. “[Cee-C] has won more than you will ever amount to in life, bitter fool,” he said.. And he said a lot more. See his tweets below.
  2. Did you watch day 77 of the Big Brother Naija 3 reality show? If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you! .. The Closet Diaries From laughs to quarrels and many things in between, the closets in the Big Brother House have seen it all and for Tobi and Alex all they can do is laugh. Soon after the party, the duo who’ve since been joined at the hip, took time and reminisced on all they’ve seen happened in that particular space. A Thought Bench Apart from Alex and Tobi, other Housemates also take time to chill at the closet area, whether as a collective having chats or alone listening to their thoughts. After the party, Anto took some moment to just sit in-between the closets and she looked far in thoughts, just like as she was at party. Also, Cee-C had her moment in the closet space and just like her fellow Housemates, Anto, for a moment she was in deep thoughts. Seeing that both are up for possible eviction, could it be worry that they might leave or it was just random thoughts going through their heads? The Sentiments in the Bracelets While states use lighthouses to mark their oceanic atolls, Lolu and Tobi seem to have opted for bracelets to mark their emotional atolls, and we’ll tell you why. Hearts Worn On Wrists Lolu wore his wordsmith charm as cologne and gunned for Anto almost at first sight; with his intellect flavored advances seeming to appeal to her on different levels. All this courting and smooth talking took place in full view of the bracelets he’d worn since inception and according to his mini heart-to-heart with Alex, they were a gift from a young somebody who seemed to have been cupping his heart. Their sentimental value was further confirmed by a very emotional diary session during which he reminded this ‘special’ person that he loved them regardless of what happens in the House. Regardless! I don’t Wanna see Them Despite her very blatant and often tough-love coated resistance to Lolu’s advances, Anto was literally shoved not only by the fact that he had led her to believing that she was about the only apple of his eye, but by the fact that whatever he had going on outside was sealed with a couple of bracelets that he’d been wearing while courting her; which is probably the reason why she had him get rid of them. The Seal of Love Just like Lolu, Tobi seems to have placed heavy amounts of sentimental value on bracelets because if this was a crime, he’d be convicted for two counts. The first having taken place during his smitten phase. He’d clearly fallen hard for Cee-C and while there wasn’t much to give, his black beaded bracelet was all he could offer. She too was very receptive because despite the constant quarelling and bashing, she wore the bracelet faithfully. The Friendship Seal Not even by the trajectory of the wagon can we categorize this second count because Tobi seems to have found in Alex the amount of comfort a guy only ever finds in a romantic partner. While theirs is ‘not-so-obviously’ only a friendship, Tobi poured his ‘appreciation’ into decorating Alex’s wrist with a golden bracelet he’d apparently been given by his father. A gesture obviously only extendable to those one holds within close emotional proximity, and judging by the velocity of this wind, Alex has earned herself a special pedestal in Tobi’s universe. May the Best Win One Last Try Biggie called the House into the Arena, where ten suitcases were lined up, awaiting for the eight remaining Housemates to open them. The aim was for Housemates to secure another Wager victory, in light of a slight twist: each suitcase contained a small gifts, but only one held a cash reward. Biggie instructed Housemates that whoever opened the suitcase containing the money reward would have a claim on the reward, yet also automatically imply that the entire House lost the Wager. Hanging in Suspense At the sound of the buzzer Housemates came forward and had two minutes to take position behind their chosen luggage. The suspense kept everyone on their toes, as they touched, lifted and shook the cases in their hands – all in the full awareness they were not to open any until instructed so by Biggie. Then Biggie instructed Housemates to open their numbered suitcases to reveal the content. It’s Not Over Yet While Nina and Tobi had difficulties opening theirs, Miracle looked unsure whether to smile or not upon learning he had won a two hundred thousand Naira, for it also meant the entire House had lost the totality of their Wager. Meanwhile Biggie had called Lolu, Tobi, Miracle, Nina and Alex back to the lounge, leaving Anto, Khloe and Cee-C standing in the Arena, waiting to find out their fate. The Grand Exit Anto and Khloe who had been voted back into the House to great acclaim by the #BBBringBack campaign have come to the end of their Double Wahala dream. Just a few days ago, the two had been speculating about the possibility of not making it to the Finale. For Khloe, tonight marked her first Eviction. Khloe, one of the two Housemates to have been Disqualified earlier in the season and Anto had returned into the House determined to give the best of themselves. While Khloe’s sensible and caring side came out more, Anto’s leadership and vulnerability will remain in the BBNaija chronicles. For some reason, Lolu had also anticipated his own Eviction having confessed an unusual nervousness. The self-effaced geeky Housemate had entered the House with his simple and unpretentious manners that could nonetheless not be discarded by any of the other more flamboyant characters. If anything, thanks to his irresistible brains, Lolu has offered a sweet revenge to all those whose need for love has gone unfulfilled by winning the minds and hearts of his peers.
  3. Big Brother Naija housemate, Khloe has explained to fellow housemates that she believes Cee-c is a virgin. Khloe went further to explain that ‘Cee-c has not felt the kind of emotion we feel’. Khloe also revealed that she has a younger sister who is a virgin at 23. Watch the video conversation between the housemates;
  4. Nollywood actor and socialmedia critic, Uche Maduagwu has weighed in on Big Brother Naija housemate Cee-C,saying he can never marry her. He wrote I can never MARRY @ceec_official even if I’m offered 10 Million Naira, her drama is too GIGANTIC for my liking… Please nobody should beg me abeg, I’m the biggest Actor in Nigeria, and i don’t like rubbish. Can you imagine? One Mumu actress is saying that @ceec_official and myself will be a great husband and wife, what’s that nonsense? Of all the whole beautiful and pretty girls in Nigeria, its this @ceec_official that you’re saying fits me, please if it’s a joke, you people better stop it, I’m too handsome for all this local drama, even if my village people force her on me, I’ll still not accept. @ceec_official is beautiful no doubt, but with what i see this girl do to someone else’s pikin emotionally in BBnaija house, especially Tobi , i certainly can never marry her, and no amount of money can change my mind.
  5. Big Brother Housemates, Tobi Bakre and Miracle have opened up about the kind of ladies they like while discussing with Alex and Anto in the garden. Tobi revealed that he was out for a drink when a lady slipped her card into his pocket, motioning him to call her. He said; “This lady who was obviously hanging out with her friends reached out to me by putting her card in my pocket. “She was yo, I am hanging with my friends but will like you to reach out.” This was few minutes before flying down to South Africa for the Big Brother Naija show. Tobi relishing in the moment promised to reach out to the lady. Miracle, reacting to the incidence said: “I like it when ladies reach out. It shows that they are bold.” Miracle also gave his own account after a lady stalking him in Shoprite, shot her own shot. Alex and Anto, obviously enjoying the conversation grinned in laughter.
  6. Did you watch day 65 of the Big Brother Naija 3 reality show? If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you! .. The Die is Cast Tearing a Strip Off With Khloe winning the Head of House for the second time, Biggie used the opportunity to remind Housemates of a few key housekeeping rules. Calling on Tobi, Miracle and Cee-C, he asked the first two to show him their Nokia t-shirts and grilled them about their neglected state. Tobi denied having made any changes to his t-shirt and Miracle confessed he had cut the sleeves off his. Yet it is for Cee-C that Biggie reserved his ire. Biggie clearly approved of the creativity in the House but deplored Cee-C’s attitude for her outfit represented a part of Nigeria. Biggie said that her rudeness was not welcome at all and was a sign of ungratefulness towards those who provided her with such gift. It was about time, for Cee-C looked knocked for six and kept mum. More Funny Business Shortly after the Nominations that saw two third of the House up for Evictions, Housemates were called into the Diary Room. As for the previous sessions, Housemates opened up about their true motives, likes and dislikes over the previous days. All seem to agree that the live band that played during the Saturday Night Party was one of Biggie’s best ideas. Meanwhile Alex, Khloe and Lolu had prepared another Truth and Dare game that they were intent on their peers to play. Courtesy of the drinks Biggie poured in the House, crispy revelations did emerge. Overdue Kiss After having a heart to heart about their feelings, Lolu confessed to Antothat he could lose his mind she’s not part of his life. Quoting from a movie scene and being lyrical about his choice of words it was just a matter of time before the duo were locked in kissing mode. The kiss went on for a while, which only explains it had meaning. Khloe’s Failed Promise Barely weeks since Khloe returned to the House and vowed to keep the Housemates awake, has failed to keep her promise. In her welcome back interview on stage, she voiced her frustration towards how the Housemates enjoy sleeping during the day and was certain they wouldn’t find peace in her presence. Midday Napping Not a day goes by without the Housemates sleeping during the day and it has somehow become a part of their daily routine. Even though Khloe has been back for a while, the Housemates have continued with their Midday naps and she hasn’t shown any effort or voiced her concern regarding the issue, instead she has also joined in. Late Nights or Boredom In trying to find out what could the reason for the everyday napping, one could reference to the fact that the Housemates normally go to bed very late or it could be that they are just bored. Apart from the workout in the morning, the Housemates have been doing nothing and it’s only fair to accept that doing nothing can also be tiring, hence settling for the naps. Till When? If after two weeks of being back in the House and no action has been shown by Khloe, is it safe to conclude that sleeping during the day will continue until the very end? The question however remains, why isn’t she keeping her promise or why is she also part of the sleeping crew when she’s made it clear that she doesn’t like people who sleep during the day? She’s Out of Your League She Will Break You Anto returned to great acclaim into the House, and did not waste time setting Lolu straight for all that she had learned about him on the outside. For all the prose and pleading that Lolu could ever come up with, there was nowhere for him to escape her wrath. Anto made it clear that she had no intention to trust him again, yet broke into pieces as she admitted to Biggie that her feelings had been hurt. Since revenge is a dish best served cold, and there is plenty of fish in the Double Wahala House, Anto toyed with Tobi, like a cat would play with a mouse trapped in its paws. They shared a bed and for a few days, Tobi was on a high from all her female energy, to Lolu’s utmost despair. She Will Build You As far as the eye can see, Anto and Lolu’s kiss sealed their complicity even tighter, as both seem to genuinely revel in each other’s company. All day long, Lolu was floating on a cloud, lending a helping hand to more Housemates than ever. While Anto was cooking, he kissed her on the back of her neck. If anything Lolu appeared to be completely smitten and mesmerized by his lady, who never took her doe eyes away from him. She Will Bluff You It may well be that having watched Lolu’s persistence pay off, Tobi has decided to chart the same course. As Lolu and Anto retired to bed together, Tobi asked if she was still up, to which she replied ‘yes with Lolu’ before he replied ‘okay, tomorrow then’ as Alex couldn’t help but add ‘Ode! I told you, you don’t have sense’. Later when Anto was in the kitchen looking for a potato peeler, Tobi clumsily offered her a sensual massage in response. Still he pushed the joke further by telling Anto – in presence of Lolu – how he wanted to paint her buttocks and stick them on the wall. Tobi might as well have put a foot in his mouth, for Lolu elegantly replied that he would be uncomfortable with that. Rico The Volcano As the one and only Housemate to have never been caught in a quarrel, it would be fair to say that Rico Swaveyknows a thing or two about surviving nineteen Double Wahala personalities. A Cool Lava? Yet one cannot deny that Rico had had quite a miserable time with the females, and the return of Khloe seem to have stabilized his pursuit for attention. When he hugs Khloe she hugs him back, she returns in all manners the affection Rico has been craving. This has tremendously helped balance his game as he now has an emotional partner. Just before Khloe’s return, it was Alex who had found herself the subject of Rico’s intense focus. Still as much as Alex has been quite demonstrative in her body language, for some reason she never took to Rico’s hugs. Rico was pursuing Alex to no ends, to the point she was starting to feel uncomfortable and voiced it to Biggie during a Diary Session. Before her it was Ahneeka who was the centre of Rico’s attention, yet again with no luck, as she kept him at bay. A Fiery Lava? It is true that Rico is cute, with an electric smile and soft-spoken manners. He was never perceived as a threat by the female Housemates, perhaps his hair styling and cooking talents may have contributed to it. Regardless when Biggie first paired the House, together with K.Brule they were the last guys to find a partner, which led them to feel like second best choices. Like a silent volcano always in activity, Rico has contained himself very well. That he has made it this far is a testimony to his remarkable abilities to dodge all bullets. However, with Khloe’s return, it remains to be seen whether she’s not using him as a clutch for her own game, which may well be cause for a volcanic eruption. *** Have you been watching? What did you think of the Day 65 activities?
  7. Big Brother Naija housemate, Khloe, has emerged as the new Head of House for this week, making it the second time she’ll be occupying the position. As part of the rewards of emerging Head of House for the week, Khloe will enjoy immunity from being nominated for eviction and at the same time possess some veto power over other housemates on the Big Brother Naija show. Recall that, Khloe was initially disqualified from the show, but was brought back to the House when Big Brother announces that viewers had the power to bring back two evicted housemates by voting for the fellow housemates who they want to see on the show. Khloe and Anto had the highest number of votes and were brought back to the House to continue the game.
  8. Former presidential media aide, Mr Reno Omokri has taken to his favorite social media platform, Twitter to slam big brother naija housemates Bam Bam and her in-house lover Teddy A following their epic eviction. The controversial journalist commented on their very public sex-capped while they were still in the house and revealed that if $ex could bring success then the pair of them would most likely still be in the big brother niaja house. Read his Tweet below;
  9. The events of the night of day 62 was some of the moat surprising of the whole #bbnaija double wahala season as Bambam got evicted and Cee-C ripped her clothes apart. BamBam’s shock Eviction really showed the Housemates that with Big Brother, anything is possible. The night commenced with Ebuka’s entrance into the party and then the House was clearly an enormous deal for the #bbnaija Housemates. The host of the show somewhat injected new life into the party and left a strong impression on all the Housemates who could talk of nothing else after he left. Cee-C, who always talk about Ebuka, appeared to be quite shy around him, barely speaking a word while Lolu and Khloe were acting like they had known the handsome TV host for years. It was apparent that the eviction of Bambam from the #bbnaija house wasn’t expected at all, by any of the Housemates and so it really rang throughout every corner of the House. Nina and Cee-C were extremely relieved at the fact that they had managed to survive but Teddy A was really torn up. He cried on the bed and expressed his shock to Alex, something that was quite unexpected, given the fact that he is the self-proclaimed “Alpha Male” of the #bbnaija house. Another moment that caused a stir last night was Cee-C cutting apart her traditional dress from Payporte. She literally cut the entire skirt of the dress off and made it into a crop-top that she wore with a tight pencil skirt. Many of the #bbnaija Housemates were quite shocked at her behavior as were viewers all across Africa. She, however, seemed not to have a care in the world though. She was open about the fact that she didn’t like the dress and she did what she needed to do to feel comfortable in her own outfit. Nothing best describes the happenings than the theme of the season, Double wahala .
  10. So much is being made among viewers as to how Nina made it back into the house. After the live show, the voting sequence was released and it showed Nina having an overwhelming lead over the closest contestant to her which is Cee-c.
  11. Big Brother Naija housemate Teddy A wept this night after his in-house lover,Bam Bam was evicted in a shocking manner this evening. He wept uncontrollably as Alex and Khloe tried to console him.
  12. Bam Bam has evicted been pictured with the man who brought the poll results to Ebuka, resulting in her eviction…. She looks in good spirits ..
  13. Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Tobi has spoken on why he thinks fellow housemate, Cee-c is not a virgin. Recalls that Cee-c had some days ago insisted that she is a virgin. However, Tobi brought up the topic again while speaking with Miracle and Rico in the garden on Thursday afternoon. Tobi said he thinks Cee-c is not a virgin because she knows so much about sex positions. He said “Cee-c knows so much about $ex and positions for someone who claims to be a virgin. “I doubt she is a virgin. “I did not want to confront her before it turns to something else when she was talking about sex.”
  14. During Sunday night’s live eviction show, former evicted Big Brother Naija housemates, Anto and Khloe returned to the house to continue their quest for the grand prize of N45million after having the highest votes for a comeback from their fans. Busayo Abiri, popularly known as Khloe who was disqualified some weeks back and returned to the game after her fans gave her their support, got 18.40% of the total votes. Shortly after she went into the house, Khloe told viewers of the show that she would be setting a couple of things straight this time around. She said: “Drama is Koko, Koko is drama. I’m here to set Cee-C straight. A madman cannot tell a madman he’s mad.” She added that she would deal with the housemates who like sleeping. “I have a problem with them sleeping every time. I’m going to keep them awake either by screaming always or beating drums.” Meanwhile, a throwback video has emerged online showing the moment, Khloe revealed during a Channels Television show “Rubbin Minds” that she will never go back to the house even if she was given another opportunity. Angry fans are now blasting her online for being a hypocrite. Watch the video below;
  15. Riding on a wave of success, following her two wins in one day, Bambam unexpectedly found herself cornered by Teddy A in the shower for what turned out to be a rather stormy outburst on day 48 in the #bbnaija house. Teddy A made it known to her that he didn’t like how she allegedly had been ignoring him, and more, that she should check her emotions. Standing quite tall over her, Teddy A brought back old petty insignificant events to make her understand how angry she had made him. Teddy A felt like she had disrespected him then and he didn’t stop, he went on to bring another grudge to the fore. According to Teddy A, Bambam had once wore a pair of Ankara shorts gifted to him by his real-life girlfriend. Bambam allegedly went against his advice which Teddy A found totally disrespectful. All through the discussion, in the shower room of the #bbnaija house, Bambam stayed quiet, even as she rapidly flickered her lowered eyelids to indicate she was still listening. Nonetheless, her face looked visibly hurt as she struggled to contain her emotions. Yet over dinner later, she compliantly sat without a plate in hand beside Teddy A who was gladly downing his food. The reason behind Teddy A’s actions was not immediately clear, especially since he came down so hard on her in a surprising manner. It was not clear why Teddy A came down on her so hardly and so suddenly, but one thing that was sure was that he broke her spirit and made her look like a crumpled piece of paper despite being victorious in the task and games on day 48 in the #bbnaija house. While the other #bbnaija housemates were hanging out in the kitchen, drinking and joking after dinner, Bambam simply crawled into bed, curled up, with her eyes shut and called it an early Friday night. Could it be that Teddy A secretly resented her consecutive successes? Or did her wins seem to bring out the insecurities he thought he never knew he had. Is it that Bambam was so threatening or was the whole altercation a part of Teddy A’s #bbnaija game?
  16. Last night, Big Brother accidentally showed shower time while Nina was Naked bathing. Watch the video below.
  17. Big Brother Naija contestant, Cee C has revealed why she hasn’t taken off her semi-permanent lashes since the show began on January 28th . Speaking to Teddy A while putting on makeup this evening,Cee C said When I remove my lashes, you guys would see that I can’t see without my lashes. In response, Teddy A said Just say you will look weird without the lashes
  18. Tobi is the Head of House for the week, and he is now immune to nominations along the line with his pair.
  19. After 2-weeks in the Big Brother Naija house and countless times of curving him, Cee-c has finally voiced out her love for Tobi and he went as fa as saying she's been jealous that he was paired with another woman and its been really difficult for her to deal with. Watch the video below; Cee c valentine shoutout to Tobi and also admitting that she was jealous after seeing him with woman a woman 'BAMBAM' all day... 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️ she also said she owes tobi a conversation...#BBNaija ❤❤ pic.twitter.com/cAZw93pXZ7 — Ebenezer Adedayo (@thejayfact) February 14, 2018 This comes after Biggie chained housemates together with someone who isn't their official pair and instructed them not to talk to anyone except the person they are chained to. Tobi, who is officially paired with Cee-c was chained to Bambam. The look on Ceec's face as he was having an interesting conversation with Bambam was epic. Watch the video below With this Video, it's 100% Sure that CeeC Cee C is a Sadist, Witch And a dangerously jealous Woman. I pray that We men won't end up with woman like her. Also our Women won't have such woman as in-law. Also, May God deliver Tobi from her. #BBNaija pic.twitter.com/ZtIP8ZKah8 — ACE® 🇳🇬 ~~~ Science Student (@PhysioNiyi) February 13, 2018
  20. A Facebook user, Yakubu Jimoh has written an article and has called for an end to the reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, after one of its housemates, Princess exposed her bare butt while showing off a stunt. Read; IMMORALITY AT IT'S PEAK. Yakubu.

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