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Found 15 results

  1. The horrific death of a 5-month-old baby killed by his mother’s boyfriend in Michigan because he suspected her of Cheat!ng, has shocked everyone who’s heard of it. Fox News reports that the 19-year-old Rico Antonio Riggs kicked and severely injured baby Jordan Algee Jr. after the child’s 23-year-old mother Temara Shaniece Reed left the baby at home with him as she went to the store to buy something. Riggs went through Reed’s phone while she was away and he found text messages from other men and this angered him, so he took the anger out on the child. He reportedly went into the room where the baby was and kicked the baby. “I lost control, spazzed out and kicked the baby,” Detective Brett Orvis told a judge Reed admitted to him. When Reeds came home to find her baby crying uncontrollably and having difficulty breathing, she took him to McLaren Flint hospital. When the baby arrived at the hospital, doctors at first thought he was dead. He was then revived and was immediately transported to Hurley Medical Center, where he died of his injuries on March 25th. An autopsy showed his cause of death was blunt force trauma. At first, Riggs denied knowledge of what happened to the child. He told police that Reed’s other child, her daughter Nyla, was responsible for the infant’s deadly injuries. After giving several different accounts of his story, Riggs later admitted he kicked the child over text messages in Reed’s phone that showed she had been in contact with her ex-boyfriends. Riggs also admitted to police he was mad because his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriends had been over the house when he wasn’t there. Following the death of Jordan Jr., Riggs was arrested and charged with felony murder, first-degree child abuse, first-degree child abuse committed in the presence of another child, tampering with evidence, and intimidating witnesses. The boy’s mother, Temara Reed, was also charged after she was convinced by Riggs to lie and cover up for him. She was charged with tampering with evidence, lying to a police officer conducting a violent crime investigation, being an accessory after the fact to a felony, and third-degree child abuse. If convicted, Reed could up to 21 years in prison. Riggs faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole if he is convicted of the most serious charges. Before her arrest, Reed posted on Facebook the night of her son’s death, mourning him. She said losing him is the worst pain she’s ever had to bear. “He gone. My baby gone what im gone do why me,” she wrote on the night of the infant’s death. The next day, she wrote on Facebook: “I wanna thank all my family, friends & everyone that may not know me for praying for me. I can’t say I’m ok because I’m not but I can say Being a mother of 2 & losing 1 is the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life ! I just can’t wrap my finger around this one.” She also posted a photo of her smiling son and wrote: “Not waking up to you is killing me man.”
  2. A woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her husband while he was fast asleep following an accusation of infidelity. The woman was said to have stabbed her husband to death while he was sleeping for having a child with another woman. According to reports, the incident reportedly happened in Gabon. The deceased who is reported to be a sergeant in the Gabonese army died immediately after the knife attack by his jealous wife in their room. He wasn’t even taken to the hospital. During interrogation, the woman allegedly confessed that she killed him for cheating on her and having a baby behind her back. Taking advantage that he was asleep on Wednesday night, the scorned woman inflicted several stab wounds on the man which led to his death.
  3. Officers of the Rumuolumeni police station in Rivers state have busted a baby factory in the area. Following credible information, police officers arrested one Kelechi Okamgba, a 37-year-old woman who is alleged to be operating the baby factory at Rumuolumeni. She was arrested on 19/3/2018 at 11am. Upon her arrest, she led the Police to her Premises were four pregnant girls were found. The pregnant girls are; Obianuju Nze 22 years, Chinemerum Orji 18 years, Josephine Chimena 33years, Chidinma Ndukwe 17years. These pregnant girls are said to have gone there to mortgage their pregnancies and for possible sale to their identified customers.
  4. An ‘adult baby’, Jess has revealed that she likes to wear nappies, drink from bottles and ‘regress’ back to her infancy. The adult-turned-baby says that while people tend to claim the opposite, she is a fully-fledged, “very independent” adult. According to MirrorOnline, snaps of her Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL) lifestyle are regularly uploaded to her YouTube channel, which boasts more than 160,000 subscribers. “During the day, I’ll just be me – normal, adult me,” she said. “I work full time, I do my YouTube channel, streaming and other stuff like that. I have my own website, and then I also have other hobbies. I like to do art, I like to sing – just normal things.” Jess, who lives in Lakeland, Florida, US, now reveals the struggles she and her boyfriend go through as their relationship is met with hostility by the public. She said: “I’ve had people say that he’s [Stephen] abusive, or they say that he’s sick for wanting a girlfriend that acts like I do because then he probably imagines me as an actual kid – which is D!sgust!ng. “They say like ‘Oh he’s a paedophile, I wouldn’t leave him alone with my kid’. But the 23-yer-old instead claimed the appeal of ADBL or DDLG is that the adult baby reposes all trust in their partner. “The whole appeal to people with ADBL or DDLG dynamics or anything like that is that you are an adult and you’re submitting your control so totally to this dominant person, that you’re making yourself as vulnerable as a child. “It’s just like, ‘Oh, you’re trusting me so much that you’re willing to regress to such a vulnerable stage’. That’s what is appealing to him. That you’re basically submitting entirely.” While pink-haired Jess was $exually abused as a child, she rejects any link between her abuse and her apparent regression. Saying that she would have been who she is even if she had not been abused, Jess noted: “I don’t feel like I’m doing this to cope. I never really think about it. It’s not this healing thing because this is just what I do with my life. “I mean, I’m not going to sit there and say that there definitely isn’t some kind of link – but it’s also not to say that everyone who does this do so because they were abused and are coping with it.”
  5. The Director-General, Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr. Betta Edu has rescued a newborn baby who was abandoned by a teenage mother after delivery at Anderson Primary Health Center, in the creeks of Calabar South, Cross River State. The incident took place early hours of 20th March, 2018 immediately after delivery by the mother. According to the staff on duty during the incident, Mrs Elizabeth Offiong, a Chief Community Health Officer said on her arrival at the health center by 7.35am she met a young teenage girl at the door post of the facility lamenting over lower abdominal pains. “I thought it was an infection because most teenage girls here have STIs and will usually reject condom. but when she was examined, I found out the young girl was pregnant and was passing through labour. Not quite long, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy in our ward”, says Madam Elizabeth. Madam Elizabeth said after giving birth the teenage girl refused to undergo series of tests as she outrightly rejected the food bought for her. She refused all our offers to treat her and rather insisted that she doesn’t want the child. Mrs. Elizabeth also stated that the teenage girl who gave her name as Mary Bassey residing at No. 5 Edem Nsa Street threatened to dump the baby in the gutter if the Government does not take ownership of the child. All effort to persuade her to receive treatment was unsuccessful as she quietly ran away and abandoned her newborn baby. She noted that all trace to locate the residential address given by the teenage mother became unfruitful as such address and name did not exist in Bayside, Calabar South LGA. Reacting to the incident, while on a visit to Calabar south creeks, the Director General of Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr Betta Edu said she thank God that the teenager managed to even come to the health center to deliver the child rather than delivering at home and dumping her in a bin or toilet that probably would have led to the death of the child. She noted that, her Agency and the State Government led by His Excellency, Senator ( Prof) Ben Ayade believes that every child deserves to live, and every child should be wanted and be planned for or if you don’t want to have children then take up family planning. She said in Calabar South, the Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency is facing challenges because there are a lot of teenage girls that are pregnant and most of them are HIV positive and it calls for great concerns. According to her, “We stepped up health SENSITISATION in this communities and health workers have been going for house to house mobilization trying to convince them to take up family planning but the have rejected Family Planning. The culture needs to change, our chiefs need to help us, churches and prayer houses need to join in this advocacy for family planning, this young girls between 11 and 17 need to protect themselves and abstain from $ex where possible so they don’t have children which are not planned for or unwanted in the society with lack of motherly care”. Finally, she said the baby which has already been named Anderson (after the facility) will be known as “ANDERSON AYADE” because State Government will take over the support for the child till proper adoption is done.
  6. A Chinese baby born with three legs due to an extremely rare fault in pregnancy has had the extra limb removed. Surgeons revealed the extra leg didn’t belong to the boy. It was the remnants of his partially formed, parasitic twin. Parasitic twins arise when identical twins fail to separate, and the condition occurs in around one in a million live births. It is unclear why this occurs, but may be due to a restricted blood supply during pregnancy, which leads to the death and partial absorption of one of the twins. Xiao Fei and his family come from far-flung Xinjiang in western China. His parasitic twin hadn’t been detected prior to his birth because his mother had not undergone regular pregnancy checks, said the report. After Xiao Fei was born, his family took him across China to look for treatment and they were finally admitted into the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Centre. The boy’s surgeon Chen Qiu described Xiao Fei’s condition as ‘highly complicated’. Mr Chen told Shanghai Dragon Television ahead of the operation that Xiao Fei’s middle leg would be removed because it did not have any function. However while Xiao Fei’s right leg would be kept, it was born deformed because its foot was shaped like a hand and could not function properly. Therefore, Mr Chen said he and his team would not only remove Xiao Fei’s middle leg, but also cut off the foot on Xiao Fei’s right leg before transplanting the foot on the extra leg onto his right leg. In addition to the parasitic twin, Xiao Fei was diagnosed with a series of other conditions, including an undescended testicle, abdominal hernia and congenital heart disease. These conditions increased the difficulties of the operation, said Mr Chen. Bao Juan, the director of the Department of Urology of the hospital, said surgeons would bring Xiao Fei’s right testicle down from the abdomen to its usual place during the same operation. The operation started from 10am and finished at 7:35pm. Surgeons claimed it a success. Xiao Fei’s father Ma Xiaolong told Shanghai Dragon Television: ‘I thank the doctors very much. I was so nervous sitting outside the surgery room, but now after I see my child, I’m not nervous any more.’ Zhu Tongyu, the director of Shanghai Public Health Clinical Centre, said the success of the operation was significant because of the rarity of the condition. Mr Zhu also said the operation could ensure Xiao Fei to live a relative normal life, however Xiao Fei’s kneecaps are missing, so further surgery will be planned when the boy grows a bit older.
  7. A mentally challenged woman gave birth to a cute baby boy on the street along Decimal Road by water street in Sapele, Delta State. The mother after delivering the boy – abandoned him as the baby was taken into custody by a well meaning resident. The lady seen in the photos carrying the baby – is said to have been the one taking care of the child since the mother abandoned him. The lady said, she squeezed the last money she had on her to see that the baby was circumcised yesterday. Efforts are underway to see how to help the baby and the guardian. For those who are willing to send a token to the account below for the upkeep of this baby pending when an alternative solution to the case is found, below are the bank details. Account Name: Gajere Victoria Omomati Account Number: 0014206097 Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) Those who also wish to visit the baby to should call this number for direction 07038442563..
  8. The man during the operation to open his mouth A 39-year-old man has been able to eat for the first time in his life after damaging his jaw as a baby. Rajendra Panchal was just one-year-old when he fell on his face while walking, misplacing his jaw and wedging his mouth shut. His parents couldn’t afford to fix it and over time his jaw fused in place, leaving him unable to open his mouth more than 1.5cm. For decades he existed on a liquid diet and was taunted for his deformity until December when he visited the dentist unable to bear the pain from a severe toothache. Surgeon Dr. J B Garde diagnosed him with ankyloses of the temporomandibular joint and released the fused bones, meaning he can now open his mouth 4.5cm wide. The surgery, carried out for free on December 21, has left Rajendra, from Pune, Maharashtra, India, able to eat and talk properly for the first time in his life. He: ‘I am now able to eat and talk like any normal person.’ ‘Our financial condition was such that we could not afford medical treatment ‘Also, I had to drop out of school after fourth grade due to our poor socio-economic status.’ The man and his medical team after the operation Dr. Garde said: ‘It is a rare case. ‘Normally in such cases, it is diagnosed and treated without much delay. ‘But, here, the patient has persisted with the condition for 38 years, making it even more extremely rare. ‘The procedure to release the fused skull bone is a complex one and post-operative physiotherapy sessions play a vital role for such patients. ‘There are also high chances of re-ankylosis in patients if they skip the physiotherapy sessions. ‘The surgery lasted more than four hours, during which his fused skull bone was released and we achieved a satisfactory opening in the mouth of 45 millimeters’.
  9. Weeks after a lady gave birth to a baby with three legs in Kaduna, the second wife of a man identified as Malam Hassan Ibrahim, has given birth to a baby with 4 legs, 2 genitals at Sabon Garin Makiyawa in Magama Jibia, Katsina State. According to Dailytrust, 20-year-old Zainab delivered the baby on March 9, 2018. Hassan and Zainab have been married for four years and are already blessed with a three-year-old son, Fahad. Describing the baby, Hassan said, “The child has both $exes and four legs, the two abnormal legs, and a Penis are on the left side of the ribs, only one of the two additional legs is moving, the second doesn’t. I can say it’s a girl because the longer and normal legs have a female genital at their proper place.” When asked if his wife attended ante-natal clinic during pregnancy, Hassan said she did. “For now, I’m made to understand from some health officials that she may need surgery to correct the defects and was given a referral later to the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital to meet a consultant pediatric surgeon,” he said. Doctors’ findings and examination at the Turai Yaradu Clinic stated that “the second twin was attached to the first at the sacral region to the left, swelling at the lumbosacral region of both twins, polydactyl of the fingers. The provisional diagnosis was said to be sarcophagus conjoined twins.”
  10. Grandma, Mother Sell Newborn Baby For N250k A 22-year-old mom, Blessing Emmanuel, and her grandma, Patience, 39, have been arrested for selling a day old baby for N250, 000 on Shola Adewunmi Street, Jakande Estate, Oshodi, Lagos. According to Punchng, the baby was taken from Blessing by Patience, on the day he was born and handed over to one Ijeoma Okechukwu, their former neighbor. A few days after, Okechukwu paid them N250,000. Blessing then told residents that her baby was dead, but later opened up to a church member, Comfort Ogwuebu, who helped her family with accommodation, that her child was with Okechukwu. Ogwuebu reportedly alerted policemen from the Zone 2 Police Command, who arrested the suspect and recovered the child. Blessing revealed that she had earlier had a child for her boyfriend, Valentine, who got her pregnant the second time. She said she resisted the pressure to abort the pregnancy because she didn’t want to die. The Akwa Ibom State indigene said she was bothered about what would become of the baby when her mother told her Okechukwu had agreed to take him after delivery. Her mother, Patience, 39, said she had been weighed down by the burden of caring for her three children and Blessing’s first child before she came home with a second unwanted pregnancy. The widow woman said she saw Okechukwu’s intervention as an answer to prayer, adding that she thought her assistance would help the family out of poverty. The alleged buyer, Okechukwu, 35, said she was only helping the family.
  11. Lady comes hard on Davido’s baby-mama, Sophia Momodu over her pool-side photos. According to the Lady, Sophie is a Mum and needs to be a good example to her baby. She further advised her to dress well as many other ladies looks up to her. See what the Lady posted on Sophie’s Instagram page below:-
  12. There was panic after a woman gave birth to a strange baby at a hospital in Aba, Abia state. The incident which happened today reportedly shocked the hospital officials and those around following the ''strange'' birth. According to Cynthia Chioma, the woman survived the delivery and is said to be alive. The baby died after birth. While some think this has to do with something spiritual, others have argued online that this is a medical condition. A Facebook user Chyomsie Okorafor Gregory wrote; ' ''These babies grow like normal pregnancies but once the baby is born and detached from the mother the baby dies. Lots of us don't know if our body cuts short folic acid until the person must have taken in and will discover she is carrying an anencephalic baby maybe at 5months''. ''So its important that once a woman is ready to start trying out for a child or gets married or is having unprotected sex that can lead to pregnancy, she should start taking folic acid to prevent things like this'
  13. Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, according to multiple online reports allegedly resurrected a baby who was confirmed dead during a program at the Adoration ministry in Enugu state yesterday. Social media users say the popular Catholic priest revived the child after she was brought to the crowded crusade in a box and handed to him. He handed her back to her mother who was seemingly excited! Photos below.
  14. Just recently the news of the diva losing her pregnancy made rounds on the social media and while the world was brooding that it’s favorite actress could be in pain, our dear Funke was lifting our spirits by returning to work almost immediately and making us happy with more Jenifa scenes. As we speak, Funke is on set with her crew for the production of her other series Industreet and the crowd on set supporting the actress is massive!
  15. According to a french facebook page named First Magazine who shared these photos an 11year old child has just given birth to a child, according to them she was impreganeted by her elder brother: Seen on the net Amazing but true! A 11-Year-old girl just gave birth to a baby. Both Children (mama and baby) are doing well as you see them here in l' hospital. NB: she was pregnant by his handsome brother named Moussa Oulen from gueckedou

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