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Found 9 results

  1. We can’t get enough of Ciara and her beautiful family in these photos. The singer shared the photos which feature husband Russell, their son Future and daughter Sienna all dressed in white to celebrate Easter. It’s the first time the four of them will be celebrating Easter together. See the adorable images below.
  2. The Borno State Police Command has revealed that 25 persons died in the Easter Sunday suicide attack on Maiduguri, the state capital. The Borno State Police Commissioner, Damian Chukwu, who briefed journalists on the incident on Monday, said the high number of casualties happened because the insurgents attacked a wedding ceremony, on the outskirts of Maiduguri. He said 18 persons died on the spot as five male suicide bombers detonated their IEDs in the midst of people at the wedding. Chukwu said the five suicide bombers were mangled beyond recognition and their remains were packed alongside 18 other corpses to the mortuary. He said later on Monday two other persons died among the 86 persons injured as a result of the multiple explosions. The police boss said, “On April 1, 2018 at about 2020 hours, Boko Haram terrorists in an attempt to infiltrate Maiduguri through Bale Kura, Bale Shuwari, Jamine and Alikaramti villages in the Jere Local Government Area on the outskirts of Maiduguri township detonated IEDs. “They were promptly repelled by the military and police reinforcements. In the process, about 84 persons were injured while 20 persons were killed in the attack.” He added that another five mutilated corpses of the male suicide bombers were discovered, while two undetonated suicide vests were recovered and rendered safe by the Police EOD unit. Chukwu said policemen had been mobilised to the scenes of the attacks to sanitise the areas and return normalcy. He, however, lamented that the attack would have been truncated had the residents alerted security operatives to the threat. He said, “People should be able to apprehend anybody they feel is a security threat, they can also inform the security agents when they see any strange face or anything they think may threaten the security of their area.” Meanwhile, Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State, on Monday described the Boko Haram insurgents’ Sunday night attack as “sad and inhumane.” Shetiima told newsmen when he visited the over 80 victims of the attack receiving treatment at the Specialist Hospital, Maiduguri that the attack indicated high level of atrocities committed by the insurgents. “It is very sad, no sensible human being would commit such a level of atrocity but this is a war between light and darkness, and in the fullness of time, truth shall triumph over falsehood. “We have repeatedly said they have been sufficiently decimated and these decimated monsters bask in the oxygen of publicity. They are targeting soft targets, senselessly and criminally opening fire on innocent souls. “Yesterday (Sunday), we witnessed that very sad episode, we will continue to intensify our efforts to safeguard life and property, and we are talking with security agencies that are doing their utmost best to secure the state. “Appreciable progress has been made but such hiccups are inevitable. I will visit the communities to see what measures need to be put in place to forestall a future occurrence,” he said. Shettima assured the people that the state government would provide free treatment to the victims and provide necessary support during their period of recuperation. The governor also condoled with the families of those who lost their lives in the attack.
  3. Ambode Celebrates Easter With Lagosians At The JJT Park: (Photos) THE EASTER CELEBRATION IS BEING CELEBRATED ACROSS NIGERIA AND THE LAGOS STATE GOVERNOR DECIDES TO SPEND HIS WITH FEW LAGOSIANS. Governor Akinwunmi Ambode thronged the JJT Park, Alausa, Ikeja for the Easter celebration on Sunday, April 1, 2018. See photos below:
  4. Footage has emerged of Blac Chyna and her teen rapper boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay getting into a fight on Easter Sunday while she was at Six Flags theme park with her two young children. The 29-year-old had to be held back by multiple people after she suddenly tried to hurl a bright pink children’s ride-on car at someone else in the Los Angeles theme park. Various videos have appeared on social media showing crowds of shocked people gathering around as they watched Rob Kardashian’s ex-lose her cool.
  5. Action resumes across all centers in Europe as top teams in the leagues battle each other after a grueling international assignment. As usual two London clubs will be gazing at each other in the English Premier League to earn a top four finish and a guaranteed Champions League football next season. Two Spanish opposition who qualified into the Champions League quarter finals will come neck-to-neck on the domestic scene. Over the years, when two of these German Bundesliga sides lock horns, and it will be a first versus third match in Munich. Old enemies in the Italian Serie A come face to face again at the San Siro in a fixture that promises to be explosive at the weekend. Here are the four weekend matches you can not afford to miss 1. Chelsea vs Tottenham Antonio Conte will be looking to redeem his image when they host visiting Tottenham Hotspurs at Stamford Bridge. Mauricio Pochetino’s side are five points ahead of their fellow Londoners who are fifth as they slug it out in the London derby. Chelsea hope to finish the season in top four following their disappointing defence of the league as Spurs stand in their way to Champions League football next season. 2. Sevilla vs Barcelona Sevilla have been the surprise team in the Champions League this season after coming through Manchester United in the round of 16. However they have not been having the best of times on the domestic scene losing their last game away by 2-0 to Leganes after recording an emphatic victory against United. Barcelona who have unbeaten will be aiming to continue their flawless run in La Liga as they will be having a taste of date with their Copa del Rey finalist. 3. Beyrn Munich vs Borussia Dortmund The Bavarians are 18 points above their fierce rivals Dortmund in the league but there is always something to play for they both sides meet at the Allianz Arena. Dortmund lost the reverse fixture at the Signa Iguna Park by a slim 2-1 win but they will be hoping to return the favour when they visit the German capital. 4. Juventus vs AC Milan Just two points separate the defending champions from Napoli at the top as all the Old Lady need is to do is secure maximum points a in Turin. However, the return of the prodigal son Leonardo Bonucci to his old club will make the contest an entertaining affair. Gattuso’s side were knocked out of the Europa League by Arsenal but they will be looking to continue there in the Serie A.
  6. Out-of-control Chinese space station, Tiangong-1, is predicted to reenter Earth’s atmosphere at 11:30am BST (6:33am ET) on Easter Sunday. The space craft is carrying highly toxic chemicals and could crash into a number of highly populated areas, researchers claim. Areas that could be hit include New York, Barcelona, Beijing, Chicago, Istanbul, Rome and Toronto. When the station does eventually enter the atmosphere it could unleash a ‘series of fireballs’ that will be seen by observers. Scientists still do not yet know where the satellite fragments are likely to land. The latest prediction comes from Aerospace engineering, who claims the time for reentry could be anywhere within 16 hours either side of this. The European Space Agency (Esa) is also tracking the space stations gradual descent. Due to its gentle descent, Tiangong-1 is now experiencing significant drag as it brushes against the planet’s denser outer atmosphere and it is dropping out of orbit by about 2.5 miles a day. When Tiangong-1, Chinese for Heavenly Place, reaches an altitude of about 43 miles above the surface, it will begin its re-entry. When it reaches this point, Markus Dolensky, of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, told CNN that observers on Earth will potentially see ‘a series of fireballs streaking across the sky’. ‘It is now nearing its fiery demise,’ he added. This will only happen if conditions are clear, however. The dramatic reentry will be unmissable, but keen astronomers are keeping their eyes peeled for Tiangong-1 throughout its final days. Yesterday, a live stream was set up by Virtual Telescope Project to capture Tiangong in one of its final passes across the sky. It is visible to the Nakked eye and can be seen by people living in mid-latitude areas in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Like many satellites and the ISS, Tiangong-1 looks like an unblinking white light gliding swiftly across the sky. Predicting when and where the rogue station will reach the surface is extremely difficult as it orbits the Earth at around 18,000 mph (29,000km/h). To track the satellite, experts are using some of the most advanced and powerful telescopes in the world.
  7. Christians around the world are celebrating Easter, which is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is arguably one of the most important date on the religious calendar. Easter marks the end of Lent, a 40-day period of fasting and reflection. The day holds the promise of victory over death, a new life and the forgiveness of sins. Easter is also commemorates the death of Jesus Christ. It is greatly influenced by the Christian faith as it reminds believers to remember the last sacrifice of the Son of God. Here are six facts about the Easter you probably never knew about: 1. There’s more than one theory about where Easter got its name. The word Easter has been linked to Eostre, an Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and new life. Other scholars trace the name of the holiday to the Latin phrase “hebdomada alba,” which means “white week.” According to tradition, new Christians were baptized into the faith on Easter while wearing white clothes. The phrase evolved into “eostarum” in Old High German, becoming “Ostern” in modern German and “Easter” in English. But in many other languages, the word for Easter is still deeply tied to Passover, the festival that celebrates the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Jesus was crucified soon after he arrived in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover feast. 2. Easter has always been tied to the moon. Since the Jewish calendar is based on lunar cycles, Passover falls on 14 Nisan, the 14th day of the first full moon of spring. Christians in Asia Minor used to remember the crucifixion on the 14 Nisan, and celebrate the resurrection on 16 Nisan. But this meant that Easter could fall on any day of the week. On the other hand, Christians in the West celebrated Easter on the first Sunday after 14 Nisan. In 325, the Roman Emperor Constantine I gathered bishops from around his empire at the Council of Nicaea to hammer out a solution to this and other debates raging in the early church. The council decided that Easter would be observed on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox. 3. Easter falls on a different date each year Technically, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the full Moon after the Vernal Equinox. The worship of Attis and Cybele was very popular in Rome as late as the 3rd century. Attis was a soter, or savior, god who was reborn each year. This resurrection was celebrated beginning on the Friday after the full moon after the Vernal equinox (now Good Friday). It culminated on the following Sunday three days later. Since they were rivals, Christianity adopted the date for their soter and, once the Cybele cult faded, Christians had to keep the date since that was when everybody was used to celebrating the holiday. 4. Easter eggs The egg has always been a symbol of fertility, creation and rebirth. Many ancient cultures’ creation myths involved the earth being hatched from an egg. Though other societies may not have had such a creation myth, they still held the egg as a symbol of new life. The ancient Persians and Egyptians exchanged colored eggs, usually red, in honor of spring. The Greeks and Romans adopted the custom, enlarging the color palette. In Medieval Europe, eggs were forbidden during Lent. This made eggs very popular at Easter. 5. The celebration of Eostre gave birth to the Easter Bunny These early pagan customs also established the iconic myth of the Easter Bunny. These early people worshipped rabbits as god-like creatures because of their ability to mate and reproduce in astounding abundance. The Celtic Eostre, however, came with a legend that their god would turn into a giant rabbit at the rise of each full moon. Both of these views made this deity the fertility symbol of their respective faiths. 6. Easter originally had nothing to do with Christianity Instead, it was a pagan celebration of spring and the rebirth of life after the cold winter months where only beards grew.
  8. The president of Nigeria addresses the citizens of the country on the occasion of the 2018 Easter Celebrations. Read full address below:- Muhammadu Buhari President, Federal Republic of Nigeria March 29, 2018.
  9. Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NAIA) Abuja on Friday witnessed an upsurge of traffic as hundreds of passengers travel to different parts of the country for Easter celebration. The upsurge was more in the domestic wing even as international terminal also looks busy. An official of the airport, who pleaded anonymity, said that the airport was busier on Thursday than Friday. He explained that the Thursday traffic was more on the Lagos route, attributing it to the celebration of Bola Tinubu’s birthday that took place in Lagos. Mr Abdullahi Saroke, Max Air Station Manager, said that all flights had been fully booked for the past three days to different parts of the country. Saroke confirmed that the airport had been quite busy in the last three days, adding that flight operations were normal. He disclosed that there were some cancellations and flight delays to some northern parts of the country on Thursday due to hazy weather conditions in those areas. According to him, no flight has been canceled on Friday but there was some delays especially on flights to Maiduguri, Yola and Kano. “The traffic was more yesterday than today but we had some delays and cancellations yesterday because of bad weather. “All flights have been fully booked since Tuesday due to Easter celebration and we have been having an upsurge of passengers since yesterday (Thursday). – “This is good for airlines because they survive on the number of flights they operate per time,” he said. A traveler, Mr Martin Akinola, said the long holiday was an opportunity for him to travel to see his aged parents in Ibadan. Akinola urged Christians to use this period to pray for the peace of Nigeria and an end to the farmers/herdsmen clashes across the country. (NAN)

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