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Found 11 results

  1. Police in Uganda arrested a 24-year-old woman after she stabbed her husband to death because he refused to make love with her. Harriet Nambi, who hails from Nakiyanhja,Kaliro Town council stabbed Musa Batera 25, for refusing to have sex with her ever since she gave birth two months ago through cesarean. Until his death, Batera who was married to 3 wives was the chairman of Kaliro district Boda Boda Association, while Nambi is a primary school teacher at Kaliro Town. Hasifa Babirye, a neighbor said the couple developed some quarrels some 3 days ago where Nambi accused Batera of repeatedly refusing to sleep with her. "She told me that her husband was denying her sex yet she needed it. I asked her to wait since she had just been operated upon but she was obsessed," Babirye told police. "I tried to ask her to give it time but she said she was going to harm him and when the husband returned, she stabbed him," she added. According to residents, Nambi lured the deceased to their rented house and as soon as he entered, she started quarreling which developed into a fight. Kaliro District police boss, Joseph Kihamba, who confirmed the incident, said the suspect has been arrested and is to be charged with murder. The police boss advised couples to settle their differences with family members and relevant authorities. Source: Daily Monitor
  2. A Twitter user shocked followers after he replied a tweet saying, a Nigerian man allegedly reported his wife to Pastor and family members after she gave him a blowjob for the first time. According to Twitter user @Stpehie_coco who shared the story made it known that the man in question who reported his wife said she must explain where she learned the act from. See below:
  3. Love at the Peak...............What do you think?
  4. If you have paid for your GOtv monthly subscription and none of the channels is showing then don't worry the problem will be solved in few minutes after reading this article. How to Pay and Renew you GOtv I will like to explain more about GOtv payment and renewal to help those who wish to know more about how to pay and renew their GOtv monthly subscription. ⇒ Pay Online You can renew your GOtv online easily simply by visiting http://eazy.gotvafrica.com, select your country and then select the option PAY and you will be taken to another page where you will need to input your IUC Number, Select your country and fill the security captcha as you can see below. Once you click Verify you will see another option "view your Balance and Pay" click on it and you will be taking to another page where you can select your preferred payment method and then complete the payment using your ATM debit card (MasterCard, Visa, Verve). ⇒ Pay through You Mobile banking APP Many banks integrated GOtv subscriptions and payment on their Mobile app that enables you to pay for your GOtv directly from your bank account using your mobile banking app. ⇒ Pay to GOtv Agents and shops This is the most preferred means of GOtv activation and renewal payments as many don't really know how to pay online from their bank using ATM cards. If you don't have internet enabled smartphone or Computer simply visit nearest GOtv dealers near you for renewal of your GOtv Subscription, purchase and activation. Solution to Activate GOtv After Payment and Renewal Back to business, am sure you have learned how to pay for your GOtv monthly subscriptions, I will now help you solve few problems that might arise after payment such as: - Subscription has expired - Account expired To solve these problems and get your GOtv to work instantly there are few things you need to do, normally when you pay for GOtv it will be activated instantly while some take up to 24 hours but you don't need to wait anymore longer. Soluations 1 Here are the things you can do to clear GOtv Subscription has expired or Account expired error after you have successfully paid your monthly subscription. Visit: http://eazy.gotvafrica.com and you will see some options that look exactly like this (see image below) Select fix errors and you will be taken to this page as you can see below. Input your details such as your IUC and the security captcha as you can see then click fix errors and your GOtv machine will be rested and restored, all the channels will now be available and active. Solution 2 You can reset and activate your GOtv with your mobile phone even without internet connection, all you need is to dial this shortcode *423#and follow the prompts to reset your GOtv subscription. You can equally reset your GOtv simply by sending an SMS to your mobile phone in this format "Reset + Your GOTV account number" and send it to 22688 or 4688 Solution 3 You can reset your GOtv after payment by calling their customer service number which is 08039044688 This phone number (08039044688) is an official GOtv customer care phone number that can enable you to reach them whenever you have any complaints or request. Hope all your GOtv errors has been fixed but if you are still facing any problem, don't hesitate to share your own opinion below through comments.
  5. A truly horrific footage has shown how a lorry driver ploughed into stationary traffic after he fell asleep at the wheel. According to Metro UK, Mariusz Wlazlo, a 47-year-old man, was jailed after he drove his fully-laden HGV into two cars at 43mph on a busy motorway. The Polo driver, a woman in her 50s, spent weeks in hospital where she was treated for broken ribs and fractures to vertebrae. The Toyota driver also had to be treated in hospital for back and neck pain. Police released footage of the crash to show the dangers of not paying attention on the road. At the scene, Wlazlo told police: 'I think I went to sleep for a moment. 'I can't explain as I don't remember. It was like a dream.' Dashcam footage from the lorry and from another nearby car shows how Wlazlo, who was an agency driver behind the wheel of an Eddie Stobart vehicle at the time, was speeding up at the time of the impact. Wlazlo was in a 40mph zone of the southbound M6 between junction 8 and junction 7, near Great Barr, Birmingham, at the time of impact. The M6 southbound was closed for 90 minutes after the crash, which happened at around 9.40pm on March 15 this year. Wlazlo, who held a full, clean UK driving licence and had no record of motoring offences in his home country of Poland, admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving and was jailed for 16 months at Wolverhampton Crown Court on Wednesday. Wkazlo, of Speke, Liverpool, was also banned from driving for three years and eight months, and ordered to take an extended re-test. PC Gareth Phillips, of the Central Motorway Police Group, said: 'The collision has had a devastating impact on the victim in the Polo. 'Although she has made a physical recovery, she now feels unable to drive on the motorway. 'It shows just how important it is to keep fully focussed on the road and surrounding conditions, and to always abide by the speed limit as displayed on gantry signs.
  6. Former President Goodluck Jonathan has said that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will become solid after its Saturday national convention. Jonathan expressed the optimism in an interview with newsmen after his visit to Gov Nyesom Wike of Rivers, in Port Harcourt, on Sunday. He said that he was hopeful that by Saturday PDP would elect its new set of national officials “God willing we will go through the convention and the party will become solid. “Now we have the National Caretaker Committee and when you are caretaker you are not as strong as elected chairman. “You know the party just went through challenges, luckily we passed the challenges through the pronouncement of the Supreme Court. “Now we want to formerly elect the national officials of the party that will lead us to 2019 elections.” Jonathan said he was not in Port Harcourt for any meeting but to appreciate the support Wike gave him during the burial of his brother-in-law. “He assisted us and he came physically with his deputy and some principal officers of the state.” Asked of his assessment of the two-and-ahalf years of Wike administration, Jonathan described him as one of the best governors. “He is one of the best governors in terms of commitment and putting structures in ground. “I have always say that for you to say you are doing well as a governor you must add value to whatever you met . “He met certain structures and he improved on them. He has contributed roads and other infrastructure. “He even invited me to commission one of roads and bridges during the state anniversary. That is why people call him Mr Project.” Jonathan commended the good work of the media, their objectivity reportage and sensitisation of the public. “You have been playing your role especially as politics is involving and as we are going to different level.”
  7. Just recently the news of the diva losing her pregnancy made rounds on the social media and while the world was brooding that it’s favorite actress could be in pain, our dear Funke was lifting our spirits by returning to work almost immediately and making us happy with more Jenifa scenes. As we speak, Funke is on set with her crew for the production of her other series Industreet and the crowd on set supporting the actress is massive!
  8. A Teacher at starlight secondary school, in Ogidi, Anambra state has died after he was brutally beaten for flogging a 14-year-old student named Okafor Chinaza. According to report teacher flogged the female student after she refused to sweep their class room according to the roaster.. When the teacher walked in to teach them, she found out that the class was dirty as she questioned the student why she didn’t carry out her duty. The student allegedly responded in an insulting manner to the teacher according to fellow student’s present in the class room. In response, the teacher asked her to kneel down before the class but the student reportedly refused as the teacher annoyingly flogged her and she fled the class from the school fence, and ran home. According to starlight secondary school security, she refused to introduce herself properly as she forced her way into the school and went to the classroom. Upon getting close to them, the student who came with her mother and other relatives, pointed at the teacher to the mother as she rushed to hit her (the teacher) with the stick she had come with. After a while, the teacher collapsed and was rushed to Iyi-Enu Hospital Ogidi where the doctor confirmed her dead moments later. Currently, the parents and the student are being detained by the police in Ogidi police station.
  9. Governor, Umaru Al-Makura during his inspection tour yesterday – stopped a motorcyclist a.k.a Okada man who was carrying at least pupils on his motorcycle. The governor challenged and warned the okada man not to repeat Same so as to avoid causing problem to the people’s children. Governor, Umaru Al-Makura during his inspection tour yesterday – stopped a motorcyclist a.k.a Okada man who was carrying at least pupils on his motorcycle. The governor challenged and warned the okada man not to repeat Same so as to avoid causing problem to the people’s children. The governor gave one of his cars to his aides to take the children to their house. This is indeed a good gesture, Go To Topic Listing Next unread topic Auchi Polytechnic Expels SUG President, 2 Others For Misconduct
  10. Governor, Umaru Al-Makura during his inspection tour yesterday – stopped a motorcyclist a.k.a Okada man who was carrying at least pupils on his motorcycle. The governor challenged and warned the okada man not to repeat Same so as to avoid causing problem to the people’s children. Governor, Umaru Al-Makura during his inspection tour yesterday – stopped a motorcyclist a.k.a Okada man who was carrying at least pupils on his motorcycle. The governor challenged and warned the okada man not to repeat Same so as to avoid causing problem to the people’s children. The governor gave one of his cars to his aides to take the children to their house. This is indeed a good gesture,
  11. Five young men who were sent to jail for an alleged murder, were discharged and acuitted by the Enugu High Court, after the court found them innocent of the crime, they apparently, knew nothing about. According to reports, the young men have been in prison for five years, for a crime they knew nothing about. After waiting to no avail for an eyewitness to come forward to testify against the them, the court ordered that they be released discharged and acquitted. Facebook user, Chijioke Okibe, who shared a video of the excited youngmen wrote "There were ecstatic jubilation of some awaiting trial men today at the Enugu high court complex when five of them who had spent five years in prison were discharged and acquitted of a crime they said they did not commit." "One of the freed men told me that their journey started since 2013 when they were detained by Enugu SARS at their cell but that it happened that one of the inmates who was asthmatic and was tortured by SARS men and that led to his death" "Consequently according to the young man in his late twenties they were accused falsely of killing the young asthmatic boy." "Five of them were as a result incasarated for five years but were discharged and acquitted for want of diligent prosecution by Hon. justice C I Nwobodo today 29/11/17"

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