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Found 35 results

  1. It is obvious that famous Ghanaian movie star Yvonne Nelson is surely rocking motherhood. The actress ever since she welcomed her baby girl never fails to gush about her bundle of joy on social media. In a recent interview with a Ghanaian magazine, Nelson finally opened up on how motherhood has treated her as she finally revealed her baby girl’s face. The actress did not just gush about motherhood, she also shared pictures of her B.reastfeeding her beautiful daughter. Despite the fact that she has resumed going to locations, the actress in her Instagram post also disclosed that she is still B.reastfeeding her cute daughter. Nelson shared the post on Monday, April 16, with the caption: “Errrmm yea…I’m still B.reastfeeding @rynroberts do you have a copy of my @agoo_magazine yet? You can order from WWW.HUNUONLINE.COM and enjoy free delivery in Accra.” See post below: Going through the Instagram handle of the magazine the actress granted the exclusive interview, they also shared the picture of the cover with the caption: “People have been saying all sorts about why I’m having a baby whilst I’m not married. This is an answered prayer for me, they have no idea. Maybe one day they’ll get to hear my story.’ – Yvonne Nelson. In our April issue we have an exclusive on @yvonnenelsongh and her Baby, @rynroberts. She talks about being a mother, her critics, co-parenting and all the other revealing details.” See post below: It could be recalled that on Sunday morning, October 29, 2017, the delectable actress delivered her cute baby girl at an undisclosed hospital in Accra, Ghana. The baby looks so cute!
  2. Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, last year ventured into the hospitality business and became a food vendor with her amala joint which she called Abula Spot. But even as she opened the joint, not just a few wondered where and how she was able to get the money which she used in acquiring the two-storey building that houses her joint. Reacting to the speculations, the actress claimed that she had to sell some of her landed property and also her jewelry in order to achieve her dream. “I did not collect a loan to open my business, I saved. I had been planning to open this place for a very long time, so I had been saving. When I wanted to get my new office. building, I sold some of my property. I sold almost all my gold if not everything. During that time, I sold one batch and when I needed more money, I sold the rest. I told myself to forget about gold for now because I know that I can make the money back later. With the support of good people as well, I was able to get my office building. The first lady of Kwara State who came to inaugurate the building supported me. Some of my godparents also supported me because I told them that I wanted to sell amala,” she said. Apparently, her new found love would eat much of her time if she wants the business to survive but during the course of chatting with Saturday Beats, the actress said that she has everything figured out. She further said that selling amala can never make her quit acting. “I can never quit my career for anything. I am a very organized person. When you are organized, you plan ahead. My life is planned and that has helped me a lot. I knew I was going to do this food business but I waited until the right time. For about a month or two, I am not going to be filming so that I can look after my business. I have a structured plan for my business. It is insured, I have an auditor who comes to look at the records. Everything is well planned,” she said. Ojo who jokingly said that people now refer to her as ‘Iya alamala’ (amala seller) said that she is not ashamed to sell food some people perceive to be local.
  3. For actress Amanda Ebeye, money answereth all things. In a recent interview with Sunnews, when asked if the sex is bad but he is a good man and treats you like a queen, will you stay in the relationship or marriage, the single mother of one said: “As long as he has lots of money, why not? Who has good sex helped? Who cares when the shops are full of the right tools?”
  4. Actress Dayo Anusa is currently going through alot as she just lost her dad after loosing her dad,the mourning actress shared a photo of him, and said:
  5. Nollywood actress Ope Aiyeola has debunked rumours that she had a child in secret for veteran actor Babatunde Omidiran, a.k.a Baba Suwe. Aiyeola who now lives in London, told BBC Yoruba Service she was not in any romantic affair with the elderly Baba Suwe. “He is my boss and a kind man”, she said. “He used to cast me in a lot of roles when I started. And I am grateful to him”. Asked about the man she ever had a crush for, she mentioned the veteran Bollywood actor, Amitabh Bachchan, who is now 75 years old. “I used to write him as a child, using the addresses she read on the jackets of Indian movies. Now I have a secret, I reach him on Facebook”. Asked on the career path she would have trod, without venturing into acting. She did not hesitate in her response. ” I would have loved to be a midwife or a child minder or surrogate mother”, she said. Aiyeola, 41 next August, was born in Sagamu Ogun state. She is married to Babatunde David Olowolomose.
  6. It has just been reported that the 10 years marriage between Yoruba actress Ireti Isayemi to former Super Story production manager/associate producer, Bakare Adeoye, allegedly crashes. They had two kids together. According to blogger Kemi Ashefon, she disclosed that friends and family of the couple are trying to bring them together but the actress seems to have moved on with her life. She added that the actress has already moved out of her matrimonial home. Osayemi is allegedly enjoying a new love life of an Ilaro, Ogun state-based businessman who reportedly spoils her silly with luxurious gifts. It was also revealed that the businessman, who is also a hotelier and big socialite is doing all he could to keep her. Although he is reportedly married but news has it that the actress is the apple of his eye. A close friend who remained anonymous disclosed that: “She is a pretty woman and it takes a rich man to keep ladies of her ilks. She has been exposed to wealthy men by virtue of her profession and the lowly life Bakky was thrusting at her didn’t make her happy. She opted out.”
  7. Priyanka Chopra is opening up about her experience in the entertainment industry. In an interview with InStyle, the Quantico actress shares that she has, as recently as last year, lost out on roles because of her skin color. “It happened last year,” she tells the magazine. “I was out for a movie, and somebody [from the studio] called one of my agents and said, ‘She’s the wrong’—what word did they used?—’physicality.’” She continues, “So in my defense as an actor, I’m like, ‘Do I need to be skinnier? Do I need to get in shape? Do I need to have abs?’ Like, what does ‘wrong physicality’ mean?” Chopra’s agent then said to her, “‘I think, Priy, they meant that they wanted someone who’s not brown.’ It affected me.”
  8. In an interview with DAILY NIGERIAN, the unpredictably soft spoken Shuwa lady and Kannywood actress from Borno state, Ummi Ibrahim Zee-Zee, revealed how dating Rivers born musician, Timaya is her greatest regret in life. The actress who used to be a household name in the Kannywood movie industry for having featured in many blockbuster films also revealed other things about her personal life and career. Kannywood was your window to the world but when you stopped acting, you hardly relate to Hausa film artists. Why? It is true. But my policy is if you properly invite me for a marriage ceremony or any social outing I will honour it, but honestly, for now, I don’t have even female friends (kawaye). As for acting, haba! Zee-Zee has crossed the bridge. How much are you going to pay me for a role? Who is your role model in Hausa film? Well, late Aisha Dan-Kano was my favorite and late Rabilu Musa Dan-Ibro, we respected each other a lot. May Allah forgive their sins. Tell us the most valuable accolade you have ever received The award I won for featuring in a film called ‘Jinsi’. I got my nickname ‘Zee-Zee’ from the film because I was a character named: ‘Zee-Zee’ which Fati Washa was the lead actress. People were asking whether it was my film. It was not my film and the cars used in the film too were not mine. My cars used to have’ Zee-Zee’ as their special plate number. But of recent I use security cars that have no numbers. You are most often spotted flaunting your long hair. Is it one of your selling points? It is not true. Though you know I am shuwa/kanuri we have long hair and I am proud to display them but not always. Yet, I am a religious person. I read the Qur’an and Hadith and I try as much as possible to keep to the tenets of the religion. That is why if I am to come to this world again I want to still come as Ummi Ibrahim, a Muslim, a Nigerian. What do your friends say about it? I don’t even keep friends, male or female. I had boyfriend when I was in Kannywood before my controversial relationship with Timaya. But all is now history. I have found a love of my life now. People say your riches are fake, what is the truth? Wallahi, I am so rich that if somebody dashes me some millions I would not be as excited as one may think. I have enough money in the bank. Like you confirmed with my personal Assistant. I bought houses and cars for all my staff. What is your favorite dish? As a Kanuri lady, I like Tuwon Biski, fried meat and chicken. As for cooking, no I don’t cook. I have plenty staff around me that do that for me, so I don’t cook. Any regrets in life? Sometimes ago somebody was quoted as saying that I left Islam and converted to another religion because of my relationship with Timaya. I found it very difficult to believe. It was very much baseless and a mere allegation to tarnish my image. In fact in my entire life that is an incident I am finding it difficult to forget. I am a religious person. I love Islam and whenever I am free I read Hadith of the Holy Prophet a lot. Any plan to settle down in the nearest future? Honestly, I want to settle down before the year runs out and I am praying hard for that to happen. As you know, I have a person in mind and God knows best what is in stock for both of us.
  9. Paris Saint Germain forward, Neymar, has once again shown that as the world most expensive footballer he can afford the good life. And Neymar did just that, as he took a ride in a personalized helicopter alongside his girlfriend Bruna Marquezine as they attended the final of The Voice Kids in Brazil. Neymar will be hoping to shake off his current injuries woes as he hopes to be fit ahead of the incoming World Cup. The PSG starman joined the Paris outfit from Barcelona in a world record £198m move and has enjoyed a fruitful first season at France scoring 29 goals in 30 games for the club across all competitions.
  10. It was a late night fight between actress “juliet Ibrahim” and miracle fans after the actress accused miracle of being boring and also slammed those who voted for him. The actress Tweeted: Why are people still voting for miracle? It’s a game show let him step out of his comfort zone. Cee C is giving us DRAMA and we are loving it! #bbnaija CeeC for the money!!! Boring people support boring people. Lol Guy just Dey form quiet in d house. Smh abeg abeg. He’s boring. Miracle is boring and brings nothing to the table. he’s fake and not being real in the house. He’s two-faced. My opinion #BBNaija Rico was way more interesting than boring miracle but what do I know! Smh
  11. I GOT MORE JOBS, MONEY AFTER TONTO DIKEH’S MARRIAGE CRISIS ALLEGATIONS – ACTRESS, ROSALINE MEURER In an interview with Punch, Nollywood actress, Rosaline Meurer, who was accused of being the cause of marital issues between Tonto Dikeh and her husband, Olakunle Churchill, has said that Tonto Dikeh’s marriage crises was a blessing to her. Read: Tonto Dikeh/Olakunle Churchill The stones that were thrown at me with intentions to bring me down last year when I was used to cover up a marriage crisis turned around to be in my favor with God on my side. I got more jobs and more money. At first, I was bothered; then I realized that so many other innocent people were used and lied on as well in the same situation. Out of respect for the head of the family and because I and my family have come a long way with him even before I relocated to Nigeria, I decided to let go. I don’t have any relationship with Tonto Dikeh; I only know her to be Mr. Churchill’s ex-wife.
  12. Actress Toyin Abraham has been reminded of her marital status today free she gallantly welcomed Co actor Gabriel Afolayan to the ‘club’ Abraham like most of her colleagues had posted a photo of the newly married actor Gabriel on her page, wishing him marital bliss and also welcoming him to the club. Some concerned followers had asked her what club she meant since she obviously was no longer married. A particular follower had reminded her that she was a divorcee, a statement that jolted Toyin Abraham back to reality as she smartly answers that she was welcoming them to the “Arsenal club” she added that she had forgotten that she was separated.
  13. A Kuwaiti actress was referred to criminal prosecutors for sucking on a popsicle in a supposedly ‘inappropriate and sexual’ manner. Sana Al Qattan posted a video in which she sucked the frozen purple treat and wiped it across her lips to colour them. The 34-year-old said ‘settle my throat red’ as she stared into the camera, according to local media reports translated from Arabic. Social media users in the Islamic Gulf state were outraged and prompted lawyer Saad Al Enezi to make a complaint to authorities. He claimed her ‘provocative’ act was a ‘flagrant’ offence to m0rality and modesty and argued it was a crime because the internet counted as ‘public space’. Mr Al Enezi also filed a complaint against another so far unidentified social media star who he alleged was hurling abuse at her critics on Snapchat. The lawyer argued both women’s acts were not protected by freedom of speech because they had abused it, local media said. He claimed they went against Kuwaiti culture and the teachings of Islam and ‘promoted debauchery’. Prosecutors reportedly summoned both women and began proceedings against them.
  14. Nollywood actress, Nkechi Sunday took to her instagram page to flaunt her backside. While sharing a throwback photo,The Award winning Nollywood Actress, Film Maker appreciate the almighty lord for giving her bumbum for free charge,See caption below…. Father Lord thank you for giving me this BumBum Free of Charge**Adura Nla* JUDASI still showing on YOuTube Via APATATV…Lets Hit 500k views Soon Fam so I can stop making noise #TBT
  15. More People Snitch On Sanaa Lathan, Actress Once Again Confirmed As Beyoncé Biter Hollywood actress Sanaa Lathan can’t catch a break. More inside sources have come forward to confirm the high-profile entertainer did bite Beyoncé at an afterparty. According to reports, the bite happened after getting checked by Queen Bey for talking to her husband JAY-Z. Multiple sources confirm to Page Six that the face-chomping culprit was indeed actress Sanaa Lathan, even though she strongly denies it. Numerous sources tell us that “Love & Basketball” star Lathan had been talking to Jay-Z at a D’Usse VIP party backstage after his gig in Los Angeles last December, but when Bey stepped in, Lathan playfully bit her on the chin. (Page Six) Earlier in the week, a TMZ report claimed Lathan bit Bey at a December 2017 concert afterparty. Multiple sources tell TMZ, Tiffany Haddish has told multiple people the culprit is Sanaa. One source said it was not an aggressive bite … it was playful and noninvasive, but still caught Beyonce off guard. The story goes … Sanaa was talking to Jay in a way that made Bey uncomfortable. Beyonce went over to Sanaa who brushed off any insinuation of inappropriate conduct and then gave her a jokey bite. Tiffany told Beyonce she was going to kick Sanaa’s ass, but Bey told her to let it go. (TMZ)
  16. Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph got slammed by a fan when she shared a cute selfie with Chioma Akpotha and Ufuoma McDermott from the Miss Africa Beauty Pageant. She shared the photo above on his Instagram page and captioned it; When Stars gathermiss Africa beauty pageant @chiomakpota @ufuomamcdermott Good to see you sweets A fan, however, replied the post tagging Anita a local champion. The fan wrote: “I only see 2 stars and one local champion.”
  17. Nollywood actress, Cossy Orijakor, has made an important disclosure on people she dislikes, and it includes two actresses and a Pastor. Cossy Orijakor who disclosed that she hates Apostle Suleman, Iyabo Ojo and Daniellla Okeke, jokingly told them to sue her if they want. Her Instagram posts reads;
  18. Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe has taken to Instagram to show off her lovely faux nails while flaunting her wedding ring. This photo has, however, sparked reconciliation rumors with her estranged husband Lanre Gentry. The actress who moved out of her husband’s home a couple of months back, over domestic violence claims, shared the photo and wrote; See photo below; Her fans of course noticed the ring and took to her comment section to plague her with questions.
  19. “I Would Date A Broke Man That’s Good In Bed” -Nollywood Actress, Jemima Osunde Nollywood actress and film producer, Jemima Osunde, in a recent interview, has revealed that she would date a broke man that has great ‘bedmatics’ skills. In an Exclusive chat with broadway TV, Osunde while promoting her new movie “New Money” was asked the question whether she would date a rich man that is not good in bed or a broke man that’s good in bed. Jemima replied the question stating that she would rather date a broke man that’s good in bed because she would want him to give her something she can’t have or do herself.
  20. Actress Lola Margaret Quietly Relocates To Ibadan After US Deportation Over Wire Fraud Nollywood actress, Lola Margaret has been deported back to Nigeria from the United States after having a run-in with the law over an alleged wire fraud case she was involved in… She was nabbed after being sighted in surveillance videos after consistently withdrawing huge amounts of money that was deposited into her account… Sources close to the actress alleged that she was initially released on condition that she reveals the identities of the persons she was working with which she did…. Sources also say the actress has since been released and deported back to Nigeria and the actress has quietly relocated to Ibadan from Lagos where she formerly resided.
  21. Nollywood actress and model, Jojo Charry who turns a year older today, has released Un.clad pictures to celebrate her birthday. The screen diva teamed up with multiple award-winning stylists and fashion entrepreneur Jeremiah Ogbodo ( SWANKYJERRY) for the Nude Photoshoot. Gushing about her Nudde birthday photo shoot, Jojo said: I remember when I used to be very shy and insecure of my body. I thought my body was too curvy and grown for my age. #selfloveisthebestlove#teampisces I choose to post this picture there was no gun to my head so don’t send me personal messages about anything. Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms. Jojo Charry hails from Liberia but based in United States. She is an actress in the Nollywood movie industry. See more pictures below;
  22. The 6 Division, Nigerian Army, Port Harcourt, has been found guilty of human rights violation against an actress Ebere Ohakwe, by a Federal High Court, sitting in Port Harcourt, Rivers State The court awarded N1 million in favour of Ohakwe against the Army and ordered the Division to tender an unreserved apology to the applicant. . The trial Judge, Justice Adamu Turaki Mohammed of High Court 5, noted that the applicant proved her case, adding that she was entitled to reliefs she sought and restrained the defendants from carrying out further unlawful actions against her. . Recall that in January, 2017, the applicant was allegedly brutalized by one Olamilekan Suleiman, while traveling to Onitsha. He had accused her of discussing him with her friend, during a stop and search, an allegation Ohakwe denied.
  23. According to reports, Manchester United star has been dumped by his actress girlfriend after a whirlwind romance. Model Jena Frumes appeared to confirm the split with 25-year-old Jesse Lingard this week in a couple of classy Twitter posts. In the first, the 24-year-old told her 96,000 followers: “At least I can say I tried plus enjoyed the ride.” She followed it up on Thursday, writing: “I love Jesse to death but sometimes the timing is just off.” Jena, no stranger to sharing super-glamorous images of herself wearing skimpy bikinis, appears to have since deleted both posts as they no longer visible on her page. It comes three months after a fan claimed England star Lingard, had cheated on Jena with her after United’s 1-2 derby defeat to Manchester City. Apparently unmoved by the claims, Jena continued to post pictures on Instagram and Twitter, showing her in loved-up poses with Lingard. The pair first met in the US last year or in 2016 and started dating a few months later. They were also seen on a romantic weekend in Barcelona. Now, it seems she’s single again.
  24. Nollywood powerhouse Omotola Jalade Ekeinde just added another fewat to her milestone. The super actress who recently celebrated her 40th birthday was honored by being featured on Variety International as one of the women making an impact. Presenting its first ever International Women’s Report; in honor of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, Variety has listed Nollywood’s finest Omotola amidst fifty other women from different parts of the world. The women on the grand list, who include leaders, innovators, trailblazers and visionaries, are doing extraordinary things on the worldwide stage and rule at the top of their games.
  25. Popular Ghanaian Actress, Yvonne Nelson has revealed that she is totally happy and does not regret ever giving birth out of wedlock. Nonetheless, the actress who welcomed her first child with her fiancee late last year spoke on this in an interview with BBC. Similarly, she admitted to believing it was the right thing to do. Regardless of the get married, have kids, raise a family line every woman tolls. Equally, she feels society puts a lot of pressure on women, especially in Africa. Also, she made mention of how she felt when people criticised her after welcoming her daughter. She stated, she remained positive all through the time and it did not affect her at all

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