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  1. Recently evicted housemates, Lolu, may have been more interesting than we realized. Apart from Rico, Lolu was also considered one of the most liked in the house. His diplomatic and problem-solving skills earned him fans across the country. His romance with fellow housemate, Anto, also added to his loved feature as a ladies’ man. Sadly, neither he nor his love interest, Anto, made it into the finals and their fans are clearly heartbroken about this. Well, Lolu may be out of the house but he is certainly not out of people’s hearts. There is so much more to the now reality star and GLtrends has details. Here are 7 things you probably didn’t know about the well spoken gentleman: 1. He is 29-year-old From his boyish looks, Lolu can definitely pass for 20. However, the talented investment manager is in his late 20s, probably one of the oldest contenders in the BBNaija show. 2. Former OAP at Cool FM Ibadan Lolu was reportedly worked as an On-Air personality for the popular radio station, Cool FM, Ibadan. This is no surprise as he is one of the housemates with an almost-perfect diction. 3. His father isn’t aware he went for the show At the begining of the show, Lolu revealed that he didn’t let his father know that he was going for the show. This goes a long way to show how brave and determined he was about pursuing his dreams. 4. Good with accents Among his many talents, Lolu is very good with accents. He could fool you to beleive he is an Igbo man with a very thick accent and the next thing, he sounds like a proper British man with a cockney accents. Little wonder, he was very good with the drama task in the house. 5. Alumnus of University of Ilorin With all the different accents and the wealth of knowledge he has, one would think he school abroad. However that is not the case. He finished from the University of Ilorin in Kwara state, Nigeria. 6. His intentions for the money When he was asked what his plans were for the money, he revealed that he would go back to school with the money and also invest, travel and help renovate his father’s house. Sadly, he didn’t lost out in the race. 7. Interesting hobbies He enjoys eating, reading, traveling, playing video as well as board games. He is also a secret poet, dancer and singer. 8. His high and low moments His highest point in life was securing a job at a large investment banking corporation. His low moment was losing his mother which made him reach rock bottom.
  2. Are you going to the United Kingdom to study or for a business trip? Without a doubt, our review will be useful for you. In our post, we will tell you everything you should know about UK visa application in Nigeria: fees, form, tracking, requirements. Read only the verified information. Visa is not a barrier on the way to a trip, but just a small step to the beginning of a great journey or a new life! How to apply for UK visa? UK VISA APPLICATION IN NIGERIA If you want to make application for UK visa you should do the next four steps: 1. MAKE YOUR UK VISA APPLICATION You can do it online. For this purpose, you need to create your account and write in the UK visa application form on the official website [Hidden Content]. If you are not active within twenty-five minutes, you come out of online form automatically. Note: You can use the following link if you are not able to apply online for some reason www.gov.uk/government/collections/uk-visa-forms#forms-for-a-visa-to-come-to-the-uk. Here you can find all application forms and print them. You have to pay a visa fee online. The amount depends on the visa type (we’ll give you some details a little later.) 2. PRINT OUT YOUR APPLICATION FORM 3. VISIT THE APPROPRIATE VISA APPLICATION CENTER For this purpose, you should book the date and time of the meeting and interview beforehand. Do not be late for an appointment. In Nigeria there are three centers: Abuja Ikeja, Lagos Victoria Island, Lagos For more details concerning UK visa centers in Nigeria and their activities see [Hidden Content]. Besides, going to the appointment at the visa center take accompanying documents (originals and copies) for your visa. All the copies should be made on A4 and have good quality. Moreover, at the meeting in visa center, your biometric data will be taken too. After your appointment with visa center, your visa fee is not returned. You can track your application by checking your email and account on the website of your visa center. UK VISA REQUIREMENTS REQUIRED DOCUMENTS A valid passport or other valid travel ID. An empty on both sides page in your passport for the UK visa. Accompanying documents issued in other languages must be translated into English or Welsh and certified. You can check the full list of required accompanying documents through this link [Hidden Content] OTHER REQUIRED DATA You are also going to need to provide the following information: the dates you’re going to visit the UK information about the place of your staying during the visit the approximate expenses for your trip your present home address and a period of your residence there parent information (their names and DOBs) your annual earnings Besides, you may be asked about: information regarding your travels for the last ten years (according to your passport) contact details of your employer information about your partner (name, DOB, and number of his/her passport) contact details of a person who pays for your visit contact information and passport number relating to one of the family members in the UK information on any criminal, civil or immigration crimes committed by you Keep in mind: You must have a tuberculosis test if you are going to the UK for more than six months. The certificate confirming that you are healthy should be added to the other accompanying documents. UK VISA FEES The cost of UK visa depends on the type of visa. VISIT VISA CATEGORY STANDARD VISITOR VISA FEES short period ( to six months, one time or numerous visit) costs 138 US dollars long period (up to two years ) costs 518 US dollars long period (up to five years ) costs 941 US dollars long period (up to ten years ) costs 1181 US dollars STUDIES FOR SHORT PERIOD short period ( to six months) costs 144 US dollars short period ( for learning English) costs 275 US dollars VISITORS FOR BUSINESS visitor for business – academic visitor (to twelve months) and dependent costs 275 US dollars visitor for business – clinical applications and dental follow-up test costs 138 US dollars k.’s messenger costs 138 US dollars authorized paid employment costs 138 US dollars promising entrepreneur costs 138 US dollars PARTICULAR VISITORS – PARENTS OF SCHOOLCHILDREN parents of a schoolchild (to twelve months) costs 764 US dollars PARTICULAR VISITORS – CHILDREN VISITORS short period ( to six months, one time or numerous visit) costs 138 US dollars long period (up to two years ) costs 518 US dollars long period (up to five years ) costs 941 US dollars long period (up to ten years ) costs 1181 US dollars DIPLOMATIC OR OFFICIAL VISITOR the holder of diplomatic passport is free official invitation from the Government of Great Britain is free VISITORS OF COURSE F visitors of course F (major candidate and dependent) costs 764 US dollars TRANSIT VISITORS transit visitors costs 95 US dollars We indicated only the widest spread visa fees of visit category in our review. The other visa categories are Study Work Joint family Transit Crown dependencies Settlement Other For example, STUDY CATEGORY Point based system, Tier 4 (Study) student candidate and dependents cost 515 US dollars WORK CATEGORY Point based system, Tier 1 tier 1 investor – major candidate costs 2402 US dollars tier 1 entrepreneur – major candidate costs 1511 US dollars Point based system, Tier 5 tier 5 candidate (temporary employee) – major candidate and dependents cost 361 US dollars JOINT FAMILY CATEGORY Particular visitors marriage or civil partnership costs 138 US dollars For the details regarding all kinds of visa fees see the next link [Hidden Content]. The processing time for UK visa application in Nigeria is usually 15 working days. Applications for certain types of visas are considered for 30 days or even 60 or 120 days. The time of processing may depend on various factors. As you see, it isn’t difficult to apply for UK visa in Nigeria. You should follow all the instructions available on official websites dealing with UK visa application in good faith. If you carefully fill in the application form online and collect all the necessary documents, you will get a chance to fulfill your dream.
  3. Ogboni fraternity is an indigenous fraternal institution of the Yoruba language-speaking polities. They are spread in Togo, Republic of Benin, Nigeria and Edo. This society performs a range of various political, cultural, religious and economic functions. They are very close and exercise major influence to monarchs, presidents and community leaders. How to become one of them and who are they actually? Read the article to find out! OGBONI SECRET SOCIETY OVERVIEW What is Ogboni? For today, it’s considered to be a secret society or even cult that appeared amongst the Yoruba people a long time ago. This organization has always been a part of the mystery for the government. Therefore, it’s unclear to understand what the date of launch for this organization is. The earliest mention about the Ogboni was in 1884. For that time, they started to perform religious, political and judicial functions. In the early days, they served to be the link between Gods and humans. They worshipped the goddess of Earth as she gave them the real power of unity. Ogboni used to be the highest court in Yorubaland. No person was punished without their judgment or consent. They were so powerful, that had the ability to choose or remove kings. When it comes to the different rituals performed by Ogboni, scientists still can’t get clear answers on that! There is not enough information about the Ogboni fraternity symbols, rituals and initiation process. It’s even a secret whether only men are allowed to become a part of Ogboni big family! Ogboni Lodges also were a part of this secrecy as people who tried to show off and open their secret locations were doomed to be expelled from life! What is more interesting about Ogboni is their undesired to open up to the society. It seems that people who are part of this secret society have no permission to tell anybody about the affiliation to the society. Nevertheless, even if women are permitted to be part of the society, the highest position is still to be occupied by the elder and most powerful man. Ogboni secret society existed through the ages, but their power is still to be relevant today with the newest technologies of influence. They seem to have their parts in politics all around Africa. Who knows? Maybe they are the people who decide the fate of the whole Africa continent and people who live there! REFORMED OGBONI FRATERNITY Reformed Ogboni Fraternity is also referred as ROF. It shares the same principles and organization like the Ogboni Fraternity. Nevertheless, they still have some differences that you should know if you don’t want to misunderstand them. The ROF is the offspring of Ogboni Fraternity. According to the Facebook page of ROF, the organization was founded in 1918. The ROF do not consider themselves a part of any secret society! They are not associated with any political party. The main objective of ROF is to launch a network that can spread the ideas through their supporters economically, politically and socially. They want to uphold the ideas of serving people and abide laws of the country and God. Therefore, they promote charity, benevolence, chastity and provide help to people in distress regardless of their nation, religion, colour of skin or membership status. It’s interesting that this organization accepts men and women to be their members. Nevertheless, there are some rules that both sexes have to follow when they enter the organization. They should abide laws, be honest and believe in God. Men have to be at least 21 years old to be acceptable for the organization. At the same time, women are allowed to become part of this society only if they are 40 years old. Nevertheless, if a woman is married to a man who is a member of ROF, then she can also become a member of the society. Still, it only drops the age of this woman to 30 years old. Moreover, if a woman is married – she needs permission from her husband to become a member of the society. ABORIGINE OGBONI FRATERNITY There is also another type of Ogboni Fraternity that can be traced back to the era of the primordial civilization of humans. It can be traced back to 4500 BC in Ife-OOdaye. It’s the period of the legendary Oduduwa himself that lies between 4th and 5th centuries A.D. What is known about Oduduwa? He was the acclaimed father of all Yoruba people. In the beginning, there was Ife-Oodaye. Therefore, it was Ife language and not Yoruba. Therefore, for today, all descendants of Oduduwa can generally be called Yoruba. The colonial era provided new ways of identification of Yoruba. The British Empire desired to distinguish various tribes and divide the country. Nobody could precisely say what motivated Ogboni cult to become a secret society. Aborigine Ogboni could exist during the pre-colonial era as part of chieftains. Odudawa is considered to be a person who came to the lands of Ile-Ife communities. Therefore, Ile-Ife tried to protest against his coming to their land. Nevertheless, they couldn’t provide any adequate resistance to the invaders. That’s why they decided to become a part of the society of Odudawa. Ile-Ife started the cover activities that could help to restore the order in their communities. Moreover, it worked really well against Odudawa people as they had to follow the ideas of Ile-Ife people. They provided terrorist attacks that spread the fear of invaders. The most prominent terrorist attacks were in the lifetime of Queen Moremi. She was married to Oranmiyan who was one of the Ife Kings. Moremi was a paragon of beauty and wittiness. She tried to fight the terrorist attacks and especially the group called “Omo Iya,” which we now can call Ogboni. She even discovered their hidden base in Ondo State. It was a small, but a well-fortified village. With the distraction of Ile-Ife and their settlements, Ogboni became a part of new society. For this time, they were masters of their own fates. For a lot of people in Yorubaland today, Ogboni became a symbol of the Traditional Religion and beliefs. The Aborigine Ogboni Fraternity for today is the traditional religion which is spread not only amongst Yoruba people, but other tribes in Africa. It can also be called one of the traditional religions in Africa and Worldwide. It represents the importance of good faith and resistance of people. The Aborigine Ogboni also played a major part during the colonial era. They provided a real help in saving the traditions of Yoruba people. Moreover, they provided real assistance in terms of creating the resistance against the colonial regime. It helped to promote the ideas of the indigenous society of Nigeria. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? What is the difference between the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity, Ogboni Society and Aborigine Ogboni Society? It’s quite a difficult task to understand the difference because of the secrecy of these societies. The first thing you should know about the Aborigine Ogboni Society and Ogboni Fraternity is their secrecy. Aborigine Ogboni Society existed long before the creation of Nigeria and their cultic abilities were seen even in the old ages. They tried to resist invaders of their lands, but they had no opportunity to do that. That’s why they become a part of a new society which they later started to protect. Ogboni Fraternity might have appeared as a result of fighting against the colonial regime. Their main task for that time was to save the traditions of Yoruba people and provide the real resistance against invaders. What can be said about Reformed Ogboni Fraternity? Compare to other two groups, the ROF holds no secrets. The members of this group are free to disclose their personalities. Nobody is going to punish them for this, and they can also share the ideas of their community to other people. Ogboni Fraternity and ROF are still active for today. What can be said about Aborigine Ogboni Fraternity? They seem to be a part of the history right now. There is no strong evidence of their existence today. However, it was, or it’s a secret society! No one can tell the very date when this society was created or when it was destroyed. It’s also possible that modern secret societies get some ideas from the origin Aborigine Ogboni People. Well, for now, it’s clear to you the difference between all of these societies. All of them may share the same symbols and traditions. Still, the most interesting society here is Ogboni Secret Society. OGBONI INITIATION Here is not enough information about the whole process of Ogbon initiation. What is really known is that you can’t become a member of this society just because you want to. There are certain steps where you should follow to take the interest of this organization. Do not forget that you are not the one who chooses Ogboni – they choose you. How can you make this society to choose you and go through the initiation process? Well, first of all, you have to be Yoruba. The second thing is that you should be a very successful Yoruba. You should add the value to the society, and that’s the reason why you can become a part of it. The information of initiation process may vary. The only thing you may need to know is that you have to get rid of something that is the most valuable to you. That’s why it may include human sacrifice. Still, it’s only a rumour that has no real prof. OGBONI HUMAN SACRIFICE Human sacrifice has been practiced in various religions throughout the world. There is only some controversial information about Ogboni human sacrifices. You may meet this information in your local news, like “Young Man Kill For Refusal To Join Cult Group,” “My Son Was Killed By Cult Group” and so on. There is no strong evidence that this cult is killing people. What is known for today is the idea that this cult might be accustomed to human sacrifices. OGBONI RITUALS Ogboni rituals are similar to Yoruba rituals provided in the modern society. Nevertheless, there is not enough information about the precise nature of the rituals. First of all, the organization hides its secrets very efficient. What is known is that their rituals include some sort of physical transformation and can be very mysterious. OGBONI SIGNS AND SYMBOLS Ogboni signs and symbols are usually connected with the idea of great mother Earth. They may be similar to other fraternities’ signs, like pyramids or eyes of God. Nevertheless, there is no certain information about that. The B.reast milk may symbolize the welcome sign for Ogboni organization. Moreover, they seem to like the idea of a woman to be a part of everything. That’s the reason why they worship the Goddess of Earth. OGBONI HAND SIGN What is known about Ogboni hands is their famous handshake. When they handshake, they use their left hand to do this. You should also say the following words: Ta ba fe bowo Ogboni, Owo osi la na, Anakan siwaju, A nakan sadarin. Why do they use left hand? It’s simple! According to their belief – the left hand is for gods, and the right hand is for humans. HOW TO IDENTIFY AN OGBONI MAN? It’s easier said than done. They do not wear any special clothes and they are quite discreet when it comes to hiding their identity. Do not forget that if they fail to keep everything secret, then it can be punishable by death. What can be concluded about Ogboni Fraternity Symbols and Society? They do their work quite well! There is almost no information about them. It’s hoped that they will reveal their secrets to all people one day! Right now, you can only enjoy the part of the information which is still available!
  4. Who doesn’t know Don Jazzy? This amazing artiste is from Nigeria. He has built an incredible career by performing on stage, singing, and recording music at Mo’ Hits Records and Mavin Records. Where is Don Jazzy from? Where exactly was he born? Where did he grow up? Read our post to find out the answers. The famous CEO’s life is very interesting to explore. We would like to share with you some incredible facts from this Nigerian celebrity’s biography. Learn about Don Jazzy hometown as well as other fun details from the famous African musician’s life. DON JAZZY STATE OF ORIGIN Firstly, we should note that Don Jazzy is not the real name of the famous Nigerian. His actual name is Michael Collins Ajereh, but as a musician, he is much better known as Don Jazzy. What state is Don Jazzy from in Nigeria? He was born in 1982 in Abia State (Umuahia city) on November the 26th. Michael’s family later moved to Lagos State. This is where he spent most of his childhood. This talented child began playing drums and singing at the age of 4 years old. Can you imagine this? DON JAZZY’S LIFE The famous musician studied at the Federal Government College Lagos, and also attended Edo State’s Ambrose Alli University, where he studied business management. He has been playing bass guitar since he was 12 years old, and kept enjoying music (both African traditional musical instruments and drums) in Nigeria until 2000’s. This was when he received an invitation from his uncle to move to the UK and play drums in his church. Don Jazzy continued with his musical career in London, and it took him only 4 years to grow to the M’s Hits Records creation. He worked with many famous people (delivering tracks for them, producing them and creating their musical albums and collections), including Tiwa Savage, Jay-Z, Dr. SID, D’Prince, Kanye West, Sauce Kid, and many others. Mavin Records was created in 2012 after Mo’ Hits Records officially stopped operating. Today Don Jazzy is a respected and well-known African superstar from Nigeria, he is the celebrity the whole country is so much proud of. Moreover, it doesn’t matter where he lives now. He will always be the talented and influencing Nigerian whose name is a brand in the world of music.
  5. It is never a bad time to talk about Mercy Johnson, Nigeria’s favourite actress. Today, we want to talk a little bit more about Mercy Johnson family background, her relationships with her parents, siblings, husband and children. If you are up for this, then strap in and let’s go! We will give you all the facts. MERCY JOHNSON FAMILY Mercy Johnson biography begins all the way back on August 28, 1984. On that day, she was born in a loving Christian family of Daniel and Elizabeth in Lagos. Her mother, who worked as a trader, and her father, who was in the navy, both came from Kogi State. Even though her parents loved her very much and wanted to give her the best they could, they could not shield her from their constant family drama. The actress recalled in one of her interviews that quarrels were frequent in their household. In addition to the tense atmosphere, the family also had to move around the country a lot because of Mr. Johnson’s involvement in the navy. The financial situation was not always great, to say the least. At times, things were so bad that the Johnsons had to sleep in an unfinished building with rain seeping through the cracks and lizards running all over the place. Nevertheless, Mercy was able to successfully juggle her studies and several part-time jobs to help out her family. In the end, she managed to receive quality education and not let her kin hit rock bottom. After she finished school, Mercy decided to venture into acting and boy, was that a good decision. As you probably know, the big break for Mercy Johnson came with the movie The Maid. Ever since that movie, she has been among top Nollywood actresses. Her growing career allowed her to support her parents and give them a life they deserved. These days, the actress still has a very close relationship with her family, and everything seems to have turned out fine in the end. MERCY JOHNSON BROTHERS AND SISTERS You might have noticed that we have not mentioned whether Mercy has any siblings. Well, she has six of them, three younger brothers and three older sisters. Growing up as the middle child, Johnson was able to find more common ground with her brothers, as was a very active and rather tomboyish child. When things were tough for their family, all siblings pitched in to help. Everyone did whatever they could, from selling sachet water with moin moin to laying bricks, just so that everyone could eat and have a roof over their head. These days, it is hard to tell how their lives have turned out. None of Mercy’s siblings has tried to live off her fame in any way, moreover, none of them ever appear in the public eye. That is why we know nothing about any of them, not even their names. However, we hope that they are all still just as close now as they were back then. MERCY JOHNSON HUSBAND We could not talk about Mercy Johnson family background without mentioning the family that she has made for herself. For almost 7 years now, she has been Mercy Johnson-Okojie. In August 2011, the world saw Mercy Johnson wedding, when the actress married Prince Odianosen Okojie. It was a wonderful ceremony, and Mercy’s parents seemed thrilled about their daughter’s big day. Her mother’s speech was a real tear jerker! Ever since that day, Mercy has not stopped gushing about her hubby. We think that there is not a single interview where she does not mention her wonderful loving husband. The actress looks positively glowing in their lovey-dovey couples’ photos, and it is evident that the two make a perfect couple. There was one time back in January 2018, when Mercy and her husband gave fans a scare. For some reason, all of the photos of Mr. Okoje disappeared from the actress’ Instagram page, which pushed fans towards speculation as to whether everything was fine in the Johnson-Okoje household. Thankfully, Mercy was quick to respond, as she put everyone’s mind at ease with a new photo. It turned out that it was just a regular old cleanse, where she deleted old pictures to make way for the newer and prettier ones. Other than that, it seems that there is no trouble in their paradise. You can see from the pictures that they love each other very much, and that nothing is going to tear them apart. Prince Okoje has made our Mercy very happy! MERCY JOHNSON CHILDREN Bu you know what makes Mercy Johnson even happier? Her lovely children! And she has three of them. She had her first daughter Purity Ozioma on December 20, 2012, little Henry on October 15, 2014 and her youngest daughter Angel on December 11, 2015. After receiving quite a backlash for not spacing out her pregnancies, Mercy finally decided to give her body a break before the next big thing, as she wants to have twin boys. Instead, she is currently focusing all of her attention on the adorable kids she already has. Thanks to all the people that have surrounded Mercy over the years, she has become the person she is today. A vibrant, talented actress with the heart of gold who probably has enough love in her for every person she comes across. Nollywood is lucky to have her!
  6. Millions of individual users and businesses pay using PayPal system. Nigerians are not an exclusion, but we have to live with PayPal Nigeria limitations. Unlike users from many other countries, whose accounts are not limited at all, our accounts are limited. Keep reading to learn more. Still, this shouldn’t stop you from using the system. You are able to create PayPal account just like all other users who live in countries where this payment system is supported. Is PayPal available in Nigeria? Absolutely! You can enjoy many benefits of this platform, but you must learn about limitations before getting your account. This way you will not hope for something that is currently impossible. You will know what exactly you can do, and knowledge is the source of wisdom and understanding the basics. PAYPAL LIMITATIONS IN NIGERIA Ever since the introduction of PayPal in Nigeria, citizens keep wondering when they can enjoy all the functions offered by this payment service in the USA, Canada, and other foreign countries. Some people keep creating their petitions to persuade the company to fully function in Nigeria, but this has not helped much. Millions of people from Nigeria are able to create an account with PayPal and tie their local bank cards to use with it. They can pay for service and goods, shop at foreign markets and purchase products from foreign sellers who are willing to ship to Nigeria. However, there are limits you always have to keep in mind. What are they? Once you choose to create PayPal account in Nigeria, you will have to deal with the following limitations: Only one account per person. There is no way to restore your account if it was banned by the system. You cannot receive money from other people. You cannot get money on PayPal account. You are only able to add your credit or debit cards to your account and pay for goods and services using your cards via PayPal. You have to be at least 18 years old to open an account. Anyone who has a desire to own an account with the most popular payment system in the world, have to agree to limitations and remember that you are not allowed to receive money, while you are able to send them to third-party people. IS OPENING A PAYPAL ACCOUNT FREE? Absolutely! You can create your account at no cost. However, when you tie a new credit or debit card to your new account, PayPal will place a small amount of money on your card on hold. This transaction will contain a special code you must enter into your PayPal account to activate your bank card. The company will release your money in a while afterwards. Now you know that PayPal is available in Nigeria and you can open a new account if you are at least 18 years old (by the way, each person is limited to one account only). You also can make payments once you connect your credit card to your personal cabinet (it is possible to add as many cards as you wish), but you are limited because you are not able to receive funds to your account.
  7. Hearing about Africa, many people think about the numerous peoples and tribes most of which live in extreme poverty. Nevertheless, there are many countries on the continent that enjoy prosperity and have thriving economy. This is not surprising because Africa provides many opportunities for high economic indicators. This is greatly facilitated by a favorable climate, abundant natural resources, and raw materials. From this article, you will find out which country is the richest in Africa. 10. SWAZILAND This state is the smallest on the African continent. The majority of the adult population is employed in agriculture, which is considered the main source of income. People are actively engaged in cultivation of cotton, sugar cane, tobacco, rice, corn, pineapples, and other crops. Animal husbandry is also well developed. Most of GDP (45%) falls on the industrial sector: mining of coal, iron ore, production of sugar, timber, and textile. Economically, Swaziland is heavily dependent on South Africa, which is its main trading partner – 80% of imports and more than 60% of exported goods. Despite the numerous achievements, 2/3 of the population of the country live in extreme poverty, the unemployment rate remains high. According to the latest data, over 40% of the able-bodied population is unemployed. 9. TUNISIA Tunisia is the ninth richest country in Africa. It’s washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The basis of the local economy is agriculture. About 50 million olive trees grow here. Therefore, one of the main sources of income is the export of olives and olive oil. Tunisia confidently takes the 4th place in this sphere. In total, the country produces up to 10% of the world’s stock of olive oil. Another lucrative area is growing of date fruits which Tunisians love to eat themselves. The state is on the 9th place in the world on the supply of dates. One more lucrative area is a well-developed tourism industry: a warm and comfortable climate, proximity to the Mediterranean, magnificent white sandy beaches, European service and world-famous thalassotherapy centers. All these factors combined with a rich history of the state attract hundreds of thousands of tourists to Tunisia. The country is also rich in oil resources which are produced in more than 5 million tons per year. This fully meets the domestic needs of the state and also generates significant income from export – up to 40% per year. Tunisia is one of the most developed African states. Half of its inhabitants are in the middle class status. 8. NAMIBIA The country is located on the territory of South Africa. Almost half of the able-bodied population is employed in agriculture. However, most of the revenues to the budget come from the mining, sale of diamonds and uranium. Namibia is the largest exporter of these resources in the world market. In the bowels of the earth, there are also large deposits of gold, silver, copper, tin, zinc, and lead. Recently, fishing and tourism have started to develop actively. Although the state is among the rich African countries, there is rather high unemployment – over 30%. Salaries of workers are relatively low. 7. EGYPT Egypt is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the north and by the Red Sea in the east. The two seas are connected by the Suez Canal. The collection of fees from foreign ships passing the Suez Canal is the main source of state revenue. This measure brings more than one billion dollars to the treasury annually. Other weighty sources of replenishment of the budget are oil and a developed system of tourism which is contributed by hot climate, the proximity of the two seas and the rich history. Agriculture continues to play a significant role in the life of the country, but its share in exports fell to 15.4%. Nevertheless, some problems are particularly acute for Egypt. The general impoverishment of the state continues. The threat of hunger is very actual. The unemployment rate is high – more than 19%. 6. SOUTH AFRICA South Africa has quite strong world positions. It is on the list of twenty countries with the most developed economy (G20), has an impressive reserve of natural resources. Production of diamonds, platinum, gold exports is widespread, as well as engineering, manufacturing of equipment and chemical products. Despite the arid climate, agriculture and fishing develop actively, wine-making flourishes. All these factors contribute to the growth of the state economy. According to estimates of specialists, GDP per person in South Africa is 10 thousand dollars. The standard of living is quite high. But the difference between the richest and the poorest parts of the population is still enormous. 5. LIBYA Libya is a country in North Africa, the fourth largest African state. About 90% of its territory is occupied by deserts. Previously it was the Italian colony. In the middle of the last century, Libya gained independence. Thanks to oil production that began in the 1960s, the beggar country quickly turned into a prosperous state. Huge oil reserves are still the main local wealth. Unfortunately, the war that lasted for several years made great negative changes to the life and economy of Libya. Oil production and exports fell several times. The lack of cash led to unprecedented inflation. In the conditions of political instability and shock, the import of goods into the country practically ceased. The prices for essential products jumped to incredible heights. The budget deficit has reached enormous proportions. In case of maintaining low oil prices, Libya will not be able to cover it. According to the World Bank, even with favorable development of events, the state may approach previous volumes of oil exports no earlier than 2020. 4. ALGERIA Algeria is the largest state on the continent located in North Africa and close to the Mediterranean Sea. Until the 60s, the country was considered a French colony. After gaining independence from France in 1964, Algeria’s economy began to develop at a rapid pace. Now the state is in the lead in the production of natural gas and holds the 4th place in the world for its exports. Algeria has an impressive oil reserve, ranks the 15th in the world and 11th in terms of oil exports. Sales of oil and gas jointly bring the country 30% of GDP and more than 60% of budget revenues. Despite impressive achievements, many able-bodied citizens of Algeria do not have a specialized education. Unemployment is quite high. There is a sharp shortage of professional staff at many enterprises. 3. BOTSWANA The climatic conditions in Botswana can’t be called favorable. This country has no access to the sea. More than 70% of its territory is occupied by the large Kalahari Desert which dictates its strict laws. Despite the disadvantageous location, the state is rich in minerals. It produces gold, oil, copper, nickel, zinc, lead, coal, chrome, sulfur, platinum, and silver. The country firmly holds the leading position in the extraction of diamonds which are famous for their highest quality and are often used for making jewelry. 2. GABON The second richest country in Africa is Gabon. Until 1960, it was considered a colony of France. The combination of a low population (1.8 million people), an impressive supply of high-quality wood, oil, uranium and manganese ore made Gabon one of the most prosperous states on the continent. The local standard of living is much higher than in most African countries. However, speaking about the welfare of Gabon, we should note the huge difference between the major cities and small villages located in the deep African jungle where life hardly changed over the centuries. 80% of the citizens are urban residents. 1. EQUATORIAL GUINEA Equatorial Guinea is the richest African country. This tiny state is situated in the central part of the continent, very close to the equator. The budget is replenished by a large oil reserve. The good geographic location of the state also maintains the best economy in Africa. There is a direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. Oil is delivered to Europe and America from there. Due to the export of oil, Equatorial Guinea has a high GDP rate by which it has bypassed many European countries. Other sources of income are the cultivation of coffee and cocoa beans, the export of sawn timber. The fishing system is very developed. Now you know what the best country in Africa is in terms of economy. We hope that it was interesting to read this article.
  8. Good Friday is the day when Christians the world over commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ at Calvary. It is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, or Black Friday and comes the Friday before Easter. The date of Easter is always the first Sunday after the full moon following a spring equinox. This year, Easter is on Sunday, April 16. Below are some historical facts about Good Friday: 1. On Good Friday 1930 the BBC reported that there was no news so instead, they played piano music. 2. During the Great Fire of New Orleans in 1788, priests refused to allow church bells to be rung as fire alarms because it was Good Friday. As a result, 856 buildings burned in the inferno. 3. Many parts of Germany ban dancing on Good Friday. The strictest bans start at 4 a.m. on Thursday and run through Saturday. 4. In 1592 “the London Clerk of Markets issued a decree forbidding the sale of hot cross buns and other spiced bread, except at burials, on Good Friday, or at Christmas. The punishment for transgressing the decree was forfeiture of all the forbidden product to the poor.” 5. The Saturday after Good Friday and before Easter Sunday is called Holy Saturday. 6. Ireland bans alcohol sales on Good Friday. 7. Radio & TV stations in NZ aren’t allowed to play any commercial content at all on Good Friday, Easter Sunday & Christmas Day or they get fined. 8. On Good Friday almost 500 years ago, Scots fought in a battle on Swedish soil in which their country was not involved. 9. There is a superstition on Good Friday that if you wash your clothes the head of the household could die. 10. No-one’s entirely sure where the name “Good Friday” actually came from. 11. In 1935 the Germans published a new calendar, removing names of saints’ days and Good Friday was named in memory of the 4500 Saxons who were murdered by Charlemagne the Butcher. Today many Christians will be reflecting on the Bible. However, some have said that the best book an atheist can read is the bible. And this is because some bible verses are so unbelievable to us humans. While the Holy Bible is the regarded as the final authority by most believers in the Christian religion, many find it hard to swallow. Christians are marking Good Friday, this Nigerian man recently left Christianity for Islam.
  9. The founder and director of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is incredibly successful and rich. He has achieved amazing results thanks to his programming talent and brilliant entrepreneurial skills. The net worth of the businessman is estimated to be $73.6 billion in 2017 (Forbes). This colossal sum has earned him the fifth position on the ranking of the richest people in the world. From this article, you will learn about Mark Zuckerberg’s house and cars. Mark Zuckerberg house in Palo Alto Mark once published a presentation on his Facebook page in which he talked about his new invention – artificial intelligence for the smart house system. The video showed several rooms with amazing features and many people were impressed. However, contrary to what many would expect, Mark and his family live very modestly. He bought his house in Palo Alto for $7 million. The young billionaire and his family have been known to live there for a long time. Just check out this modest and cozy patio with a swimming pool. It seems like a great place for a family to rest. One entrepreneur wanted to buy houses in the neighborhood to build elite mansions and sell them to the rich who would like to live next to the CEO of Facebook. To prevent this from happening, Zuckerberg had to buy his neighboring houses for $30 million. He did not want to demolish the existing houses to build one huge super-mansion. After all, the neighboring houses were not bought for expansion purposes or even for investment purposes (even though this was considered at the moment of purchase). The funny thing is that the previous owners he bought the houses from did not move out. They still live in the houses that now belong to Zuckerberg, but only as tenants rather than owners. “Smart assistant” in Zuckerberg’s house In a video presentation, viewers got the opportunity to take a look at not just Mark Zuckerberg’s new invention, but the insides of his home as well. It was revealed that it took him a whole year to develop the innovative system he showed. Mark called it “smart assistant” Jarvis in honor of the cyber butler from the films about Iron Man. In the video, the founder of Facebook clearly demonstrated all the possibilities of Jarvis. The system allows him manage the house using voice or text commands of all members of the Zuckerberg family. The artificial intelligence can plan meetings and follow daily routines. With simple voice commands, Jarvis can open curtains, turn on lights or music. The intelligent helper can also make a simple breakfast like toasts, or wake the children up in the morning. To show all the possibilities of artificial intelligence, Zuckerberg asked Jarvis to “play a good Nickelback song”, but the “clever assistant” refused to do so because “Nickelback does not have any good song.” One of the main features of Jarvis is its ability to recognize the faces of visitors who are standing at the doorstep of the house. Also, it can monitor the movement of Mark’s little daughter and warn parents in case of danger. At the end of the video, Zuckerberg noted that the system has not yet been fully refined and called on his subscribers to leave interesting ideas about its further development in the comments. Mark Zuckerberg’s house interior Let us take a small virtual tour of the billionaire’s house. You will see that there are really no golden toilet bowls and other elements of excessive luxury. You can however find a convenient terrace and garden furniture in his yard, where Mark can communicate with guests, drink tea, read a book, etc. An important member of the family is in the photo below. This funny pet enjoys all the perks of the house. Mark has no banquet halls and servants; family members prepare food and eat in a modest, neat kitchen. Living room – this is a nice place for pleasant leisure family time and conversations. In the bathroom, you can find everything necessary for comfort, but there is absolutely nothing superfluous. It is decorated in pleasant light colors. Here one can not only clean their body, but also clear their thoughts. You can choose to either take a shower or have a bath. Again we see that convenience is what matters most for the owner of this house. In conclusion, we can say that Mark’s house in Palo Alto is modest, convenient, cozy and has a special smart assistant. House in San Francisco Mark Zuckerberg also has landed property in San Francisco. This house which is located in Liberty Hill is worth $10 million and covers an area of 7980 square feet. Mark had to spend $1.6 million for the renovation of this house which he remodeled in April 2013. According to eyewitnesses, about 50 builders worked on this mansion. They prevented the residents of the street from parking and were quite noisy. Local citizens argue that sidewalks were rummaged to ensure communications. Journalists managed to talk with the construction contractor who admitted that the scale of work was very huge. He however explained that the problems being experienced by the residents due to the work being carried out on the house were greatly exaggerated. He stressed that his subordinates were doing everything possible to keep the district clean and to inform neighbors about all the works. Property on Kauai island Mark Zuckerberg once sued hundreds of residents of the Hawaiian island of Kauai in an attempt to evict them and get an opportunity to relax on the beach with his family. In 2014, the billionaire spent $100 million to buy real estate here, and later purchased the nearby areas for another $30 million, but the locals still have the right to move through his land. The companies representing the interests of Zuckerberg appealed to the Kauai court with a request to initiate forced sale at an auction. The billionaire was ready to buy up the land at an inflated price. His lawyer, Keoni Shultz, noted that the Hawaiian people have lived on the same plot for many generations and occupy a small piece of the area. It is hard to even tell that they formerly owned vast territories. Zuckerberg published a post on Facebook in which he said that he did not force the local people to leave their lands and insisted that many should be pleased to learn about the existence of their property and, in addition, to get good money for it. In June 2016, Zuckerberg began to build a two-meter wall around his property on Kauai. This angered his neighbors and residents of the island who did not like that the massive structure would spoil the landscape. One57 Penthouse At the time of purchase, this house was worth about $90 million. It is located in a glass tower high above the center of Manhattan. Mark’s huge apartment occupies the 89th and 90th floors of the building. Mark Zuckerberg cars Mark Zuckerberg is one of the wealthiest people in the world of high technology; he could easily buy himself the best models of Ferrari, Bugatti, Land Rover etc. However, this man adheres to the principle of “a car is not a luxury but a means of transportation”. He has 4 cars at the moment; let us talk more about each of them. 1. Acura TSX This is a mid-size car equipped with an automatic transmission and 5 speeds. The engine has 4 cylinders and a volume of 2.4 liters. The vehicle is capable of speeding up to 137 miles per hour and has a high horsepower brake. Zuckerberg loves inconspicuous cars and does not want to attract attention on ordinary working days. However, if you read further, you will see that he has at least one luxury automobile worthy of his billionaire status. 2. Volkswagen MK6 GTI This black car produced in 2014 was significantly modified. Many of its options have been improved but it is still difficult to call this mechanism a car of the elite class. It is equipped with alloy wheels, a manual transmission and other additions that the owner put in himself. Its maximum speed is 238 kilometers per hour and it can acceleration to 100 kilometers in 6.9 seconds. Volkswagen representatives were extremely surprised that Mark decided to buy their car and gave him a present. Presumably, this vehicle costs $30 thousand. 3. Pagani Huayra Mark Zuckerberg purchased one of the first models of this car to enter the US. This is a first-class vehicle with 730 horsepower. The dual-clutch transmission passes power to the rear wheels. A high amount of carbon fiber was used to manufacture this car. The maximum speed is 231 miles per hour. It is believed that Zuckerberg updated his fleet with this novelty for only $1.3 million. Just 3.2 seconds is enough to hit a speed of 60 miles per hour in this car, which is somewhat better than that of the previous car. 4. Honda FIT Now let us return to a more modest car. Zuckerberg is also the owner of a silver Honda FIT 2015. This vehicle is fairly affordable for any representative of the middle class. The maximum speed is 118 miles per hour. The 4-cylinder engine has 117 horsepower. It has a manual transmission with 5 steps. After seeing all the properties mentioned above, it is easy to believe that Mark has nothing else to strive for since he already has almost everything a person needs. However, we wish him more success and multiplied wealth. He is a good example for all businessmen.

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