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Found 26 results

  1. Forensic examinations of evidence from the Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos home of Peter Nielsen, 53, alleged to have killed his wife and daughter indicated traces of blood stains cleverly wiped, the police said yesterday. Although initial reports suggested that the woman, Zaynab, was strangled and her three-year-old daughter, Patra suffocated, autopsy report conducted showed that Zaynab suffered trauma because of impact on her head. Police Commissioner Imohimi Edgal yesterday suggested that there were attempts by the suspect to cover up his crime, which forensic experts traced with the use of special chemical reagents. Edgal said: “The autopsy revealed that Mrs Zaynab Nielsen suffered trauma as a result of the impact on her head. Secondly, forensic experts revealed that there were blood stains from the couple’s bedroom to the kitchen. “Though it was cleverly wiped from the floor, the experts were still able to detect it with the application of special chemical reagents. In addition, blood stains were also discovered on the wash hand basins and on the hand towel the suspect used in wiping his hands after the commission of the offence. Although it was cleverly cleaned up as well, the experts were able to discover that too.” Edgal said the Danish Embassy was co-operating with the police, adding that the embassy provided legal representation for the suspect. He said: “I spoke personally with the ambassador apart from the official correspondence. They also arranged for counsel for their citizen so they are following the process very closely. We did not parade the suspect for obvious reasons. Do not forget he’s not a Nigerian and so, there are diplomatic connotations. “This is a man being accused of first degree murder. So, it would have been wrong for the police who are going to prosecute him, to also begin to parade him before such prosecution. However, he was charged to an open court. We are concerned with ensuring that he is diligently prosecuted and justice is done.”
  2. It has just been reported that the 10 years marriage between Yoruba actress Ireti Isayemi to former Super Story production manager/associate producer, Bakare Adeoye, allegedly crashes. They had two kids together. According to blogger Kemi Ashefon, she disclosed that friends and family of the couple are trying to bring them together but the actress seems to have moved on with her life. She added that the actress has already moved out of her matrimonial home. Osayemi is allegedly enjoying a new love life of an Ilaro, Ogun state-based businessman who reportedly spoils her silly with luxurious gifts. It was also revealed that the businessman, who is also a hotelier and big socialite is doing all he could to keep her. Although he is reportedly married but news has it that the actress is the apple of his eye. A close friend who remained anonymous disclosed that: “She is a pretty woman and it takes a rich man to keep ladies of her ilks. She has been exposed to wealthy men by virtue of her profession and the lowly life Bakky was thrusting at her didn’t make her happy. She opted out.”
  3. A Yaba Chief Magistrates’ Court sitting in Lagos on Wednesday remanded a Danish national, Peter Nielsen, who was suspected of killing his wife, Zainab Ali- Nielsen and their three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Petra. Chief Magistrate Kikelomo Ayeye remanded Nielsen, 53, in Ikoyi Prison, following an application by the police. Nielsen was docked on a two-count charge of unlawful killing. Nielsen’s plea was not taken. He was represented by Frank Udoka Amah. Prosecuting counsel, Effiong Asuquo, tendered a three-page application, containing 15 grounds for Nielsen’s remand in prison. He said: “There is overwhelming forensic evidence linking the defendant to the assault and murder of his wife and daughter. The investigation has also shown that the defendant was habitually violent to his late wife, Zainab.” According to Asuquo, a fight broke out between the couple in their flat at about 3:00 a.m. on that fateful day. Nielsen was allegedly seen fighting and hitting the deceased’s head on a wall by her two relations, Mimi, 11, and Faith, 13 who lived with them. She died from injuries sustained from the assault. The prosecutor alleged that Nielsen then poisoned Petra before dragging her body into the kitchen. Asuquo said: “He took the lifeless little girl and put her under the mother’s body and then put on gas stove burners in the kitchen so that it will be believed that the wife and daughter were suffocated to death by the cooking gas. It is in the national interest that the suspect remain in prison pending legal advice and his arraignment and trial.” Chief Magistrate Ayeye upheld his prayer. She remanded Nielsen in prison and adjourned the case till May 8 for the DPP’s advice.
  4. A REAL MOTHER LOVES THE KIDS HER HUSBAND HAS WITH OTHER WOMEN – AWELE ODITA Nollywood actress Awele Odita came into limelight after she got pregnant and gave birth to a son for married NURTW official, Kokozaria last year. Just this morning, she took to her Instagram page to make a controversial post of mothers. According to Awele, real mothers will love and cherish the other children their husbands have with other women. The post actually got a lot of reaction from her followers who believed she was throwing a shade at her senior wife, Ajoke aka Mumsy Aliyah. Awele obviously doesn’t have a rosy relationship with the latter. And it was reported that their feud started after the actress had a son for Kokozaria. The actress is also reported to not be in the good books of her baby father, Koko Zaria since the birth of her son. Some of her followers alleged that the NURTW chieftain didn’t want the baby, but she insisted on keeping it. Awele in her post had written: ”A True Mother Is Who Is Able To Accept And Love The Children Around Her Equally, Who Doesn’t Separate Children, Who Doesn’t Hate Another And Love Her Own, Someone Who Knowns How To Raise, Love And Care For Children Born Of The Same Father Different Mother As One Because That Is What A Good Woman And A Queen Do To Keep Her Home, She Keeps The Family Together And That Is What You Are Kudos To You MRS PAPPY @bunmypappy1 I Salute You Ma”. Some of her followers are attacking her over the post. See the comments below: abiodun_oladitan@aweleodita7 , firstly, stop these social media shades… it is indirectly showing yourself to the whole world that you are peppered and bitter…well, that was the way I felt immediately I read your post. 2ndly, you are so young, and pretty, with your bright future ahead of you, is this a mistake or how did you really get your self into this kind of MESS in the first place??? You are too too young and too pretty for this you got yourself into… You derserve much better than this, my dear. Leave Oyinda alone, sincerely to me, the lady is just being human… any woman, including you, @aweleodita7 , will probably act the same. titobiloluwa18@ali.yah1970 this koko is dating Kenny George back o, calling her my love up and down and oyinda knows about it. Awele got pregnant, oyinda accepted her and she messed up, she was busying rubbing it to her face u gave birth to a boy , smh amoye boys Nita . She just started crying, he told her initially to abort it but she did strong head, u brought it upon urself so deal with it
  5. An unidentified woman has taken to social media to call out her husband for assaulting her. The woman revealed that she was beaten by her husband for questioning his alcohol consumption. A woman who resides in Lagos has accused her husband of brutally beating and maltreating her after she advised him about drinking alcohol. The woman disclosed that she advised her husband who takes drugs to control his high blood pressure to stop taking alcohol for his own health, the man allegedly descended by beating and maltreating her. The woman also claimed that this is not the first time her husband would be beating her ever since they got married. She also added that her husband has refused to take care of their child. Due to this, she has now relocated to Port Harcourt, where she is seeking for justice. She shared her story with a human activist Emeka Ugwuonye who also posted the information on social media. Her story reads: “I need justice, I am in Port Harcourt. This is not even the first time, I just thought it was one of the challenges in marriage. Please sir I need justice. He has to take care of his child. He sent me a message that he is not interested in the child that when he grows up he will look for his father. He has refused to take care of his son because I left his house to my parent’s house since Wednesday, April 4. It all happened on Wednesday night around 10 pm because he went out from work to see some friends he came smelling of alcohol. So after eating I told him that he knows his on Blood Pressure (BP) drugs why then did he take alcohol. I also told him of the dangers involved, the next thing he started insulting my dead father and I then I hit him with the bread I was eating and he started beating me.” See posts below:
  6. ALIZEE’S SISTER NARRATES HOW SHE WAS KILLED BY HER HUSBAND More facts have emerged on how Danish citizen, Peter Nielsen allegedly killed his Nigerian wife, Zainab Ali-Nielsen, popularly known as Alizee and her 4-year-old daughter, Petra in Lagos yesterday. In an interview session, Madaki Gift who is the younger sister of the deceased attested that she heard the victim screaming for help before she was killed. The audio of the interview which was exclusively obtained by TheNewsGuru.com reveals that there was no obvious altercation between Alizee and her husband before the killing took place, as she reportedly served him dinner before they went to bed. ‘My name is Madaki Gift I am Zainab’s sister, the late Zainab who died. It just happened over night when she finished preparing the food for her husband . The housemate went to her room and I was the last person to leave the kitchen. So after a while , there was a fight between both of them and she was just shouting “Help Help!! “I woke my junior sister up asking her if she heard any noise, later I saw the man hitting her head on the floor. I tried to help but he locked everywhere, there was no way for me to run and call people to come and help.’ “This was around 4am In the morning, by the time we got there later in the morning she was dead.” The Police have arrested the suspect and commenced an investigation to unravel the motive behind the murders. The bodies of Alizee and her daughter have been deposited at a mortuary.
  7. MY HUSBAND GOT OUR ELDERLY NEIGHBOR PREGNANT – WOMAN CRIES OUT woman who caught her neighbor with her husband in highly compromising position, has cried out for help as it is evident that the older neighbor is pregnant for her husband. The woman who took to the social media to narrate her ordeal, explained that she traveled to meet her parents for Easter, but decided to come back home earlier than scheduled. Only to meet her husband at her neighbors place Read her heartbreaking story below Thanks for the good work here Editor, now straight to the point. When we moved recently to our place, this woman(our neighbour) should be in her late 40s and unmarried and she is our only neighbour. She was so good to me. I would even leave my kids with her whenever I need to rush off to the market or somewhere. I lost my job around May last year and my husband has promised to give me money to set up a business but for now, I’m mostly home. This neighbour has a shop not too far from our house, I would sometimes go there when I’m bored and the kids have gone to school. I thought she was a good person and didn’t know she has been sleeping with my husband and now she’s pregnant. I got to know when I travelled to my parents at Ibadan for the Easter celebration. We were supposed to come back on Tuesday but my sister also came for the holiday and she came with a car, so we decided to travel a day before so we could join her back to Lagos. I didn’t tell my husband we were coming back because I wanted to surprise him. We got to Lagos and my Sister dropped us at our gate and left. I called my hubby from the gate and he said he was home trying to sleep. He didn’t know we were at the gate. I got in opened the door with my keys and we looked for him everywhere all to no avail. So, I started unpacking and told my kids to wait for me because I wanted to check if our neighbour was home and give her what I got for her. I was about to talk when I heard her talking to someone. I was excited because it was a man’s voice because I always teased her about already giving up on love. I listened again and behold it was my husband’s voice. I didn’t really feel strange because we are all close to her but something told me to turn the door-knob without knocking and luckily it opened. Aunty was just sitting on my husband with only her bra on, no panties nothing. I launched at both of them, but my husband escaped and I beat day light out her and she was begging me to stop that she is pregnant. I ignored and continued beating her until my husband came back and rescued her. They both confirmed that she’s pregnant. She says its the only thing she wants and not love, that I should please forgive her and let her have a child because she might never have the opportunity.
  8. A housewife, Saratu Yahaya, on Thursday, pleaded with a Sharia Court in Minna to dissolve her marriage, alleging that her husband constantly beat her. Yahaya told the court that she no longer loves her husband, Mudasiru Dandare, due to the incessant beating. “I don’t love and adore my husband any longer because he is always beating me. “He beats me even at the slightest provocation and that is the reason why I want an end to this marriage,” she said. She also alleged that her husband asked her to take a break from the marriage. Dandare, however, denied his wife’s claims, saying that she was only acting out of jealousy because he took a second wife. “My wife is doing all these things because I took a second wife. “She started causing trouble in the house the moment I married another wife, whom she is jealous of. “I don’t beat her at all and I only asked her to take a break to enable her parents to teach her some sense,” Dandare told the court. He maintained that he still loved his wife and would not want them to go their separate ways. The presiding judge, Ahmed Bima, advised the couple to give peace a chance, adding that marriage required patience and understanding. Bima, thereafter, adjourned the matter to April 18 to give room for both parties to settle their differences. (NAN)
  9. A 48-year-old wife, Abosede Balogun, on Thursday, pleaded with a Lagos Customary Court to dissolve her 25-year marriage, calling her husband a “ritualist.” “My husband performs rituals even at night; he once brought a ram to the house to slaughter at midnight. I don’t feel safe living with him,” Abosede told an Orile Agege Customary Court. Abosede, a trader who resides at 29, Old Ipaja Road, Agege, a suburb of Lagos, was responding to a divorce suit filed by her husband, Idris Balogun. She said her husband’s behaviour changed shortly after they married and since then, he had been looking for ways to fight her at the slightest provocation. “I once caught my husband at midnight covering one of our children, who is physically challenged, with a white cloth. “I threw the cloth away and burnt it and he fought me because of this. “There was a day that my husband and his brother brought a ram to the house, they waited until midnight before they slaughtered it, I was watching through the window. “They hung the ram in our compound for days,” she said, urging the court to dissolve the marriage. Balogun, 53, a father of three who got married to Abosede in 1993, told the court that his wife had been flouting his instructions and that she also got into a bad company. “My wife doesn’t respect me, she once travelled to Dubai with her friends without my knowledge. “I feel threatened by her moves these days. I am not secure seeing her with different types of bad women who do not have homes,” he said. Balogun urged the court to dissolve his “loveless marriage” and grant him access to their children aged 17 and 22 respectively. The court’s President, Mr. P. A. Williams, observed that efforts to reunite the couple had failed. “The court cannot force two unwilling parties to live together, ” he said. The case has been adjourned until May 3 for judgement.
  10. A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to seek advice on an issue disturbing her mind at the moment. According to the woman, her husband does not like having sex with her ‘through the opening God made for that’, he prefers to have sex with her via the anus and at the same time wants her to conceive. A friend of the lady shared the story on Facebook and it appears that she wants to know if it is possible to conceive through anal sex. As posted on Facebook by the woman’s friend: “A woman friend of my complained to me that since she got married with her husband which is two years now that her hubby does not like having sex with her through the opening God made for sex instead He prefer sex through the anus and they are looking for fruit of the womb and she want to know whether it’s possible to conceive through that way I told her am not sure but let’s hear from other people pls no insult she needs help thanks” According to WebMD it is not possible for a woman to conceive through anal sex. The explanation goes thus: Very simply, pregnancy occurs when a male’s sperm fertilizes a female’s egg. This occurs when a man ejaculates semen, which contains sperm, into a woman’s vagina. The sperm then move into the uterus, where they fertilize an egg if they find one. If a man ejaculates into a woman’s rectum during anal sex, no pregnancy can occur since human eggs only reside in a woman’s reproductive tract. However, because the anus and the vaginal opening are located close to each other, it’s possible – though unlikely — semen could inadvertently be deposited near the vaginal opening, which could lead to pregnancy. For example, if a man ejaculates outside the rectum during anal sex, the semen could be deposited on the woman’s vulva (the outer area of the vagina). If any of this semen made its way into the vagina, the sperm could possibly make its way into the uterus and fertilize an egg. However, this scenario is unlikely. The odds of a single sperm fertilizing an egg are low even when semen is deposited directly into the vagina. It’s even less likely a sperm residing outside the vagina would be successful.
  11. Funke Akindele’s husband, JJC Skills is a year older today and the actress has taken to IG to celebrate her man. Captioning her photos, she wrote; All glory to God for giving us the grace to celebrate you today and Always. You are standing firm on the solid rock my KING therefore you will never sink. You will always succeed in all you do in Jesus Name. Ori lo je,o ni di iru loruko Jesu. Thank you for always being there for us all. The Lord will always be there for you. You will live longer in good health and abundant wealth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING!! @jjcskillz love you#birthdayboy #eniolorunyan #apataloje #eyintobaforisapata #fifonifo #longlifeandprosperity #jjcskillz
  12. A woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her husband while he was fast asleep following an accusation of infidelity. The woman was said to have stabbed her husband to death while he was sleeping for having a child with another woman. According to reports, the incident reportedly happened in Gabon. The deceased who is reported to be a sergeant in the Gabonese army died immediately after the knife attack by his jealous wife in their room. He wasn’t even taken to the hospital. During interrogation, the woman allegedly confessed that she killed him for cheating on her and having a baby behind her back. Taking advantage that he was asleep on Wednesday night, the scorned woman inflicted several stab wounds on the man which led to his death.
  13. Aliko Dangote’s daughter, Fatima and her Pilot husband, Jamil Abubakar are currently enjoying their honeymoon on an exotic Island at an undisclosed location. They sure need the rest after the recently concluded marathon of wedding events in Nigeria. See more pictures below; The wedding ceremony which is considered the biggest event of 2018, hosted the creme de la creme of the society. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Femi Otedola and other Nigerian billionaires were seen at the ceremony. Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Senate President Bukola Saraki, state governors and other dignitaries were also present at the wedding. We wish them a happy union.
  14. Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe has taken to Instagram to show off her lovely faux nails while flaunting her wedding ring. This photo has, however, sparked reconciliation rumors with her estranged husband Lanre Gentry. The actress who moved out of her husband’s home a couple of months back, over domestic violence claims, shared the photo and wrote; See photo below; Her fans of course noticed the ring and took to her comment section to plague her with questions.
  15. She Bagged a PHD and knelt Down to Thank Her Husband For His Support. Online feminists are abusing her for kneeling down and being thankful to her husband. What is your advice to these angry Birds (Feminists)?
  16. Where is the love? Somewhere in Africa a bride is not looking happy feeding her husband on their wedding day. Whät could be going on heré? Best bet, he is yet to fully pay her bride price or what do you think?
  17. A husband celebrating his 23rd wedding anniversary gave his wife a life-saving gift: a kidney. . With it, Cesar Calle gave his wife Monica a life free of painful dialysis treatment, which she needed for polycystic kidney disease she had been fighting for a decade, the Sun Sentinel reported. . The couple spoke about the five-hour surgery during a press conference from Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Fla., where the surgery was performed on Feb. 19. “I feel like a million dollars,” Monica said, three weeks after the transplant. . “And I think I look like a million bucks, compared to before.” Selflessly, her husband, Cesar, offered to donate one of his kidney’s to his wife, and in December the couple got word that he was a match. . Dr Juan Arenas, a surgeon and chief of the hospital’s Memorial Transplant Institute said, “To find a match between spouses is very unusual but very lucky for us to be able to find that.” . According to the Sun-Sentinel, Cesar said, “For me to do this, it was big. I was shocked. I thought it’s not real, this is not happening.”. As she celebrates her wedding anniversary, Monica reflected, “Little did we know 23 years ago that this was going to be the angel to save my life. I felt like I just won the lottery. . I started dreaming of what my future would look like, not having to do dialysis. The fact that I can actually travel now and not worry about carrying boxes with me or supplies, or worry if it’s gonna get lost. I felt so free.”
  18. Minnie shared the photos from her vacation location with her hubby, Quinton Jones. She looks great.
  19. A woman who was allegedly abused and maltreated by her husband has been begging him to come and take back his bride price for two years now. According to reports, the mocked her and taunted her with his current girlfriend whom he allegedly said is prettier than her. He abused his wife. He maltreated her. He starved her. He told her that his current girlfriend is prettier. He even denied the vow he made at the altar. He said to her: “I never told you I loved you or that you would be my only wife”. He neglected and abandoned her. He threatened her with divorce. He even made a “mock demand” for the refund of the bride price. After enduring and praying for him to change, she found the courage and left the marriage. Now, for two years, she has been begging him and his people to come and take the bride price and the man has been posting her. He believes that if he does not take the bride price, he would continue to hold the lady hostage and prevent her from remarrying.
  20. According to reports, this woman (pictured) got an information that her best friend is pregnant with her husband. On February 15, 2018, when her husband returned from work, this woman pretended as if she was not yet aware of the secret relationship between her husband her best friend. She served him food, seduced him and they made love that night. After the $ex the man quickly slept off not knowing what was in stock for him -(his wife bought acid from one Kabir the battery charger and kept it under their bed). After she notices that her husband has slept off, she poured the acid on her man’s genitals. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital by neighbours but the hospital rejected him and referred him to FMC where he eventually died on Tuesday, February 20, 2018, Zaria. Police in Kaduna confirmed that the woman is in their custody and she will be charged to court for murder as soon as they conclude their investigations. “I love my husband so much, I was not intended to kill him. It was so painful to me that he got my best friend pregnant and he could not tell me, I knew about it from outsiders. I know I have overreacted but I want his family, our children and government to forgive me, I never planned to kill him, the alleged murderer stated.”*
  21. A Nigerian Lady, identified as Chinenye Nwaeze has taken to her Facebook account to declare that she will be giving her Future Husband the biggest gift, which is her Virginity. Chinenye wrote; Virginity is the biggest gift a girl can give to her husband, That's why I'm keeping my own for my Husband Good intention if you ask me See Photos Below;
  22. Nollywood Actress and Entrepreneur, Tonto Dikeh and her estranged Husband, Olakunle Churchill, came together to celebrate their son, King's birthday at his school in Abuja today February 16th. They looked happy together as they joined King to cut his birthday cake. See more photos below;
  23. A lady identified as Cynthia has revealed how she met her husband on a bus while traveling to Abuja. According to her, meeting her hubby on that bus five years ago is one of the best things that has happened to her as they both have a son together. She narrated her story to Humans of Abuja. Read what she said below;
  24. Jhenè Aiko decided to respond to a rumor that she cheated on her husband "Dot Da Genius" with Big Sean. It's not the first time she addressed the cheating allegation, but it's the most recent. During an interview with BBC, the singer admitted that she went on a platonic date with Sean while she was still with her boyfriend. That made people think she cheated on Dot Da Genius, which seemed to really bother her. Why do you think people are so concerned about Jhené cheating on her ex-husband?
  25. A lady has wowed many on the internet after a video of her assaulting her cheating husband emerged online - the lady is seen in the video confronting her husband after she caught him with another lady in an eatery somewhere in Nigeria. After saying a few words, she went ahead to hit him repeatedly on the face right before pouring him a bowl of hot soup and storming out of the eatery. The said unfaithful husband was left dumbfounded as he sat still in shock before he was handed a napkin to clean up. Watch below: Download Video

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