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Found 12 results

  1. A V6 Highlander Jeep with the following plate number :LAGOS AAA. 622 BB – was involved in a serious accident earlier today along Ore – Ijebu Ode axis of Lagos expressway. According to reports, the car occupants/family members are said to have been returning from Ikeji Festival in Imo state before the accident happened which reportedly left all of them seriously injured. The vehicle swerved off the road and fell into the deep roadside low level. They were rushed to the hospital by spirited citizens.
  2. It is never a bad time to talk about Mercy Johnson, Nigeria’s favourite actress. Today, we want to talk a little bit more about Mercy Johnson family background, her relationships with her parents, siblings, husband and children. If you are up for this, then strap in and let’s go! We will give you all the facts. MERCY JOHNSON FAMILY Mercy Johnson biography begins all the way back on August 28, 1984. On that day, she was born in a loving Christian family of Daniel and Elizabeth in Lagos. Her mother, who worked as a trader, and her father, who was in the navy, both came from Kogi State. Even though her parents loved her very much and wanted to give her the best they could, they could not shield her from their constant family drama. The actress recalled in one of her interviews that quarrels were frequent in their household. In addition to the tense atmosphere, the family also had to move around the country a lot because of Mr. Johnson’s involvement in the navy. The financial situation was not always great, to say the least. At times, things were so bad that the Johnsons had to sleep in an unfinished building with rain seeping through the cracks and lizards running all over the place. Nevertheless, Mercy was able to successfully juggle her studies and several part-time jobs to help out her family. In the end, she managed to receive quality education and not let her kin hit rock bottom. After she finished school, Mercy decided to venture into acting and boy, was that a good decision. As you probably know, the big break for Mercy Johnson came with the movie The Maid. Ever since that movie, she has been among top Nollywood actresses. Her growing career allowed her to support her parents and give them a life they deserved. These days, the actress still has a very close relationship with her family, and everything seems to have turned out fine in the end. MERCY JOHNSON BROTHERS AND SISTERS You might have noticed that we have not mentioned whether Mercy has any siblings. Well, she has six of them, three younger brothers and three older sisters. Growing up as the middle child, Johnson was able to find more common ground with her brothers, as was a very active and rather tomboyish child. When things were tough for their family, all siblings pitched in to help. Everyone did whatever they could, from selling sachet water with moin moin to laying bricks, just so that everyone could eat and have a roof over their head. These days, it is hard to tell how their lives have turned out. None of Mercy’s siblings has tried to live off her fame in any way, moreover, none of them ever appear in the public eye. That is why we know nothing about any of them, not even their names. However, we hope that they are all still just as close now as they were back then. MERCY JOHNSON HUSBAND We could not talk about Mercy Johnson family background without mentioning the family that she has made for herself. For almost 7 years now, she has been Mercy Johnson-Okojie. In August 2011, the world saw Mercy Johnson wedding, when the actress married Prince Odianosen Okojie. It was a wonderful ceremony, and Mercy’s parents seemed thrilled about their daughter’s big day. Her mother’s speech was a real tear jerker! Ever since that day, Mercy has not stopped gushing about her hubby. We think that there is not a single interview where she does not mention her wonderful loving husband. The actress looks positively glowing in their lovey-dovey couples’ photos, and it is evident that the two make a perfect couple. There was one time back in January 2018, when Mercy and her husband gave fans a scare. For some reason, all of the photos of Mr. Okoje disappeared from the actress’ Instagram page, which pushed fans towards speculation as to whether everything was fine in the Johnson-Okoje household. Thankfully, Mercy was quick to respond, as she put everyone’s mind at ease with a new photo. It turned out that it was just a regular old cleanse, where she deleted old pictures to make way for the newer and prettier ones. Other than that, it seems that there is no trouble in their paradise. You can see from the pictures that they love each other very much, and that nothing is going to tear them apart. Prince Okoje has made our Mercy very happy! MERCY JOHNSON CHILDREN Bu you know what makes Mercy Johnson even happier? Her lovely children! And she has three of them. She had her first daughter Purity Ozioma on December 20, 2012, little Henry on October 15, 2014 and her youngest daughter Angel on December 11, 2015. After receiving quite a backlash for not spacing out her pregnancies, Mercy finally decided to give her body a break before the next big thing, as she wants to have twin boys. Instead, she is currently focusing all of her attention on the adorable kids she already has. Thanks to all the people that have surrounded Mercy over the years, she has become the person she is today. A vibrant, talented actress with the heart of gold who probably has enough love in her for every person she comes across. Nollywood is lucky to have her!
  3. A woman says her family was kicked off a flight Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle because her brother with Down syndrome vomited. The teen boy was on flight 779 in St. Louis on Monday when the flight attendants asked him and his parents to deplane, according to his sister Meaghan Hess. ‘After boarding the flight, Patrick threw up a little and the airline workers kicked my family off the flight,’ said Hess, who was not travelling with her family, according to NBC News. The airline booked them on a flight the next morning but did not pay for their accommodations. To make matters worse, the airline told them they should have been charged extra for the 6am flight but were being extended a courtesy. The airline left them ‘stranded at the airport for nearly eleven hours knowing that my family had nowhere to go for the night,’ Hess said. ‘Instead, all they did was hand my parents a black garbage bag, saying that my brother could just throw up in that.’ Hess shared her exchange with the airline over Twitter. An Alaska Airlines representative wrote: ‘I’m truly sorry for your family’s experience. Safety of all passengers is our number one priority. ‘I am glad to see that we re-booked them at no fee in the morning. I apologize that we cannot provide hotels in these situations.’ Alaska Airlines spokeswoman Ann Johnson later said it was a matter of public health and safety. ‘The family was not able to depart on their original flight because the family’s child was visibly ill,’ she said. ‘Out of an abundance of caution the agent determined that the child was not fit to fly,’ Johnson said. ‘In the case of a medical-related situation, it is safer for guests to be treated on the ground, as our crew are not trained, medical professionals.’ While the family was upgraded to first class for their trip home to Washington state, Hess said she wasn’t satisfied with the airline’s response. The airline says they are looking into the situation. She says she believes her brother was the victim of ‘disability discrimination.’ ‘I can’t help but think if a non-disabled child that threw up, would the airline have kicked that family off the flight,’ she said. It comes after a series of customer service scandals rocked the airline industry, including 69-year-old doctor David Dao being dragged off a United flight out of Chicago. While Alaska was not directly involved in that fiasco, for which Dr Dao was paid an undisclosed sum, vice president Joseph Sprague was called to testify at a congressional hearing afterwards. At the hearing, Sprague vowed to update company policy to make it ‘explicit’ that employees have the power to properly compensate passengers if customer service falls short. Alaska Airlines is the nation’s fifth largest airline, employs 19,000 people and owns 280 planes, according to the company.
  4. Popular Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker, has revealed that the best thing to ever happen to him is his family, as he shared a photo of himself with his family over the weekend on his Instagram page. The star actor took time to explain that he would not have thought of a family about 14 years ago but right now, they’re the best thing that ever happened to him. He wrote; “This photograph was taken over the weekend. In my hands, I couldn’t help but stare. A family is such a beautiful thing man. 14years ago my perspective was different. “I can not trade this for anything, nothing is worth it. A family is everything. Reciprocate the love. Electrify the care. Cherish the bond. #theyounggodfather.”
  5. This is really serious. On Friday, March 24th at around 2am, thugs reportedly invaded a home while the occupants were fast asleep. According to reports, the robbers smashed the door glasses and ordered them to open…. On refusal, they broke through the wall in order to gain access to the house. While the armed robbers were breaking the wall – the house occupants screamed for help….. The hoodlums cut off power from above the meter box, entered the house and demanded for the head of the house, money and other valuables…. According to reports, the neighbours and the police came in time to save the family… The incident reportedly happened at the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda’s country capital.
  6. AN 18-year-old student of the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Collins Ojeriakhi, who was killed by a gang of armed men, suspected to be herdsmen in the Esan South-East Local Government Area of Edo State, has been buried. This was as the Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr. Johnson Kokumo, said that one person had been arrested in connection with the killing. Kokumo also stated that investigation was ongoing to identify and arrest other members of the killer gang. Ojeriakhi and two other persons, including a minor, had been reportedly shot dead by the armed men in Ugboha on March 16. Several other people were also said to have been injured during the attack. The late Ojeriakhi, a first year student of Banking and Finance at the AAU, was said to be on his way from Uromi on a motorcycle when the assailants opened fire on him. It was learnt that the youngest of the victims was returning from Lagos along with his mother and sibling on a motorcycle when he was shot. It was also learnt that he later died in his mother’s arms after efforts to save his life proved abortive. Governor Godwin Obaseki, who condemned the killings, had also ordered the arrest of the culprits within seven days. However, family members and sympathisers wept as the body of the late undergraduate was interred in his father’s compound located in Oyomon Quarters, Ineme-Ugboha, at about 5pm on Wednesday. It was gathered that the burial was witnessed by some security agents, members of the Students’ Union Government from AAU and classmates of the deceased. The father of the deceased, Mr. Festus Ojeriakhi, described his late son as a hardworking and peace-loving person who would be missed by his relatives and friends. Ojeriakhi stated, “The boy (Collins) used the motorcycle to carry cassava for me from the farm four times in a day. He was very cool-headed, quiet and did not cause trouble. “It is too unfortunate and I miss him. I have even started clearing my farm, hoping that he would come home after his first semester to help me. “It was because of him that I tried to extend my farm. He was still growing with a lot of stamina and he loved school and farming. We used to farm together before I lost him.” Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police, Kokumo, said the suspect arrested in connection with the killings was still being profiled and he would be charged to court soon. Kokumo added, “We have arrested one person and the person will appear in court. We are investigating, profiling him. We want to ensure that we are able to lay hands on other members of the gang.”
  7. Billionaire businessman Femi otedola put his dancing skills on display in a new video shared on his IG page. In the video captioned;’ Getting down with my girls! Cc: @davidoofficial … FOte, Otedola can be seen dancing with his family to include popualr daughter DJ Cuppy.
  8. A family of 5 narrowly escaped death after falling inside a river at Ase creek, Kwale, Delta State earlier today. According to reports, the incident happened while they were waiting for a boat. They were all rescued by passersby. The excited woman took to her knees to thank God for saving her alongside her family.
  9. Are you a career-oriented woman who also happens to be a parent? If you are, you may be dealing with a number of different issues. Many women, just like yourself, find it somewhat difficult to balance having a career and a family. While it is more than possible to do both, it can be overwhelming at times. One of the many issues surrounding working mothers is that they do not know how to balance their time. Mothers who need to work or finish an upcoming project often do so, but they occasionally feel guilty about missing out on quality time with their children or their romantic partner. It can also be the other way around, as well. Many working mothers are afraid to, essentially, put their family first in certain situations, in fear of losing their jobs. If these are issues that you have dealt with or if they are issues that you are currently dealing with now, you will want to continue reading on. One of the many ways that you can go about balancing a family and a career is by setting aside time for both your family and your important career. For instance, if at all possible, you will want to try and establish hours just for work or work-related tasks. If you have to work overtime, it is advised that you do so, especially if your job may be at risk. That is often what is difficult for many mothers when relying on their income, it can be fearful to put work second. With that in mind, it is important that you leave work at work. This gives you the opportunity to put your family first, especially when you are at home with them. As with having set hours for work, it is also advised that you create a schedule for your family time as well. While your days don’t have to be planned out hour by hour, it is nice to at least develop a little schedule. This schedule could include days of the week when you may want to take a trip to the zoo with your children or days that you may want to spend visiting family. By having your plans already made and in place, you are more likely to follow through with them. Your family, including your children and your partner, will likely be pleased with this follow through. Although raising a family is often associated with spending time with your children, that is not all that motherhood is about. For that reason, you likely have a full plate. That plate may include grocery shopping, the preparation of family meals, as well as house cleaning. To reduce the stress associated with many of these tasks, as well as give you more quality time to spend with your family, you may want to consider hiring assistance. Whether you choose to hire a professional housekeeper or a landscaper to mow your yard for you, this extra time may come in handy. The above-mentioned points are just a few of the many ways that you can go about balancing a career and a family. Although it may seem impossible to do right now, especially if you just recently got a new job or had your first child, it is more than possible for you have a great career, as well as happy and healthy family life at home.
  10. A Twitter user shocked followers after he replied a tweet saying, a Nigerian man allegedly reported his wife to Pastor and family members after she gave him a blowjob for the first time. According to Twitter user @Stpehie_coco who shared the story made it known that the man in question who reported his wife said she must explain where she learned the act from. See below:
  11. Ace comedian,Klint da Drunk’s daughter, Adaora is 2 today. The comedian and his wife, Lilien celebrated with lovely family photos. See below

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