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Found 25 results

  1. Former BBNaija housemates, Leo and Ceec have for a while been sparking relationship rumors following their lovey dovey appearances at different events. Cee-C in a new interview has finally shared a bit more about what they have going on. In an interview with Arise 360 yesterday, she said; On her reason for sharing the acid attack threat mail she received, cee-C said it is a way of letting people aspiring to be reali8ty TV stars know there is also an ugly side to the popularity and fame. On her issue with former love interest in the house, Tobi, Ceec spoke on how disappointed she was upon getting out to read what people she looked up to wrote about her forgetting that people’s inability to escape from their emotions and all, could lead them to making mistakes.
  2. CONTROVERSIAL REALITY TELEVISION STAR, CEE-C, HAS BEEN THREATENED WITH AN ACID BATH BY A FAN OF OTHER FORMER HOUSEMATES OF BIG BROTHER NAIJA. Cee-C, took to her Instagram to reveal to her fans and supporters that she has just gotten an acid attack threat from a fan of other housemates over grudge borne from the aftermath of the reality show. The acid threatening fan who wrote an e-mail to the TV star, alleged that Cee-C pays people to troll on other ex-housemates of the reality show – Tobi and Alex, and she has failed to call her fans to order. The suspect ended up threatening to leave Cee-C with a scar she will never forget, adding that he knows where she lives and will douse some acid liquids on her. Read the threatening letter to Cee-C below;
  3. A TROLL JUST SLAMMED CEE C ON INSTAGRAM CALLING HER AN ”ASHAWO” AFTER SHE SHARED LOVELY PHOTOS OF HERSELF ROCKING A LANRE DASILVA DRESS, WHILE THANKING THE DESIGNER FOR GIVING HER THE DRESS. Cee wrote on the photo; Today I have realized that people who are kind are actually the richest because they are giving away kindness – something that can never be taken or stolen. You made time in your busy schedule to make this lovely outfit, thanks for being kind.” The troll then attacked her and Cee c’s mature reply will leave a smile on your face Read exchange below;
  4. Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-c, has revealed how other housemates felt when they saw her return to house yesterday. Recall that housemates could not hide their disappointment when Cee-C returned to the house following the eviction of Khloe, Anto and Lolu on Sunday. Cee-c, alongside Khloe and Anto were taken outside during the Sunday live show, and according to her, she thought that was the end for her. Anto and Khloe never made it back into the house while Lolu was evicted in the room by Ebuka. Cee-c told Biggie during her Dairy Session that other housemates also thought it was over for her and had started drinking to that. According to her, “When they saw me coming back into the room, their faces were bad. They felt really bad and it showed. “They had started drinking. Thinking I’m gone. They were like, ‘this girl does not die.’ “Biggie I’m grateful.”
  5. Tayo Faniran is not here for all the hate train parade against #BBNaija star Cee-C. In case you have not been following the show: Cee-C has been painted the villain of this year’s edition, and it is all thanks to her strong personality and aversion to bullSh!t. Often, she was embroiled in squabbles with housemates, and it was why most of them, especially Alex and Tobi, weren’t pleased when she wasn’t evicted on Sunday. But Tayo Faniran thinks the housemates could do better. Posting on his Twitter yesterday, the BBA star expressed his displeasure with the remaining Big Brother Naija housemates for overtly showing their hatred for Cee-C. “Why are they making it obvious that they dislike Ceecee, she has been too much at times but I’ve seen her soft side, I admire her confidence and self believe,” Faniran wrote. And when a Twitter user tried to diss him and Cee-C, the BBA star dragged the troll for filth, while maintaining his defence for Cee-C. “[Cee-C] has won more than you will ever amount to in life, bitter fool,” he said.. And he said a lot more. See his tweets below.
  6. Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Cee-c has spoken on why she accused Alex of throwing herself to male housemates. Cee-c had during the live show told Big Brother host, Ebuka that Alex was fond of throwing herself at all the male housemates. “Alex throws herself at all the guys in the house, showing B00bs and ass everywhere,” She told BBN host, Ebuka after he asked her about the relationship between Alex and Tobi. However, when asked by Nina why she described Alex that way, Cee-c said “Khloe told me that Alex took away Leo from her and Bambam also told me the same with Teddy A. “So, what I told Ebuka about her tonight with Tobi is what I heard from other female housemates.”
  7. Big Brother Naija housemate, Khloe has explained to fellow housemates that she believes Cee-c is a virgin. Khloe went further to explain that ‘Cee-c has not felt the kind of emotion we feel’. Khloe also revealed that she has a younger sister who is a virgin at 23. Watch the video conversation between the housemates;
  8. Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-C, after some days of bitter avoidance with her estranged partner, Tobi, has finally opened up to him saying he gave her a reason to love herself. This came up when the housemates were told to tell each other what they like in the other person. The task came up following the rift in the House. Tobi and his former partner took the audience by surprise as they began to tell each other beautiful things they could see despite their regular quarrels and fights. Tobi, who was the first to start the conversation, praised Cee-C, telling her how much he believed in her goals and that he still loved her personality. He said:- “I appreciate your person, I like your drive as a person, I believe in your goals. I still believe you have a big heart and I believe you have genuine intentions. “That person I used to know is open to corrections and I know you are. Most of the things I learnt in this House came from my interactions with you, both good and bad; but I have learnt a lot. “And I have become a better person though I am still working on myself. I have really learnt a lot because of you.” Cee-C, however could not hold back in confessing to Tobi how she admires his intellectual and physical strength. She said:- “First, I will start from the obvious. I like the fact that you are talented. You have so many talents that I find it amazing that you come out well in all the tasks. “You are ambitious and cool. You gave me the reason to love myself. Of course, a lot of issues I had in the House were because of you; but in the midst of it all, I found strength in who I am. “I like the fact that you don’t give up who you are for anything. There is a part of you that wants to get better and I like that about you.”
  9. BBNAIJA HOUSEMATE, CEE-C EXPLAINS WHY SHE TALKS AND FIGHT IN HER SLEEP. Earlier today, Housemates, Miracle, Lolu and Nina had a conversation about Cee-C constant talk and fight in her sleep. According to Lolu, he says Cee-C talks as if she’s having a conversation with someone and even fights in her sleep. Nina agreed with Lolu, adding that CeeC needs prayers. Moments later, Cee-C and Nina had a talk over Cee-C’s constant talking and fighting in her sleep. In response, Cee-C said “Its because of the issues i’m having.It’s something that happens subconsciously. A continuation of whatever happens during the day or week. My mum actually took me to church for prayers in the past. So I was told to stop playing too much .It’s not spiritual. I am mentally, physically, emotionally stressed. I can understand why i’m always talking in my dream. I’m dealing with a lot” Nina then said Miracle suggested Cee-C stop eating late as it could be a contributing factor.
  10. Controversial Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-c, has revealed why she constantly fights and talks in her sleep. Nina, Lolu and Miracle had discussed they saw Cee-c having a long conversation, and fighting in her sleep. Cee-c who has been in loggerheads with several housemates in the house, however, explained to Nina that her conversations in her sleep happens sub-consciously. She said her mother took her for prayers for her sleep issues. She said , ‘It’s because of the issues I’m having. It’s something that happens sub-consiously. A continuation of whatever happens during the day or week. ”My mum actually took me to church for prayers in the past. So I was told to stop playing too much. It’s not spiritual . ”I am mentally, physically, emotionally stressed. I can understand why I’m always talking in my dream. I’m dealing with a lot.”
  11. Nollywood actor and socialmedia critic, Uche Maduagwu has weighed in on Big Brother Naija housemate Cee-C,saying he can never marry her. He wrote I can never MARRY @ceec_official even if I’m offered 10 Million Naira, her drama is too GIGANTIC for my liking… Please nobody should beg me abeg, I’m the biggest Actor in Nigeria, and i don’t like rubbish. Can you imagine? One Mumu actress is saying that @ceec_official and myself will be a great husband and wife, what’s that nonsense? Of all the whole beautiful and pretty girls in Nigeria, its this @ceec_official that you’re saying fits me, please if it’s a joke, you people better stop it, I’m too handsome for all this local drama, even if my village people force her on me, I’ll still not accept. @ceec_official is beautiful no doubt, but with what i see this girl do to someone else’s pikin emotionally in BBnaija house, especially Tobi , i certainly can never marry her, and no amount of money can change my mind.
  12. Big Brother Naija ex housemate Teddy A, in an interview has revealed why he showed so much dissatisfaction with viewers votes after Bam Bam eviction from the house. According to Teddy A he couldn’t believe viewers like Cee-C and Nina more than Bam Bam as he was so shocked when they evicted Bam Bam. Remember Teddy A has mentioned to Rico just minutes after Bam Bam’s eviction that he couldn’t believe people prefer Cee-C to Bam Bam. In this interview with Pulse Nigeria, Teddy A explains the comment, which he described as a personal opinion, and not a generalized consensus. He said: “Apparently, that was like a big thing for everyone listening to the conversation. But, yea, I didn’t think she was gonna leave. Because left to my opinion… And that’s my opinion, it doesn’t mean that it’s a generalized consensus of what’s happening out there. I felt that at the time, it’s was what it was. I didn’t think that she deserved to leave. But hey, it’s a game. With the love we got out there, it kind of makes me wonder how. But that’s for another day. I’m just happy we are here. I’m happy for the growth and the trajectory where this is headed to. I’m happy and grateful.” On why he thought viewers wouldn’t choose Cee-C and Nina over Bambam “Like I said, I know Bam [and] you guys [have] seen Bam, are you really going to tell me you prefer them to Bambam? “I don’t know, maybe it’s just because of how I feel about her or whatever, and that’s why I am being selfish or blinded as to what the fact actually is. “But I know that eventually, the end would justify the means.”
  13. The events of the night of day 62 was some of the moat surprising of the whole #bbnaija double wahala season as Bambam got evicted and Cee-C ripped her clothes apart. BamBam’s shock Eviction really showed the Housemates that with Big Brother, anything is possible. The night commenced with Ebuka’s entrance into the party and then the House was clearly an enormous deal for the #bbnaija Housemates. The host of the show somewhat injected new life into the party and left a strong impression on all the Housemates who could talk of nothing else after he left. Cee-C, who always talk about Ebuka, appeared to be quite shy around him, barely speaking a word while Lolu and Khloe were acting like they had known the handsome TV host for years. It was apparent that the eviction of Bambam from the #bbnaija house wasn’t expected at all, by any of the Housemates and so it really rang throughout every corner of the House. Nina and Cee-C were extremely relieved at the fact that they had managed to survive but Teddy A was really torn up. He cried on the bed and expressed his shock to Alex, something that was quite unexpected, given the fact that he is the self-proclaimed “Alpha Male” of the #bbnaija house. Another moment that caused a stir last night was Cee-C cutting apart her traditional dress from Payporte. She literally cut the entire skirt of the dress off and made it into a crop-top that she wore with a tight pencil skirt. Many of the #bbnaija Housemates were quite shocked at her behavior as were viewers all across Africa. She, however, seemed not to have a care in the world though. She was open about the fact that she didn’t like the dress and she did what she needed to do to feel comfortable in her own outfit. Nothing best describes the happenings than the theme of the season, Double wahala .
  14. Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Tobi emerged as the head of house for the fourth time has revealed why he cannot nominate Cee-C for eviction. Tobi revealed during his dairy session that he can not put Cee-C up for eviction because of their unstable relationship. The duo is said to be romantic partners in the house despite constant quarrels. Tobi told Biggie “I cannot put Cee-C up because of our ‘off and on’ relationship. “I would feel bad putting her up.” He also stated that relationship will change in the house as a result of the return of two housemates. “I think a relationship will change in the house. “I think Khloe will come for Cee-C. “Biggie thumbs up for the game reset,” Tobi added Tobi shocked many viewers after he opted for Khloe instead of Cee-c to share his luxury suite after emerging as the new head of the house.
  15. THE ROLLER-COASTER SITUATION BETWEEN BIG BROTHER NAIJA HOUSEMATES, TOBI AND CEE C CAME TO A PASSIONATE CLIMAX TODAY AFTER THEY WERE GIVEN A TASK TO DANCE TOGETHER. As they danced, she wept, prompting them to share a passionate kiss.Despite this, they lost the task. Later on, Tobi apologized to her for conspiring against her.If you recall, on Sunday, Tobi was given his second strike for conspiring to evict her from the show.
  16. In a bid to solicit for votes, fans of Big Brother Naija housemate Cee-C have erected a massive billboard on the street ahead of upcoming eviction. The massive billboard contains a picture of the controversial housemate, the Big Brother logo and a number to vote for Cee-C. A photo of the billboard went viral on social media after an Instagram user spotted it and took a photo that was later shared. Even though the photo had gone viral on social media, the location of the erected billboard was not been disclosed.
  17. According to her, her parents never supported her dream to become an actress while she was growing up. It was more like hell anytime she was caught acting. “I have always been like this; I have always been dramatic,” She stated. Cee-C told Rico that her best moment was quitting her job at the law firm and settling for acting. According to her, her life has been better ever since and it didn’t take her much time to achieve the stardom she so desired. While Rico blamed circumstances as obstacles that can stop one from identifying their specific talent in time; Cee-C believed that many Parents did not do enough to push their children towards their dreams. “We need to be better parents than the ones before us. Our parents didn’t do well. The best thing that can ever happen is for a child to be supported by their parents. I was beaten for acting Drama,” Cee-C said. She finally urged parents to support their children immensely. “Do all you can for the well being of your child. We can’t understand things as children, only parents can. Do well to support your children in achieving their dreams,” She advised. Cee-C seems to have the support of her parents now as she once mentioned that her father even gave her some advises while she was coming for the Big Brother Naija show. According to her, it was her dad that asked her to stay away from any $exual act in the house and she would also go far if she pretended to be a married woman.
  18. Loneliness can be dangerous. For those that have been following events unfolding inside the Big Brother Naija house, you’d know that our pretty boy Rico is one of the housemates that’s without any love interest. With every other housemate being paired in a relationship, Rico and Ifu ennada are the two without a known love interest. It’s however unsurprising when Rico revealed that the only place he’s getting his love action is in his dream. Rico Swavey was captured by the cameras telling one of the most controversial ladies in the house, Cee-C, that he saw him kissing her while sleeping at night. Cee-C was seen laughing when Swavey made this statement. She then replied her fellow housemate saying he was probably thinking or imagining the two of them together before he slept. Rico disclosed that he has never felt that way about any of the female housemates but we know that he equally tried his luck with evicted housemate Ahneeka in the past. Mr. Swavey needs some action and we hope he gets to have some soon.
  19. Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Cee-C in a chat on Saturday with Teddy A had mentioned that she is a virgin and she has never had $ex all her life. Teddy, who didn’t look so surprised in the video, was captured savouring the moment and probably thinking if he should swallow what she was saying to him. Cee-c said: ”I have never had $ex in my whole life. The reason you never hear me talk about sex in the house is that I haven’t done it before.” Watch the video below: This statement of hers actually sparked so many reactions among viewers and a lot of people wondered how she could have the audacity to say that. One of the people that reacted to her statement was an alleged ex-boyfriend of Cee-C. In a leaked chat, the ex-boyfriend could be seen having a conversation with a friend who saw the video and immediately brought the attention of the ex-boyfriend to it. According to the chat, Cee-C is not a virgin and she had always been visiting her then-boyfriend to have regular $ex. The alleged boyfriend then went ahead to call her a Drama Queen and claims she only wanted to pretend as a holy person on TV, whereas she isn’t, according to what they must have shared. See the leaked chat below: Mavin boss, Don Jazzy on his twitter page said Cee-c maybe saying the truth. He wrote “What did i just hear, Cee-c a Fargin ok. It’s believable sha. #bbnaija.”
  20. A heated argument broke out between Cee C and Tobi after the Saturday night party and it took the intervention of Teddy A before peace was a bit restored between them. During the brouhaha between the on time love bird, Cee C made it known that she has never had $ex before, apparently, she indirectly claims she was a Virgin. She confirmed she was a 25 years old as Teddy A asked after she claims she was a virgin. Watch Video HERE Her statement has actually caused a stir on social media and a lot of Nigerians have reacted. Some even said she is playing wrong card at wrong time See Don Jazzy’s reaction below..
  21. Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-c has revealed she is a virgin. She disclosed this when the housemates engaged in the hot argument with Tobi.. During the chat, Cee-C stunned Teddy A when she said she had never had $exual intercourse. Watch Video below… By playing this video you agree to Twitter's use of cookies This use may include analytics, personalisation, and ads. Learn moreOK Twitter Ads information and privacy
  22. Rico Swavey who admitted he has been struggling with his love life overtime has indirectly shown interest in the controversial housemate, Cee-C. Big Brother Naija housemate, Rico Swavey looks like he’s made up his mind on shooting his shot at Cee-C since things aren’t working out for her and Tobi. Yesterday, Rico was filmed telling Cee-C that he saw both of them kissing in his dream. Cee-C was quick to laugh this off as poor Rico maintained a straight face. It would be recalled that in recent times, Cee-C has been confiding in Rico who spends much of his time at the kitchen. Watch the video below:
  23. Former big brother Naija housemate, Uriel Oputa, who was the drama queen of the diary room has reached out to the current housemate, Cee-C. According to her, every time she sees Cee-C, she sees a troubled soul. She shared a photo of her and wrote; Cee-C, recently opened up about her relationship status. According to her, she is single and searching but not available to just anyone. She became a household name across the country for the role she played and is playing in the life of another housemate, Tobi, has actually shocked viewers with her statement. Apart from the fact that everyone believes her relationship with Tobi in the house might not be so real, no one would ever believe she is not attached to some guy outside of the Big Brother Naija show. She stated that though she is searching she is not making herself available to just any kind of guy. She said: “Me, I am single and searching but not available to just anyone.” Although she went further to mention a guy named Diddy, whom she claims is in her life, he can be considered just a friend as he has been relegated to the Brother Zone. “For me, Diddy outside the house is more of a brother than a lover,” Cee-C added. Well, this might not have so much effect on Tobi as he has mentioned on the Big Brother Naija show that he had gotten what he wanted from Cee-C and so he has moved on.
  24. Big Brother housemates, Alex and Cee-C nearly came to blows during a heated clash in the Big Brother House. Trouble first started when Alex wanted to use Cee-C’s duvet to wipe her glasses but Cee-C opposed and warned her not to. In another scene, Alex snapped her fingers at Cee-C which caused the heated clash that they had to be separated from each other. Watch the video below.
  25. After 2-weeks in the Big Brother Naija house and countless times of curving him, Cee-c has finally voiced out her love for Tobi and he went as fa as saying she's been jealous that he was paired with another woman and its been really difficult for her to deal with. Watch the video below; Cee c valentine shoutout to Tobi and also admitting that she was jealous after seeing him with woman a woman 'BAMBAM' all day... 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️ she also said she owes tobi a conversation...#BBNaija ❤❤ pic.twitter.com/cAZw93pXZ7 — Ebenezer Adedayo (@thejayfact) February 14, 2018 This comes after Biggie chained housemates together with someone who isn't their official pair and instructed them not to talk to anyone except the person they are chained to. Tobi, who is officially paired with Cee-c was chained to Bambam. The look on Ceec's face as he was having an interesting conversation with Bambam was epic. Watch the video below With this Video, it's 100% Sure that CeeC Cee C is a Sadist, Witch And a dangerously jealous Woman. I pray that We men won't end up with woman like her. Also our Women won't have such woman as in-law. Also, May God deliver Tobi from her. #BBNaija pic.twitter.com/ZtIP8ZKah8 — ACE® 🇳🇬 ~~~ Science Student (@PhysioNiyi) February 13, 2018

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