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Found 17 results

  1. Husband /wife found dead inside a car at merry land after independent channel in Lagos state
  2. Two pupils were left to fight in front of their classmates and teacher who purportedly filmed the shocking incident which happened recently in Ghana. It is believed that the very person who filmed the incident was the Class Teacher since pupils are not allowed to use phones in school. It is claimed that the unnamed teacher left the pupils to fight since the Ghana Education Service (GES) banned caning in schools. The GES in a statement signed by the Deputy Director General, Anthony Boateng, ordered all schools to immediately adopt a new disciplinary toolkit together with alternative sanctions as measures for correcting pupils and students in schools. The tool indicated that “apart from the physical pain corporal punishment inflicts on children, this approach also causes significant emotional damage. Some of the lasting effects of this method of disciplining school children include physical scars, emotional scars (trauma, fear, timidity etc.) and violent behaviour.”
  3. A young man was apprehended earlier today after reportedly stealing a female underwear in Lagos. It was gathered that the yet-to-be identified young man, was nabbed after stealing a pant which is allegedly belongs to his sister - for suspicious reason best known to him. The young man who was suspected of stealing the pant - was forced to strip off his trouser after being caught by residents in Oshodi area of the state. The boy was later handed over to the police. This is happening after the Nigeria Police Force said it cannot investigate the stealing of pants for spiritual purposes because there is no evidence.
  4. A Nigerian man’s demise has left family, friends, and colleagues heartbroken due to the tragic circumstance which allegedly saw him killed. According to Ibomo Rafeal Seimiengha, the deceased identified as Enango Gelsthorpe Sege, from Amassoma community in Bayelsa state – was shot dead after his wife posted pictures of herself flaunting wads of cash on Facebook. It was gathered that the gunmen attacked the deceased at his residence in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state capital and shot him dead, moments after the wife flaunted the money he was paid by a company. It was not disclosed whether the deceased was robbed by the gunmen. Facebook user Ibomo Rafeal Seimiengha wrote; I receive this shocking news yesterday. My brother was shot dead by unknown armed robbers at his resident. This is as a result of his wife’s negligence. His wife posted on her Facebook account these bundles of money he was paid by his company. RIP Enango Gelsthorpe Sege..
  5. According to reports, three people are feared dead after they failed to come out of a dry well in which they had gone to retrieve a wallet of money. It was gathered that one of them mistakenly dropped the wallet into the well, before his colleagues joined him to retrieve it. The incident happened earlier today near FDH Bank at Jenda Trading Center in Mzimba district of Malawi. Champhira Police Officer-in-Charge Hans Katumbi says an operation is in progress to recover the bodies of the three people from the well.
  6. A man met his untimely end at the hands of angry villagers in Umuoji area of Anambra state. The deceased identified as Paschal Chinazor Onyilo, who was a sound/music operator and even worked for the Anambra government, was alleged to be a kidnapper and was beaten to pulp before he finally gave up the ghost. It was gathered that last week, Paschal Onyilo, a native of Abatete in Idemili North LGA of Anambra State, was driving to Obosi area to set up his sound equipment for an event. However on getting to Umuoji, some school children threw stones at his vehicle and caused some damage. He then alighted from the vehicle to accost the kids over the damage. All of them ran away except one boy who was caught by Paschal. It was learnt that Paschal held the boy and requested that he should take him to his parents as he drove him in his car. Meanwhile the other children who had escaped – raised an alarm that a certain man had ‘kidnapped’ one of them. The villagers quickly mobilized themselves, came back and confronted Paschal. They didn’t give him a chance to explain himself and pounced on him immediately beating mercilessly. His car was also set on fire before he was rescued by the police. The villagers who saw some political stickers in his car – accused him of being a kidnapper who works for politicians in the state and was looking for children to use for rituals. By the time help came, Paschal was already unconscious and he was taken to Iyi-Enu Hospital, Ogidi. He did survive emergency surgery and was able to narrate what happened to the police and others that visited him in hospital. Unfortunately, Paschal gave up the ghost days later from the injuries sustained from the mob action. Watch video
  7. Mourners in were left distraught after pallbearers dropped their loved-one’s coffin during the funeral, causing the body to roll out. The tragic accident happened in Pampas, in rural Peru, as the pallbearers were lowering the coffin into the grave. Video shows how one man helping to lower the coffin slipped and fell on top of it, causing the lid to split in half and an elderly woman’s body to roll out. Panicked men can then be seen trying to turn the coffin over in the grave after it twisted and ended up laying on its side. Meanwhile relatives of the dead woman can be heard crying in the background. After being unable to rotate the coffin while it is in the ground, the men are forced to pull it out, displaying the body for everyone to see. Local media reports that they were eventually able to put the lid back in place, and the funeral was completed without any further mistakes. Footage of the incident emerged after it was posted on social media and shared.
  8. A man has lost his life after a football match between Chelsea and Arsenal on Saturday, January 19, which ended with the former losing to the latter. The dead victim identified as Martin Waweru died on the morning of Thursday, January 24, (yesterday) in hospital following injuries sustained after he was allegedly shot by a police officer who was angered after his favourite team, Chelsea, lost. Waweru and the AP officer were in the company of other fans at a local club in Murang’a, Kenya, when the officer picked up a quarrel with some of them after the team lost, Daily Nation reported. The deceased left the bar shortly afterwards to take home a loaf of bread and fish he had bought for his family. The officer then hurriedly walked past him towards the camp only to return with a gun and shoot him. “Upon reaching where I was, he ordered me to lie down and I obeyed,” Waweru narrated hours before succumbing to gunshot wounds. “He then shot me three times at the back on my waist, above my back and on my hand and dragged me to the police camp and forced me to drink water while I was bleeding,” he added. According to him, a scuffle ensued between the officer attached to the Muruka AP Camp and other locals prompting him to leave the bar to go get his gun. “Locals who were on their way home tried to assist me but all was in vain as the officer with two others thwarted their efforts to have me taken to hospital in a car insisting that I had to be ferried by a police van,” added Waweru. Waweru’s wife, Rose Muthoni, claimed the officer confessed to having shot her husband but she feared her family would not get justice since the officer has been transferred. Kandara OCPD Wilson Kosgey said he started investigations and was waiting for the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (Ipoa) to take over the matter.
  9. Motherhood looks great on loved Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele. The new mother of two adorable twin boys recently shared a photo of herself looking exquisite in native owambe outfit a she stepped out for an event. Many fans could not help but admire the beauty who seems to be enjoying her new life as mama Ibeji. Looking almost regal she posed in the brown lacey outfit and finished the look with a stylish gele and classy earrings. 2018 was definitely a great year for the actress who is still the fans’ favourite with her hilarious episodes of Jenifa’s Diaries that millions across the country watch weekly on television. It was also a blessing that she welcomed her first set of twin boys with her man, JJC Skillz. Interestingly, it looks almost impossible just a short while ago when a certain Prophet Olagoroye Faleyimu predicted that the actress will never bore children and that her destiny was to be filthy rich but at the cost of her having kids on earth. All that seems like tales now that she is a happy mother of not one but two children. It also a plus that she looks even more beautiful since she welcomed her bundles of joy.
  10. Residents were left shocked after popular priestess denounced her fetish practice in Enugu state. The priestess of Inyama Ogbanje in Amalla-Egazi, Udenu local government area, renounced her Vodoo/’Juju’ and reportedly repented of all her evil ways. According to reports, the priestess who got converted on Friday, January 11 (yesterday) and accepted Jesus Christ, cleared all the charms in her shrine. A bus load of charms/juju was removed from her house. The residents couldn’t believe what they saw due to the large number of fetish items that she had.
  11. This is very unfortunate. A young boy was abandoned by his parents after being accused of witchcraft in Delta state. According to reports, the boy who is believed to less than eight years old was sent away from his home after the parents alleged that he’s the cause of their problems. Help recently came the way of the boy who has been sleeping in the street and fending for himself since December. The boy was rescued from the street and taken to the police station by a well meaning Nigerian who was touched by his pathetic condition. He was later taken to the hospital and cleaned up before being transferred to an orphanage home where he currently is.
  12. A woman claims she has been put her off sex toys for life after she was burned by an exploding vibrator. Cassie Esplin, 25, was just about to use her Buzz Tongue Finger Vibrator when she claims the battery pack flew out with such force it hit the bedroom ceiling. She claims the battery – which appears to have corroded – then landed on her top, scorching her jumper and leaving a mark on her chest. Cassie said she felt like she had been punched and the metal missile left a black mark on her bedroom ceiling. The car dealership worker, from Norwich, said: “I was going to try if for the first time and it made a really loud bang. I just froze. I was so shocked. “I just thought ‘oh my god what has just happened’. I was holding it close to my face and it could have hit my eyes. I could have been blinded by a £4 sex toy. “Thank god I wasn’t using it. It could have caused some damage. I jumped out of my skin. I was in so much shock.” Cassie bought her new sex toy – reduced from £12 to £4 in the January sales – from the Lovehoney.co.uk adult toys and lingerie website. She has used toys before and said she chose this one on the recommendation of a friend. It was delivered to her in the post on December 8 and came with the battery she claims “exploded” when she tried it out that night. It happened when she was in her bedroom alone and minutes away from testing out her vibrator for the first time, she claims. But she says she is now “too scared” and may well be put off for having fun with toys for life.
  13. More details have emerged about the young lady who vomited clean notes of N500 denomination on Sunday in Warri, Delta State after she was allegedly charmed by an internet fraudster known as ‘Yahoo Boy’. According to UrhoboToday, the lady vomited money weeks after her underwear (pant) was stolen by unknown persons. Hundreds of people gathered around the scene of the incident, causing traffic on the major Effurun- Sapele road thereby disrupting the movement of residents who were going to their various churches. It took the timely intervention of armed policemen from Ugborikoko, Eburumede, Enerhen and ‘B Division’ police stations to bring sanity to the area after the victim was taken away in a police patrol vehicle to an unknown destination. A family source ,Mark disclosed that the victim (a young lady) complained that her underwear was missing about two weeks ago. According to her, “suddenly she started getting so restless in the early hours of Sunday morning, complaining of dizziness, body pains, and headache. Before long, she started feeling like throwing up and when we realized the vomiting was becoming inevitable, we brought a basin for her to use. “But to our greatest surprise, it was Nigerian currency notes that was coming out from her mouth and after vomiting different denominations of N1000 and N500 notes for a while, the vomiting seized and that was the point a pastor resident in the same building came prayed for her.” She noted that it was at this point that the police team came in and insisted they must take her away from the house so as to disperse the crowd who had waited several hours to see the victim. Confirming the incident, the Warri Area Commander, ACP Mohammed Shaba, stated that the victim had been taken to a nearby hospital for further observation and medical attention. He noted that he had to immediately dispatch his men to the scene when the report got to him to reduce the tension and panic the news had caused in town. A Police officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity said: ” We don’t really believe in juju, but this has proved that it works. The development has confirmed that advance fee fraudsters ( yahoo boys ) now use female pants for rituals. People should be careful. We will soon unmask those behind the dastardly act”.
  14. A man has been killed by unknown assailants after returning home a few days ago from Brazil. The deceased identified as Ndubuisi who hails from Anambra state has reportedly been in Brazil for a long time and decided to come back home to celebrate the Yuletide in his hometown where he met his untimely end. According to multiple unverified reports online, the deceased was killed following an alleged drug deal went wrong as it has been claimed that he dupes people from the drug deals they make. His SUV was abandoned on the road by his killers, suggesting that it was not a case of robbery. His corpse has been deposited at the mortuary.
  15. For some days now, a sex tape has been making the rounds online after being linked to Wajir woman representative in Kenya, Fatuma Gedi. Last week a video emerged of the legislator allegedly engaging in bedroom activities. The video was circulated on social media platforms. The legislator who has denied that she’s not the person in the leaked sex tape, claims it was faked/photoshopped and was politically instigated to paint her to be of a low moral repute. Some women leaders and Kenyan citizens have shown their support for the female politician – saying that she should not let the opinion of other people define her and that she should stand strong. Fatuma Gedi has finally broken her silence as she took to Twitter to thank her supporters for standing with her during that trying time in her life. She thanked the supporters for the messages of encouragement which continued to flood her post. The randy sex video has since received widespread condemnation across the country, with more female politicians distancing Wajir’s Fatuma Gedi from the said clip.
  16. While many Nigerians are gearing up for the Christmas celebration in two days time, a man who decided to drink to stupor made himself a subject of mockery both offline and online. According to reports, the young man got himself drunk today in Imo state after downing many bottles of beer.
  17. A certain young girl who is yet to be identified has run mad after allegedly being used for rituals by internet fraudsters in Ijebu Ode, Ogun state. Reports have it that the lady ran mad after she got down from a Lexus jeep, drawing assumptions that she must have been used by ritualist. Sharing the video on popular social media, Twitter, @honey_blackie wrote; Another Twitter user @manlikeDee1 wrote; A few weeks back, I tweeted about a young girl I saw at Jakande roundabout which was also mad. Watch the video below; e4641ba529ca74410efa589112050559.mp4

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