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Found 45 results

  1. Who is the richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria? Why people prefer to become a Yahoo Boy rather than to take an honest job? Well, they prefer to do that for several reasons: Quick money. Why should people bother about an honest job with almost no guarantee for a good life? Moreover, it`s not an easy way to get some money. Lifestyle. People just like to be scumbags and lure out money with using fraud schemes. Respect. People prefer to earn respect through the fraud schemes. Moreover, people respect guys with a large sum of money, and nobody cares about how this money earned. You need a computer and a stable internet connection. If you have the Internet then you can get half of the case done. People provided thousands of fraud schemes in the Dark Net. You can even become an apprentice of one of the richest yahoo boy. Start some practicing. One of the best ways is so called freestyle. Try to create a private account on one of the dating websites and lure out some money from rich people. Constant learning is a key for the success of any Yahoo boy. They should learn how to send fake messages and study new technics to lure out the money. No m0rality needed. The richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria to become should know how to beg, cry or ask for help online. Master of deception. A Yahoo boy should lie about everything. Fishing technique is required. No legal job is required. If a man is about to become a Yahoo boy, then he should understand that no legal job is open to him because of lack of money and time. WHO IS THE RICHEST YAHOO BOY IN NIGERIA? It`s time to find out! More than 300 000 pounds were taken out from women by an American general serving in Afghanistan. It was a multi-million-dollar scam provided by a citizen of Nigeria. The fraudster used real images of American soldiers serving in Afghanistan. He managed to convince women that he had a desire to marry them and live in the United Kingdom, but he needed help. He posed as General James Raul or General James Krulak to his victims. He persuaded these women that he had a treasure of $8.5 million as his retirement fund. He needed only few hundred thousand pounds to take this money from the fund. Few women fall victim to this fraud. The man who managed to create this fantastic potentially multi-million Yahoo boy scheme was Robinson Agbonifoayetan – 32 years old. Now he is expecting his prison sentence. ROBINSON AGBONIFOAYETAN What is fascinating about his case is that he managed to earn more than 300 000 pounds in just six months of the fraud. It makes him not only one of the richest yahoo boys in Nigeria but also one of the fastest to reach this sum of money. Scotland Yard detectives who investigated this fraud, informs that 300 000 pounds are the confirmed sum of money that Robinson Agbonifoayetan managed to lure out. Still, some women who also fall victims to this fraud just did not ask police for help. This man could potentially get few millions of pounds in a year or two if he had not been stopped.
  2. So, are you by any chance planning a romantic trip to France? If the answer is yes, then let us give you a hand at figuring out the France visa application in Nigeria. We will tell you everything about this process: from filling out the application to tracking its progress. With our tips, you will be able to get a visa to France without a hitch! FRANCE VISA REQUIREMENT Before you get to the France visa application itself, you need to figure out whether you need a visa in the first place. In order to do that, you can use a handy visa wizard, which can help you find out the following: Do you need a visa? What documents do you need? How much do you need to pay for your visa fee? To use the wizard, just click here, enter all the required information based on your plans, and you will be able to get all the answers you seek. Now, at this point, you should also know where to submit your France visa application. There are two visa centres in Nigeria you can make an appointment with in order to submit the application: one is in Abuja, while the other one is in Lagos. You can click here for all the necessary contact information for both centres. If you plan to get a short-term visa, you should submit your application at least 15 days prior to leaving for France. If you need a long-term visa, the application should be submitted not later than a month before departure. As for the basic document requirements, these are the things you are going to need in order to apply for a French visa: A valid passport. It needs to be valid for at least three more months after your departure date from the Schengen zone and have two blank pages (or more). Two passport photographs taken not earlier than six months ago. The originals and (photo)copies of your supporting documents (you can learn which ones you need with the help of the visa wizard). Of course, you will also need to have enough money to cover the visa fees. After you get all these things sorted out, you can make your way to the online France visa application form. FRANCE VISA APPLICATION FORM ONLINE France visa Nigeria application process has been made much simpler thanks to the introduction of online forms. Now all you have to do is fill in the application online and then visit one of the centres we have mentioned above to submit your application. But before that, let us take you through the steps of filling the online France visa application. First thing you need to do is click this link to go to the online application portal. When you get there, scroll down and click on Access. Alternatively, you can click My Account in the top right corner. Fill in the basic details to create your profile. You will need to use your name and e-mail, as well as create a password in order to create an account. When you are done, click Create an Account. In the next few minutes, you will receive a confirmation letter in your inbox. Click the link in the e-mail to confirm your account. Once you have done that, you will be able to fill in the application form. You will need to provide information on your plans, previous visas, the stay in France and your contacts. After you have filled the form, you can give it a once-over by clicking Recap, and you will be able to see whether you have provided all the necessary information. The next step is providing the supporting documents. Upload the documents needed for your visa to the website. As soon as it is all done, you can submit your online application. Then, print the application and move on to the next big step in your application process. SUBMITTING YOUR VISA APPLICATION FORM After finishing your online application, you need to make an appointment with your visa centre of choice. Make sure you have enough time before your departure. We have outlined the information about the Nigerian centres and deadlines above. When it is finally the day of your visa appointment, take your completed visa application along with the required documents to the centre. While you are there, you will also need to provide your biometric data (unless you have entered the Schengen zone in the previous 59 months, you are younger than 12, or it is physically impossible to take your fingerprints). The whole thing should take about 20 minutes. FRANCE VISA FEES After that, you will need to pay your visa fees. Most often than not, a short-term visa will cost you 60 euros, a long-term visa will cost you 99 euros, and the service charge should be 28 euros. In order to get more accurate data on the fees, we recommend you to use the visa wizard, as it can tell you what fees to pay and whether you are eligible for a discount. Once you pay the required fees, all there is left to do for you is wait for your passport. TRACK YOUR FRANCE VISA IN NIGERIA We are fairly certain that you would want to know about the fate of your visa as soon as you leave the visa centre. Well, you can do just that! With the online tracking tool, you can see your visa application through all the stages and find out when you can get your passport back. To track your application, click here. You will need to use your reference number and last name to gain access. As soon as your passport is ready to be collected, you will be notified by your visa centre. You can either go there to retrieve it yourself or order a courier service for an additional fee. And once you get your passport back (hopefully with a French visa in it), you can finally plan your trip to France with certainty. That is all we can tell you about the France visa application process. It is not all that complicated once you get into it. If you still have some questions, you can look for answers on the website we have been referencing in this article or contact your visa centre of choice. Good luck in your visa quest!
  3. The National Population Commission has put Nigeria’s current population at 198 million people with urban population growing at an average annual growth rate of about 6.5 percent. Chairman of NPC, Mr. Eze Duruiheoma, stated this in New York while delivering Nigeria’s statement on Sustainable Cities, Human Mobility and International Migration at the 51st Session of Commission on Population and Development. Duruiheoma said, “Nigeria remains the most populous in Africa, the seventh globally with an estimated population of over 198 million. “The recent World Population Prospects predicts that by 2050, Nigeria will become the third most populated country in the world. “Over the last 50 years, Nigeria’s urban population has grown at an average annual growth rate of more than 6.5 percent without a commensurate increase in social amenities and infrastructure. “It grew substantially from 17.3 in 1967 to 49.4 percent in 2017. In addition, the 2014 World Urbanisation Prospects report, predicts that by 2050, most of the population – 70 percent – will be residing in cities. “The 2010 human mobility Survey report revealed that 23 percent of the sampled population were of more females than males”. He said the category of the population mostly engaged in urbanization and migration were young people of teenage and adolescents’ girls and boys, women of childbearing age and the working age population. He said existing urbanization trend coupled with internally displaced persons in cities, pose critical challenges to securing the sustainability of our cities, including efforts to make them smart and responsive to the human influx. “The Displacement Tracking Matrix round XXI of January 2018 identified estimated 1.7 million IDPs in over 321,580 households across six states of North-East Nigeria with 40 percent residing in camp-like settings in urban areas plus 1.4 million returnees. “The number of IDPs represented 4.5 percent increase compared to the 1,702,680 identified in Round XX (December 2017).” Duruiheoma said like in other developing countries, Nigerian cities hosted widespread poverty, under-employment, and unemployment at an average of 18.4 percent, according to the National Bureau of Statistics 2017 report. The NPC boss bemoaned the insecurity and inadequate and inequitable health care services for adolescents and women of childbearing age. “Nigeria continues to commit to solving the challenges of insurgents in the Northeast, which has induced a high number of internally displaced persons. “We acknowledge that women, children and particularly the girl child are often the most vulnerable in these displacements, and in this regard, we remain focused on the well-being of these vulnerable parts of our population. “We are committed to providing adequate health care services, reducing maternal mortality, rebuilding safe schools and empowering our women, ensuring no one is left behind in terms of achieving sustainable development.” Duruiheoma said these challenges adversely impacted on the quality of life and standards of living of the urban populace. According to him, Nigeria stays committed to the twin goals of the Habitat Agenda – adequate shelter for all and the development of sustainable human settlements in an urbanizing world.
  4. “I HAVEN’T FELT THAT LOVE IN A LONG TIME” – NAOMI CAMPBELL ON HER TRIP TO NIGERIA Supermodel Naomi Campbell was in Lagos, Nigeria 2 weeks ago for the Arise Fashion Week, and from all indications, she had a pretty fab time. Reflecting on her very eventful trip, the fashion icon told British Vogue, “The energy was amazing. From the moment I landed, I had the most incredible time: the people were wonderful, gracious, kind, accommodating… I received so much love that it felt almost overwhelming.” “I went to an amazing shop, Alara, which is like Colette – and I was so excited by all of the fashion, the music, the culture,” she continued. “I’m gonna wear [all those designers] now that I’m home; I felt so comfortable, so easy, so relaxed. I feel like Africa, as a continent, is on the tip of explosion. It’s the next destination, and it needs a broader platform. I am going to help them get it. It’s more than overdue. There needs to be an African Vogue. It’s time.” She went on to say, “I left with my heart full of so much happiness; I didn’t want to leave. I haven’t felt that love in a long time, and it made me realise that, all the 32 years I’ve been in this business, they’ve been worth it.”
  5. The next edition of the Big Brother Nigeria reality show is expected to be hosted in Nigeria. This is according to Adedayo Thomas, executive director, National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB). Thomas, in an interview with NAN on Tuesday, expressed displeasure on why a Nigerian show was being held in South Africa. The 2018 edition is in its second consecutive year as it had previously suffered a 10-year hiatus after holding its first edition in 2006. He said: He said the programme is rated 18+ adding that; A couple of the scenes are adult content and that is where parental guidance comes in. Parents can always block the watching of some scenes within a particular period or in totality. It is not government’s responsibility to assume the parental roles of m0ral upbringing of children in their homes.
  6. Dr. David Oyedepo, the Chancellor, Covenant University, Ota in Ogun, has advised parents to inculcate m0ral in their children for them to become better leaders in the future. Oyedepo gave the advice in his address at the 15th Inaugural Lecture of the institution on Monday in Ota. The lecture is entitled: “Lengthening Cords and Strengthening Stakes: Leadership Praxis and Transcendence in Counselling Practice.’’ According to him, building a strong nation is a collective effort that needs to start from homes. “Every individual has been victims of unskilled leadership at all levels, especially in family, business and career levels. “If the nation and other African countries do not have the required skill to get some tasks done, they will continue to struggle with their challenges forever,’’ he said.
  7. COMMONWEALTH GAMES: NIGERIA WINS FOURTH GOLD MEDAL Ibrahim Abdulazeez has increased Team Nigeria’s gold medal haul at the ongoing Commonwealth Games taking place in Gold Coast, Australia, to four. Team Nigeria put up a dominant display to make a clean sweep of all the Gold medals at stake in the Para Power lifting event with Abdulazeez picking the last in the men’s Heavyweight category on Tuesday. Roland Ezuruike set the tone in the men’s Lightweight category, while Esther Oyema replicated same in the women’s Lightweight category, doing it in style with a World Record. Ndidi Nwosu also finished tops in the women’s Heavyweight class. Abdulazeez, who won the heavyweight title in Glasgow four years ago, put the icing on the cake, snatching the win with a lift of 220kg, amassing a total of 191.9 points despite failing his attempt on 221kg. The power lifting team have given Team Nigeria a big lift, winning a total of six medals – four gold and two Silver, and taking the country’s tally in Gold Coast to eight medals.
  8. The quick development of internet and all types of gadgets makes millions of Nigerians give their preference to internet banking over standard visits to bank offices. This is a real time saver, and the best part about it is the ability to get into your account at day and night. Keep on reading to find out how to use Stanbic IBTC internet banking. Anyone who has his or her banking card with this financial organization can fall in love with the benefits of using Stanbic IBTC bank internet banking. It is the fastest and most convenient method of paying for goods, getting products online, checking the balance, and getting credit, etc. STANBIC IBTC ONLINE BANKING Usage of all internet banking platforms is usually simple. Each client of Nigerian Stanbic IBTC bank can also get its advantages online and perform various actions and services while staying at home, being at work or while traveling. HERE HOW TO USE ITS ADVANTAGES IN NIGERIA: Step 1. Before anyone can start using anything, he or she has to register. The same thing happens with Stanbic internet banking. You should organize an account for yourself. Step 2. This is something simple. However, you should first go to any local office in Nigeria. Select the one closest to your place and visit it. Step 3. Each client of Stanbic IBTC bank internet banking should receive a special form. You will have to provide your name, various information about the physical account, and select your personal passcode. Step 4. Each completed form is reviewed and has to get an approval. Step 5. Sometimes you can receive the username (most people use their bank account number) and passcode for your internet banking account via the email or handset (if you choose to get a text message). Step 6. After the account has been activated, you have to get the Stanbic IBTC special application for handsets and install it on your smartphone. Some users prefer using the online platform instead of the mobile program. It is up to you, which option to enjoy. You can either use online banking on your computer or work with the app on your handset, or you can do both. P.S. You can also register your own account online using this link https://www.stanbicibtcbank.com/standimg/Nigeria/internetbanking/features.html#register – it has a short video guide with the registration tips and explanation on how to use ‘Register for Internet Banking’ option without visiting the bank office. Each account’s activation is completed after you give a phone call to customer support centre. Step 7. Get into your account with Stanbic IBTC internet banking tool via this site https://ibanking.stanbicibtcbank.com/roa/#/Login and enjoy the on-the-go services. This is fun and simple. You stop depending on business days because you can make transactions, check balance in your online cabinet, and get all the benefits even when the physical bank offices are closed on public holidays or weekends. Step 8. Through Stanbic internet banking, Nigerians can work with their business and individual accounts, keep a hand on all the transactions they do, follow all the financial changes that take place, etc. It is better to take actions with your personal or business account from the same device. This way you can be more protected. Users who need to check their balance or get into the banking cabinet from someone else’s computer are highly advised to log out afterward. These are the main guides and tips for using Stanbic IBTC international banking in Nigeria. We hope you find this post interesting and helpful.
  9. In this post, we are going to tell you how to borrow credit from Etisalat Nigeria. This is a very handy feature and we will give you all the details. Just use a special code and lend airtime for your communication. Are you interested in such a function? If your answer is “Yes”, welcome to our guide. ETISALAT CREDIT PROPOSITION We know that Etisalat is a top provider of mobile and internet network in Nigeria. With the possibility of the borrowing money for communication, you can be sure that you always will have airtime for calls. If there is such a need you can always ask for airtime, so you can talk now and pay later. With the help of this service, you have the ability to borrow airtime for data, calls, and other services. First, you have to check your eligibility for credit, to do this just text word “STATUS” to 665 or dial *665*3# CODE TO BORROW CREDIT FROM ETISALAT NIGERIA If your account is borrowable, you can ask for N50, 100, 200, 500, 1000. How to do it? It is very simple, just dial *665*amount#, or you can text the amount to number 665. The service charge is 15% of the borrowed sum. And this is a whole process. Quite easy, right? Etisalat Nigeria takes care of the clients, and create new convenient services. It is also easy to check Etisalat credit balance, just dial *121# Some additional information about the borrowing service: To have the right to borrow airtime, you should constantly recharge your account The borrowed money will be withheld at the next time of recharging Remember that the borrowed airtime always has an expiry date The provider of network always checks the account of the borrower, with the help of borrowed money you can not repay the debt or use the airtime to subscribe for a data plan. Notice these factors. The service is very convenient, try it if there is such a need, and enjoy the communication.
  10. After failing to make the podium in the first four days of action at the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, the medals are now coming in for Team Nigeria. Just after the jinx was broken for Nigeria by the men’s table tennis team who won silver medal, another silver medal has been added to the country’s haul. Chukwuebuka Enekwechi won the second silver medal for Nigeria in Men’s Shot Put with a best throw of 21.14m behind Tomas Walsh of New Zeland, who won gold with 21.41m.Canada’s Tim Nedow took the bronze with 20.91m. Hopefully, more medals will be added to Team Nigeria haul with some of the country’s athlete billed to compete in some final events later on Monday.
  11. ‘BUHARI MAY BE THE LAST NIGERIA PRESIDENT’ – BIAFRA THREATENS THE MOVEMENT FOR THE ACTUALIZATION OF THE SOVEREIGN STATE OF BIAFRA (MASSOB) ON SUNDAY CLAIMED THAT GOING BY HAPPENINGS IN THE COUNTRY, PRESIDENT MUHAMMDU BUHARI COULD BE NIGERIA’S LAST PRESIDENT. This is as the group accused President Buhari of running a tribal and corrupt government. The pro-Biafra group made the claims in a statement made available to DAILY POST by its leader, Comrade Uchenna Madu, where he said Buhari was not fighting corruption but was favouring his kinsmen against other parts of the country. Madu said rather than work as a leader for all the sections of the country, Buhari was pursuing ethnic and religious agenda. He said in the statement that “President Buhari have shown to the world that he is an unrepentant and resolute promoter of Islamic fundamentalism.” He further alleged that under the current administration, “the people of Biafra, Middle Belt and Oduduwa have watched, seen and experienced the unleashing of terrorist and genocidal wars, with the backing of Nigeria security agencies manned by Buhari’s kinsmen against the armless and innocent citizens of Biafra, Oduduwa and Middle Belt. “The consciousness for survival of the the people of Biafra, Oduduwa and Middle Belt have been reawakened and charged for self-defense and self determination. “We insist that President Buhari shall be the last president of this geographical expression called Nigeria because 2019 will surely manifest the last doom of Nigeria.” On corruption in governance, Madu said “since the inception of democratic rule in Nigeria, the country has never be run in such high magnitude of illiterate tribal domination and corrupt tendencies. “Records has it that President Obasanjo sacked his IGP Tafa Balogun for corruption. He backed the impeachment of the then Senate President, Adolfus Wabara for corruption allegations. He also sacked his own ministers, Fabian Osuji, S.M Afolabi, Hussein Akwanga, Tim Menakaya, etc for corruption cases. He also sacked Mrs Mobolaji Osomo for administrative infraction. “The same way, late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua sacked Mrs Adenike Grange as Minister of Health for administrative infraction. “It is on records that President Jonathan also sacked Stella Odua for corruption allegations, though she was one of the most powerful ministers in President Jonathan’s administration. “President Jonathan also sacked Mr. Abdulrasheed Maina as the Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reform for issues of corruption.” “Who has President Buhari sacked for the reported cases of corruptions and infractions in his government?” He queried. He added that “on the case of former SGF, Babachir Lawal, we wish to remind that the same President Buhari wrote the Senate, defended and exonerated Babachir of all wrongdoings leveled against him. It was the cries of citizens that forced him to sack Babachir and have him replaced with his own brother, Boss Mustapha. In other words, Mr. Babachir brought his own replacement. “MASSOB wish to remind the citizens that president Buhari also re-appointed the sacked corrupt men as a compensation for being Fulanis after they were all sacked for corruption and violation of their oaths of offices. “Abdulrasheed Maina was the chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reform. He was secretly recalled and reinstated by President Buhari. He was even promoted to the position of Director in charge of Human Resources in the Ministry of Interior. Maina was dismissed by President Jonathan in 2013 following recommendations by the Office of the Head of Service. He was accused of stealing about 100billion naira from the pension fund. “Zakari Biu (CP) was dismissed following his complicity in the escape from police detention of notorious Boko Haram suspect, Kabiru Sokoto. He was reinstated and promoted to the rank of AIG by President Buhari before he was gloriously retired from active service. “Prof Usman Yusuf (NHIS Boss) was accused of squandering over 997 million naira from the schemes intervention fund. An investigation was carried out and he was dully sacked by the minister of health, but because he is President Buhari’s brother, he was recently reinstated. “We know that President Buhari is not fighting corruption or upholding rule of law, but using the estate called Nigeria to enrich and project his Fulani kinsmen against the rest of the citizens. President Buhari’s government has finally exposed the fraudulent foundation of the British establishment called Nigeria.”
  12. I WAS NEVER APPRECIATED IN NIGERIA – RAPPER 2SHOTZ Nigerian rapper, 2shotz, has given hints on why he abandoned music for photography and filmmaking in the United States of America. – Speaking with Sunday Scoop, he said, “My contributions to the Nigerian music industry were never publicly acknowledged; so, what is the point of talking about music in Nigeria. Real people don’t go far in Nigeria. I really don’t care about what is going on in that industry anymore. The problem is the individuals. “I am now a photographer and filmmaker. This is as much as you can get. I am not interested in attaining stardom again and I don’t care about it.”
  13. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) says there is no plastic fish in circulation in Nigeria. The Agency’s spokesman, Dr. Abubakar Jimoh, in a statement in Abuja on Thursday, said that its finding followed “a thorough investigation and analysis of some unsuspected plastic fish samples’’ in its laboratory. He said that “the investigation was triggered by a report from a consumer in Abuja who claimed that he bought a fish which refused to cook when set on fire for several minutes. “The suspected sample of the fish, after a thorough investigation, was confirmed to contain protein and fat which is normal to fish. “The fish was, however, found to be unwholesome due to serious bacterial contamination, NAFDAC said. “While encouraging Nigerians to watch carefully the kind of fish they buy, it is, however, important to stress that there is no plastic fish in Nigeria.’’ The management noted that few weeks ago, there had been the circulation of suspected plastic fish in some parts of the world on the social media but stressed that no single case had been found in Nigeria, so far. The agency urged Nigerians to“ report any suspected unwholesome product, including fish to the nearest NAFDAC office for further investigation’’. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) says there is no plastic fish in circulation in Nigeria. The Agency’s spokesman, Dr. Abubakar Jimoh, in a statement in Abuja on Thursday, said that its finding followed “a thorough investigation and analysis of some unsuspected plastic fish samples’’ in its laboratory. He said that “the investigation was triggered by a report from a consumer in Abuja who claimed that he bought a fish which refused to cook when set on fire for several minutes. “The suspected sample of the fish, after a thorough investigation, was confirmed to contain protein and fat which is normal to fish. “The fish was, however, found to be unwholesome due to serious bacterial contamination, NAFDAC said. “While encouraging Nigerians to watch carefully the kind of fish they buy, it is, however, important to stress that there is no plastic fish in Nigeria.’’ The management noted that a few weeks ago, there had been the circulation of suspected plastic fish in some parts of the world on the social media but stressed that no single case had been found in Nigeria, so far. The agency urged Nigerians to“ report any suspected unwholesome product, including fish to the nearest NAFDAC office for further investigation’’.
  14. Who hasn’t heard about Western Union? This company has been around for decades all across the globe. It is present in over 200 countries and territories across the planet offering its services to millions of users. Learn how to receive money from Western Union in Nigeria, since this popular money transfer service is available to the citizens of the most populated African country. Citizens of Nigeria can enjoy money transfer services offered by Western Union (WU) in any of its many locations. By the way, the number of such points exceeds 2,700 across the country. WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER It is possible to use Western Union tracking number to know when exactly your funds become available for pick up. Then you can enjoy the money transfer service. GETTING MONEY FROM AN AGENT Here is how you can get your WU money in Nigeria: Step 1. Ask the sender to provide you with the Western Union tracking number. Step 2. Track the money transfer and wait until you see the message that you can pick it up. Step 3. Find a location in your city where you can get your money. You can visit this page https://locations.westernunion.com/ng/ and make a selection. Step 4. Visit the agent’s location and you will be asked to fill out a special form to get your money. You will have to enter the following information: The name of the person who sent you money via WU The country where money was transferred from MTCN along with secret Question – Answer (if you are asked to) Step 5. You have to provide your ID card along with the filled out form (if you are asked to). Step 6. Western Union agent should collect the form, make sure you are who you are (by checking the ID card) and handle you the finances. GETTING FINANCES ON SMARTPHONE Here is how you can receive money sent via Western Union directly on your handset: You have to create a mobile wallet to get money directly on your phone. Your money sender should select the option ‘receiver’s mobile wallet.’ Otherwise, you will not be able to get your finances using this method. Besides, he or she has to use your phone number and Nigeria’s zip code. The mobile wallet service you are using will let you know when your finances become available. Once you have gotten WU money on your handset (mobile device) you can withdraw cash, use mobile money to purchase products, buy airtime and pay your bills. WESTERN UNION LIMITS IN NIGERIA You can transfer your funds using WU only within the country if you are located in Nigeria. Foreigners are allowed sending you money from different countries to Nigeria if they provide you with your MTCN code (this is the special money transfer control number). Money recipient has to provide his or her ID card to get money. A recipient has to know the Test Question and answer for the transaction. If you receive more than $10,000 (or the equivalent in Naira), your transaction has to be reported to Central Bank of Nigeria. That’s it. This is how to receive money from Western Union in Nigeria. You can always find detailed information on WU’s local site in Nigeria https://www.westernunion.ng/. For example, you can get a list of all cities that allow collecting U.S. transactions in U.S. dollars, and get other useful information as well.
  15. The management of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has approved an additional uniform to officials of the organization. NCS said the new uniform will give officers and men variety of uniforms, depending on the weather and assignment to be executed. The additional uniform, which was officially unveiled to the public by the acting deputy comptroller-general of Customs in charge of Tariff and Trade, Isa Talatu Mairo and the Service Public Relations Officer, DC Joseph Attah, has white atop the usual ash coloured trouser with a tie to match. The NCS said officers and men working in offices, airport and especially during hot weather will find it easy and more comfortable to wear the uniform on duty. ‘‘For the avoidance of doubt, this is not a change of uniform but an addition to give officers and men variety of official wears,” he cautioned. While giving his nod for the official use of the new uniform, the comptroller General of Customs, Col, Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd) expressed the hope that the additional wear will help shore up the Service image.
  16. The boss of Empire Mates Entertainment, Banky W has become the first brand ambassador for UBER Nigeria. The RnB singer revealed how he bought a car for his driver to become an UBER driver to earn more income. “One of my favourite quotes is the one that says: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a meal. Teach a man to fish and you’ve fed him for life.” I believe very strongly in putting the people around me in a position to be more successful. “My driver @lado212 is an awesome guy.. and I wanted him to be able to earn more than just his salary & tips, so I got a small car and we put it on Uber, that way instead of him sitting around all day waiting for me while I’m in the studio, office, or on set, he can hit the road and generate income for us.. and then we split it at the end of the month. It’s worked so well that I am now really hoping to continue to do this for more of the young people around me, as God gives me grace. I’m so excited and honoured to be @ubernigeria’s first Brand Ambassador. I genuinely love the service and I’ve been an avid rider for years – the convenience of it just made my life so much easier, home and abroad. I also love that it helps create employment for young people.. and I want to encourage more car owners, if they can, to use the service as a way to help more people around them and earn money on the side at the same time. And even if all you ever do is use an Uber as your designated driver when you’re out having drinks.. it makes too much sense. You should just #BankOnUber. I am, and I do,” he wrote on Instagram.
  17. 9jaonline

    Top 11 Causes of Divorce in Nigeria

    It happens so that marriages fail and the causes of divorce can be diverse. Cheat!ng, mismatch of characters, beliefs, dissatisfaction, lack of love, jealousy, and many others form a long range of reasons why people fall apart. What are the main causes of divorce in Nigeria? REASON #1: LACK OF PREPARATION This reason for a divorce is not indigenous for Nigeria: it happens everywhere all around the globe. Young people think that they are prepared for everything when their bodies reach physical maturity but their minds are still infantile. This is why they often tend to get married by impulse, being totally unprepared. The lack of emotional, psychological, and even intellectual preparation before getting married is one of the most common reasons why marriages fail. No understanding of the obligations, responsibility, care, and communication causes a complete mismatch. REASON #2: LACK OF COURTSHIP Quite often, young people don’t give themselves enough time to get to know each other better before getting married. They simply meet, feel the attraction, and decide that they are in love. Without the period of dating and courting, they have no chance of getting to know the characters, habits, and life views of each other. The courting time allows young sweethearts to find out whether they are truly in love, whether their tempers match each other, and also what the HIV status of the partner is, whether he or she is fertile or sterile, and so on. All these things can be vital for a marriage. REASON #3: LACK OF COMPATIBILITY The physical draw is often treated as love, and it’s one of the biggest mistakes young spouses tend to make. They discover that their natures, intellects, emotions, and habits are incompatible only when they are already married, the time of the first passion is over, and the reality dawns on them. Incompatibility is one of the reasons couples divorce after decades of marriage. REASON #4: LACK OF OPENNESS We all want to look better than we are in the eyes of our sweethearts. Quite often, people delude their partners to force them into marriage or something like that. Men tell girls tales about their wealth, girls conceal the truth about their previous relationships, and so on. All this leads to the collapse of trust and the collapse of a marriage. REASON #5: MISMATCH OF AGES A man of 40 who marries a girl of 23 years is not very much uncommon. However, he should keep in mind that soon, he will be an aging man while she will be a woman in the bloom of her beauty and her prime. The same is about a man of, say, 30 who marries a woman of 40: she has only a couple of years to conceive a baby. The biggest and most healthy difference in age should be at most five years, experts say, and it’s necessary to make sure that the partner doesn’t falsify their birth date. REASON #6: INTELLECTUAL MISMATCH It’s quite clear that understanding is one of the key factors for a strong and happy marriage. In this light, it’s also clear that a crude mismatch in the interests, intellectual development, and education has turned out to be one of the most common causes of divorce in Nigeria. It’s not a fact that a university graduate will have an unhappy life with an illiterate village worker. Still, it’s always better when spouses are approximately on the same level of intellectual development. REASON #7: INFERTILITY Nigerians have a very special attitude towards children. A marriage that stays childless for more than two years is often treated with anxiety. Women who have no children in marriage are often blamed for being infertile even if the problem is in their men. It can be a very big problem. It happens often that a partner hides the fact of their infertility from the other side, knowing about it before their marriage. Of course, when the truth comes up, the marriage collapses because of the trust issues. REASON #8: BROKEN EXPECTATIONS People rarely realize that their expectations are their own problem and nobody is obliged to fulfill them. However, some people even get married expecting something particular from their partners. Of course, when nothing like this happens, the marriage collapses. REASON #9: INFIDELITY Being married to somebody means being tied to this somebody and sharing everything with this person. The spousal infidelity is one of the most common causes of divorce in many countries around the world, not only in Nigeria. It’s very hard if possible to forgive and forget the pains caused by a Cheat!ng partner. REASON #10: LACK OF COMMUNICATION Talking to each other is vital in a marriage. Discussing complicated issues, finding mutual points of view on the ways of bringing up children, running the household, spending money, and so on makes a lot of sense for a couple. Small problems that are kept silent tend to grow into bigger and finally huge problems. REASON #11: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE It’s sad to admit that there are still abusers in Nigeria who practice domestic violence on their spouses and children. Cruelty and disrespect, violence and total control, restrictions, humiliations, and beating – these are the sad reasons many marriages in Nigeria fail at any stage. This is one of the most serious problems with marriages, which demands special attention and a complex approach to be solved. ARE THE GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE IN NIGERIA REALLY SUBSTANTIAL? YES, THEY ARE BUT THEY CAN BE EASILY FOUGHT WITH ENOUGH DEVOTION AND PATIENCE. IT’S NECESSARY TO EDUCATE FUTURE SPOUSES, EXPLAIN EVERYTHING ABOUT THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES TO THEIR PARTNERS AND THEIR CHILDREN, AND PREPARE THEM THOROUGHLY. UNDERSTANDING THE REASONS IS ALREADY THE WAY TOWARDS VICTORY.
  18. Millions of Nigerians receive and send parcels and packages from/to abroad. Different international courier services in Nigeria deliver tons of products, goods, and documents every day. So let us learn about some of the top courier services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, and others who work day and night to handle your package in time. International courier companies deliver baggage, cargo and freight, work with documents and parcels, offer logistics services and make sure your parcel ends up in your hands. Many firms promise to deliver your goods from many countries across the globe within a week. Some of the companies even guarantee 2-3-day delivery, but it all depends on the country it is shipped from and your destination. BEST COURIER SERVICES IN NIGERIA We have selected the top courier companies that operate in Nigeria and offer international services to all the citizens of the country. You are welcome to take a look at the best firms below, and we are sure you will easily find a reliable courier to use for yourself. 1. FEDEX NIGERIA This is a famous company that can deliver your goods from the U.S. and many other countries to Nigeria. FedEx has a big online platform that allows each user create an account, prepare their packages, track shipments, etc. The list of supported countries is extremely long. In most cases, it is possible to ship your packages, documents, and parcels from all over the world to Nigeria. The courier service is reliable and trusted. It can deliver your goods by air, sea or land. 2. DHL NIGERIA This company is well known for many years that is why millions of people from all over the world trust it and use its services. This firm is working with over 150 territories from all over the planet. DHL is not the cheapest courier for your international packages, but it is definitely reliable and will not disappoint you. It can help you deliver goods and products from the UK, the U.S., European countries, and other places. 3. UPS NIGERIA This is another top courier company in Nigeria that offers international services to all the citizens. It is one of the most popular firms that can deliver your documents and big packages from across the world. This firm has a user-friendly website. It gives you a simple way how to calculate the shipping cost with only knowing the weight of the parcel, country, and zip code for the destination and area where it is being shipped from. 4. EMS NIGERIA The SpeedPost is another international courier service with 139 countries on the list. You can use this firm’s services in Nigeria. The firm has been created back in 1986. It boasts over 30 years of experience and is known as one of the ‘arms’ of Nigerian Postal Service. You can track your parcel and enjoy nice prices if you work with EMS SpeedPost. 5. GIG LOGISTICS This international courier service can deliver any size of cargo right to your place. It works with over 100 territories from outside Nigeria. It promises your goods or documents (or any freight) would be at your place within 5-7 business days. You can use import and export services offered by the firm. GIG Logistics has an office in the USA so you can easily ship to and get parcels from the U.S. using this company via sea or air. 6. ZENITH CARES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED This international courier service is perfect for Nigerians who need to deliver goods and products from the USA to Nigeria. The firm’s main office is located in Lagos. Being created in 2002, this company has quickly grown to over 40 offices in different Nigerian states. You can enjoy all the services offered by Zenith, from courier delivery of American packages to storing your parcels in the warehouse, ordering custom cleaning services, logistics, etc. 7. ROWSY INTERNATIONAL LTD This company has been around since 2004. It offers courier services, freight forwarding service from all over the world (the UK, the USA, UAE, etc.), logistics, and other services. The firm’s website lets you easily calculate the approximate shipping cost for all international shipments. Rowsy is well known in different places across the globe, including Nigeria, the United Kingdom, China, and other countries. 8. SKY NET This is also a reliable worldwide courier service that operates in Nigeria and across the planet. It was first created in the United States of America, in the 1970s. Nowadays, the company boasts many offices all over the planet. This courier can deliver goods from all over the world to Nigeria, door to door. 9. RED STAR EXPRESS This international courier has over 160 offices across Nigeria and promises to deliver packages and parcels as well as documents from all over the world. You can use air deliver if you need quick and reliable service or select more affordable methods of shipping your goods and products. 10. TNT This international courier can ship to any of the 200 countries it supports. You can deliver parcels and packages to Nigeria from South Africa, Europe, and many other territories. TNT or Thomas Nationwide Transport offers a significant number of services, from logistics to express delivery by a courier. These are the top 10 international courier services in Nigeria. They can be a reliable partner when it comes to shipping your goods or products purchased from international stores and packages sent by your foreign relatives directly to Nigeria. Source: Naija.ng
  19. Nigeria has warned that the continued existence of nuclear weapons remained a threat to all mankind. Nigeria stated this in its statement to the General Debate of the 2018 Substantive Session of the UN Disarmament Commission by Faisal Ibrahim, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the UN. “The cost of maintenance and modernisation of these weapons are both outrageous and inexcusable when compared to resources allocated by States for more useful and productive ventures. “These more useful and productive ventures could further the growth, development, prosperity and other peaceful and positive articulation of human endeavours,” Nigeria said. Nigeria highlighted the 1996 Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which affirmed that the threat or use of nuclear weapons constituted a crime against humanity. The country added that the ICJ’s opinion also affirmed that the threat or use of nuclear weapons constituted a violation of international law, including international humanitarian law. Nigeria reiterated its view about the catastrophic humanitarian consequences that could result from either a deliberate use and/or unintentional explosion of nuclear weapons. It said these consequences should serve as a compelling reason for all states to address the question of the continued possession of nuclear weapons. “Nuclear weapons still remain the ultimate agents of mass destruction and their total elimination should be the final objective of all disarmament processes within the broad spectrum of goals being pursued by the United Nations. “To this end, my delegation heartily welcomes the adoption of the landmark Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons which opened for signature on 20 September 2017. “My delegation remains proud to have participated actively in the processes leading to its adoption, as well as being one of the first countries to sign the treaty. “Our commitment was guided by Nigeria’s principled position on the denuclearization of the world.” Nigeria stressed that the universalisation of the Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was dependent upon strict compliance with its three pillars: disarmament, non-proliferation and peaceful uses of nuclear energy. “As a State Party to the Treaty of Pelindaba, Nigeria welcomes the establishment of Nuclear Weapon Free Zones (NWFZ) in parts of the world. “The treaty serves as a shield for the continent of Africa, including preventing the stationing of nuclear explosive devices on the continent and prohibiting testing of nuclear weapons.” Nigeria noted that the NWFZ serves as a measure to ensure a world free from the fear or possibility of the use of nuclear weapons. It, therefore, called on all Member States to support efforts to replicate it in the remaining parts of the world, including in the Middle East. Nigeria stressed the need for peaceful uses of outer space, particularly, preventing the weaponisation of the outer space to preserve peace and security to the benefit of all mankind. “In this regard, we strongly support the negotiation of a treaty preventing an arms race in outer space and for interim transparency and confidence-building measures toward that end. “Nigeria remains committed to using its space science capabilities for developmental purposes and, to that end, we have embarked on several developmental projects. “Some of which include desertification sensitivity index, population dissymmetric analysis and carbon emission assessment, among others. “Nigeria firmly believes that space technology has the immense potential to benefit both developed and developing countries. “And in this regard the UN needs to promote equal and non-discriminatory access to outer space, irrespective of levels of social, economic or scientific development. “Nigeria wishes to highlight the efforts of UN Regional Centres for Peace and Disarmament in terms of their contributions to disarmament measures and other future challenges.” It noted the valuable input of the Centre in Africa, particularly in its efforts to ensure the provision of a robust programme on capacity-building and in extending technical assistance to many States on the continent.
  20. Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West in the Upper Legislative Chamber of the National Assembly, has advised his party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, to stop the blame games. According to him, it would be a wasted effort trying to change a country by fighting the realities on ground. Melaye told his party that to change the country, they must build a new model that would make the existing one obsolete. Melaye said this in a post he shared on Instagram on Monday evening. The embattled Senator entitled his post, “Advice to APC.” He wrote, “You never change a country by fighting the existing realities you meet on ground. “To change a country, you build a new model that will makes the existing model obsolete. “Stop accusation and start building.”
  21. Anyone who is using MTN subscription to make phone calls, send text messages, and enjoy web surfing in Nigeria should know this information. It is important to learn how to check MTN Night plan data balance to know for sure how much mobile data you have already used and yet to use. MTN is a popular mobile network across Nigeria. It is one of the largest providers of internet connection in the country, so it is no wonder that so many citizens prefer MTN to other companies. Besides, it boasts a great coverage so guarantees connection in all supported areas. MTN NIGHT PLAN This is a cool one-day plan you can enable each day for 25 Naira per SIM card per night. This offers you 500MB of night data which you can enjoy after midnight. The package is available to all MTN Nigerian users who have subscribed to iPulse package. You need to have at least 25 Naira worth airtime to use the MTN Night plan. It is easy to subscribe: just write a quick word ‘NIGHT’ and send it to the phone number 131. The option to surf the Internet at night becomes available for 4 hours per night: from midnight to 4 am. Sadly, MTN provides no direct method how to check MTN night plan data balance. At the same time, the mobile operator usually texts you periodically regarding your data usage during the night while you are slowly using your 500MB of data. It is also possible for computer users to install MTN fastlink stats and see for yourself how much of data you have already used. Here is another method you can give a try (it surely works on all Android gadgets): On your Android phone, select your Settings. Go to the menu with Data Usage. Choose MTN NG option and you will get to the statistics how you are using your data. Choose your current date here (the night when you have purchased your Night browsing plan). You will see your data consumption information. HOW TO CHECK MTN DATA BALANCE All MTN subscription plans (except the MTN night plan) offer three main options how you can check your balance. This includes the following possibilities: Dial USSD code Send text message to see balance Use quick 131-menu We would like to share the code to check MTN data balance and mention other two methods below as well. METHOD 1. CODE TO CHECK MTN DATA BALANCE There is a quick code to dial. Sometimes you might forget it, but you can always look it up on MTN’s site. On your phone, you have to place a call to *131*4# and look at the screen. The USSD number returns your data balance to your device’s screen. Some packages can offer you additional bonuses. If you wish to check the bonus balance you should call a different USSD number *559#. METHOD 2. HOW TO CHECK DATA BALANCE ON MTN BY SMS It is easy to figure out your night plan data balance by sending a text message with a short message ‘2’ to a phone number 131. It is necessary to wait a bit for a reply. You will receive a return message that asks you to wait for a response and stay patient. After a short while, you will get a second SMS with the balance on your account. METHOD 3. CHECKING MTN BALANCE VIA MENU There is also 131-menu to use. You simply need to call *131# and you will enter the USSD-MTN-menu directly from your smartphone. Here you should choose Option 4, which at once displays the updated balance amount on the gadget’s display. Now you know a code to check MTN data balance and an interesting trick how to track your Night plan data balance as well.
  22. Are you also using Spectranet internet? It is smart to learn how to check data balance on Spectranet within moments. This is an easy option, and you can find the directors below useful and handy. It is necessary to keep an eye on your data balance and renew it in time to stay always connected with your friends, relatives, and family 24/7. Spectranet is a well-known internet provider in Nigeria. It offers both WiFi and MiFi modems and devices, but it covers only several areas with its 4G LTE network. So if you happen to live in Lagos, Abuja or other territories that have the super-fast connection offered by Spectranet, you are most likely using this company’s services. HOW TO CHECK SPECTRANET BALANCE ONLINE We should note that new customers who get the company’s modem and connect to its network usually receive some free data as a bonus. Here is how to check data balance on Spectranet and understand how much you have already used: Step 1. Visit the official company’s site https://www.spectranet.com.ng/. Step 2. You should see the ‘Self Care’ blue menu, so click on it to proceed. Step 3. You will be forwarded to the next page. There is a red button that says ‘Login to SelfCare’ so press on it to continue. Step 4. Log in to your account. You should use the user ID and password provided to you by Spectranet when you purchased its modem or device. Just remember to change your default passcode to protect your account. Step 5. Once you access your account, you will see your personal dashboard. Step 6. Get down to the option that states ‘data balance.’ It appears as three numbers separated by a colon. For example, you see 10:153:67. Let us understand what it stands for. In our example, 10 means 10GB; 153 means 153MB and 67 means 67KB of data you can still use. This is the first method how you can use to check your data balance on Spectranet in Nigeria. SPECTRANET DATA BALANCE CHECKING BY PHONE You can also use the second method as well. Here is how it works: You should call customer support. So visit Spectranet’s site if you do not remember the phone number. Find the phone on the firm’s site and dial it or just press on ‘Contact Us’ menu to view the available phone numbers. Make a call and ask the support team to tell you how much data you have left on your balance. It is wise to plan all your spending, including the Spectranet data balance updating and renewing. This way you will always know how much data you have left and when it is time to add some money to your account. Since you know both ways of checking your balance now, use them to be aware of your internet expenses.
  23. SENATE SET IN MOTION 2 BILLS TO FIGHT DRUG ABUSE IN NIGERIA THE SENATE PRESIDENT, DR. BUKOLA SARAKI, HAS SAID THAT THE SENATE HAS CREATED TWO DRAFT BILLS FOR LEGISLATION TO TACKLE THE MENACE OF DRUG ABUSE ACROSS THE NATION. The SP said that this was a result of the round table set up by him in December last year in Kano on the rising drug abuse in the country. The proposed bills are: National Drug Control Bill and National Mental Health Bill. A statement by the Media Office of the President of the Senate said the Drug Control Bill seeks to clarify the mandate and strengthen the capacity of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) to eradicate the illicit production, and trafficking of controlled substances. “It also seeks to establish a central mechanism to facilitate collaboration among law enforcement, regulatory and public health authorities in line with the National Drug Control Policy. “The Bill further focuses on proactive law enforcement and regulatory measures towards the eradication of the illicit importation, production and trafficking of controlled substances.” The statement further said the bill sought to criminalize the diversion, distribution or otherwise dispensing of controlled substances without a prescription or license. On mental health bill, the statement noted that, in recognition of the fact that psychosocial issues are the key drivers for the abuse of psychoactive substance, the bill was crafted to ensure that standard facilities were available in every state to provide mental health and substance abuse services. The proposed law guarantees the protection of the rights of people with mental illness and stipulates that mental health practitioners and facilities no longer engage in practices that are harmful to people with mental health and substance use disorders. In recognizing the low number of mental health practitioners in the country with the ratio of practitioners at one psychiatrist to 1.6 million people, the draft law makes provision for quality mental health and substance abuse services available for women and adolescents, who are an underserved segment of the population.
  24. Team Nigeria’s sole representative in the men’s High Jump at the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, Mike Edwards, is appealing to the IAAF to rescind its earlier decision stopping him from competing at the Games which kick off next week. According to Making of Champions, the 27-year old high jumper has become the latest victim of the IAAF’s indefinite freeze on the transfer of allegiance process, which was put in place on February 6 last year, largely for the purpose of protecting vulnerable African athletes from being poached by other nations. However, Edwards was named on the Nigerian team to the Commonwealth Games in February, and revealed that he had been cleared by British Athletics to compete for Nigeria. The jumper is already in Australia for the Games and had been accredited by the Commonwealth Games Federation, only to receive a call from the IAAF telling him he was ineligible to compete at the Games because he represented Great Britain at the European Junior Championships nine years ago. Edwards, who has a Jamaican father and Nigerian mother, has now picked a spot at the Games Village where he’s going to stand every single day in order to bring some awareness to his plight, while hoping that the international governing body changes its earlier stance before the competition begins. He took to his Facebook page to share this: “No shame. I’ll stand here every day until IAAF makes a change. It’s wrong what they’re doing. I’ve come too far. I’ve sacrificed way too much to fold at the Commonwealth Games. Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games “As a law abiding dual citizen of Great Britain and Nigeria, I should have every right to represent #TeamNigeria regardless if I chose to represent my birth country GB almost a decade ago, at a Jr. level Championship. “I may not be the most decorated athlete in the world but I’m resilient. Remember, it’s been nine years since my last major Championship. I don’t quit easy… This sign is a representation of the levels I’m willing to take it too. I just want to compete. Call me back IAAF”.

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