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Found 23 results

  1. ISIS fanatics have targeted Lionel Messi in their latest propaganda poster promoting terror attacks at the Russia World Cup this summer. The photoshopped image shows the Barcelona and Argentina star on his knees wearing an orange Guantanamo Bay-style jumpsuit, often seen worn by victims in the terrorists’ execution videos. Messi is depicted on his knees inside Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium – venue for the World Cup final – with a masked jihadi to his left and the threat ‘so strike them upon the necks and strike from them every fingertips’ emblazoned above them. The official logo for the tournament has been altered to make it look like the world cup and the number eight in 2018 has been damaged. Sticks of dynamite can also be seen resting up against the halfway-line flag in the picture as the jihadi holds Messi’s hair with one hand and gestures with his other hand. It’s not the first time the five-time world footballer of the year has been targeted by ISIS. In October another poster emerged showing the Barcelona star behind bars in an attempt by terror fanatics to spread fear ahead of the the tournament in Russia. It came after another chilling poster showed a terrorist armed with a gun and explosives near a football stadium in Russia along with the words: ‘I swear that the Mujahideen’s fire will burn you… just you wait’. According to SITE, which monitors terror activity, pro-ISIS group the Wafa’ Media Foundation, published the World Cup warning in the wake of another recent threat.
  2. A Nigerian cleric has predicted death in the circle of Nollywood actors urging them to be prayerful to avert the impending doom. Prophet Dr Faleyimu Olagoroye is a popular man of God and the founder of Mountain of Blessing and Miracle Church of Christ. Over the years, he has been churning out prophesies about what will happen in a particular year before it happens. One of which is the sudden death of the numerous showbiz stars that the industry experienced in 2016, especially in the Yoruba movie genre of Nollywood. The man of God revealed a lot this year to but what concerns us most is that of our 5 Nollywood stars whom he said will die this year and this is very scaring. According to him, “the Nollywood industry should be prayerful, so that they won’t lose 5 stars among them this year. “Saheed Osupa, Obesere and Pasuma should also engage in serious prayers against hardship this year. God is showing me that hard time will force them to be selling their properties. “A lot of Actors will face hardship especially the women among them. Rich men will decieve them to leave their marriage and at the end, they go back to square one”. “Why this will happen is because some of them don’t believe in God, they belong to many secret societies. Those who are for God would not witness the hardship. The identities of the 5 that will die weren’t revealed to me”, he said. Source: Nollyzone
  3. Barcelona star has hinted this may be his last chance at the World Cup tourney if Argentina win it or not. The Barcelona forward lost in three straight finals — two Copa Americas and the 2014 World Cup — in a three-year span and has not won a trophy with the senior team. Messi’s hat trick at Ecuador in the Albiceleste’s 3-1 win in their final qualifier in October earned his country a spot in this summer’s World Cup and again underlined the player’s importance to his national side. “It’s just the feeling that this group of players has. It seems that having reached three straight finals didn’t mean anything. Obviously, we depend on results and unfortunately, we reached three finals and we didn’t win them. “A lot was said about us. The criticisms hurt back then. But the demand is going to be there for this group to get it done. We think that if we don’t do it, we are going to get a lot more [criticism] and we are not going to have another possibility
  4. Would you like to switch your network or subscription plan? What is Glo cheapest data plan in 2018? Many Nigerian citizens are most likely looking for some incredible changes in the spring. Maybe, it is time to change something in your plan as well. Let us look at Globacom mobile operator and see what it offers in 2018. GLOBACOM The Nigerian mobile carrier Glo’s full name is Globacom Limited. The main office is opened in Lagos, but all subscribers and people who are interested in choosing this network as their main communication, can visit the official Glo site and find all the official information about Globacom, its promotions, and support here. We want to talk about Glo data plan and subscription options offered to all Nigerians, so you will be able to choose the cheapest option for you. This network boasts some of the cheapest data plans, so it is worth checking out the most ‘delicious’ options you can enjoy this spring. GLO DATA PLANS The popular Nigerian network Globacom offers several Glo data plan options: Flexi plans (daily, weekly, monthly) Campus options What are the most affordable packages you can opt for? Let us say that all plans that cost less than 1500 Naira can be considered fairly cheap. Thus, we will only list Glo packages priced no higher than 1500 Naira in 2018. DAILY GLO PLANS *127*32# – this is a 1-day option with 10MB of data per 25 Naira (you can enjoy even more – 12.5MB of data instead of 10MB – as a bonus) *127*14# – it’s another 1-day package with 22MB (27.5MB if you get a bonus) of data at 50 Naira *127*51# – this 1-day plan offers you 80-100MB for 100 Naira *127*60# – this is a 1-day package with 1GB of data (available from 12 am until 5 am) that costs 200 Naira *127*56# – this is a 5-day package with 210-262MB of data for 200 Naira WEEKLY GLO PLANS *127*57# – this is a 2-week package with 800MB (or 1GB if you are eligible for bonus) that costs 500 Naira *127*61# – this is a 1-week plan with 3GB of data that costs 500 Naira MONTHLY GLO PLANS *127*53# – this is a 30-day package with 1.6-2GB of data for 1,000 Naira FREE ACCESS TO YOUTUBE VIDEOS All Glo subscribers who pay 500 Naira or more for their data plan can use the free extra bonus – access to YouTube videos at night, from 1:00 am until 5:30 am. Bonuses are available to all Glo subscribers who choose to update their plan subscription before it expires. Besides, all new Glo clients can enjoy the nice extra data amount for purchases made within the first 3 months from their subscription date. It is possible to get Glo subscription through quick *777# phone number. It provides an option to choose your data plan. CAMPUS PLANS FOR STUDENTS Nigerian students who live in campuses can enjoy more data for less price. All the following cheap data plans are offered by Glo network through ‘Campus Booster Plan’ option via *777# number. 100 Naira plan – you can get 225MB of data on campus (plus 100MB of data off campus) for 2 days 200 Naira option – students can enjoy 450MB of mobile data on campus (and 200MB of data off this territory) for 4 days 500 Naira package – Glo offers 1.12GB of data for on-campus usage (plus 500MB of data for off-campus usage) for 7 days 1000 Naira data plan – Globacom provides 2.25GB of mobile data for using on-campus (and extra 1GB of data for off-campus usage) for 15 days What Glo data plan would you select in 2018? It does not matter what plan and phone model you have, it is easy to control your mobile data usage through the hsi.glo.com portal. Source: Naija.ng
  5. Are you looking for the cheapest or best MTN tariff plans in 2018? Do you want to know their benefits? This post contains all necessary information about the tariff plans on MTN network and their codes including benefits of these plans. MTN is the largest mobile telecommunication network operating in Nigeria and probably in Africa. Although MTN operates in more than twenty countries in Africa and Asia, they have the highest number of their subscribers in Nigeria. More than half of the Nigerians who have phones uses MTN. This because they have the best network coverage range and quality. It is not a secret that their tariff plans are more expensive compared to tariff plans offered by other mobile networks. But the quality of their service is the best comparatively. MTN has different tariff plans depending on what your needs are in terms of voice time, SMS, Internet data, and various bonuses. Deciding which MTN Nigeria tariff plan is the best in 2018 depends on you and your needs. So, before you choose a tariff plan or decide which one is the best for you, you have to know what your needs are and prioritize them. You need to decide whether you need a plan that will offer you more airtime for voice calls over data volume or you will prefer a plan that offers data bonuses or airtime for voice calls bonus. Some plans also offer discounted cheap calls to all local networks and even discounted cheap international calls. We have compiled all the available MTN Nigeria tariff plans and their benefits for you to compare and contrast. You can look through them carefully and choose the one you think is the best for you. MTN TARIFF PLANS AND THEIR BENEFITS MTN have updated their tariff plans from last year to offer better services and benefits to their customers. These are the new MTN tariff plans and their benefits. 1. MTN STARTPACK – MTN YAFUNYAFUN SIM OFFER MTN StartPack also known as the MTN YafunYafun SIM Offer is the special tariff plan for new MTN users. It offers new MTN subscribers the following benefits: 700% bonus on every recharge of 100 Naira and above. Free Internet access to WhatsApp every week. The 700 percent bonus will be credited to your bonus account immediately after you recharge. You can use the bonus credit to make calls and send messages to all mobile networks in Nigeria. Also, you can browse the Internet using the standard pay as you go rate with the airtime bonus. The airtime bonus has a validity period of seven days. MTN new subscribers get to enjoy this for three months. At the end of three months, this offer will end automatically and you will stop receiving this bonuses on your recharge. Your plan will automatically migrate to MTN BetaTalk tariff plan. To check your bonus balance, you can dial *559*43#. 2. MTN XTRAVALUE – THE BEST COMBINATION OF AIRTIME AND DATA BUNDLE MTN XtraValue is an all in one voice plus data bundle. This plan can be used by all MTN prepaid subscribers. It offers a combination of the awesome amount of airtime for voice calls and an unbelievable amount of data at the same time. There are two categories of MTN XtraValues and also different price package starting from 300 Naira to 20,000 Naira. The two types of MTN XtraValue are: XtraTalk Bundles – With XtraTalk Bundles, you get more airtime for voice calls over data volume. XtraData Bundles – With XtraData Bundles, you get more volume data over airtime for voice calls. These two types are each available at different sizes: 300 Naira (XS), 500 Naira (S), 1000 Naira (M), 2000 Naira (L), 5000 Naira (XL), 10000 Naira (XXL) 15000 Naira (XXXL), 20000 Naira (XXXXL). For each of these sizes, you can buy either XtraTalk Bundle or XtraData Bundle. See how it works below. 300 NAIRA (XS) XTRATALK Voice Value -1,000 Naira Data Value – 50MB Validity period – 7 days Subscription code – SMS V300 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value – 380 Naira Data Value – 150MB Validity period – 7 days Subscription code – SMS D300 to 131 500 NAIRA(S) XTRATALK Voice Value -1,950 Naira Data Value – 100MB Validity period – 7 days Subscription code – SMS V500 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value -600 Naira Data Value – 350MB Validity period – 7 days Subscription code – SMS D500 to 131 1,000 NAIRA (M) XTRATALK Voice Value – 3,900 Naira Data Value – 300MB Validity period – 14 days Subscription code – SMS V1000 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value – 1,275 Naira Data Value – 812MB Validity period – 14 days Subscription code – SMS D1000 to 131 2,000 NAIRA (L) XTRATALK Voice Value – 7,850 Naira Data Value – 650MB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS V2000 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value – 2,500 Naira Data Value – 2.5GB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS D2000 to 131 5,000 NAIRA (XL) XTRATALK Voice Value – 19,500 Naira Data Value – 1.5GB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS V5000 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value – 6,200 Naira Data Value – 5GB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS D5000 to 131 10,000 NAIRA (XXL) XTRATALK Voice Value – 39,000 Naira Data Value – 2.5GB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS V10000 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value – 12,250 Naira Data Value – 8GB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS D10000 to 131 15,000 NAIRA (XXXL) XTRATALK Voice Value – 59,000 Naira Data Value – 3.5gb Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS V15000 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value – 18,000 Naira Data Value – 15gb Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS D15000 to 131 20,000 NAIRA (XXXXL) XTRATALK Voice Value – 80,200 Naira Data Value – 4.5GB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS V20000 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value – 24,000 Naira Data Value – 20GB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS D20000 to 131 To migrate to MTN XtraValue bundle plan, dial *131*2# and then buy the bundle size and type of your choice by using the corresponding code as shown above. After migrating, you can buy any of the bundle sizes available on this plan. Check your bundle balance by dialing *556# or *559*61#. 3. MTN XTRA SPECIAL PREPAID- THE BEST TARIFF FOR INTERNATIONAL CALLS MTN Xtra Special Plan is also a new tariff plan that allows MTN subscribers to make calls to all mobile networks in Nigeria and eighteen international destinations at a rate of 15 kobo/sec. Benefits include Calls to all the local networks in Nigeria at 15 kobos per seconds Calls to eighteen (18) international destinations at 15 kobos per seconds. These countries include Canada, China, Germany, India, Ireland, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, South Korea, Israel, Hong Kong, Romania, Denmark, Cyprus, Malta, Mexico, and Luxembourg. Messaging at a rate of 4 Naira per SMS to all local networks in Nigeria. 50 percent data bonus when you buy a 2,000 Naira monthly data bundle. To get the 50 percent data bonus, dial *131*110# or send 110 to 131. Seven days free subscription to EPL Service. This tariff plan does not attract a daily access fee, daily or monthly subscription plan. The Migration code for MTN Xtra Special is 408. To migrate, dial *408*1# or *123*2*3# or you can text 408 to 131. 4. MTN PULSE – THE BEST TARIFF FOR YOUNG PEOPLE MTN Pulse tariff plan is a special prepaid plan exclusively for young people but it is still available to all MTN prepaid subscribers. The plan allows you to make calls to all local networks in Nigeria at a rate of 11 kobo/sec after spending 11 Naira daily. This means that after spending a total of 11 Naira voice time in a day, all your other calls that same day will be at the discounted rate of 11 kobo/sec. Your calls before leading up to the 11 Naira daily threshold will be charged at 22 kobo/sec. Other benefits of MTN Pulse tariff plan include: Music streaming on the Music+ at 10 Naira per day. To subscribe to Music+ after you have migrated to MTN Pulse, send M to 5900. It is valid for only 1 day. Happy hour night browsing charged at 25 Naira per day. To enjoy this benefit after you have migrated to MTN Pulse, send “Night” to 131 to subscribe. This service is not renewed automatically. You need to subscribe every day to enjoy the happy hour night browsing. You will get a 100% data bonus when you purchase the 500MB weekly bundle. To subscribe to the 500MB weekly data bundle, dial *406*2# or send 103 to 131 and you will receive 1GB. Dial *131*4# or send 2 to 121 to check your data balance. Also, you will receive data bonus on recharge. 10MB bonus on 100 Naira recharge. 20MB bonus on 200 Naira recharge and above. This bonus is given only on the first recharge of the week and it valids for just one day. To migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan, you can dial *406*1# or just text 406 to 131. 5. MTN BETATALK – TARIFF WITH THE BEST BONUS MTN BetaTalk is a very cheap prepaid tariff plan for MTN subscribers. This plan gives you 250% bonus worth of airtime every time you recharge 100 Naira and above. You will also get 10MB worth of data volume every week. You will get a bonus of 150% on every recharge below 100 Naira. Calls to mobile networks within Nigeria will be charged at a rate of 42 kobo/sec or 25.20 Naira/min from your main account and 45 kobo/sec or 27 Naira/min from your bonus account. Your local calls, SMS, and Pay-as-you-go browsing will be charged from your main account after you have exhausted your bonus account or after it expires. To migrate to MTN BetaTalk, dial *123*2*1# or you can text BT to 131. 6. MTN AWUF4U MTN Awuf4U is a special offer from MTN. This offer allows customers to get a reward of 300% airtime bonus on every recharge worth of 100 Naira and above, or 200% on every recharge below 100 Naira. To get this special offer, you have to recharge using the special code *888*PIN# or recharge via VTU. For example, if you recharge 100 Naira, you will receive 400 Naira in your Awuf4U account i.e 100 Naira plus 300 Naira bonus. If you recharge 400 Naira, you will receive 1,600 Naira in your Awuf4U account i.e 400 Naira plus 1,200 Naira bonus and so on. Services and benefits include: You can call all mobile networks in Nigeria at 27 Naira per minute. You can send messages to all mobile networks in Nigeria 4 Naira per SMS. You enjoy international calls to eighteen (18) countries; South Korea, Cyprus, India, Denmark, Canada, South Africa, Israel, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Malta, the United States, Romania, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Sweden. Pay-as-you-go data browsing at 15 Naira per MB. SMS capped at 75 SMS per week. MTN Awuf4U can be used by any MTN Prepaid and Postpaid customer. All you have to do is recharge using the code instead of the regular *555*PIN#. After exhausting your Awuf4U balance, your calls, messaging and browsing will be charged from your normal account at the default tariff plan rate you are on. You can check your Awuf4U account balance using the code *555*14#. These are the MTN tariff plans in 2018. You can choose any one of these plans depending on what you need: more airtime for voice calls or more data volume. Source: Naija.ng
  6. A week ago, the two housemates were caught seriously exchanging words immediately after their Saturday night party. Tobi had even accused Cee-c of grabbing his manhood. This quarrel, which now seems like a weekly trend, continued after the housemates had their party yesterday. Tobi approached Cee-c after the party, accusing her of acting like a B!tch. He said Cee-c had “shown me attitude during the SamVita challenge.” “You have been acting as if we can exist without being friends. “We must not be cool. You can mind your business and I mine. “I don’t know what’s wrong with you. If you don’t want us to be cool, I’m fine with it.” Later, Tobi was seen reporting Cee-c to Alex, Anto and Rico. This angered Cee-c who, raising her voice and pointing at Tobi, accused him of gossiping and taking her matter to housemates who, according to her “do not like her.” “You must stop it,” she shouted, charging at Tobi. “Do you think those people you are talking to like you? “Don’t you ever! Never in your life will you take my name to those people. “Do you want me to tell you all they have been saying about you?” “Whatever we’ve had is now in the past. Let us exist like just housemates.”
  7. Men usually dominate when it comes to wealth, and although they still score the top 10 spots on Forbes’ richest people in the world list, women are slowly but surely gaining on them. An all-time high of 256 women made the 2018 Forbes World’s Billionaires rankings. Forbes reported the ladies’ collective net worth reached over $1 trillion, which is roughly N360 trillion, that’s more than enough money to finance the budget of a lot of countries. These women who have topped the list are business women, billionaire heiress’, entrepreneurs and all-round goal oriented. 1. Alice Walton Alice Walton, the richest woman in the world. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons Alice Walton scored the number one spot as the richest woman in 2018 and the overall 16th place on the list of Billionaires in the world. Walton has an estimated net worth of N16.5 trillion. Her wealth is largely accumulated through her shares in Walmart, which was founded by her father, Sam Walton. 2. Francoise Bettencourt Meyer Francoise Bettencourt Meyer inherited shares in L’oreal when her mother died at age 94. Photo credit: Getty images Meyer has a N15.1 trillion net worth all thanks to her 33% shares in the cosmetics giant L’oreal, making her the second richest woman in 2018. Klatten is the third richest woman in the world after she inherited shares in BMW. Photo credit: Getty Images Klatten comes in at number three with a net worth of N9 trillion due to her inherited stakes in BMW. 4. Jacqueline Mars Mars made her N8.2 trillion with her stakes in the American candy company named “Mars”. Her grandfather was one of the founders of the candy company. Jacqueline Mars is the granddaughter of Frank C. Mars, founder of the American candy company Mars, Incorporated. Photo credit: Getty Images 5. Yang Huiyan The Chinese property developer comes in at number five on the list of richest women in the world this year. Huiyan has an estimated net worth N7.8 trillion, making her the richest woman in Asia. The 36-year-old is the youngest billionaire in the top 5 list of richest women in the world. Photo credit: Investors king
  8. 9jaonline

    How To Do Face Make up in 2018 (Photos)

    If you want to be good at makeup but do not really know where to start, let us help you out. We will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply face make up. With our makeup tips, you will be able to get a grasp on how to get the best results with your makeup products in no time! Before you get to learn how to make up face at home, you first need to figure out what skin type you have, as everything else depends on it. If you have oily skin, you should use water-based makeup products. If you have dry skin, you should use oil-based products. It is not the best idea to mix oil and water based makeup products together. Instead of having a beautiful face, you might end up with a caked up mess. It is also not advisable to use oil-based products if you have oily skin, as your make up might just slide off in no time especially if you are in a hot weather. One more thing before we get to our tutorial on how to do face makeup, avoid buying the cheapest products available. Whatever you might save would probably be spent on dealing with skin problems caused by low quality makeup producta. If you are not quite sure what to get, you can always ask the person at the makeup counter for some tips. Now let’s learn how to make up the face! Step 1. Prepare your face In order to get that perfect look that stays on for an entire day, you should take care of yourself on a daily basis. Treat yourself with regular masks, scrubs and facials, if you want to look good. However, the most important thing is moisturising. Makeup never looks good on dry and flaky skin. Therefore, never forget to moisturise your face before applying makeup on it. Ideally, you should first clean your face with some toner and then apply moisturiser. Even if you have oily skin, a little light moisturiser will not hurt. Of course, if your skin is dryer than the Sahara desert, you might also want to exfoliate it first before applying toner and heavy moisturiser. Once your face is nice and ready, move on to the next step. Step 2. Apply primer Many people do not consider primer to be an essential part of face makeup. At the end of the day, they are left wondering why their pores look like moon craters, and half of their makeup is gone. That is the reason why you should use primer, kids! Primer narrows the pores on your face and generally makes the face look much smoother. This gives you a wonderfully even surface to work with. In addition to that, primer can help your makeup stay in place for much longer than usual and withstand extreme weather conditions. So get yourself a bottle (or a tube) of primer, squeeze a little on your fingers (a little goes a long way) and apply it all over your face. Step 3. Apply concealer If you see any unevenness in the tone of your skin – be it dark circles under the eyes or just general discolorations – you should make use of a concealer. If you have dry skin, use liquid concealers. For oily skin, it is better to use creamy matte concealers. You can also try colour-correcting concealers, but if you are new at makeup, it is better to stick to the simple things. That said, most of the time, your concealer should be a shade or two lighter than your skin. You can apply it with your fingers or use a concealer brush, if you have one. Step 4. Apply foundation and contouring The trickiest part is to find the shade of foundation that matches your skin. Surely, you do not want to walk around with a face that does not match the rest of your body. But once you find your shade, the rest is simple. Squeeze a little bit of foundation on a beauty blender (or a makeup sponge) and evenly distribute it all over your face. Then, grab your highlight and contour palette and carve out your new face. Use the darker shades on your forehead (right under your hair), under the cheekbones, on either side of the nose bridge and under your jaw (if you wish to change the shape of your jawline). Apply lighter shades to the centre of the forehead, under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, on the cupid’s bow and on your chin. Either leave it on for a few minutes to set, or blend right away with a big fluffy brush. Then, set it with some translucent powder. Step 5. Apply eye makeup Apply some eyelid primer to the eyelids so that the eye makeup stays in place for the whole day. Use dry eyeshadows if you have oily skin, and liquid eyeshadows if you have dry skin. If you want the colours to pop, cover the eyelid with some light matte eyeshadow and then apply the brighter ones on top of it. You can also apply some false eyelashes or just use some mascara, depending on what you want and what you are working with. Pro tip: when using falsies, bend them a little bit, so that they assume a more natural shape of an eye, apply a small amount of lash glue, wait for it to get tacky and apply the lashes to your eyelids. Adjust with tweezers if necessary and add some eyeliner and mascara on top. Do not forget to comb and fill in your eyebrows (if you have them) or draw them on from scratch (if you do not have them). Make sure you do not end up with a unibrow. Step 6. Do your lips Before applying lipstick, it is better to use some lip balm on them in order to prime them for what is to come. If you are aiming for a ‘natural’ look, you can even leave it at that. Now, there are debates whether you should line your lips first and then apply lipstick second or do it the other way around. Our advice is to try both methods and find out which one works for you. These days, matte lipsticks are all the rage, but you can always swim against the current and go for a shiny lip gloss. Just do you! You can also experiment with using several shades of lipstick at once to get an even fresher look. Step 7. Set your face with a setting powder/spray If you want your makeup to stay on for as long as possible, you should definitely get your hands on some setting spray or powder. With just one spritz, you can guarantee that your face will stay in place no matter what. This is especially useful for people with oily skin or for those who are exposed to extremely hot weather. And your face is done! This was a very basic tutorial on how to apply face makeup, and it would be hard to go into detail using text only. Therefore, you can check out the video below, if you want to see how this is done in real life. Good luck ladies! Source: Naija.ng
  9. 9jaonline

    Top 10 MTN Cheapest Tariff Plans in 2018

    MTN cheap tariff plan in Nigeria is the great chance to communicate at a low price. We have prepared for you top 10 best plans ever. If you are looking for MTN cheap tariff plan, we have the information especially for you. Let’s start an overview of the cheapest plans for calls in Nigeria. Choose the one from our list and enjoy your phone calls. Before choosing a new tariff it is better to find out your current tariff. You can do this by typing *123#. MTN CHEAPEST TARIFF PLAN IN 2018 1. XTRA PRO This is the newest and one of the most beneficial tariffs for calls. With this plan, the price of the calls is 6.60k for a minute and daily access fee is N5. If you want to try this data plan just dial *401# or text 401 to the number 131. 2. XTRA SPECIAL There is no any daily access fee in this data plan. This is one more new proposition, the tariff cost is N9 for a minute. You can also call selected abroad number for the same price. Just dial *408# and select 1. 3. BETA-TALK TARIFF The tariff for national calls is N24/min. Text BT to the number 131 or dial *123*2*6# 4. TRUE TALK+ With this tariff you have the ability to call any network for 11k/second, also you can call abroad for 20k/second. Dial *123*20# or text TP 131. 5. MTN PULSE The tariff cost is 15k per sec. If you want to call another network, you would pay 40k/sec. To subscribe to this data plan dial *406# or send the text 406 to 131. 6. MTN ZONE This one is very cheap, you pay just 1 kobo per second. The code is *135*1#. 7. SUPERSAVER + You pay just 15 kobos per second for calls to MTN and 40 kobos for other networks. Dial *408* 1# or send the text 408 to 131. 8. N700 FOR N200 With this plan, you can get N700 airtime to call every network only for N200. To subscribe just dial *567*103#. 9. XTRA SPECIAL POSTPAID With this plan, you just pay 15 kobos per second. Dial *401# and select 1 10. YAFUN YAFUN This tariff can be used only by owners of new MTN SIM card. You will get 700 bonus minute for N100. Activate your new card and dial *559*17#. There are a lot of the cheapest MTN calls tariffs. The mobile company is working hard to make the tariffs more beneficial and convenient for users. Cheap call rates, bonuses, MTN weekend calls, and special programs – all these features make the network customer- friendly.
  10. The much loved GBWhatsApp recently released the latest version GBWAv6.25-2.18.9@atnfas_hoak February update to users on Android. The modded WhatsApp alternative which delivers more functionality than the regular WhatsApp has packed even more features to this release. See Latest Features below. We are providing a safe and direct download link to the latest GBWhatsApp atnfas_hoak.apk as well as links to previous versions. For those thinking, “Why do I need this when I have the regular WhatsApp?” GBWhatsApp offers exciting customization for your WhatsApp chatting experience. The basic advantages of GBWhatsApp over WhatsApp include: 1. You have the opportunity to run two WhatsApp on one device. 2. When copying multiple chats, you have the option not to include the “Date stamp” and “Sender”. 3. Various text and line color customization 4. Background image selection 5. If you are a WhatsApp group admin, you can see the people active in your group and the inactive ones. 6. You can send all kinds of documents as well as bigger video size 7. You can change the color of quoted messages 8. You can send broadcast message to 600 people instead of the regular 250 9. You can preview a pix without downloading to your device, and finally 10. You can set SECURITY PASSWORD to your chats For the GBWhatsApp GBWAv6.25-2.18.9@atnfas_hoak February 2018 Latest Update, these are the new features; New Base Updated to 2.18.9(Super Exclusive) AutoReply (Auto Message when you are Busy) Enabled Search Participants Enabled Manage Group Admins Enabled Group Settings (Server Sided) Added 7 New Conversation Bubbles Added 4 New Ticks Added 5 New Launcher Icons Added Option to Hide Admin Caption in Group (Mod 1.2.64) Added Hindi Language (Indian Language) Fixed Showing Hidden Chat when try to Share from Gallery or File Manager. Fixed App Opening from Widget even when Locked Fixed Crash On Some Devices Many More Fixes Other Fixes... Click here to download the GBWhatsApp v6.25 February update. Zippyshare Download Link Install, restore chats and enjoy the updated GBWhatsApp. The download link for the Next Update of GBWhatsApp will be dropped here so bookmark this page for faster access. Press Control+D to bookmark now. Old Versions Links: GBWhatsApp v6.10 GBWhatsApp v6.0 GBWhatsApp v5.9 GBWhatsApp v5.8
  11. Following the drama that Big Brother Naija brought to us this evening - the first set of housemates to be evicted from the show and the disqualification of other housemates - here's how Nigerians voted for their favorite housemates. https://imgur.com/6pr4ADB Inset: KBrule and Khloe Disqualified from the Big Brother Naija Show. Moments ago it was announced that the PRITTO and VANDEE pairs were the first set of housemates who'd be leaving the Big Brother Naija; Double Wahala house, but technically, it was the K-Brule, Khloe and K-Brule pair who got to leave the big brother house first. Inset: Vandora and Dee-One Evicted. This was because the pair got disqualified by biggie after hitting three strikes during the course of the game... hearts were broken, tears flowed after it was announced that she, who was the head of house and her partner should leave the big brother house. That being said, here's how Nigerians voted for their favorite housemates after they announced that they were up for possible eviction... Quite the drama for one night y'all... we certainly can't handle the heat! Inset: Princess and Bitto Evicted from the Big Brother Naija Show 2018.
  12. Ankara is still at the peak of popularity. This bright and versatile fashion pieces allow each lady to find the suitable styles and reveal her beauty from every side. We suggest you familiarize yourself with new Ankara styles for women. ANKARA GOWNS Secular and solemn events require original, bright, juicy but elegant and noble images. If you want to feel like a real queen and become a star of the evening pay attention to beautiful Ankara styles. Modern fashion offers interesting and expressive outfits that look spectacular and incredibly attractive. You are sure to find a dress that is ideal for your event among different Ankara styles. Be bright and express your emotions through clothes! Any saturated shade flawlessly suitable for the skin color of a woman will be the best option. This season, Ankara styles with shades of precious stones are popular: ruby, emerald, turquoise, pomegranate, and sapphire. In order to create an image of an elegant and self-confident lady with the help of clothes, it is worth choosing a bright Ankara gown of any red shade: from scarlet to burgundy. Also, dresses of blue scale are perfect: from turquoise to ultramarine. Nigerian women can purchase outfits in an impressive range of models. Rich colors of fabrics, original cut, expressive decor – all this harmoniously combined in the design of Ankara styles for ladies. Gowns of the most various silhouettes are presented: from classical plain to compositions with folds and waves. You can find a dress for a woman with any figure and age. Different styles demonstrate the merits of the silhouette and mask possible shortcomings. Your graduation party, social event or date will be successful because you will feel 100% confident in your beauty. Creating evening dresses designers often combine the brightness and richness of colors with the simplicity of styles. This adds a bit of mystery to any image. Even the most modest dress of bold and catchy shades can create an incredibly feminine image that emphasizes the figure and fully expresses your personality. ANKARA LONG GOWN STYLES For several seasons, long dresses appear in the collections of almost every fashion house. Femininity and grace is an ageless classic. What can be more feminine than a beautiful maxi gown? That’s why such clothes should be present in the wardrobe of every woman. There is an opinion that long dresses suit not every woman. Some people are sure that such gowns are contraindicated for small-growth girls. This is a great misconception: any lady will look great in a long dress if it is correctly chosen according to the characteristics of her figure. Pay attention to the tight fitting latest styles without a lush skirt. Another interesting way to increase visually your growth is a maxi dress with an overstated waist. This style stretches the lower part of the body creating an airy effect. In addition, high-heeled shoes or an elegant platform will also help to adjust the proportions of the body and create a charming romantic image. Girls with magnificent shapes also need to choose long gowns of a certain style. First of all, give up too broad models – they will only add volume. Wear long straight dresses with V-neck. Waves on the abdomen can hide extra pounds. Place an emphasis on the waistline with a narrow belt of suitable color to emphasize the natural graceful curves of the female silhouette. SHORT ANKARA DRESSES A short dress is the strongest weapon that is used for seduction and hits just the target. That’s why this thing can be considered the favorite of many women. It does not matter whether the lady has an ideal figure and long slender legs or not because everything can be corrected by the right model. This outfit can be both romantic or fun, solemn or sportive, classic or business. You just need to choose the dress version for a specific situation. It is also very important to take into account the individual characteristics of the female physique. Although it is worth saying that the rigid standards that define the ideals of the female figure are rather conditional. Anyway, short gown will help the wearer to have an elegant and attractive appearance. Consider the following tips: You can hide the lush hips with a help of short dress without frills at the bottom. Lush models are suitable only for small-growth girls. You can visually hide your tummy with a high waist dress. V-neckline is perfect for women with magnificent shapes. To emphasize the advantages of a figure, you should give preference to tight-fitting clothes. Tall girls should better wear dresses up to the knee. When choosing a gown, great importance is given to cut. A plain option is suitable for many women because it can hide all the shortcomings of the figure. Such outfits look great even for big size ladies because visually make the figure more proportional. SKIRT AND BLOUSE The advantage of this set is that you can wear different blouses with one skirt and get new images each time. Similarly, a multi-colored blouse can be worn with different bottom variations. The main thing that the general color composition should look harmoniously. Traditional outfits consist of a long skirt and blouse sewn from the same fabric. Wearing a beautiful headdress you’ll get a delightful image. Despite a lot of fresh trends, such outfits are still popular. Also, you can choose a monophonic blouse and a simple skirt with a pattern. This outfit is ideal for visiting the office and business meetings. The asymmetrical models of this blouse look quite interesting. One shoulder can be opened and the other one may be decorated with magnificent frills. Even if you’ll wear a maxi skirt and a blouse with long sleeves, a deep neckline and a cut on the thigh will make the outfit very tempting. It is quite convenient to purchase 2 in 1 skirt. It will be part of the solemn attire at an important event. If you’ll want to go to work in something more modest just detach the top layer. TROUSER SUITS P@ntsuits have long since migrated from the men’s to the women’s wardrobe. Many ladies like to wear trousers. They use them both at work and in an informal atmosphere. Today, elegant women’s suits are no less popular than skirts or dresses. Fashion designers constantly please ladies with new feminine and very beautiful design. In order to look beautiful in trouser suits, you should simply choose the right size that will match the figure and your taste. Suits with wide trousers that can be very long and cover half of your shoes. Such P@ntslook very interesting with tight-fitting jackets. Also, designs with shorts and long sleeves are loved by Nigerian ladies. It’s very comfortable to wear an overall – a suit with the bottom connected to the top. Traditional fashion offers free tops suitable for a girl with any figure. Even pregnant lady will feel quite comfortable. Women’s costumes should be characterized by an expressive silhouette and simple lines. Bright colors, classic cut, and functional details are the main features of such clothes. Going to the beach you can give preference to a fairly frank top and shorts. Thanks to the high waist, such outfit does not look too vulgar but draws attention to your figure! As you can see, the Ankara fashion is multifaceted and diverse. Choose the outfits you like and enjoy your own reflection in the mirror. We wish you to be always stylish and attractive!
  13. Are you looking to upgrade from your old mobile phone this new year? Or looking for a present for a friend or family member? Then you sure need a guide through the best and popular android phones currently selling in Nigeria with their price and specifications. The phones that are listed below are in no particular order: Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung is known to manufacture some of the best and most innovative smartphones in the world. Their products are always of high quality, they look stunning and technological. The newest model is not different in this regard. specs: ★ Display: 5,8 inches, 2960 x 1440 pixels ★ OS: Android 7.0 (Nougat) ★ Memory: 64 GB, 4 GB RAM ★ Camera: 12 MP (secondary 8 MP) ★ Battery: 3000 mAh (non-removable) ★ Price ~₦300,000 OnePlus 3T The company which produces product may be considered new in the smartphone market but their latest model, 3T has greatly uplift their reputation with incredible specs and significantly cheap. Specs: ★ Display: 5,5 inches, 1920 x 1080 pixels ★ OS: Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow), which could be upgraded to 7.1.1 (Nougat) ★ Memory: 64/128 GB, 6 GB RAM ★ Camera: 16 MP (secondary 16 MP) ★ Battery: 3400 mAh (non-removable) ★ Price ~₦220,000 Huawei Mate 9 Pro Many phone experts and tech persons call this phone ‘the best Android phone of 2016’. Like the Mate series, it is equipped with a lightning-speed processor, long-lasting battery, innovative security measures and beautiful external (and internal) design. Specs: ★ Display: 5,5 inches, 2560 x 1440 pixels ★ OS: Android 7.0 (Nougat) ★ Memory: 64/128 GB, 6 GB RAM ★ Camera: 20 MP+12 MP (secondary 8 MP) ★ Battery: 4000 mAh (non-removable) ★ Price ~₦350,000 Tecno Phantom 6 Tecno has been one of the top mobile phone manufacturers in Nigeria, and its Phantom 6 was not a disappointment. Specs: ★ Display: 5,5 inches, 1920 x 1080 pixels ★ OS: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) ★ Memory: 32 GB, 3 GB RAM ★ Camera: 13 MP+5 MP (secondary 8 MP) ★ Battery: 2700 mAh (non-removable) ★ Price ~₦90,000 Infinix Zero 4 Plus Infinix could be considered a new addition to the market of mobile phones in Nigeria,but they have clearly shown that good Android phones can be affordable. With just ₦100,000, you can afford a world class phone. Specs: ★ Display: 6 inches, 1920 x 1080 pixels ★ OS: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), which could be upgraded to 7.0 (Nougat) ★ Memory: 32 GB, 4 GB RAM ★ Camera: 20,7 MP (secondary 13 MP) ★ Battery: 4000 mAh (non-removable) ★ Price ~₦100,000 GIONEE Marathon M5 Plus Wonderful build, curved metal lines and affordability are the three things that come to mind when we hear the name Gionee. But the best attribute is its battery, which will allow hours upon hours of telephone calls and music playback. Specs: ★ Display: 6 inches, 1920 x 1080 pixels ★ OS: Android 5.1 (Lollipop) ★ Memory: 64 GB, 3 GB RAM ★ Camera: 13 MP (secondary 5 MP) ★ Battery: 5020 mAh (non-removable) ★ Price ~₦100,000 LG G5 LG has always been a good reputed company but it has been overshadowed by newer aspiring brands. The company lately has found it's way to the top with its G5 model. Bright display, dual main cameras, impressive speed. Specs: ★ Display: 5,3 inches, 2560 x 1440 pixels ★ OS: Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow), which could be upgraded to 7.0 (Nougat) ★ Memory: 32 GB, 4 GB RAM ★ Camera: 16 MP +8 MP (secondary 8 MP) ★ Battery: 2800 mAh (removable) ★ Price ~₦170,000 After serious considerations, my pick as the best smartphone coming into 2018 is Samsung Galazy S8. My choice may not blend with yours so choose wisely!
  14. The General Overseer of the Christ Apostolic Deliverance Evangelic Ministry, CADEM, Mowe, Ogun State, Apostle S. S. Aderigigbe, has revealed what God told him concerning 2018. The prophet said one senator each from the South East, South West and North will die this year. He also said President Muhammadu Buhari will travel out again for medical vacation in London but may not return. The cleric also predicted that a governor from the South East part of the country will die in 2018. See full prophecy: 1. There will be surplus food and money in 2018. Nigeria will begin to change for the better in 2018. 2. There will be an outbreak of children diseases early in 2018. The Lord said that Nigerians should pray and fast for 3 days before 21st of January to avert the death of children in 2018. 3. We should pray against sudden death of four Northern Governors in 2018. 4. We should pray to avert serious strike action in 2018 as Government will punish lecturers in 2018. 5. We should pray for God’s protection as the rate of kidnappings will be alarming in 2018. 6. A great and popular man of God along Lagos-Ibadan Exp. Way will pass away in 2018. 7. We should pray against plane crash involving powerful people travelling from Abuja early in 2018. 8. We should pray seriously for President Buhari so that the plans of enemies will not re-visit him in 2018. 9. Nigerians should also pray very well for President Buhari for him to return if he travels back for medical treatment in 2018. 10. We should pray against sudden deaths among those contesting for political offices ahead of 2019 general elections. 11. There will be serious conflict/chaos between Egypt and Israel in 2018. This will impact heavily and adversely on Egypt. 12. There will be an outbreak of a new deadly disease in China that will take away life within 5 minutes. We should pray very well to prevent the disease from spreading beyond China. 13. Kogi State will witness another political crisis in 2018. We should also pray for the Governor of the state. 14. One Governor from the Eastern part of the country will die in a road accident in 2018. 15. There will be serious political crisis in South Africa that will claim many lives in 2018. 16. Petrol price will fall massively in 2018. Dollar will also crash in 2018. 17. One popular senator in Lagos will pass away in 2018. 18. There will be great disastrous flood in Lagos Island (from Ikoyi to Lekki) in 2018. 19. There will be serious conflict in the senate which may likely split the nation in 2018. 20. Many actors and actresses will die in 2018. 21. Donald Trump will attempt to attack Korea in 2018 which will shake the world. 22. Three senators will die in 2018 (1 from north, 1 from south east & 1 from south west); One minister in Buhari’s cabinet will die in 2018. 23. A great and famous businessman/entrepreneur will pass away in 2018. 24. There will be minimal road accident in 2018. 25. Ghanaians should pray very well to avert an imminent crisis that may claim many lives in 2018. 26. There will be serious trouble between Donald Trump and the United Nations (UN) in 2018. 27. There will be immense success for SSCE and JAMB students in 2018. 28. One former president in Nigerian will pass away in 2018. 29. Five great and popular professors will die in 2018. 30. One great traditional ruler in Yorubaland will die in 2018. 31. There will be serious fire disaster in a market in Lagos Island in 2018. 32. Nigeria will enjoy economic boom and business activities will thrive well in 2018. 33. We should pray very well for Abuja FCT against Boko Haram attacks in 2018. 34. Trouble looms in Ekiti State due to selection of governorship candidate in 2018. 35. There will be serious catastrophic occurrence in Lagos State that will claim many lives. 36. Four governorship candidates will die in 2018. 37. Many fake ministers of God will be exposed in 2018. 38. A strong political party in Nigeria will fall apart in 2018
  15. Prophet Wale Olagunju reveals his prophecies as follows; 1. God Almighty warns Nigerians not to rely on current set of leaders but on Him as the only solution to their myriad problems as they are not the Messiah that will take the country to the promise land. 2. God says Nigerians should continue to pray and rely on Him as the much anticipated Messiah that will rescue them from the task master and take them to the Promised Land will soon emerge. 3. God revealed to me that President Buhari is still carrying terminal disease and if Nigerians failed to pray for him, the stress of office will lead to his collapse and this might result in sudden death. God warns that the President should commence serious Prayer now to avert the type of incidence that terminated Yar’adua’s regime. 4. Before year 2018 runs out, God revealed that Nigerians will demonstrate serious hatred for the Buhari’s government. This is going to be a confirmation that God has completely rejected President Buhari and his APC led government. 5. God revealed that Nigerians will surprise Buhari and APC with their votes come 2019 general election. 6. God further revealed that because of many innocent blood shed by the Buhari’s government, he should commence the preparation of his handing over note in earnest as he will lose the 2019 presidential election should he venture to contest it. God says, the tag of Ex-President has already been placed on Buhari. 7. God says He will raise adversary against President Buhari and his government from all angles such that the campaign to remove him from office will be so tense. God says this will be because he (Buhari) disappointed Him by his failure to carry out His instruction. 8. God says that law of retribution will soon catch up with the APC controlled Senates and House of Representatives as there is going to be a repeat of what happened during the tenure of Tambuwal, the immediate past Speaker of the House of Representatives. 9. Nigerians should commence serious prayer for Chief Olusegun Obasanjo now so as for him to witness the inauguration ceremony of the next Executive President of Nigeria. 10. God says it will take divine influence to save APC from losing out in the 2018 gubernatorial election in Osun State. 11. Prominent leaders who are holding Nigeria hostage will pass away and new generation of leaders will emerge but Kanu of IPOB will not be among the said leaders. This is going to be a sign that Nigerians will not go to war, but God revealed that break up is imminent in the country. 12. God Almighty says he will open the eyes of the Yorubas to discover that the North is dominating the country and this will boost their morale to take a bold step of breaking up the nation. 13. God revealed to me that he has anointed one Pastor Kalejaye as the next General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. 14. God revealed that Nigerians need to pray for former Governor Alao Akala of Oyo State against diabetes and High Blood Pressure. 15. God further revealed that the moment the imminent break up occur new lease of life, light and glory will commence over the nation Nigeria. 16. The days of the current Inspector General of Police in office are numbered. 17. God revealed to me that He has rejected the so called Bishops and Pastors who have led His church in Nigeria into pathetic state. 18. God further revealed that He has rejected them because they failed Him in holiness and are using satanic influence to deceive people with miracles. 19. God said the 2019 Presidential Election is going to be a do or die election as it is going to be keenly contested between the PDP and the APC. God said the APC will stop at nothing to win the election and will employ devilish tactics to deal with the PDP candidate in the election. 20. God of heaven says INEC will disappoint many candidates in the 2019 general election. 21. God says for the above reasons He will raise a strong end time victorious army to fight end-time victorious battle in the 20th Century, warning the youth to prepare to make themselves available and not to follow the ways of these expired leaders. 22. God revealed to me that this is the appointed time for Atiku who is now in His mindset to rule Nigeria. 23. God says Chief Olusegun Obasanjo will not only forgive Atiku Abubakar but will also throw his weight behind him in his bid for the Presidency. God says, this will make the defeat of Buhari whom God has already rejected possible. 24. God says should the PDP field a wrong candidate for 2019 Presidential election, they will lose gallantly. 25. God says the days of Colonel Sambo Dasuki in prison are numbered. 26. Nigerian should intensify their effort in praying for mercy as a result of the shedding of innocent blood. 27. God revealed to me that large quantity of oil will soon be found in the Northern part of Nigeria. 28. PDP will soon break up again as a result of ego. 29. Nigerians should commence serious prayer now against chaos that may lead to loss of many lives. 30. As revealed to me by God, the so much talked about restructuring will not meet the yearnings and aspirations of the Nigerian masses at the end of the day. 31. It will take miracle for the APC not to lose 2 of the states they are controlling in the South West to the opposition in 2019 General Election. 32. Sickness will grip those looters of Nigeria treasury. This according to God is going to be their reward for their sin against God. 33. 2019 General election will be so tough, filled with inducement and massive rigging and the result full of surprises. 34. God says Ajimobi and the Oyo APC are dreaming a dream if they think the 2019 gubernatorial election in the state is going to be an easy ride. God says they must prepare for a strong contest from Ladoja group who are prepared to flush them out of Government House. 35. God revealed to me that Ayodele Fayose is on ground in Ekiti state and that it will be very tough for the APC to defeat his candidate in the 2018 gubernatorial election except if they (APC) put their total trust in God and field a more credible candidate. 36. God revealed to me that all wives of the PDP that are snatched by the APC will soon go back to their original husband. 37. Just like it happened in the pre-2015 general election era, many big wigs from the APC will decamp en-mass to the PDP. 38. Some prominent leaders who think they can do and undo with Nigeria’s destiny will die before year 2019 general election. 39. The days of Arsenal Wenger as the manager of the Arsenal are numbered. 40. God says the days of ex-Military leaders ruling Nigeria as civilian President is over as Buhari will be the last ex-military leader to rule this country. 41. As revealed by the living God, the same God who revealed to me in 2017 that the PDP will bounce back and that those who decamped from the party will return to their original home, the PDP is only resolving crisis but failed to address the cause of it. God who named the PDP as task masters warned Nigerians not to rely on the PDP as the party is not the messiah that will take the country to her promised land. 42. God says the same spirit of tribalism, corruption and nepotism with which Buhari is governing the country will also guide the PDP when they eventually ascend governance. 43. God revealed that the PDP will face more crises before the 2019 general election and after it. 44. The same God who revealed to me in 2015/2016 that Buhari was not the messiah warned Nigerians not to rely on both the PDP and the APC as they are being ruled by the same evil spirit. 45. The living God says there will be much rain in the year 2018 and this will result in sufficient food, but there is going to be scarcity of Naira. 46. God revealed that prominent Nigerians will drag the Governor of Sokoto State, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal and Governor of Gombe state Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo into the 2019 Presidential race. 47. In 2018, God says President Buhari will try to alleviate the sufferings of Nigerian masses. 48. God of Heaven says He is angry with Nigerians because of our sins of corruption and bloodshed. 49. The days of Conte as the coach of Chelsea FC are numbered. 50. The living God says it is only the last minute miracle of the century that can save the Olubadan of Ibadan Land from being dethroned. 51. By mid-2018, the living God says APC will realize their mistakes of allowing Atiku Abubakar to leave the party. 52. On 2019 Presidential Election, I repeat and stand by what the Almighty God have spoken through me in my 2017 prediction that “the name ATIKU ABUBAKAR will ring like a bell. He will be so popular among Nigerian politicians to the extent that many will root for him” As revealed to me by the ancient of the days who knows the beginning from the end, if election should hold now, even before 2019, Atiku Abubakar, the Wazirin of Adamawa would defeat the incumbent Buhari hands down. Prophet Wale Olagunju Presiding Bishop Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministries 1, Alfonso Road Sasa, Ibadan
  16. The Joint Admission Matriculation Board, JAMB, has commenced the 2018 registration in over 700 centres across the 36 states of the federation including FCT. The board said the registration exercise will end in February 2018. Fabian Benjamin, the spokesperson of JAMB, said this in a statement on Thursday evening, noting that candidates are advised to register on time before the available spaces in their towns of choice are exhausted . “Candidates are advised to register within this time frame as the Board will not extend the registration period,” Mr Fabian said. The Board said it would not post candidates to any examination town other than the ones chosen by the candidates at the point of registration. The registration started on Wednesday. “The exercise from our tour of centres today clearly showed that this is one of the best registration regime of the Board in recent time. It is easy, smooth and hitch free,” the board said. JAMB said the registration system is simple and convenient, and urged candidates to do it themselves to avoid being defrauded by anybody. The board said candidates can purchase the e-pins using their ATM or through Interswitch, Remita and other online platforms. The board said the platforms for the optional mock examination will be withdrawn by December 30 and only those who registered and indicated their interest on or before that time will be enlisted to participate. The board said the registration fee is N5,000 while an additional N500 will be paid to obtain a compulsory reading text “IN DEPENDENCE” for UTME candidates and “The Last Days at Forcados High School” for direct entry candidates.
  17. The list of approved JAMB CBT Centres for the 2018 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) registration have been released. At the moment, we cannot say for sure if all of the centres listed will be used for the exams. Iist of centres can be downloaded .. Click Here However, the exact exam centre for each candidate will be indicated on the original registration slip or the re-printed slip. Please note that the 2018 UTME registration has not officially commenced. This is just to help you know the closest CBT centre where you can process your UTME Registration when it finally begins.
  18. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has announced the sales of the 2018 UTME/DE registration form. Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission to Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria for academic session beginning in 2018. Sale/Registration Period The period of sale/registration for all candidates (UTME/DE) including those from Foreign Countries is from 6th December, 2017 to 6th February, 2018. General Entry Requirements The general entry requirements for admission into the First Degree, National Diploma (ND), National Innovation Diploma (NID) and Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) programmes in Universities, other Degree-Awarding Institutions, Monotechnics, Polytechnics, Innovation Enterprise Institutions and Colleges of Education are five (5) O’Level Credit passes including Mathematics and English. Details are available in the online Brochure. A copy would be given to each Candidate at the accredited CBT centres and JAMB State-Offices. Direct Entry Candidates with one of the following qualifications may be considered for admission by Direct Entry: A minimum of O’Level credit pass in five (5) subjects at not more than two sittings with at least two prescribed subjects (for each discipline) at Principal or Advanced No subject shall be counted twice at both Ordinary and Advanced Level Two passes (in prescribed subjects for each discipline) at the Advanced-Level Examination of IJMB, Cambridge, JUPEB or Institute of Baccalaureate with SSCE/GCE, NTS/NBC credits equivalents in three other subjects Passes in two major subjects in the NCE with S.C.E., NTC/NBC credits or equivalents in THREE other subjects (mainly for Education Courses) and ND. For Education courses, Education may be accepted as a third A’ Level subject Minimum of lower credit grade in National Diploma or National Innovation Diploma and the O’Level requirements DE CANDIDATES WILL BE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE THEIR JAMB REGISTRATION NUMBERS WITH WHICH THEY GAINED ADMISSION TO NCE/NID/DIPLOMA AND PREVIOUS DEGREE PROGRAMMES. QUALIFICATIONS AWARDED BY EXAMINATION BODIES (IJMB, CAMBRIDGE, WAEC, JUPEB, etc) APPROVED BY NIGERIA SHALL NOT REQUIRE ANY PRIOR JAMB NUMBER. Order Of Choice Of Institutions Every candidate is to note that the 1st choice can be a College of Education, University, Innovation Enterprise Institution, Polytechnic/Monotechnic, Nigerian Defence Academy or the Police Academy Steps For 2018 Registration PROFILE REGISTRATION One Cell (mobile) number can be used by one candidate The Cell phone number used for the text message is automatically tied to the Candidate’s name and will be used in all communications related to his/her 2018 Application/Examination Candidate sends his/her name [Surname First-Name Middle-Name (if any)] by text (SMS) to This should be maximum of 38 characters + 2 spaces between names = 40 characters in all to 55019 e.g Tinubu Adamu Odumegwu (Surname and first name are mandatory) A Profile Code of 10 characters is received by the candidate on the same telephone number SELF HELP IN CASE OF MISTAKE/LOSS OF PROFILE CODE To correct a mistake in candidate’s name, send the [CORRECT Surname First-Name Middle-Name] to 55019 as a text message from the same mobile number To retrieve a lost Profile Code, send [RESEND] to 55019 as text message from the same mobile number JAMB ePIN SELLING POINTS The ePIN outlets are: NIPOST and eleven Participating Banks (ACCESS, ECOBANK, FIRSTBANK, FCMB, FIDELITY, JAIZ, SKYE, STERLING, UNION, UNITY and ZENITH) Four Mobile Money Operators: Paga, e-Tranzact (PocketMoni), TEASYPay and Packway Projects (Readycash) Two participating Micro Finance Banks: FUD MFB (Dutse) and Regent MFB (Abuja) Two online Payment Platforms: SystemSpecs (Remita) and InterSwitch (Quickteller) POS (Citi-Serve) ATMs of banks listed in 5C (I) (InterSwitch Channel) Select Bill Payment and then pick JAMB Enter Profile Code and pay ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number ONLINE PAYMENT ON JAMB PORTAL Visit JAMB website: jamb.gov.ng Click Purchase of 2018 Application Document Enter your Profile Code Select payment method (InterSwitch or Remita) Make payment ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number PAYMENTS USING USSD (NIBSS/ERCAS) Dial *565*6*55019# Enter Profile Code Select bank and follow the prompts to complete payment ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number Procedure for the eight foreign centres only is as follows: Registration fee for candidates from the eight foreign countries is $20 or its equivalent in each of the eight countries Candidates from the eight foreign countries are to download the Application from the Board’s website (www.jamb.gov.ng) complete and submit it with the fee at the eight designated centres as indicated on the website HOW TO RECOVER LOST ePIN AFTER PAYMENT I. If ePIN is not Received or Lost, send [UTMEPIN] or [DEPIN] to 55019 for UTME or DE respectively from the unique number ii. The ePIN would then be retrieved and delivered on the candidate’s unique number AFTER SUCCESSFUL PAYMENT AND OBTAINING ePIN, CANDIDATE SHOULD PROCEED TO ANY OF THE JAMB ACCREDITED CBT CENTRES TO COMPLETE HIS/HER REGISTRATION Registration Centres I. In line with the Board’s regulated registration exercise, only the accredited Computer Based Test Centres and JAMB Offices will be allowed to register candidates ii. Each candidate should visit any accredited CBT centre with his/her personal details, the profile and evidence of payment Registration Process At CBT Centres: The candidate presents the ePIN at any JAMB accredited CBT Centre for completion of registration. The name of the candidate as typed by the candidate on his/her phone when registering the profile comes up automatically on the input of the e-PIN by the CBT centre Candidates are to: i. Pay NOT more than N700 as Service Charge to the CBT Centre ii. Provide Biodata including Date of Birth, Nationality, State of Origin, Local Government, Gender, e-mail address, among others iii. Provide choice of institutions and programmes (disciplines) iv. Provide qualification with grades and dates, if not awaiting result v. Upload relevant certificates, if not awaiting result vi. O/L and or A/L grades are to be provided by candidates. Candidates who are awaiting results should supply the results online as soon as they are available on JAMB’s portal. No recommendations from any Institution will be considered by JAMB if the candidate has not supplied his/her result on the portal of JAMB vii. Supply JAMB registration number for previous institutional certificates for DE only viii. Provide UTME subjects and choice of examination town(s) for (a) Mock examination (optional) (b) Examination for UTME (actual examination) ix. Do picture capture (no scanning of passport photograph) x. Do Biometric enrolment (ten fingers) xi. Review entries and confirm correctness xii. Print Registration Slip USING BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION xiii. Collect, at no other cost, the reading text and CD xiv. Each Candidate is to collect his/her e-slip at the end of registration as evidence of registration xv. There will be no offline registration, as all the accredited CBT centres have been empowered for real time online registration. No candidate should register at any centre other than the accredited CBT centre and JAMB State-Offices. Any candidate who is registered outside approved centres will be identified and disqualified Dates And Venue For 2018 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination The 2018 CBT EXAMINATION will commence on Friday 9th March and end on 17th March, 2018. The venue of the examination will be at any centre in the candidate’s chosen examination town(s) JAMB DOES NOT POST ANY CANDIDATE TO ANY EXAMINATION TOWN (OR GROUP OF TOWNS) OTHER THAN THE ONE CHOSEN BY THE CANDIDATE AT THE POINT OF REGISTRATION. CANDIDATES ARE, HOWEVER, ADVISED TO REGISTER ON TIME BEFORE THE AVAILABLE SPACES IN THEIR TOWN OF CHOICE OR GROUP OF TOWNS ARE EXHAUSTED AND THEREFORE NO LONGER AVAILABLE Registration Fee /Procurement of Registration ePINS Registration Fee is Five Thousand (N5,000) Naira Only. Additional Five Hundred (N500) Naira Only is paid to obtain the reading text “IN DEPENDENCE” for UTME Candidates and “The Last Days at Forcados High School” for DE Candidates and $20 for Candidates from the eight foreign centres A CD containing JAMB eSyllabus, eBrochure and other vital materials is also given free Candidates should note that ePINS purchased are tied to individual profile and are not transferable Candidates are advised to keep as private and confidential their security details such as registration numbers, password/numbers of ATM Cards, email addresses and ePINs Optional Mock Examination As was done last year, the Board will also conduct a mock examination in all the accredited CBT centres to prepare and familiarise INTERESTED Candidates with the CBT environment. Interested candidates are advised to indicate their interest in the mock examination during registration provided it is on or before 31st December, 2017 The MOCK examination shall commence from Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th January, 2018. The CBT Centres are allowed to collect, through their bank accounts, a separate Seven Hundred Naira (₦700) only, for this exercise from only interested candidate after notification of centre has been received by the candidate. The payment for mock examination by the candidate shall be made to the centre to which the candidate is assigned after the notification of assigned centres for the mock examination. No Association or body is permitted to run any mock examination on behalf of JAMB. DO NOT PAY FOR MOCK UNTIL JAMB ASSIGNS YOU TO A CBT CENTRE. NO ONE SHOULD PATRONISE FRAUDSTERS, MANY OF WHOM ARE NOW IN CUSTODY FOR DEFRAUDING PROSPECTIVE CANDIDATES. ONLY JAMB ACCREDITED CBT CENTRES CAN DO VALID REGISTRATION AND SERVE AS EXAMINATION CENTRES GENERAL INFORMATION All candidates must mandatorily register their profiles through text messages as illustrated above before proceeding to buy the ePIN The registration fee is non-refundable As it is the practice, centres are allowed to charge not more than Seven Hundred Naira (₦700) only as registration fee. Any centre that charges more than Seven Hundred Naira (₦700) should be reported to JAMB for appropriate sanctions All CBT centres have been mandated to select any of the participating banks, MMOs, MFBs, etc. These financial institutions are to be present at the CBT centres for the purpose of collecting all fees. No CBT centre staff is allowed to conduct direct cash transaction with the candidates Candidates are advised to read and understand the guidelines on admission and instructions on how to complete the online registration before commencing the process of registration Multiple registrations are not allowed. Candidates who register more than once will be identified and disqualified Candidates should note that they are required to be present and take live photograph which will be embossed on their result slips and admission letters. No scanned/stapled passport photograph is allowed Candidates are to note that irrespective of their choice of course of study, they will also be tested on a general text: “In Dependence” by Sarah Ladipo Manyika for UTME and “The Last Days at Forcados High School” by A.H. Mohammed for Direct Entry Candidates Candidates/Officials would not be allowed to enter into the examination centre with wristwatch, Phone, electronic device, or any pen/biro. Only common pencil is allowed Candidates are warned that the Board does not require nor authorise the services of ANY cyber cafe or establishment other than the accredited CBT centres for this exercise.
  19. The Delta State House of Assembly has passed the 2018 Appropriation Bill of N308.9 billion, with an increase of N10 billion against the initial proposal of N298 billion as presented to the House by the state governor, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, in October. The passage was sequel to the presentation of the report by the Vice Chairman of House Committee on Finance and Appropriation, Emeka Nwaobi, which was unanimously adopted when put to voice votes by the Speaker, Sheriff Oborevwori. Nwaobi said the committee received and collated inputs, observations and recommendations from the various sub-committees of the House, disclosing that the inputs were considered one after the other, which were used in arriving at certain decisions, stressing, “proposed estimates were reduced in certain areas to effect increase in other critical areas of specific needs”. “The committee carried out a comprehensive and analytic consideration of the bill and observed that it was presented in tandem with contemporary global economic framework,” adding that the appropriation bill was tied to well refined and specific projects. Majority Leader, Tim Owhefere, moved that the House accept the report for further consideration and was seconded by Emeka Elekeokwuri. Owhefere thereafter, moved that the House resolve itself into a committee to consider the 2018 Appropriation Bill, which was seconded by Uviejitobor Okagbare. The Speaker, Sheriff Oborevwori, commended members for their efforts and support, adding that they would continue to be on one page to better grow the state. He described the early passage of the Appropriation Bill as unprecedented and expressed optimism that the bill will be signed into law as quickly as possible by the governor to allow for early implementation.
  20. The season three of the reality TV show popularly called big bother naija is here again, do you have what it takes? The big brother naija crew announced this on their social media pages 6pm this evening.
  21. The coach said Group D is filled with good teams and playing Argentina again will make things tougher for us. See video Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr has reacted to 2018 FIFA World Cup Draw.
  22. The Draw For The 2018 FIFA World Cup slated for Russia is OUT! See The Groups Below: Group A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay Group B: Portugal, Spain, Morroco, Iran Group C: France, Australia , Peru, Denmark Group D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, Korea Republic Group G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England Group H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan
  23. As part of long-term plans to finance the 2018-2020 budgets, the National Arts Theatre, Iganmu and Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos Island are to be sold by the Federal Government. Also to be sold are some selected power plants under the National Integrated Power Projects, NIPP. The Federal Government is looking at the proposed sale of some of these national assets as means to generate sufficient funds to drive the 2018 to 2020 budgets. Speaking in an interview with journalists after he appeared before the House of Representatives Joint Committees on 2018-2020 Medium Term Expenditure Framework /Fiscal Strategy Paper, MTEF/FSP, on Monday November 27th in Abuja, the Director General of Budget Office, Ben Akabueze said some government projects and policies in the 2018 budget would be financed from the expected revenue from sales of the key government assets as well as national parks. Akabueze added that some of the non-core assets from the mines and steel sector like houses and estates are also part of items to be sold by government for the purpose of financing the budgets. According to the DG budget office, proceeds from the privatization of the assets would be used to finance the 2018 budget deficit of N2.005 trillion - much of which will be financed through domestic and foreign borrowings. The country, he said, was generating too little revenue, hence it was expedient to borrow. The Director General of Budget Office added that the reverse would be the case, if actually the assets were generating revenues. "We are generating too little revenue, hence we are borrowing. If we generate enough, borrowing ratio will drop," he said. However, chairman of the joint committee, Babaginda Aliu, frowned at the absence of five Federal Government agencies he described as critical to the 2018 budget consideration and passage, which were invited to the session. He noted that notwithstanding the late submission of the MTEF/ Fiscal Strategy Paper, the committee was committed to streamline its activities to pass the document and ensure the budget is passed in record time. The Minister of State for Budget and Planning, Hajia Zaniab Ahmed, representative of the Governor of Central Bank, Adelabu R.A. and Executive Chairman, Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) Dr. Tunde Fowler made presentations during the session. Also present were the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance Alhaji Mohammed Isa Dutse, who represented the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun; and the Comptroller-General of Customs Col Hameed Ali was represented by Deputy Comptroller General of Customs in charge of T&T, Alu S.R.

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