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Found 33 results

  1. Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-c, has revealed how other housemates felt when they saw her return to house yesterday. Recall that housemates could not hide their disappointment when Cee-C returned to the house following the eviction of Khloe, Anto and Lolu on Sunday. Cee-c, alongside Khloe and Anto were taken outside during the Sunday live show, and according to her, she thought that was the end for her. Anto and Khloe never made it back into the house while Lolu was evicted in the room by Ebuka. Cee-c told Biggie during her Dairy Session that other housemates also thought it was over for her and had started drinking to that. According to her, “When they saw me coming back into the room, their faces were bad. They felt really bad and it showed. “They had started drinking. Thinking I’m gone. They were like, ‘this girl does not die.’ “Biggie I’m grateful.”
  2. Evicted Big Brother Naija housemate, Teddy A has since his eviction from the house, continued to remain a trending topic online as he continues to give fans something to talk about. The singer got more people swooning after a lovely photo of himself and his mum in fl0ral shirts emerged online.
  3. Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Cee-c has spoken on why she accused Alex of throwing herself to male housemates. Cee-c had during the live show told Big Brother host, Ebuka that Alex was fond of throwing herself at all the male housemates. “Alex throws herself at all the guys in the house, showing B00bs and ass everywhere,” She told BBN host, Ebuka after he asked her about the relationship between Alex and Tobi. However, when asked by Nina why she described Alex that way, Cee-c said “Khloe told me that Alex took away Leo from her and Bambam also told me the same with Teddy A. “So, what I told Ebuka about her tonight with Tobi is what I heard from other female housemates.”
  4. Following a recent online bashing targeted at Big Brother Naija housemate, Nina, which came as a result of her controversial statement on Sunday’s eviction show in which she said ‘Miracle is everything to me, my boyfriend is my boyfriend’, Nina’s boyfriend, Collins, has reacted to the trolling orchestrated by the Twitter account in his name. According to Collins who claimed he is impersonated in an Instagram post, he bears no grudge against Nina. Here’s the post by Nina’s boyfriend; “Hello everybody…someone has been impersonating me on twitter…saying bad things about Nina…I bear no grudges for her. This not me on Twitter… Its a fake account This is the guy behind the fake twitter account…he was using this handle @Collins_uno,he goes by this handle now @Collins_neo..He is an imposter,an impersonator…that’s not me.” Few days ago, it was reported that Nina lamented over the question put across to her by Ebuka during last Sunday’slive eviction show. According to Nina, her relationship with Miracle was now in serious confusion as a result of the said question, and she now fears that she may lose both Collins and Miracle, her two boyfriends, with the way she replied the question. Recall that Ebuka had on Sunday asked her how strong her relationship with Miracle was and if it would continue outside the show. He insisted to know if she could call Miracle her boyfriend. While responding, Nina refused to call Miracle her boyfriend, but rather said he was “My best friend. My everything.” On Tuesday, Nina revealed to fellow housemate, Alex that Miracle has been angry with her because of her response to Ebuka, adding that, “I could not call Miracle my boyfriend because I did not want to disrespect Collins. But now I feel bad. She said futher that:- “I would have told Ebuka Miracle was my boyfriend and that I love him. I wish Ebuka would ask me same question next Sunday so that I’ll correct myself.”
  5. Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-C pulled all the stops today as she rocked a figure-hugging pink dress. Cee-C who went Braless showed off her banging curves in the sexy short dress which her fans call iconic. Screenshots of her outfit were made and uploaded online with diverse impressing comments trailing them. Cee-C is presently single in the house after Alex reportedly stole Tobi from her. See more photos:
  6. Evicted Big Brother housemates, Bambam and Teddy A were not just contestants in the Big Brother Naija house, they were more than that. Popularly referred to as Bamteddy, they were also one of viewers’ favourite couple. The duo has been out and about, going on media tours and all since their arrival in the country. In a recent interview with Pulse, they spoke about the future of their relationship. According to them, they are more focused on taking advantage of the platform and vibe they are currently receiving. READ EXCERPTS FROM THEIR INTERVIEW BELOW: Teddy A: It’s about making money right now. We have been gone for three months. Bambam: These people would not look at our faces if we are drinking garri. Teddy A: Do you know how much bills are piling up right now? Yea, everything that happened in the house was beautiful, but you people would have to watch things grow. Don’t be under any pressure to see what would materialize. Because if anything [bad] should happen between us, you people would be the ones to carry it and say ‘Ah…’ Bambam: – [mimicking an interviewer] So Bamteddy, what happened to your relationship? So Bam you’re a gold digger, you prefer money to love? Teddy A: – So guys, the koko of all these things is wanting to put our feet solidly on the ground. We want to stay relevant. We want to have enough money that my mother would say ‘Teddy, send two million,’ and I send it without any questions being asked. We want to focus on our careers solely, see where things go from there. You guys should not worry. Are you people running away? Bambam: We need to take advantage of this vibe and build a solid foundation, so we don’t easily fade out of your faces. That’s what is important. Teddy A, who was in a relationship before he went into the Big Brother house, also talked about having a conversation with his girlfriend since he got back. “I already talked about it before I left. So for right now, the conversation we have had, that’s between us solely. I can’t let that out there,” he told Pulse Nigeria.
  7. U.S returnee, Anto is presently participating in the Big Brother Naija reality show has always been cute right from the time she was a little girl.
  8. Teddy A and Bambam the recently Evicted Big Bother Naija housemates during their media rounds with Linda Ikeji TV addressed the status of their relationship now that they are outside the house. Speaking to LIB, Bambam revealed that she cares about Teddy A a lot but does not want the media and fans to pressure them into anything. When asked if she will love to have a relationship with Teddy outside the house. She said; I care about Teddy A a lot. sometimes it can be confusing because you’re confined in a space with the same person and that person is the only one who gets you, you may not be sure what it is that you’re feeling but it was genuine.Yes, outside here I will like us to have something but let’s not deceive ourselves. There is a baby mama, girlfriend and there might be more we don’t know about In a related news, Bamike aka Bambam has finally found out that she has a sex tape, days after her eviction from the house. The actress who got into a sexual relationship with her co housemate TeddyA during the conversation has said that she and her partner got caught up in the moment and couldn’t help it. Speaking about her parents, the evicted Bambam said she knows they would have been disappointed but she is not less their daughter and they are very proud of her! Video Below:
  9. Uriel Oputa from Big Brother Naija recently met Chika Lann who has continued to insist that her hairstyle is worth that exorbitant amount and little by little she is becoming more popular. Mention the name Chika Lann, and you are likely to be met with blank stares. But add ‘the lady who says her hair is worth N40m’ watch how people’s faces will light up in recognition. She was recently spotted at comedy show AY Live and she happened to meet Uriel Oputa of Big Brother Naija fame. Both of them posed for photos with Uriel even said she was taking hair lessons from Chika. See their photos below:
  10. Organizers of Big Brother Naija 2018 reality show have announced that the voter's percentage published against Nina’s name during the live eviction show last night was incorrect. The organizers last night said she got 44% but on proper check, it was discovered she got 45.44% of the votes that saw Teddy A out of the house. See their tweet below:
  11. Evicted housemates, Teddy A and his lover BamBam were the latest to be evicted from the Big Brother Naija reality show. Below is the first video of the couple in their hotel following their eviction from the show. The in-house couple garnered the lowest votes which saw Cee-C and Nina saved. Multiple reactions trailed their eviction yesterday, with Iyanya offering to record a song with him and other celebrities chipping in their opinion. Nigerian Singer Iyanya took to micro-blogginng website, Twitter, to reveal his plan for Teddy A who is the latest housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother Naija reality TV show. Iyanya (real names Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk) who rose to fame after winning the first season of Project Fame West Africa, and is best known for his hit single “Kukere” wrote; Yooooo @iamteddya #Biko hit me up once you get into Gidi. Make we enter studio cook banger! #AlphaMale #BBNajia #TMC #BeTheMovement See his tweet below; Bisola Aiyeola, who was the first runnner up of last year’s Big Brother Naija reacted to the tweet, indicatinng her willingness to feature in the song. She wrote; Bruv @Iyanya, I need to be that studio with you and @iamteddya. Let’s do this! #BBNaija #AlphaMale #TMC #BeTheMovement
  12. In a discussion in the BBNaija house with Rico Swavey and Cee-C, Khloe claims she has seen six used condoms since she returned to the reality show. She also disclosed that she feels their fellow housemates, Nina and Miracle are responsible for using the condoms, while Cee-C appealed to Big Brother to be showing shower sessions. See the Tweet Below; Khloe, Cee-C and Rico discuss the house. Khloe claims she’s seen 6 used condoms already since she returned while Cee-C gives Big Brother the nod to show shower sessions. They all think Nina and Miracle have been hitting the spots more.
  13. Things have not been the same between Anto and Lolu, ever since the former returned to the House, To the contrary, their relationship seemed to have gone down the drain. While Lolu was elated by her return at first, Anto’s time out of the House had brought new facts about Lolu that as much as one may try, she could not unlearn. She’s Back Earlier in the game, Lolu and Anto formed a wonderful pair only equaled by their combined smarts that frankly scared their Housemates at times. Over time, their on-screen chemistry was unavoidable as was what seemed to be a mutual appreciation. They laughed and jabbed and most particularly saw eye-to-eye in everything. When Anto was Evicted, Lolu was inevitably shaken and opened up to Tobi who seemed to share his sorrow as they bonded over the loss of a valued Housemate. What Lolu didn’t know at the time was that Tobi may have been nurturing deeper than melancholic feelings for Anto. False Hope So when Biggie brought Anto back to the House, unbeknownst to both guys, Anto had come back determined to dot the i’s and cross the t’s with everyone. After warm embraces, and having lent her listening ear to his lyrical apologies, she gave Lolu the coldest shoulder ever. This didn’t escape to Tobi who used the opportunity to get closer to Anto. Lolu told Alex that he was pained by Anto saying he used her emotionally. He said his conversation with Anto hadn’t gone well and she was using unsuspecting Tobi as a pawn to make him uncomfortable. A Sorry Man Yet Lolu acknowledged his responsibility for doing her wrong and admitted he couldn’t dictate how she should feel. But seeing Anto sleeping with Tobi was more than he could take, and he chose to spend the night in the bathtub to avoid their sight. For Lolu it was hard enough dealing with Anto in the House and not being on good terms with her. All he could hope for was for things to get better between them. But will they ever be the same? See viewers’ reactions below; See the video below;
  14. Big Brother Naija housemate Tobi has won this week’s Head of House for the 4th time and he has picked new entry, Khloe as his partner to share the luxurious bedroom with. The contestant who just had his 2 strikes overruled by Big Brother after the game was reset, had previously been on his toe when he got stricken for conspiracy against another housemate on the show. Now that he is the Head of the house again on the show, he will enjoy immunity against being nominated for eviction and at the same time posses some veto-power over other housemates on the Big Brother Naija show. However it came as a shock to many viewers as he picked Khloe who just got back on the show after being evicted some weeks back. Fans of the show are reacting to his decision already on social media “It is obvious Cee-C and Khloe are not the best of buddies in the house and Tobi knowing this fully well, might be triggering another round of hostility between the ladies” Let wait and See the real double wahala
  15. Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Tobi emerged as the head of house for the fourth time has revealed why he cannot nominate Cee-C for eviction. Tobi revealed during his dairy session that he can not put Cee-C up for eviction because of their unstable relationship. The duo is said to be romantic partners in the house despite constant quarrels. Tobi told Biggie “I cannot put Cee-C up because of our ‘off and on’ relationship. “I would feel bad putting her up.” He also stated that relationship will change in the house as a result of the return of two housemates. “I think a relationship will change in the house. “I think Khloe will come for Cee-C. “Biggie thumbs up for the game reset,” Tobi added Tobi shocked many viewers after he opted for Khloe instead of Cee-c to share his luxury suite after emerging as the new head of the house.
  16. Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Alex, has lashed out at fellow housemates, Bambamand Teddy A. In what looked like a gossip session with Tobi and Rico Swavey after Saturday’s night party, Alex said Bambam reads the Bible after which she calls Teddy A to the toilet to wash her “bumbum.” According to Alex, “Bambam reads her Bible then after goes to the toilet and calls Teddy to wash her bumbum.” Both Bambam and Teddy A seem to be in a romantic relationship. Recall that few weeks into the reality show, Bambam and Teddy A were allegedly caught having $ex in the toilet. Earlier on Saturday, Bambam had pleaded with Teddy A not to impregnate her before she leaves the show.
  17. Leo spoke with Sunday Scoop, and he’s revealed that his mother encouraged him to partake in the 2018 edition of the Big Brother Naija reality tv show. “I do not feel bad that I was evicted from the Big Brother Naija House. I went on the platform so that I could put my business out there and I think I was able to do that. I provide services for people and the more I’m known, the better for my business. That was the reason my mum made me to go for the audition. If I was able to win the grand prize, it would have been a big bonusbut I am not disappointed; that’s how God wanted it to be. I was the only one in the house who didn’t unpack his luggage because I knew that I could live at any time. I just wanted to sell the real me; I made up my mind not to lose myself because of the money. At the end of it all, my mum was very happy and she said I made her proud.” Leo also talked about the housemate he would miss the most of the Big Brother Naija show, he said; “I would miss Alex most. She was devastated when I left the house and that made me very sad. Even after the competition, we are going to continue being friends. She is a very amazing person and I am not going to push her out of my life. Unless she doesn’t want to be my friend, then, I would have to let her go. I pray that she would win the competition.” On his relationship with Alex; “There were a lot of misconceptions because Alex and I were very close. I was the only one that knew how much talent she has. I was the only one who constantly encouraged her because I saw beyond her playful persona. That was why we were very attached to each other. She is someone I would have loved to pursue something serious with but I have other priorities at the moment. However, I am not in any relationship yet. Right now, I am friend with someone whom I really like and I am hoping that it can grow further very soon.” He however didn’t say anything about his girlfriend whose photos have circulated on the internet while he was on the Big Brother Naija show. On what next for him after the competition, he said: “I’m ready to take whatever opportunities that come my way. Everybody knows that I am a real estate investor and I have my own company. I also engage in haulage business. I recently advertised a real estate project online called Alexander Apartments, which I named after Alex. I sold the first phase before going into the house and the second phase is ready for business.”
  18. According to her, her parents never supported her dream to become an actress while she was growing up. It was more like hell anytime she was caught acting. “I have always been like this; I have always been dramatic,” She stated. Cee-C told Rico that her best moment was quitting her job at the law firm and settling for acting. According to her, her life has been better ever since and it didn’t take her much time to achieve the stardom she so desired. While Rico blamed circumstances as obstacles that can stop one from identifying their specific talent in time; Cee-C believed that many Parents did not do enough to push their children towards their dreams. “We need to be better parents than the ones before us. Our parents didn’t do well. The best thing that can ever happen is for a child to be supported by their parents. I was beaten for acting Drama,” Cee-C said. She finally urged parents to support their children immensely. “Do all you can for the well being of your child. We can’t understand things as children, only parents can. Do well to support your children in achieving their dreams,” She advised. Cee-C seems to have the support of her parents now as she once mentioned that her father even gave her some advises while she was coming for the Big Brother Naija show. According to her, it was her dad that asked her to stay away from any $exual act in the house and she would also go far if she pretended to be a married woman.
  19. Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Nina, has revealed that Miracle is one of her priorities in the house. Nina said she had already won Miracle and what is now left is the N45m star price. “Miracle is my priority as well as the money,” she said during the Sunday live show hosted by Ebuka on Sunday. Miracle, while responding said; “Yea, I and Nina are a ‘thing’… Nina is also my priority and N45m is the second priority” During the live show, Cee-c,Tobi, Anto, Miracle, Tobi Alex were saved from this week’s eviction while Ifu Enada and Leo were evicted. Nigerian artiste, Ycee performed during the live show.
  20. Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Nina on Saturday disclosed that she can not date musicians like Davido due to the fact that she is the jealous type. She said this while interacting with fellow housemates, Miracle and Ifu Ennada, shortly after the nights show. Nina said she can’t see other women “rocking” her lover because she will die. She said, “I can’t date musicians like Davido; when I see other girls rocking him I will die. I’m a very jealous person but its not good to be jealous.” Recall days ago, Nina made headlines after a video of her having 0ral sex with fellow housemate, Miracle surfaced online. Her family also revealed during the auditions was her first time in Lagos. The family said Nina prior to the show had never traveled out of their town. “Nina is just a young girl who hasn’t traveled out of our town before she entered #BBNaija house. “Her first visit to Lagos State was during auditions; seeing the support you guys all over Nigeria and Africa are giving her now makes us cry as a family. Thank you very much.” They said
  21. Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Cee-C in a chat on Saturday with Teddy A had mentioned that she is a virgin and she has never had $ex all her life. Teddy, who didn’t look so surprised in the video, was captured savouring the moment and probably thinking if he should swallow what she was saying to him. Cee-c said: ”I have never had $ex in my whole life. The reason you never hear me talk about sex in the house is that I haven’t done it before.” Watch the video below: This statement of hers actually sparked so many reactions among viewers and a lot of people wondered how she could have the audacity to say that. One of the people that reacted to her statement was an alleged ex-boyfriend of Cee-C. In a leaked chat, the ex-boyfriend could be seen having a conversation with a friend who saw the video and immediately brought the attention of the ex-boyfriend to it. According to the chat, Cee-C is not a virgin and she had always been visiting her then-boyfriend to have regular $ex. The alleged boyfriend then went ahead to call her a Drama Queen and claims she only wanted to pretend as a holy person on TV, whereas she isn’t, according to what they must have shared. See the leaked chat below: Mavin boss, Don Jazzy on his twitter page said Cee-c maybe saying the truth. He wrote “What did i just hear, Cee-c a Fargin ok. It’s believable sha. #bbnaija.”
  22. Bambam was with her romantic partner, Teddy A today, Saturday, where she expressed displeasure over fellow housemate, Teddy A. The current Head of House said she usually has negative thoughts whenever Teddy A is around her. Bambam said to Teddy A who was lying on her bed, shortly after Biggie asked all housemates to return to the house and close the front door. According to Bambam, “You are affecting me negatively, anytime I see you I have negative thoughts.” Recall that few weeks into the reality show, Bambam and Teddy were caught having $ex in the toilet. Following the $exual act, a lady who claimed to be a family friend of Bambam, identified as Fisayo Awonuga alleged that the housemate’s parents were angry with her sexual act.
  23. This year’s edition of the Big Brother Naijareality show is almost at the midway point and the drama is getting more intense as the days go by, both inside and outside the house. Fan favorite Teddy A has been talked about the most this evening and surprisingly, not for his actions in the house. Apparently, details of his past arrest records in the US leaked online and fans are having a field day discussing it. According to Who Got Arrested, Teddy A(real name Tope Adenibuyan) has been arrested three times in Texas for offenses ranging from driving without headlights, speeding to displaying expired License Plates & Registration. This has caused quite the discussion online as his fans are defending his actions while others are condemning it. See some reactions below:
  24. Former big brother Naija housemate, Uriel Oputa, who was the drama queen of the diary room has reached out to the current housemate, Cee-C. According to her, every time she sees Cee-C, she sees a troubled soul. She shared a photo of her and wrote; Cee-C, recently opened up about her relationship status. According to her, she is single and searching but not available to just anyone. She became a household name across the country for the role she played and is playing in the life of another housemate, Tobi, has actually shocked viewers with her statement. Apart from the fact that everyone believes her relationship with Tobi in the house might not be so real, no one would ever believe she is not attached to some guy outside of the Big Brother Naija show. She stated that though she is searching she is not making herself available to just any kind of guy. She said: “Me, I am single and searching but not available to just anyone.” Although she went further to mention a guy named Diddy, whom she claims is in her life, he can be considered just a friend as he has been relegated to the Brother Zone. “For me, Diddy outside the house is more of a brother than a lover,” Cee-C added. Well, this might not have so much effect on Tobi as he has mentioned on the Big Brother Naija show that he had gotten what he wanted from Cee-C and so he has moved on.
  25. Teddy A and Bam-Bam gave viewers pure entertainment yesterday early morning. The duo, who have stuck to each other since they got paired during the early weeks of the Big Brother Nigeria show, were captured by the cameras having sex in the bathroom. Thankfully, their nudity was shielded by the shower blind. Their moment warmed the hearts of many of their fans, but also, got some prudes angry, and it comes just hours after Miracle started the rumours that Teddy A and Bam-Bam are among the couples also having sex in the house, a claim Teddy A aptly shot down. Well, now they have been captured on live TV, and fans are divided in their reaction to the emotional video. However, one thing is clear: Teddy A, as he had previously said, wants to keep his business in his own “yard”, unlike others who have been kissing and telling. Watch their moment.

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