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Found 19 results

  1. The Plateau State Police Command has arrested a commercial motorcycle rider, Stephen Gyang, for allegedly killing his girlfriend, Alice Samuel, and burying her remains in a shallow grave. Gyang allegedly killed the victim for wanting to force her pregnancy on him. The 20-year-old Junior Secondary School two dropout said he killed his girlfriend because she had initially said he was not responsible for the pregnancy. He said she recanted on the prompting of her mother, who wanted him to take responsibility for the pregnancy. The incident happened in Tahoss village, in the Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State. The state Commissioner of Police, Undie Adie, said it was a case of “culpable homicide”, adding that the suspect had confessed to the crime and would soon be charged to court. Gyang, an okada rider, said that he reported the matter to his elder brother because he lost his peace after the incident. He said, “Yes, Alice Samuel was my girlfriend and we had been together for some time now. I killed her because of the pregnancy. After saying the pregnancy was not for me, she recanted and said it was mine; that was why I killed her. I decided to bury her that night in a shallow grave that was to be used either for a pit toilet or well. “After the incident, the spirit of Alice Samuel did not leave me; she started disturbing me and I had to report to my brother who took the matter to my father. My father thereafter reported my predicament to the village chief.” His friend and accomplice, 20-year-old Kelly James, who was an eyewitness, told our correspondent that he begged Gyang not to kill the victim, but he refused. He claimed that the prime suspect threatened to kill him if he (James) did not assist him. James said, “I had been seeing him and the girl together for over three years now. He is my friend and the two of us are commercial motorcyclists. On that particular day, I had gone to see his girlfriend, who sold palm wine. After taking palm wine at her shop, I went to my friend’s house. When I discovered that he was not at home, I picked the house key where he usually kept it, opened the door and slept off in his room. “When he returned home at night, he was not happy that I entered his house without informing him of my visit. While I was asleep, I heard a knock on the window and he informed me it was his girlfriend, Alice. “When I asked him what brought the girl by that time of the night, he said she came to see him. He opened the back door for her and they started having a discussion behind the curtains. “He called me outside that the girl had implicated him over a pregnancy which did not belong to him. He insisted that the girl’s mother asked her to do so. I told him that since he had accepted the pregnancy and the case was already in the palace of the village chief, he should allow her to be with her parents for now. “But he said no, that he was going to deal with the girl by killing her. I advised him against it, warning that if he killed Alice, we would not be friends again. But he refused. “I left him outside and went into the room. I started trembling on the bed as I feared the worst. He was talking to the girl and I thought he had decided against killing her. “Suddenly, I heard the sound of two legs on the ground, which suggested that she was struggling for life. I stood up and saw that he held the girl’s neck to the wall; he had strangled her and her eyes were already white. As I told him to leave the girl, he threatened to kill me if I did not assist him to cover up.”
  2. A Nigerian man has reportedly lost a job opportunity after his girlfriend insulted the human resource person who called the phone number he had on his résumé. The story, which has been trending on the social media all day and shared widely as well, has it that a human resources personnel had called a young man whose CV showed he had the necessary qualification and experience for a job. The call was picked up by a lady who identified herself to the caller as the job seeker’s girlfriend. After introducing herself and also stating the reason for the call, the girlfriend said the caller was only being smart by half, and she went on to rain insults on her, calling her names and asking her to go and get her own husband. The caller dropped the call, and that was the end of the interview invitation. How the girlfriend came about her boyfriend’s phone and why she did not allow the man to pick his own call wasn’t stated. Nor was there an explanation as to if the man was absent from the scene. Meanwhile, a lot of reactions have poured in on this post and some of them are below: Otunba Kaye Babbs This is one major reason I will never allow any woman pick my phone… I am still paranoid about it from so many years back when I lost a business deal due to the same circumstance of a woman picking my phone and jeez raining abuse on the Company Procurement Director… God help those uncouth ladies and the men who don’t have sense… Chief Nze Josh-Dannyboy If there was a man on the panel, he should have interrupted since the phone was in speaker. The benefit of the doubt should have been given due to the exceptional qualifications as noted… But lessons for all of us. Avoid bitterly jealous partners. Gabriel A Tee The guy has a better life. That is why his ‘girlfriend’ was that protective. If the girlfriend didn’t have any benefit to derive from the state she met him in, she would not have even stayed with him in the first place. The guy is comfortable. He didn’t need that job. Olanike Onyekachi Adexa What is it with these our ladies and fighting for boyfriends? Adesoji Adebisi Hilariously saddening, I know, Olanike Onyekachi Adexa. Unfortunately, the appropriate smileys are wanting, hence the “……”.It might exist on the flip side ( ‘ our men and fighting over girlfriends ‘).Some flights are just fantastic! *smile*
  3. What can be more beautiful than love? But sometimes it’s not easy to express our feelings. Because of this, we have prepared new love quotes and sayings for her, to help you open your heart. NEW LOVE QUOTES FOR BELOVED GIRL This time we have for you something special, this is a list of new quotes about love. We know that there is a need to tell about love, to find right words, to overcome the shyness, and we decided to help you with these questions. You can use these love quotes for her as an example, combine them and add something yours. Remember that creativeness is the main rule of any love quotes. We have the list of quotes to express how much you miss her. Distance can become an obstacle for love, so do not forget to talk about your feelings when your partner isn’t there. ENJOY OUR LIST OF THE BEST LOVE QUOTES FOR HER When I say that I love you, please believe me because it’s true. When I say “forever,” know that I will never leave you because my heart belongs only to you. You are the most affectionate to me. You are my clear sun, a shining asterisk, an angel in flesh. Breathtaking – this is how I can describe you. You are my most beautiful, the most wonderful, the most caring, the sweetest and most desired girl in the world! Be the Queen of my heart. My love gives me wings, I would go to a wonderful flight, but only with you! My love is like the ocean, and there is no more land. Without you, my heart looks like a desert. You are the most romantic and dreamy girl I’ve ever seen! My dear, tender, and beloved! My wonderful girl. I vow to give my heart for you. With your warmth, you melted the cold in my heart. It is heaven on earth to be with you. Give me your hand and never let me go. Your smile for me is more beautiful than the stars. When we are far apart, I lose the half of myself, I want to be with you, always. Be the owner of my heart. I’ve been waiting all my life to find you. You are the desire of my soul. I never knew what love is until I met you. Your heart is the most precious gift I ever wanted. My heart filled with infinite love when I looked into your eyes. Your love is everithing for me. It is the air I breathe, a water that quenches thirst. Thank you for lighting up my path. Honey, how beautiful you are. You are my half, my love, my treasure. How can I be happy without you? My girl, be with me forever. I MISS YOU LOVE QUOTES Missing someone is the most beautiful of all sad feelings. You are my love that always warms the soul. Even when you are far away, I feel your touch. Just know that I miss you every day, and I hope that we will be together. I know that distance strengthens true love. My dear girl, come back soon. When I wake up in the morning, I open my eyes, and quietly repeat – I miss you! My days do not have sense without you. I write to you “I love you and miss you” and this is true happiness for me. A day without you, like a day without the sun, I miss you. Come to me at night in a dream, I need you, and you should know that. Sometimes, it’s enough to see a person you miss, and you are happy. You are my beloved person so let me share this happiness with you. You are just like the air I breathe, I need you every minute. Come back soon, my love is waiting for you. When you miss your beloved girl, every detail reminds you of her. I know that you love me, and I love you, therefore, we will be able to maintain love despite the distance. I miss your love! I miss your touch, I think about you every day. The whole world seems to be empty without my favorite girl. How can I live without your smile? These are unbearable days and nights without you. My love is strong, so I’ll wait for you to hug and say how much I love you. We are like the sun and the moon, we are so far away, but I believe that we are destined to meet soon. You know about my love, so come to me and stay forever. Here is our list, simple but important words for your beloved girl. We hope that our new quotes will help you to express your feelings.
  4. Paris Saint Germain forward, Neymar, has once again shown that as the world most expensive footballer he can afford the good life. And Neymar did just that, as he took a ride in a personalized helicopter alongside his girlfriend Bruna Marquezine as they attended the final of The Voice Kids in Brazil. Neymar will be hoping to shake off his current injuries woes as he hopes to be fit ahead of the incoming World Cup. The PSG starman joined the Paris outfit from Barcelona in a world record £198m move and has enjoyed a fruitful first season at France scoring 29 goals in 30 games for the club across all competitions.
  5. Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil star Neymar could barely keep his hands off girlfriend Bruna Marquezine as he engaged in a public display of affection. The lovers were attending a Thiago Gagliasso play at the Laura Alvim theatre in Rio de Janeiro when they were photographed locking lips for a kiss. Having reconciled their relationship on New Year’s Eve in Brazil, the pair appears more loved-up than ever before as Neymar looks to enjoy life off the pitch having been sidelined with an ankle issue. He announced the end of his relationship with Marquezine shortly before he completed his move to PSG from Barcelona last summer. It was the third time the pair had split over a five-year period. According to reports in the Brazilian media at the time, the reason for the split was because the star footballer had asked his on-off-girlfriend of five years to marry him.
  6. LOVE: MAN STOOD BY HIS GIRLFRIEND WHEN SHE HAD CANCER, TELLS STORY 2 YEARS LATER A man identified as @AfricanCurator has taken to twitter to narrate on how his wife survived cancer after undergoing the painful process of chemotherapy. According to him, he stood by her at the time when she needed him, even though they were just friends at that time. Her boyfriend and her friends left her in the terrible situation, but he stood by her. He stated that he had to marry her off immediately she finished therapy and two years along the line, they are still waxing strong. Read his story below: When my wife was diagnosed with B.reast cancer they immediately took her in for surgery and after getting her B.reast removed she had to undergo intensive Chemotherapy sessions, for those who don’t know what Chemo is. It’s where they flood your body with poison in hopes of killing the cancer but not killing you in the process. It’s intense, she had no appetite, continuous mouth sores, always feeling weak and losing weight. It broke her as she was always our pillar of strength. My wife and I were just friends when she got diagnosed and I tried my level best to be there for her, but also cancer came with so much, it revealed a lot you know. Some ‘Friends’ left and even her selfish cunt of an ex did the same but we aren’t here for that. She hated how she looked and would always mention it, called herself an Alien because of having no hair or eyebrows. I couldn’t do anything physically to change that and it hurt me so bad but I chose to cut my hair down also. She straight called me silly for this. Also I will never forget how Jackie did something amazing for her by getting her Vault Cosmetics to touch up my wife for a day. Thank you so much for this. Had her smiling and laughing and overjoyed. The battle was hard but we finished Chemo and Radiotherapy, she was a victor but what pained her was losing 4 friends she had made in Chemotherapy who unfortunately did not survive therapy. This was the last day of Radiotherapy, she was our beautiful graduate hahaha, she had won a huge fight and all thanks to the family, true friends and God above all. I didn’t waste any time after this lol, I straight away put a ring on it, jumped from friend zone to DZAAAADZY. We don’t play. Cancer took so much away from her and I swore an oath to give her more than it took. Almost 2 years later here we are, happy, alive and fighting.
  7. Finally, Nollywood actor and film director, Gabriel Afolayan also known as G-fresh is finally off the market for the ladies. The actor is set to wed his longtime girlfriend, Banke. G-Fresh took to his instagram page to share a pre-wedding photo of himself kissing banke forehead with caption saying.. #Gbanks2018 Congratulations to the couple… See more pictures below;
  8. You had some sweet dates, and you already started dating. You call her your girlfriend, and she calls you her boyfriend. But how to make your relationship in this period even more exciting and romantic? The answer is simple, you need to choose the right topics for conversations and ask intriguing romantic questions. The following romantic texts she will like for sure. ROMANTIC QUESTIONS FOR HER: Ever thought of your most cherished romantic dream? How do imagine the idea of an ideal date? How would you like to spend your honeymoon? How do you imagine it? Where would you like to spend future family romantically holidays? How can you describe yourself in childhood? A hooligan or a quiet girl? What romantic dreams you have? Am I a part of them? What made you laugh most of all over the past week? Is there any sound you like the most? The sound of a burning fireplace in the house, ocean waves or a sound of a forest? What do you think of real love? What romantic movie can you watch again and again? Love on the sandy; warm beach sounds romantic? Do you want to stay so young and beautiful forever? Have you ever thought to become a famous fashion model? Can you say that the most romantic dates you have were with me? Listen, I read today that you appeared to be in the Guinness Book of Records, as the cutest girl. Is it true? What romantic song would you choose for a perfect date? Have you ever dreamed of riding a horse on the beach under the moon? Do you want to hear how beautiful you are in all the languages of the world? What flower brings the most romantic feelings to you? What is your most romantic dream? If I could take you to any place in the world, where would we fly? What is yours the most romantic season of the year? Guess what you got me interested in? If someone writes a book about you, what name will it have? Heard me today on the radio Romantic? I was singing there for you. What do you think about the love at first sight? Is it possible? Name me the fairy tale are you from? You look amazing! You are practicing fitness, right? I was thinking to make a movie about love. Do you want to be there as a leading role actress? Does love ever make you suffer? Imagine that you have only one hour left to live, and I am close to you, what shall we do? My dear, what style our house will have? Are you probably waiting for the prince on a white horse? Here I am! How about a romantic dinner? Do you like to be the most adorable girl on the planet Earth? What action should I take to impress you? Do you ever fall in love? How about me now? Do you ever have morning dates? Were they romantic? What do you think is most beautiful in romantic relationships? Do you have a dream I can make come true? How should a guy show his feelings? Do you like when I call you a “bunny,” “sun,” “my soul”? How can a man conquer your heart? I wish I could spend days and nights with you forever! How about you? What do you like most about us? Describe me with three adjectives? Do you ever dream to become a movie star? Can I take a picture of you? Would you like to spend a sleepless night on the beach looking at the stars? Girls always like to talk about themselves and love when their boyfriend is questioning them. Talking to your girl about some romantic ideas, feelings, and romantic themes, you can better know her and understand in the future how to turn her head during another romantic date.
  9. a A student has reportedly taken his own life by hanging himself his girlfriend decided to put a stop to their relationship by sending him a letter telling the boyfriend never to come to her again as she has found a new boyfriend and also telling the boyfriend to look for another girlfriend. According to ToriMill reports, the reason his girlfriend decided to end their is because the said boyfriend could not afford to buy her breakfast and lunch. The letter reads; “From today never and never come to me again because I have got another boyfriend who can buy for me breakfast and lunch,so you are free also to get another girl”.
  10. Meet the alleged girlfriend of Big Brother Housemate, Tobi, According to multiple trending reports on social media. Tobi who has been in an on and off relationship with Cee-C in the house has started withdrawing away from her since he earned two strikes from Big Brother.
  11. Love they say is beautiful. A young couple has decided to tie the knot after a dating period as the man pop the question at the airport. A yet to be identified Nigerian man surprised his girlfriend with a proposal at the airport. He went on his knees and asked for her hand in marriage. The romantic proposal attracted the attention of people who cheered him on and waited anxiously as the woman accepted. See photos below;
  12. Evicted Big brother naija housemate, Leo Dasilva has just revealed that he can not leave his girlfriend of two years for his in-house lover Alex. Leohad earlier disclosed to show host, Ebuka that he intends to continue his relationship with his girlfriend outside the house. IN a recent chat with NET TV, he revealed some details about his relationship status. Leo said, ‘I told Alex that I liked someone outside the house. I said it several times. I also explained to Ifu when she wanted to know exactly what we were doing. But I feel a lot of people didn’t understand because Ifu is a straight shooter’. Leo also added; ‘I actually confirmed it to her that I have someone I like, and I have been friends with for a while. I take my life step by step and I don’t feel I should abandon my two-year friendship for someone I have been friends with for just two months’. Recall that himself and Alex were really close when they were in the house and Alex wept profusely when he got evicted from the house. As a matter of fact, Alex was inconsolable for three days as she mourned her ‘lover’s’ exit. Leo, however, revealed that he felt really bad when he was evicted because he watched Alex cry.
  13. Former stripper Amber Rose, 34, has ended her relationship with her 25-year-old rapper boyfriend, 21 Savage. The couple has unfollowed each other on social media and deleted each other's pictures from their pages. This comes just weeks after Amber’s ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa ended his relationship with girlfriend, Izabela Guedes.
  14. An Indonesian woman was brutally killed after she was stabbed repeatedly 28 times by her boyfriend on Saturday night. The incident took place at an apartment in Bukit Jelutong, Malaysia after the boyfriend, who had known the victim for seven months, had visited her with the intention of asking the woman to marry him. The 38-year-old victim was found with the Stabwounds in her neck, throat, stomach and in the back of her body. Shah Alam OCPD, Assistant Commissioner Baharuddin Mat Taib said a neighbor passing by the rented unit spotted the victim’s bloodied remains sprawled on the floor. “The victim, who worked as an assistant in a school cafeteria in Shah Alam was stabbed with a kitchen knife which was found at the scene. “Initial investigations revealed that there was a struggle between the victim and her boyfriend before the incident. “Police, arrested the boyfriend, a local man, aged 40, two hours after receiving a report in Section 13, Shah Alam,” he said at a press conference on Monday. According to him, the suspect who worked as an electrical wiring contractor was said to be suffering from mental problem. Police are waiting for confirmation on the suspect’s mental condition from hospital authorities. Baharuddin said the suspect had been remanded until March 17 to facilitate investigations into the case under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder. Source: New Straits Times
  15. According to reports, Manchester United star has been dumped by his actress girlfriend after a whirlwind romance. Model Jena Frumes appeared to confirm the split with 25-year-old Jesse Lingard this week in a couple of classy Twitter posts. In the first, the 24-year-old told her 96,000 followers: “At least I can say I tried plus enjoyed the ride.” She followed it up on Thursday, writing: “I love Jesse to death but sometimes the timing is just off.” Jena, no stranger to sharing super-glamorous images of herself wearing skimpy bikinis, appears to have since deleted both posts as they no longer visible on her page. It comes three months after a fan claimed England star Lingard, had cheated on Jena with her after United’s 1-2 derby defeat to Manchester City. Apparently unmoved by the claims, Jena continued to post pictures on Instagram and Twitter, showing her in loved-up poses with Lingard. The pair first met in the US last year or in 2016 and started dating a few months later. They were also seen on a romantic weekend in Barcelona. Now, it seems she’s single again.
  16. The mystery surrounding the death of two young lovers in Delta state is yet to unraveled by police authorities. According to reports, a boyfriend and girlfriend were found dead yesterday morning in the apartment of a friend where they went to sleep in Mosogar, Sapele area of Delta state. According to Sapele Oghenek, the pair identified as Matthew and Bose were said to have gone out to buy Suya on Thursday night before the boyfriend took Bose to his friend’s house when they went to sleep. The owner of the house and his girlfriend was said to have slept in the room while Matthew and his girlfriend Bose slept in the parlor. Their friend was reportedly shocked to have woken up the next morning and discovered that the young lovers had died in the parlor. Their corpses have been deposited at the mortuary and the owner of the house detained by the police. According to reports, some people are saying the pair may have died from the Suya they ate the previous night while others are saying they may have died after inhaling generator fumes. Whatever the case might be, may their souls rest in peace.
  17. Tanzanian music star Diamond Platnumz, who is engaged to South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan 'The Boss Lady' was dumped by the woman over the cheating allegation. It was a sweet-bitter experience for Tanzanian singer, Abdul Naseeb Juma popularly known as Diamond Platnumz as he announced a major breakthrough few hours after he was dumped by his South African-based Ugandan baby mama, Zari Hassan. The sensational singer and WCB music label boss announced his plans to launch his music label branch in Kenya and asked his fans to tag talented musicians they would like to be signed under the label. Diamond wrote on his Instagram page: Diamond made the announcement few hours after his baby mama told the world on Valentine's Day that they have gone their separate ways.
  18. A Nigerian guy was hit with the greatest shock of his life this Valentine after he decided to travel for miles to surprise his girlfriend this valentine. The gentleman, Emeka Eze, said he traveled all the way from Lagos to Warri to surprise his bae, only for him to get there and discover that his bae had other plans for the day. According to him, his girlfriend had an appointment with her Lebanese sugar daddy and was quite disappointed upon his arrival. He wrote,
  19. Valentine's day took an awful turn for a Nigerian guy after his act of love landed him in total disgrace and humiliation - the gentleman, in a bid to gift his girlfriend on the lover's day, decided to steal from a supermarket but was nabbed in the act. Facebook user, Nwachukwu Blessing Ada, shared on the platform that the man was caught stealing a perfume worth N4000 at a supermarket in order to probably please his girlfriend. The young man was embarrassed as the supermarket officials asked him to kneel down. She wrote on her page, It's a shame and disgrace to this young cute dude who came to our supermarket to steal ordinary perfume of N4k all in the name of pleasing his girlfriend for valentine..hmmm what an embarrassment. More photos of the guy below:

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