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Found 10 results

  1. 5 Ways to Save Your Mobile Data

    Where your data goes depends on how you use your phone. As smartphones get increasingly smarter, the amount of data they pull from the Internet is increasing. For example, as you get instant updates about what your friends are doing, no matter where you are or get weather warnings when you are out and about, it means that some apps on your phones are taking liberal chunks out of your mobile data. The fact that you are spending more time browsing the Internet, streaming music or video, will also gobble up your data in a hurry. Fortunately, your Android devices have many options to help you save mobile data and below are five ways you can do that: Get your Facebook to behave Facebook is one of the more ravenous apps when it comes to consuming your mobile data. However, there are a number of ways in which you can limit how much data Facebook uses, while still being able to check what your friends and family are up to. Start by opening the Facebook app and tapping the three horizontal lines icon at the top-right of the screen, then scroll down until you see App Settings. Tap this, then tap Autoplay. Facebook automatically plays videos when you view your timeline, and this can soak up a lot of mobile data; set this option to either On Wi-Fi Connections Only or Never Autoplay Videos. Use apps offline A good way of saving mobile data on Android is by finding out which of the apps have an offline mode. For example, Youtube enables you to save music and playlists to your device so you can listen to them without streaming. By making your most-played songs and playlists available offline, you could save yourself a lot of data, just make sure you download the songs while you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. Apart from Youtube, other apps such as Google Maps will now work offline, so it is worth looking to see if your favourite apps feature an offline mode Make sure apps are not auto-updating There are apps that automatically download updates while not connected to a Wi-Fi network and this is another thing that eats up your data To make sure apps are not downloading these potentially large updates while you are away from home and using mobile data, open up the Google Play Store and swipe from the left-hand side of the screen to open the Google Play Store menu. Scroll down the menu and tap on Settings, then make sure that under ‘Auto-update apps,’ ‘Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only’ is selected. Limit how often apps sync, and what they update While you may want certain apps to continue to fetch data from the Internet, you can still limit the amount of mobile data they consume by setting how often they connect to the Internet to sync. For example, if you do not need to know straight away that you have got a new email, you can change your email app to only check for new emails every hour. Some email apps, such as Gmail, use push notifications for email, which means you cannot change how regularly they sync (as the app will tell you as soon as you get a new email), but you can prevent it from downloading images in emails while on mobile data. To do, this open up Settings and tap on ‘Data usage.’ Scroll down to find Gmail and tap on it, then tap on ‘App settings.’ Select the account you use with the Gmail app, then make sure there is a tick next to ‘Auto-download attachments to recent messages via WiFi.’ You can also tap on ‘Always show’ under where it says ‘Images’ and change it to ‘Ask before showing.’ Restrict background data Many apps will access the Internet while running in the background and only help themselves to small bits of data every now and again. However, if you have a lot of apps, this can soon add up, so you may find your data disappearing a lot faster than you’d like. There is an easy way to restrict which apps use your mobile data connection in the background. On the same page as the graph showing your data usage (also found by opening up Settings and tapping ‘Data usage’) you will see a list of apps arranged by how much data they have used. If you want to prevent an app from using data in the background, tap on it and select ‘Restrict app background data.’
  2. Would you like to switch your network or subscription plan? What is Glo cheapest data plan in 2018? Many Nigerian citizens are most likely looking for some incredible changes in the spring. Maybe, it is time to change something in your plan as well. Let us look at Globacom mobile operator and see what it offers in 2018. GLOBACOM The Nigerian mobile carrier Glo’s full name is Globacom Limited. The main office is opened in Lagos, but all subscribers and people who are interested in choosing this network as their main communication, can visit the official Glo site and find all the official information about Globacom, its promotions, and support here. We want to talk about Glo data plan and subscription options offered to all Nigerians, so you will be able to choose the cheapest option for you. This network boasts some of the cheapest data plans, so it is worth checking out the most ‘delicious’ options you can enjoy this spring. GLO DATA PLANS The popular Nigerian network Globacom offers several Glo data plan options: Flexi plans (daily, weekly, monthly) Campus options What are the most affordable packages you can opt for? Let us say that all plans that cost less than 1500 Naira can be considered fairly cheap. Thus, we will only list Glo packages priced no higher than 1500 Naira in 2018. DAILY GLO PLANS *127*32# – this is a 1-day option with 10MB of data per 25 Naira (you can enjoy even more – 12.5MB of data instead of 10MB – as a bonus) *127*14# – it’s another 1-day package with 22MB (27.5MB if you get a bonus) of data at 50 Naira *127*51# – this 1-day plan offers you 80-100MB for 100 Naira *127*60# – this is a 1-day package with 1GB of data (available from 12 am until 5 am) that costs 200 Naira *127*56# – this is a 5-day package with 210-262MB of data for 200 Naira WEEKLY GLO PLANS *127*57# – this is a 2-week package with 800MB (or 1GB if you are eligible for bonus) that costs 500 Naira *127*61# – this is a 1-week plan with 3GB of data that costs 500 Naira MONTHLY GLO PLANS *127*53# – this is a 30-day package with 1.6-2GB of data for 1,000 Naira FREE ACCESS TO YOUTUBE VIDEOS All Glo subscribers who pay 500 Naira or more for their data plan can use the free extra bonus – access to YouTube videos at night, from 1:00 am until 5:30 am. Bonuses are available to all Glo subscribers who choose to update their plan subscription before it expires. Besides, all new Glo clients can enjoy the nice extra data amount for purchases made within the first 3 months from their subscription date. It is possible to get Glo subscription through quick *777# phone number. It provides an option to choose your data plan. CAMPUS PLANS FOR STUDENTS Nigerian students who live in campuses can enjoy more data for less price. All the following cheap data plans are offered by Glo network through ‘Campus Booster Plan’ option via *777# number. 100 Naira plan – you can get 225MB of data on campus (plus 100MB of data off campus) for 2 days 200 Naira option – students can enjoy 450MB of mobile data on campus (and 200MB of data off this territory) for 4 days 500 Naira package – Glo offers 1.12GB of data for on-campus usage (plus 500MB of data for off-campus usage) for 7 days 1000 Naira data plan – Globacom provides 2.25GB of mobile data for using on-campus (and extra 1GB of data for off-campus usage) for 15 days What Glo data plan would you select in 2018? It does not matter what plan and phone model you have, it is easy to control your mobile data usage through the hsi.glo.com portal. Source: Naija.ng
  3. Are you looking for the cheapest or best MTN tariff plans in 2018? Do you want to know their benefits? This post contains all necessary information about the tariff plans on MTN network and their codes including benefits of these plans. MTN is the largest mobile telecommunication network operating in Nigeria and probably in Africa. Although MTN operates in more than twenty countries in Africa and Asia, they have the highest number of their subscribers in Nigeria. More than half of the Nigerians who have phones uses MTN. This because they have the best network coverage range and quality. It is not a secret that their tariff plans are more expensive compared to tariff plans offered by other mobile networks. But the quality of their service is the best comparatively. MTN has different tariff plans depending on what your needs are in terms of voice time, SMS, Internet data, and various bonuses. Deciding which MTN Nigeria tariff plan is the best in 2018 depends on you and your needs. So, before you choose a tariff plan or decide which one is the best for you, you have to know what your needs are and prioritize them. You need to decide whether you need a plan that will offer you more airtime for voice calls over data volume or you will prefer a plan that offers data bonuses or airtime for voice calls bonus. Some plans also offer discounted cheap calls to all local networks and even discounted cheap international calls. We have compiled all the available MTN Nigeria tariff plans and their benefits for you to compare and contrast. You can look through them carefully and choose the one you think is the best for you. MTN TARIFF PLANS AND THEIR BENEFITS MTN have updated their tariff plans from last year to offer better services and benefits to their customers. These are the new MTN tariff plans and their benefits. 1. MTN STARTPACK – MTN YAFUNYAFUN SIM OFFER MTN StartPack also known as the MTN YafunYafun SIM Offer is the special tariff plan for new MTN users. It offers new MTN subscribers the following benefits: 700% bonus on every recharge of 100 Naira and above. Free Internet access to WhatsApp every week. The 700 percent bonus will be credited to your bonus account immediately after you recharge. You can use the bonus credit to make calls and send messages to all mobile networks in Nigeria. Also, you can browse the Internet using the standard pay as you go rate with the airtime bonus. The airtime bonus has a validity period of seven days. MTN new subscribers get to enjoy this for three months. At the end of three months, this offer will end automatically and you will stop receiving this bonuses on your recharge. Your plan will automatically migrate to MTN BetaTalk tariff plan. To check your bonus balance, you can dial *559*43#. 2. MTN XTRAVALUE – THE BEST COMBINATION OF AIRTIME AND DATA BUNDLE MTN XtraValue is an all in one voice plus data bundle. This plan can be used by all MTN prepaid subscribers. It offers a combination of the awesome amount of airtime for voice calls and an unbelievable amount of data at the same time. There are two categories of MTN XtraValues and also different price package starting from 300 Naira to 20,000 Naira. The two types of MTN XtraValue are: XtraTalk Bundles – With XtraTalk Bundles, you get more airtime for voice calls over data volume. XtraData Bundles – With XtraData Bundles, you get more volume data over airtime for voice calls. These two types are each available at different sizes: 300 Naira (XS), 500 Naira (S), 1000 Naira (M), 2000 Naira (L), 5000 Naira (XL), 10000 Naira (XXL) 15000 Naira (XXXL), 20000 Naira (XXXXL). For each of these sizes, you can buy either XtraTalk Bundle or XtraData Bundle. See how it works below. 300 NAIRA (XS) XTRATALK Voice Value -1,000 Naira Data Value – 50MB Validity period – 7 days Subscription code – SMS V300 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value – 380 Naira Data Value – 150MB Validity period – 7 days Subscription code – SMS D300 to 131 500 NAIRA(S) XTRATALK Voice Value -1,950 Naira Data Value – 100MB Validity period – 7 days Subscription code – SMS V500 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value -600 Naira Data Value – 350MB Validity period – 7 days Subscription code – SMS D500 to 131 1,000 NAIRA (M) XTRATALK Voice Value – 3,900 Naira Data Value – 300MB Validity period – 14 days Subscription code – SMS V1000 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value – 1,275 Naira Data Value – 812MB Validity period – 14 days Subscription code – SMS D1000 to 131 2,000 NAIRA (L) XTRATALK Voice Value – 7,850 Naira Data Value – 650MB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS V2000 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value – 2,500 Naira Data Value – 2.5GB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS D2000 to 131 5,000 NAIRA (XL) XTRATALK Voice Value – 19,500 Naira Data Value – 1.5GB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS V5000 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value – 6,200 Naira Data Value – 5GB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS D5000 to 131 10,000 NAIRA (XXL) XTRATALK Voice Value – 39,000 Naira Data Value – 2.5GB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS V10000 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value – 12,250 Naira Data Value – 8GB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS D10000 to 131 15,000 NAIRA (XXXL) XTRATALK Voice Value – 59,000 Naira Data Value – 3.5gb Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS V15000 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value – 18,000 Naira Data Value – 15gb Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS D15000 to 131 20,000 NAIRA (XXXXL) XTRATALK Voice Value – 80,200 Naira Data Value – 4.5GB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS V20000 to 131 XTRADATA Voice Value – 24,000 Naira Data Value – 20GB Validity period – 30 days Subscription code – SMS D20000 to 131 To migrate to MTN XtraValue bundle plan, dial *131*2# and then buy the bundle size and type of your choice by using the corresponding code as shown above. After migrating, you can buy any of the bundle sizes available on this plan. Check your bundle balance by dialing *556# or *559*61#. 3. MTN XTRA SPECIAL PREPAID- THE BEST TARIFF FOR INTERNATIONAL CALLS MTN Xtra Special Plan is also a new tariff plan that allows MTN subscribers to make calls to all mobile networks in Nigeria and eighteen international destinations at a rate of 15 kobo/sec. Benefits include Calls to all the local networks in Nigeria at 15 kobos per seconds Calls to eighteen (18) international destinations at 15 kobos per seconds. These countries include Canada, China, Germany, India, Ireland, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, South Korea, Israel, Hong Kong, Romania, Denmark, Cyprus, Malta, Mexico, and Luxembourg. Messaging at a rate of 4 Naira per SMS to all local networks in Nigeria. 50 percent data bonus when you buy a 2,000 Naira monthly data bundle. To get the 50 percent data bonus, dial *131*110# or send 110 to 131. Seven days free subscription to EPL Service. This tariff plan does not attract a daily access fee, daily or monthly subscription plan. The Migration code for MTN Xtra Special is 408. To migrate, dial *408*1# or *123*2*3# or you can text 408 to 131. 4. MTN PULSE – THE BEST TARIFF FOR YOUNG PEOPLE MTN Pulse tariff plan is a special prepaid plan exclusively for young people but it is still available to all MTN prepaid subscribers. The plan allows you to make calls to all local networks in Nigeria at a rate of 11 kobo/sec after spending 11 Naira daily. This means that after spending a total of 11 Naira voice time in a day, all your other calls that same day will be at the discounted rate of 11 kobo/sec. Your calls before leading up to the 11 Naira daily threshold will be charged at 22 kobo/sec. Other benefits of MTN Pulse tariff plan include: Music streaming on the Music+ at 10 Naira per day. To subscribe to Music+ after you have migrated to MTN Pulse, send M to 5900. It is valid for only 1 day. Happy hour night browsing charged at 25 Naira per day. To enjoy this benefit after you have migrated to MTN Pulse, send “Night” to 131 to subscribe. This service is not renewed automatically. You need to subscribe every day to enjoy the happy hour night browsing. You will get a 100% data bonus when you purchase the 500MB weekly bundle. To subscribe to the 500MB weekly data bundle, dial *406*2# or send 103 to 131 and you will receive 1GB. Dial *131*4# or send 2 to 121 to check your data balance. Also, you will receive data bonus on recharge. 10MB bonus on 100 Naira recharge. 20MB bonus on 200 Naira recharge and above. This bonus is given only on the first recharge of the week and it valids for just one day. To migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan, you can dial *406*1# or just text 406 to 131. 5. MTN BETATALK – TARIFF WITH THE BEST BONUS MTN BetaTalk is a very cheap prepaid tariff plan for MTN subscribers. This plan gives you 250% bonus worth of airtime every time you recharge 100 Naira and above. You will also get 10MB worth of data volume every week. You will get a bonus of 150% on every recharge below 100 Naira. Calls to mobile networks within Nigeria will be charged at a rate of 42 kobo/sec or 25.20 Naira/min from your main account and 45 kobo/sec or 27 Naira/min from your bonus account. Your local calls, SMS, and Pay-as-you-go browsing will be charged from your main account after you have exhausted your bonus account or after it expires. To migrate to MTN BetaTalk, dial *123*2*1# or you can text BT to 131. 6. MTN AWUF4U MTN Awuf4U is a special offer from MTN. This offer allows customers to get a reward of 300% airtime bonus on every recharge worth of 100 Naira and above, or 200% on every recharge below 100 Naira. To get this special offer, you have to recharge using the special code *888*PIN# or recharge via VTU. For example, if you recharge 100 Naira, you will receive 400 Naira in your Awuf4U account i.e 100 Naira plus 300 Naira bonus. If you recharge 400 Naira, you will receive 1,600 Naira in your Awuf4U account i.e 400 Naira plus 1,200 Naira bonus and so on. Services and benefits include: You can call all mobile networks in Nigeria at 27 Naira per minute. You can send messages to all mobile networks in Nigeria 4 Naira per SMS. You enjoy international calls to eighteen (18) countries; South Korea, Cyprus, India, Denmark, Canada, South Africa, Israel, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Malta, the United States, Romania, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Sweden. Pay-as-you-go data browsing at 15 Naira per MB. SMS capped at 75 SMS per week. MTN Awuf4U can be used by any MTN Prepaid and Postpaid customer. All you have to do is recharge using the code instead of the regular *555*PIN#. After exhausting your Awuf4U balance, your calls, messaging and browsing will be charged from your normal account at the default tariff plan rate you are on. You can check your Awuf4U account balance using the code *555*14#. These are the MTN tariff plans in 2018. You can choose any one of these plans depending on what you need: more airtime for voice calls or more data volume. Source: Naija.ng
  4. How To Get Data on Etisalat (9mobile)

    If you want to know how to buy data on Etisalat (which is now called 9mobile, by the way), then you have come to the right place! Get everything you need to know on how to buy data from Etisalat (9mobile), including codes, benefits and prices. Check it out! HOW TO BUY DATA BUNDLE ON ETISALAT (9MOBILE) If you are looking for a good data bundle from 9mobile, then you are in luck, as there are so many to choose from! Here are all the bundles and the ways you can get them: For a plan that gives you 2 GB of data from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and on the weekends for a month, use the code *229*3*12#. This plan will cost you ₦1,000. For a similar plan that gives you 5 GB under the same circumstances, use the code *229*3*13#. It costs ₦2,000, and you get bonus 100 MB for using WhatsApp regardless of the time. If you need 1 GB for 30 days, use the code *229*2*7#. This plan will cost you ₦1,000. If you need 1.5 GB for 30 days, use the code *229*2*25# or text ‘AND11’ to 229. This plan will cost you ₦1,200. If you need 2.5 GB for 30 days, use the code *229*2*8# or text ‘AND2’ to 229. This plan will cost you ₦2,000. If you need 4 GB for 30 days, use the code *229*2*35#. This plan will cost you ₦3,000. If you need 5.5 GB for 30 days, use the code *229*2*36#. This plan will cost you ₦4,000. If you need 11.5 GB for 30 days, use the code *229*2*5# or text ‘MB6’ to 229. This plan will cost you ₦8,000. If you need 15 GB for 30 days, use the code *229*4*1# or text ‘SM1’ to 229. This plan will cost you ₦10,000. If you need 27.5 GB for 30 days, use the code *229*4*3# or text ‘SM3’ to 229. This plan will cost you ₦18,000. To get 1 GB for nighttime use only (12 a.m. until 5 a.m.) for one day, use the code *229*3*11#. It will cost you ₦200. If you need a 10 MB bundle for 24 hours, use the code *229*3*8# or text ‘MI3’ to 229. It costs ₦50. If you need a 40 MB bundle for 24 hours, use the code *229*3*1# or text ‘MI1’ to 229. It costs ₦100. If you need a 150 MB bundle for a week, use the code *229*2*10# or text ‘LCD’ to 229. It costs ₦200. If you need a 500 MB bundle for a month, use the code *229*2*12# or text ‘LCD2’ to 229. It costs ₦500. If you need a 30 GB bundle for three months, use the code *229*5*1# or text ‘4M’ to 229. It costs ₦27,500. If you need a 60 GB bundle for four months, use the code *229*5*2# or text ‘6M’ to 229. It costs ₦55,000. If you need a 100 GB bundle for a month, use the code *229*4*5# or text ‘SM5’ to 229. It costs ₦84,992. If you need a 120 GB bundle for a year, use the code *229*5*3# or text ‘12M’ to 229. It costs ₦110,000. If you need a 1 GB bundle for the weekends, use the code *5995*2#. It costs ₦500. HOW TO GET DATA ON ETISALAT (9MOBILE SMARTPAKS) In addition to bundles, there are also data smartpaks that you can get for yourself. These smartpaks allow you to use chat apps, social media apps or watch videos without limits, depending on the pack. If you want to have unlimited access to BBM, WhatsApp and wechat, you should get yourself a chat pak. For a ₦50 daily pack, use the code *343*5*5#. For a ₦150 weekly pack, use the code *343*5*6#. For a ₦400 monthly pack, use the code *343*5*7#. For a weekly special smart chat pak that also comes with access to the chat function of Facebook Messenger and additional 1.5 GB of data, use the code *343*5*10#. It costs ₦500. If you want to have access to the features of the chat pak, as well as to Eskimi, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you should consider the social me pak. For a ₦100 daily pack, use the code *343*6*7# For a ₦300 weekly pack, use the code *343*6*8#. For a ₦700 monthly pack, use the code *343*6*9#. For a weekly special smart social pak that also comes with 2 GB of data and access to Kakao Talk, use the code *343*6*12#. It costs ₦700. There are also several video paks that provide you with video streaming with no interruptions. For a two-hour pack and free night streaming for ₦400, use the code *229*3*5#. For a three-hour pack and free night streaming that can last for up to 3 days and costs ₦500, use the code *253*1#. For a seven-hour pack and free night streaming that can last for up to 7 days and costs ₦1,000, use the code *253*2#. HOW TO GET DATA FROM ETISALAT (9MOBILE) IN A DATA PLAN You can also get a regular tariff with data and calls for 20 kobo/sec. Here are the codes for these mobile plans: For ₦500, you can get 500 MB of data. To get it, use the code *229*2*11# or text ‘smarta’ to 8183. For ₦1,000, you can get 1 GB of data. To get it, use the code *229*2*22# or text ‘smartb’ to 8183. For ₦2,000, you can get 2.5 GB of data. To get it, use the code *229*2*33# or text ‘smartc’ to 8183. For ₦3,500, you can get 5 GB of data. To get it, use the code *229*2*44# or text ‘smartd’ to 8183. For ₦8,000, you can get 11.5 GB of data. To get it, use the code *229*2*55# or text ‘smarte’ to 8183. That is all we can tell you on how to buy data for Etisalat (9mobile). It is surprisingly easy, isn’t it? So go ahead, choose the option that works for you the most and enjoy your data!
  5. All MTN data settings are officially provided by MTN company. MTNNigeria is the telecommunications leader in Africa today, the company created and tested the first GSM network in the country in 2001. MTN’s global customer base was about 210 million in April 2014. The coverage of MTN in Africa is extensive and the operator is considered the most significant player in the Internet services market. MTN INTERNET SETTINGS Sometimes MTN new customers have difficulties with configuring their phones for Internet access. Considering this, we will talk about how to set up your phone on Android/iOS or any other device. Before you begin to use high-speed Internet, the right MTN data settings are needed to be installed on your device. It is not difficult to do this. Speaking about a USB modem manufactured by MTN company, you don’t have to worry about it, because all the settings are already automatically configured. However, if you are going to use any other brand of equipment, new MTN browsing settings will be needed (APN or packet data settings) directly from MTN. Use any phone write SMS containing the word SETTINGS and send it to number 3888. Sending of SMS to this number is free. Network settings will soon be sent to you back in SMS. Save them or immediately for the settings. MTN DATA SETTINGS FOR ANDROID PHONE To setup MTN configuration correctly, you will need to do the following: Open Setup menu, then proceed further to Wireless networks, go to Mobile networks, then open Access point names. Continue to Menu and push on “Select APN.” Then fill in the necessary lines with the following settings: in the column with the “Name” write: MTN NIGERIA; in the column “APN” we write: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net; for “Proxy” leave it empty; the “Port” column leave it empty; then enter the following in the “Username” column: web and in the column “Password” add: web Other lines should be left blank. MTN DATA SETTINGS FOR IPHONE/IPAD (APPLE IOS) For manual configuration you will need to: Open the Settings menu, then proceed to Cellular data, then click on APN Settings. After that, manually enter the data: in the APN column, type: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net, in the Username column, type: Web, in the Password column, also type Web To get the MTN configuration settings code on your phone automatically, send “SETTINGS” to 3888 and save the received data. After that, insert the SIM card back into the phone, and when you see the 3G/4G icon in the corner of the phone screen, your device is ready for use on the Internet. It should be remembered that for Internet settings on any device running on Android, iOS or HTC phones, you need to have a valid and appropriate tariff plan. In other words, without a suitable tariff plan with an active Internet package, you will not be able to use the Internet.
  6. Veteran Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde has asked Nigerian to stop buying data to cyber Bully Celebrities . During her trip to Badagry in celebration of her 40th birthday, Omotola addressed the issue of youth buying data just to insult celebrities(when they can do other things with their lives. Omotola Jalade Ekeinde marked her 40th birthday in grand style with a five-day party that had in attendance the likes of Africa's richest man Aliko Dangote, Gabriel Igbinedion, Shina Peters and others. See Video Below ; Download Video Omotola's 40th birthday celebration tagged #Omotola4point0 kicked off her with a party for widows and orphans in Lagos last Wednesday. The beautiful Mother-of-4 told PREMIUM TIMES:
  7. The only remedy for affordable data plan in Nigeria, Glo the grand master of data seems to be having difficult times lately and so unable to keep up with their data promise. Despite its epileptic network, people are still managing the Glo data due to their cheapest plan. The complaint of their customers didn't give them the courage to fix their slow network issue, but they went ahead to frustrate users the more. With the new unbalanced data bundle, Glo N1000 for the 4GB plan has reduced to just 2GB and Glo N2000 for the 9.5GB plan has reduced to just 4.5GB for the same price and duration. See the screenshot below. To confirm this, you can dial *777# from your phone with a Glo line to check further. This is a new development (as of yesterday). As of this morning, some people testified that they were given 4GB for N1000 and others said they got 2GB for N1000. I don't really know whom to believe for now, but all I know is that Globacom has reduced the volumes of their data plans and it's a matter of time before the new change gets to all customers. Recommended: Special Offer: Get 9Mobile 1GB Data For Just N200 or Get 5GB for N1000 If you compare the old data plans with this new plans, you will notice that they just slashed everything by half, just like how they did during April last year, before they later increased it. Is this not going to chase away their subscribers?
  8. Ntel has unveiled new Night Data Plans for superfast browsing, downloads and streaming at affordable prices. With Ntel new night data plans, you can now browse/download and stream UNLIMITED on a budget from 10 pm to 6am daily with super fast data speed without limits or data throttling. After an outcry early in the year on the increase in their monthly unlimited data plans which starts from N10,000, the newly introduced Night plans will definitely bring smiles to their subscribers. Notification from NTEL concerning the new plans read; "Get the Unlimited Data that fits your pocket! Ntel Unlimited U data from as low as N500. No data cap, no throttling, truly Unlimited" NTEL NIGHT DATA PLANS AND PRICE See details of the new plans below 1. N500 - Unlimited U from 10pm-6am Validity (2days) 2. N1500 - Unlimited U from 10pm-6am Validity (7days) 3. N5000 - Unlimited U from 10pm-6am Validity (30days) This offer is said to run from now until March 4, 2018. So if you have any big file to download or any movie, this is the right time to do that. How to Activate Ntel Unlimited Night Data Plan 1. To enjoy this offer, get the Ntel SIM for FREE 2. If you already have the Ntel SIM, visit Ntel site by clicking here 3. Input your Ntel Phone number 4. Choose your preferred Ntel Night Plan 5. Confirm and you will get the success text message Enjoy your data from 10 pm to 6 pm. As stated above, the data can be rollover to the next day. If you have normal monthly data, it will be automatically suspended during those hours and your monthly data will not be touched while you download with the night plan. Ntel, for now, is available only in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt with superfast 4G/LTE coverage.
  9. This post is for those who wish to know how to transfer, share and gift data MB/GB on MTN, GLO, Airtel, and 9Mobile to their family and friends. It's 100% possible to share your data with your family and friends and if you don't know how to do it then you will be happy after reading this article because you will learn how to transfer, share and gift data to anyone you wish. I previously wrote How To Share or Transfer data On Mtn Nigeria but most of them are now outdated and needs to be updated. How to Share, Transfer and Gift data MB on MTN, GLO, Airtel, and 9Mobile Without much delay here is the updated method on how you can transfer and share your MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9MOBILE data popularly known as Etisalat. 1. How to transfer or share data plans from one MTN line to Another. It's really possible to share your data or get data from someone as long as you use the same MTN network line but there are some certain procedures you must follow to make that happen but not to worry I am here to show you how to transfer or share MB data plans from one MTN line to Another the easy way. Step one Be sure to have enough data not less than 10MB. Step Two Dial *131*2 # and follow the prompt and you are done. Step Three Enter 0000 as your PIN which is your default pin or change to a new PIN if you wish and the PIN is to enable complete the action at any given time to avoid others from transferring your Data MB to their own line without your permission. 2. How To Transfer Data From Airtel To Airtel Airtel is one of the most popular mobile telecommunication in Nigerian that offers varieties of data plans as well allows their customers to share data among themselves without much stress Airtel data share is called Data Me2U and previously you can only share between 10MB to 6MB but now Airtel allows you to share up to 2GB (2000MB) and its simple to share Airtel data among family and friends that uses Airtel network. Procedures Dial *175*5# then option 2(Data Me2U) · Enter number to share bundle with · Enter volume bundle to share and click send then you are done. 3. How To Transfer Data From 9mobile To 9mobile network 9mobile popularly known as Etisalat Nigeria offers their customers the opportunity to share data among themselves, 9mobile data share is called moreblaze data sharing and it's very simple to share data from one 9Mobile line to the other. How it works 9mobile data sharing is a bit different from other network and according to them, they have following sharing plans. moreblaze family plan one data plan for everyone. your whole family can enjoy the speed of moreblaze, with this quick and simple sharing plan. just choose who you want to add to the plan and how much data to give them. family members will have access to the same data amount with each auto-renewal. To subscribe for family plan, dial *917# or dial *200# then choose option 3 for data select option 5 buy a data bundle share your data. Data balance transfer send some data to a friend. as long as you have at least 100MB of data, you can make a one-off data transfer from your bundle. you can send between 10MB and 50MB in each transaction, up to five times a day. it works in exactly the same way as an airtime transfer. To transfer data, dial: *229*pin*volume of mb*recipient’s number# i.e. *229*0000*40*08091234567# Multi-device plan if you use the internet on more than one device then 9mobile’s multi-device plan is just what you need. with a single plan for your smartphone, you can get data for up to four more devices. no more relying on wifi hotspots; save battery life. with multi-device you can also buy larger data plans – so you get more data for your money. your main smartphone should be your primary device, and is used to set up other secondary devices. if you normally subscribe to an 9mobile blackberry plan, we advise keeping your primary sim in your blackberry phone. to complete the process, you’ll need new, non-activated sims (which must be data SIMs). make sure you make a note of your puc (personal unlocking code) from the SIM card frame. to opt in: dial: *215*pin*1*newnumber*newpuk# SMS: send “add newnumber,1,PIN,newpuk” to 215 for subsequent SIM, replace ‘1’ with ‘2’, ‘3’ or ‘4’ the PIN is the personal security code of the main (primary) SIM. default PIN is 0000 you make a note of your PUK (personal unlocking code) from the SIM card frame.(secondary SIM) 4. How to share Data from Glo to Glo line easily Glo being the grand master of Data allows you to share your data plans with friends, family and loved ones. You can buy a data plan and share with your wife and 2 kids instead of buying four different data plans. Anyone you share with gets notified via SMS with immediate access to the internet. How to Share • To ADD people to share dial *127*01*[friend’s number]# or Send “Share [friend’s number]” to 127. e.g. Dial *127*01*0805XXXXXXX# or Send Share 0805XXXXXXX to 127. • To REMOVE people from sharing, dial *127*02*[friend’s number]# OR Send “Remove [friend’s number]” to 127 e.g. Dial *127*02*0805XXXXXXX# or Send Remove 0805XXXXXXX to 127. • To LIST PEOPLE sharing your subscription, dial *127*00# or Send “List” to 127
  10. Glo 180GB Subscription Code Is this why Y’all are saying Glo should win the bidding for 9mobile maybe at least it will improve her network? Well I’m going to hibernate my comment on that let’s see how it’s goes after the bidding is complete. For the heavy internet users, those who can download heaven on earth on their system, Glo have finally announced a suitable data plan for you and let me guess… You’ll love it! Though I don’t know how fast glo is in your location but in mine, slow is the definition of Glo. You’ll also recall that they recently unleashed Glo Unfair Advantage that let you get: 2GB for N500 4GB for N1000 9.5GB for N2000 24GB for N4000 30GB for N5000 55GB for N8000 75GB for N10000 And now, you can get 180GB for N20,000. Glo announced this in a tweet few hours ago. To get it, dial *777# and follow the prompt.

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