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Found 11 results

  1. 10 Traits Of A Good Mother

    10 TRAITS OF A GOOD MOTHER Being a good wife is one thing and being a good mother is quite different. Read some of the qualities and abilities of a good mother below: Always ready to help her child and inspire his or her self-confidence Always patient even when the weight of her motherhood seems too big to bear Always knowledgeable about her children’s needs and interests without extra pressure Always able to set rules and follow them strictly Always follows her own principles and system of rules Always respects the child and teaches to respect others with their needs and desires Always apologizes for being wrong and admits her mistakes. This is one of the best ways to teach children that there’s nothing bad in admitting their guilt or errors Always listens to her child with attention Always guides the child towards the good but never punishes for doing something wrong Always loves her child without spoiling with too much indulgence. This list somehow repeats the qualities of a good wife from the Bible. The best mothers in the Holy Book are patient, loving, caring, and never angry with their children. They help their children find the right path in their life with the help of their faith and love for the Lord. In the Bible, the best mother provides her children with the following: Presence in the life of her children at any moment of their lives Her own example of doing only the right things Involvement in the life of their children especially at the most difficult moments for them Raising the children in the atmosphere of honest and fair love, support, and care Teaching the children about the Lord, faith, and the righteous way Inspiring their respect for the Lord and their neighbors Helping her children gain all the necessary skills and develop their strength and knowledge This is a guide for every woman who has decided to become a mother. Motherhood is a complicated task that requires a complete determination and devotion but it can be made easier with the help of faith, love, and thankfulness for the miracle of giving life to a new human.
  2. A REAL MOTHER LOVES THE KIDS HER HUSBAND HAS WITH OTHER WOMEN – AWELE ODITA Nollywood actress Awele Odita came into limelight after she got pregnant and gave birth to a son for married NURTW official, Kokozaria last year. Just this morning, she took to her Instagram page to make a controversial post of mothers. According to Awele, real mothers will love and cherish the other children their husbands have with other women. The post actually got a lot of reaction from her followers who believed she was throwing a shade at her senior wife, Ajoke aka Mumsy Aliyah. Awele obviously doesn’t have a rosy relationship with the latter. And it was reported that their feud started after the actress had a son for Kokozaria. The actress is also reported to not be in the good books of her baby father, Koko Zaria since the birth of her son. Some of her followers alleged that the NURTW chieftain didn’t want the baby, but she insisted on keeping it. Awele in her post had written: ”A True Mother Is Who Is Able To Accept And Love The Children Around Her Equally, Who Doesn’t Separate Children, Who Doesn’t Hate Another And Love Her Own, Someone Who Knowns How To Raise, Love And Care For Children Born Of The Same Father Different Mother As One Because That Is What A Good Woman And A Queen Do To Keep Her Home, She Keeps The Family Together And That Is What You Are Kudos To You MRS PAPPY @bunmypappy1 I Salute You Ma”. Some of her followers are attacking her over the post. See the comments below: abiodun_oladitan@aweleodita7 , firstly, stop these social media shades… it is indirectly showing yourself to the whole world that you are peppered and bitter…well, that was the way I felt immediately I read your post. 2ndly, you are so young, and pretty, with your bright future ahead of you, is this a mistake or how did you really get your self into this kind of MESS in the first place??? You are too too young and too pretty for this you got yourself into… You derserve much better than this, my dear. Leave Oyinda alone, sincerely to me, the lady is just being human… any woman, including you, @aweleodita7 , will probably act the same. titobiloluwa18@ali.yah1970 this koko is dating Kenny George back o, calling her my love up and down and oyinda knows about it. Awele got pregnant, oyinda accepted her and she messed up, she was busying rubbing it to her face u gave birth to a boy , smh amoye boys Nita . She just started crying, he told her initially to abort it but she did strong head, u brought it upon urself so deal with it
  3. Popular stand-up comedian, Julius Agwu, has been through a lot in the past year and recently had several surgeries to remove growing tumours from his brain, which is probably one of the reasons for the unadulterated joy on his mother’s face when he recently surprised her at her farm. Watch video…
  4. A Nigerian man and Facebook user, Ukachukwu Igboamusi, has taken to the platform to narrate his encounter with a physically challenged mother of three who was taking her kids to school in Owerri, Imo State. According to him, it is a big stress for the physically challenged woman to take her little children to school everyday and bring them back because of her condition. Mr Ukachukwu revealed why taxi drivers may be reluctant to help her as they may spend more time in taking her in with her wheel chair. He further solicited for support and help from government, individuals etc for the woman to take her children to school everyday. Here is what he wrote… I stood for about 10 minutes this morning watching this woman and her three kids at government house round about trying to board a taxi going to Owerri city school. One of the child hid at her back in this picture was trying to push her. The one that hid at her back and the one wearing blue are twin. Its wasn’t easy for her to get a taxi due to her conditions. The taxi drivers may feel that it would be waste of time going to help her in, take her wheel chair into the booth before continuing their journey. To me, it would be a very big stress for this woman considering the age of her little children, taking them to school everyday and bring them back. I feel that any help rendered to this woman in taking her children to school everyday would be highly appreciated. No one had the intention of seeing his or herself in this situation but we can’t blame her. She need our help both from the government angle, cooperate bodies and individuals.
  5. THE DEATH OF 4-YEAR-OLD ANIYA DAY-GARRETT HAS LEFT THE WORLD SHOCKED, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF THE TORTURE SHE SUFFERED AT THE HANDS OF HER MOTHER AND HER BOYFRIEND BEFORE SHE WAS KILLED. The death of 4-year-old Aniya Day-Garrett has left many shocked, especially because of the torture she suffered at the hands of her mother and her boyfriendbefore she was killed. Anya was allegedly beaten to death by her mother and her boyfriend. Prior to that, she was starved and had her feet and legs burned. As a result of the torture, the child died in Euclid Hospital in Cleveland on Sunday from a stroke. Medical examiners said the stroke was caused by repeated blows to the head. Her mother Sierra Day, 23, and Day’s boyfriend Deonte Lewis, 26, were charged with aggravated murder and held on $1 million bonds. Day and her boyfriend called 911 at about 11.30am on Sunday to report that Aniya was unresponsive and not breathing. Day claimed Aniya started “acting weird” when they took her to Red Lobster the previous Thursday and that she fell off a toilet seat on Sunday. She said her daughter was unable to keep food or water down and threw up Tylenol she gave her, then barely ate any breakfast the morning of her death. But when police arrived, they saw that Aniya’s skin appeared to be “extremely pale and lifeless,” and her face and neck were “very small and emaciated”. The toddler also had what appeared to be rug burn marks on her feet and legs and was so malnourished paramedics “could see the individual joints” of her fingers. Doctors then noticed a big bruise on her left eye which was nearly swollen shut, a cut above her left eyebrow, and scald marks on both legs. It has been revealed that Harbor Crest Child Care filed an abusing a minor report against Day in May 2017 allegedly documenting 18 months of injuries to Aniya. Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services also conducted three separate investigations into allegations of neglect last year. However, it concluded there was not enough evidence to remove the child from her mother’s home. Aniya’s father Mickhal Garrett had been fighting to gain custody of his daughter and made repeated complaints accusing Day and Lewis of harming and abusing the child. Day was scheduled to meet with a social worker on Monday, March 19 to discuss Mickhal Garrett’s petition for an emergency custody but Aniya was killed before then. As Day and boyfriend Lewis faced court on Tuesday, Aniya’s father jumped to his feet and screamed in anguish: “You killed my f***ing child! You hurt my baby.” He then collapsed into the arms of family members and sobbed uncontrollably. Garrett has accused Child Protective Service of failing him and his child. “We want them to be held accountable,” said Garrett. “CPS failed me. They failed us all. Nobody should have to go through this. So many people tried and tried to make sure Aniya Marie Garrett was safe and they failed our family.”
  6. An 18-year-old man, Agugu Adau, who allegedly killed his mother for refusing to hand over a ‘disappearing’ charm he claimed was his inheritance, appeared before a Plateau State High Court on Tuesday. Adau, a resident of Kisaghyip village in Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau, was charged with culpable homicide. The police prosecutor, Mr U.F Okeke, told the court that the accused allegedly committed the offence on Dec. 29, 2016, saying that it contravened section 221 of the Penal Code and was punishable with death upon conviction. The accused, in his plea, pleaded guilty to the crime and tried to explain how he killed his mother. Justice Nafisa Musa, after listening to his plea, however, entered a no-guilty plea for the accused. “In a capital offence, the burden of proof lies squarely on the prosecution. The position of criminal jurisprudence requires the prosecution to assemble all its witnesses to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused person committed the crime,” the judge said. The judge also noted that the accused person had no counsel, and advised him to get one. She adjourned the matter to May 9, for hearing.
  7. Leo spoke with Sunday Scoop, and he’s revealed that his mother encouraged him to partake in the 2018 edition of the Big Brother Naija reality tv show. “I do not feel bad that I was evicted from the Big Brother Naija House. I went on the platform so that I could put my business out there and I think I was able to do that. I provide services for people and the more I’m known, the better for my business. That was the reason my mum made me to go for the audition. If I was able to win the grand prize, it would have been a big bonusbut I am not disappointed; that’s how God wanted it to be. I was the only one in the house who didn’t unpack his luggage because I knew that I could live at any time. I just wanted to sell the real me; I made up my mind not to lose myself because of the money. At the end of it all, my mum was very happy and she said I made her proud.” Leo also talked about the housemate he would miss the most of the Big Brother Naija show, he said; “I would miss Alex most. She was devastated when I left the house and that made me very sad. Even after the competition, we are going to continue being friends. She is a very amazing person and I am not going to push her out of my life. Unless she doesn’t want to be my friend, then, I would have to let her go. I pray that she would win the competition.” On his relationship with Alex; “There were a lot of misconceptions because Alex and I were very close. I was the only one that knew how much talent she has. I was the only one who constantly encouraged her because I saw beyond her playful persona. That was why we were very attached to each other. She is someone I would have loved to pursue something serious with but I have other priorities at the moment. However, I am not in any relationship yet. Right now, I am friend with someone whom I really like and I am hoping that it can grow further very soon.” He however didn’t say anything about his girlfriend whose photos have circulated on the internet while he was on the Big Brother Naija show. On what next for him after the competition, he said: “I’m ready to take whatever opportunities that come my way. Everybody knows that I am a real estate investor and I have my own company. I also engage in haulage business. I recently advertised a real estate project online called Alexander Apartments, which I named after Alex. I sold the first phase before going into the house and the second phase is ready for business.”
  8. The Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, on Tuesday said the dearth of infrastructural development in Osun State before 2010 necessitated the urgent need to borrow and change the face of the state. He said borrowing to finance projects in the state was a child of necessity for speedy development at the point of his emergence. The Governor made the remarks during the commissioning of 61 primary healthcare centres at Ijebu-ijesa, Osun State, in partnership with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), saying his administration had been consistent in contributing 50 per cent counterpart fund in every project. Aregbesola added that the maladministration of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in the state between 2003 and 2010 responsible for the urgent intervention by his administration. According to him, Osun State was seriously lagging behind other states in the federation in terms of infrastructural development before 2010 due to poor management of resources by the PDP government. “Our administration did not go for borrowing for any other thing than to rescue the state and her people from poverty they were plunged to when we assumed office. “On assumption of office in 2010, the terrible status of the state’s treasury propelled us to go for borrowing to bring to our people the required infrastructural facility which they had been deprived in the previous administration. “Today, Osun would not have become a cynosure of all eyes as it, if we did not take the bold steps we took to stimulate her economy through financial re-engineering. “Our state can now boast of unprecedented developmental projects across all sectors, ” Aregbesola said. Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on SDGs, Dr Folawiyo Olajoku, in his remarks disclosed that , aside the building of the PHCs, SDGs has also procured and distributed over N3million worth of drugs to the people of the state. Olajoku further explained that SDGs has recruited over 400 healthcare workers, procured ambulances and has constructed and renovated over 47 classrooms in elementary and middle schools in the state. He maintained that the agency has discharged its responsibilities to the people of the state in all aspects, particularly in education and health sectors.
  9. Nigerian Footballer, Kenneth Omeruo has acquired a Toyota Camry salon car for his mother to celebrate her on Mother’s day. https://i.imgur.com/sGizw7g.png The Kasimpasa FC defender who got married to his heartthrob a few months ago showed off the car on his Instagram page with the caption: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY written on it. In a 2014 interview, Kenneth Omeruo’s younger brother, Lucky Omeruo who plays for a football club in Malta, Pembroke Athleta FC, disclosed that unlike other parents, their mum greatly influenced their football career decision. His words: I understand most parents did not support their sons playing football during the 90s, forgetting that it’s not everybody that will be an accountant or lawyer. In fact, most children back then believed that without being a lawyer or doctor, you could never make it. However, I must thank our lovely mum for giving us everything to play the game. We never told our mum this was what we wanted to do, and it was people that went to meet her and told her what her sons were doing in school and during training with football. I was surprised the day I saw my mum at our training session and that was the day she gave her blessing to what we were doing. Since that time, our mum never missed any final of ours, both in school, Shell Cup games and grassroots football. My father also supported us in any way he could, and we have been excelling by their blessings. On their humble beginning, he said; Kenneth Omeruo and I started playing football in our parents’ sitting room. We used to make goal post out of things, and we played anything round as a ball. When we started playing around the street, school and all that, we only saw it as a means of fun, but Kenneth always talked about making a career out of it. His aim was to be an established player and anytime we went for games, he would play it as if that was his last. People looked at us anywhere we played; we grew up together, we were always together. We always did things together and we were always outstanding wherever we went. During training, our friends would not want us to play together because, together, we were unbeatable.
  10. Grandma, Mother Sell Newborn Baby For N250k

    Grandma, Mother Sell Newborn Baby For N250k A 22-year-old mom, Blessing Emmanuel, and her grandma, Patience, 39, have been arrested for selling a day old baby for N250, 000 on Shola Adewunmi Street, Jakande Estate, Oshodi, Lagos. According to Punchng, the baby was taken from Blessing by Patience, on the day he was born and handed over to one Ijeoma Okechukwu, their former neighbor. A few days after, Okechukwu paid them N250,000. Blessing then told residents that her baby was dead, but later opened up to a church member, Comfort Ogwuebu, who helped her family with accommodation, that her child was with Okechukwu. Ogwuebu reportedly alerted policemen from the Zone 2 Police Command, who arrested the suspect and recovered the child. Blessing revealed that she had earlier had a child for her boyfriend, Valentine, who got her pregnant the second time. She said she resisted the pressure to abort the pregnancy because she didn’t want to die. The Akwa Ibom State indigene said she was bothered about what would become of the baby when her mother told her Okechukwu had agreed to take him after delivery. Her mother, Patience, 39, said she had been weighed down by the burden of caring for her three children and Blessing’s first child before she came home with a second unwanted pregnancy. The widow woman said she saw Okechukwu’s intervention as an answer to prayer, adding that she thought her assistance would help the family out of poverty. The alleged buyer, Okechukwu, 35, said she was only helping the family.
  11. Nkechi Chima - a makeup artist and graduate of Imo State University, has stated that she isn't ashamed of being a single mother as her 9-year-old son is her joy and the best thing that has ever happened to her. Nkechi is less bothered about culture that says one shouldn't have children outside wedlock - she justifies this by saying if it isn't God's will, then it wouldn't happen. She wrote, Her photos:

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