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Found 14 results

  1. Friends and colleagues have taken to social media to mourn the loss of a young soldier who was killed by armed bandits. The deceased soldier identified as Jamilu Zaria, was reportedly killed recently during a battle with armed bandits in Zamfara state. Meanwhile, armed bandits on Monday attacked Wonaka, Ajja, Mada, Ruwan Baure, Doka, Takoka and Tudun Maijatau, all under Gusau Local Government Area in Zamfara. According to reports, over 20 persons were killed while six others were kidnapped in the process.
  2. How Much Do Nigerian Senators Earn How much does a senator earn as salary in Nigeria? If not and this is the particular question that bothers your mind, then today’s article is just what you need to satisfy your interest. We have prepared a piece of information in order to make it possible for regular Nigeria senator salary in a month. How much are salaries and benefits of Nigerian senators? What is the average salary of a senator in Nigeria? As for the Senate personnel cost, the consolidated amount for each senator salary per month in Nigeria, which was confirmed in 2018, comprises 700,000 Naira. This figure is just a single salary and does not count the amount of money that is paid to the Nigerian senators for their supplementary benefits. As stated by mister Shehu Sani, the extra costs, which are allocated by the Nigerian government every month as well, comprise 13,500,000 Naira, besides the Nigeria senator salary in a month. Basically, this figure stands for general goods and non-personal services of senators. Shehu Sani did not specify on what particular services this money go, but as we know, Nigerian senators have the following benefits: Travel and transport (local and international travel and transport); Utilities (electricity charges, telephone charges, internet access charges, water rates); Materials and supplies (office stationeries/computer consumables, books, newspapers, magazines and periodicals, printing of non-security documents); Maintenance services (maintenance of motor vehicle/transport equipment, office furniture, IT equipments); Training (local and international training); Remedies and medical supplies; Insurance. If we make some calculations, one Nigerian senator earns more than 14 million Naira per month, which is 170,400,000 Naira annually. The amount of money needed for all the 109 senators turns out in a cosmic figure that might be hard to keep in mind. Moreover, if we compare it to the salaries of other government representatives from different countries, it is much more striking. We hope our article has satisfied your interest and let you have an idea of the amount of money that is spent annually and monthly on the Senate alone.
  3. A video trending on Facebook has shown a Nigerian woman mercilessly beating and stripping her bosom friend n-ked after she slept with her husband behind her back. The video posted on “Umu Udo Odinana Igbo” on Facebook shows the angry wife attacking her friend while asking her what she did for such a betrayal. According to her, she was very good to Nkiru but was shocked when she betrayed her and slept with her husband behind her back. The alleged betrayer, Nkiru could be seen sitting on the chair inside the room as the other woman pummeled her body repeatedly. Watch the video below 51396655_635824890183681_180626455951048704_n.mp4
  4. Nigerian soldiers bravely assembled to carefully defuse an Improvised Explosive Device planted by the Boko Haram terrorist group to cause mayhem. At about 1 p.m yesterday – 13 January 2019, gallant troops of 222 Battalion Konduga, on clearance patrol with the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Scanning Team, operating along Konduga-Aulari Road, recovered Improvised Explosive Devices planted by BHTs along Kawuri-Aulari Road. The IEDs were successfully defused by the brave soldiers combing the area for remnants of the Boko Haram sect. Nigerians have been hailing the soldiers for averting the impending doom. See more images:
  5. Fashion is simply art. From making bold fashion statements to redefining the essence of style, ankara prints have been the go-to of many fashion designers because of its richness and flexibility for a while now. The love for African prints has gone beyond the shores of its origin. Many men and women now turn to prints to display their competence in style and fashion. As much as several African prints are easy to fall in love with, it takes the special skills of a fashion designer to bring out the best in the material. In fact, adding ankara prints to one’s wardrobe can be a great way to give your style a boost of color and individuality. However, just selecting the fabric is the first step towards making the fashion statement on desires. To get a great style out of it, one needs the best inspiration. Whether it is for an occasion or for work or an event, ankara prints can be worn provided the best style is chosen to flatter the individual’s figure and showcase the beauty of the fabric. As much as style is selected based on one’s taste, elegance is a language that can be expressed in fashion regardless of the individual in question. Women who know how to carry themselves like queens understand how to command respect in a room and the first step is always to look their best at all times. We present the best latest ankara style for women of style and elegance: 1. Off-shoulder goodness Latest ankara styles for the last months of 2018 2. Simple and chic Latest ankara styles for the last months of 2018 3. Stylish kimono Latest ankara styles for the last months of 2018 4. Shift dress Latest ankara styles for the last months of 2018 5. Elegance Latest ankara styles for the last months of 2018 6. Fancy lady Latest ankara styles for the last months of 2018 7. Ankara jumpsuit Latest ankara styles for the last months of 2018 8. Bold statement Latest ankara styles for the last months of 2018 9. Flora patterns Latest Ankara styles for the last months of 2018 Which of the styles is your favorite?
  6. It is nice to see that despite the numerous new fashion trends that keep springing up, female native wears have managed to remain relevant. They are worn to special events and for everyday life activities. If you also like Nigerian fashion, this article will be very useful to you as we will discuss the top essential wardrobe items that every fashionable Nigerian woman should own. 1. GELE This headpiece perfectly complements the outfits of exquisite and fashionable women. It is tied from a long piece of cloth. This decoration is especially popular in the western and southern parts of Africa. Gele is suitable for all age groups, so whether you are a mature woman attending church or a family gathering, or a young girl attending a party or event, you can totally rock a nice gele with your beautiful traditional attire. It is worn in both rural and urban areas. There are so many ways of tying gele, so one can easily choose one that fits the event at hand. Some tribes use gele as not just a beautiful accessory, but also to pay tribute to traditions, emphasize belonging to a particular ethnic group or religious beliefs. Tying this beautiful headdress could require a lot of time and energy, but you can be rest assured that the result will be pleasing. You can accessorize your gele with beads, sequins and multi colored tissues; you can also make a beautiful rose out of the gele fabric. The possibilities of this particular item are only limited by your imagination. 2. IRO AND BUBA This traditional outfit is often made from beautiful lace, Ankara and cotton fabric. They are especially popular in the west of Nigeria. In most cases, the styles are kept simple with little additional details. The neckline is kept round and the sleeves are long. This style allows women hide the flawed areas of their figure and it is usually loose fitted. However, there are lots of exceptions to the rules of sewing the iro and buba these days; designers are coming up with a lot of innovative ways to completely customize these native wears. In any case, this outfit will emphasize your femininity and help you attain a refined and elegant image. There are many options that allow a lady look fresh and young. 3. ANKARA TOP Ankara fabric offers unlimited possibilities when it comes to making Nigerian traditional wears. Its bright colors and unusual patterns can bring a festive atmosphere to even the dullest and most boring day. Different styles of tops with different sleeve length, neckline and shape of decollete area can be made out of ankara. There are also tight models that emphasize the beauty of a slim figure. If you would like to hide some of your shortcomings, simply choose a free model. People who have flat tummies to show off can even go for crop tops made from this fabric. For a very attractive and feminine look, ladies can wear ankara tops with open shoulders, lots of frills, unusual shapes and flowing waves of fabric. To create a beautiful combination of such tops, you can wear pants or skirts of similar colors or just go with a regular pair of jeans. This is a good option for daily activities or for a party. 4. ANKARA MAXI/MIDI SKIRT Being one of the most feminine elements of the wardrobe, long skirts, or as they are also called, maxi skirts, are loved by most girls, regardless of their figure and height. They are a great alternative to trousers and can successfully mask the imperfections of a woman’s figure by making it visually slimmer; they also add a chic touch and elegance to almost any image. This item can be found in the latest designer collections, it comes in different varieties of shapes and colors like flay, heavy, restrained or playful; these models are all lovely to behold. When choosing a style and color for a maxi skirt, it is recommended that you put the wearer’s figure into consideration. Women with wide hips should go for dark colors and floor length skirts that will make their thighs look narrower. Tight long skirts with high waistline will balance the figure of a woman with a lush chest and broad shoulders. If a person has narrow thighs, they can safely choose a pleated lush skirt. It visually adds volume to the hips. 5. ANKARA DRESS Regardless of the contemporary fashion and style trends sweeping the fashion industry, the requirements for women’s dresses remain the same – they should be light, feminine and comfortable. An Ankara dress that gently envelops the smooth curves of the body and starts widening from the knee line is ideal to pull off a fashionable look. At first glance, it may seem that Ankara fabrics all look the same; but stylists has proved to us that one can take advantage of the various patterns of Ankara to create so many unique styles. The main attractive features of Ankara dresses are their unusual design and bright colors. The soft fabric nicely covers and complements the chest, waist and hips of women. The lower parts of such dresses often greatly expanded and take different forms. You can also make styles with free cuts, mini length and many other variations. The top of the dress may be made without shoulders or sleeves and with straps across one shoulder or neck. This draws attention to the beautiful outlines of the neck and decollete zone. In addition, you can add deep cutouts with unusual shapes, asymmetry and various weaves or inserts made of lace. Such models come out looking quite original. 6. BLOUSE AND WRAPPER We have already talked about skirts and dresses, but there is another style that cannot be forgotten when discussing beautiful feminine traditional attires – the blouse and wrapper. To get it, you just have to wrap the fabric around your waist. The wrapper and blouse can be made from the same material or simply harmonized in color and style. You can choose contrasting shades to create a bright and memorable composition. The people around you will surely appreciate your impeccable taste. The wrap can be made in any length from mini to maxi. When selecting the length, you need to focus on the occasion and the beauty of your legs. If you have nothing to hide and want to walk with friends on a hot day, then feel free to show off your beautiful legs. If you are attending a serious event, of course, it is better to choose a more restrained style. The wrapper can be made straight or with different folds, it all depends on how you want to tie it and whether the fabric can maintain an unusual shape. 7. BOUBOU This style is loved by fans of free cut; a lot of ladies feel very comfortable in BouBou. Because of its practicality, it can be worn in everyday life. Making this style out of expensive fabrics decorated with embroidery, rhinestones and fabric patterns will give you a wonderful evening outfit. Even though this style is traditionally worn by married women, young girls also find modern stylish options. 8. ASO OKE The aso oke is traditionally worn by Yoruba people; it is a special fabric used for sewing headdresses, blouses, skirts, capes and many other items. Attires made from aso oke are often worn at weddings. Picking the right style and a combination of colors transforms women to very charming brides. 9. ATIKU STYLES If you want to relax and forget about bright colors or difficult styles for a day, while also bringing comfort and harmony to your life, then this is one fashion option you should choose. In most cases, the Atiku fabric comes in calm, soft colors that are perfectly for everyday use. 10. KAFTAN STYLES Kaftans are free gowns that can allow you look feminine without sacrificing comfort. The simplicity of the style is completely compensated by the bright patterns on the fabric. The Kaftan can be worn separately or combined with pants. Some women buy such clothes in order to move freely, others do so to attract attention. In any case, you will get a lot of benefits. It is extremely important that Nigerians do not forget about their roots. Native styles and fabrics not only look amazing but also play cultural and historical roles. Fashion designers of these days can always find ways to give them modern features and create stunning outfits so you can always look amazing and attract the attention of the people around you. We hope that these pictures and information about Nigerian traditional attires were useful and inspired you to replenish your wardrobe with traditional clothes. NAIJ.com wants every lady to look attractive, bright and elegant while keeping in touch with the customs of her country.
  7. Buhari’s supporter, Alege Taofik, shared his pre-wedding photos that got people talking because of Obvious reasons. It’s an All Progressive Congress ‘next level’ themed pre-wedding photoshoot. The couple looks beautiful in their APC colorful attire. How do you see this and looking back at this picture in the next ten years, how do you think the couple will see this.
  8. The operations which commenced on December 28, cleared several towns and villages of Boko Haram remnants. Special Forces of the Nigeria Army on Thursday killed hundreds of Boko Haram terrorists in massive clearance operations in Borno State. The troops made up of Nigerian Army Special Forces, the Nigerian Navy Special Forces as well as the Nigerian Air Force Special Forces however lost an officer and a soldier during the clearance operations. According to the Nigerian Army Spokesman, Brig. Gen Sani Usman, the operations which commenced on December 28, cleared several towns and villages of Boko Haram remnants. Usman, in a statement, listed towns cleared as Zare, Gudumbali, Kukawa, and Cross Kauwa while troops have also taken control of Baga and are clearing the fringes of Lake Chad. He lauded the troops for their gallantry in giving the terrorists a bloody nose, saying the Air Task Force of Operation Lafiya Dole also gave maximum air support in dealing a devastating blow on the terrorists. Brig Gen. Usman said: “In the determined efforts to wipe out remnants of Boko Haram terrorists that now goes by the appellation of Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP), the gallant troops of the newly formed Nigerian Army Special Forces Command (NASFC), Operation LAFIYA DOLE, have given the terrorists that attacked troops location in Baga a bloody nose. “The triumphant troops, particularly the highly revered 707 Special Forces Brigade which is the vanguard of the great exploit, dealt the decisive blow that neutralised several terrorists along that axis despite prior warning to them by some unpatriotic elements. “The Special Forces commenced clearance operations on 28th December 2018, where they cleared Zare, Gudumbali, Kukawa and Cross Kauwa without any resistance from suspected terrorists. However, at Cross Kauwa, the unfortunate ISWAP terrorists made a costly mistake of raising their ugly heads. “In professional fashion the troops exploited the situation to instantly and decisively neutralise the insurgents and captured some equipment. “Though some of the terrorists attempted to infiltrate troops camp at Monguno, the gallant troops lured them and neutralised many of them and recovered some arms and ammunition. “The troops who are in high spirit had since linked up with other forces in Baga where they cleared the Naval Base and the surrounding areas. “Unfortunately, in the process, the Special Forces lost one officer and a soldier, while five other soldiers sustained injuries. “The remains of the two fallen heroes and the wounded have since been evacuated. “The injured soldiers are in stable condition and receiving medical attention. “The troops are busy consolidating and clearing vestiges of the terrorists within the northern Borno State axis with special emphasis on the Lake Chad region.”
  9. The Nigerian military forces are showing the Boko Haram sect who is in charge of the theatre of war with several terrorists neutralized. Boko Haram was given a bloody nose by the Nigerian military during a raid in the Lake Chad region. The terrorist group suffered heavy casualties in a myriad of clashes with the Nigerian forces. The sect reportedly forced the closure of about 14 out of 20 military bases in Borno State as at last week but it seems the Nigerian Government is ending the party for the Islamist radicals earlier than anticipated.
  10. 50310038_537877476716665_3171497928330051584_n.mp4 50310038_537877476716665_3171497928330051584_n.mp4 Yankeewildboi is a Nigerian currently living & dancing in Utah, U.S.A. He calls himself #thatrobeguy ‘That Robe Guy’. Yankeewildboi is a fast-rising Instagram comedian. He may not see himself as a comedian but people see him as one due to the kind of things he posts on his Instagram page. Here is the moment Yankeewildboi stormed the streets of USA to take his birthday bath. Then his white girlfriend tried to stop him from bathing on the road but he was adamant. He told her that the witches and wizards from his village want to attack him so he had to bath publicly on the road as “Kolomental” by Faze played in the background. Yankeewildboi went viral after he shared a video of him shaking his ass, saying that ladies want his ass. Many found the video very funny while few condemned him that Yankeewildboi display shows he might be Gay. Watch the video below; 50310038_537877476716665_3171497928330051584_n.mp4
  11. The Association of White Witches in Nigeria (AWWN) is asking the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the February 16 election, Atiku Abubakar, to avoid the mistake made by Goodluck Jonathan in 2015. The AWWN warned that Atiku must listen to ‘wise counsel’ if he must not give himself up for defeat like Jonathan did in 2015 which made him lose to Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC). The group expressed belief that Atiku can redeem Nigerians from hunger and poverty orchestrated by the bad economic policies of the present administration, but that he must hearken to words of wisdom. Daily Independent reports that the spokespersonn of the association, Okhue Iboi, who spoke in a telephone interview on Thursday, January 3, said Atiku has to undertake the assignment of visiting the church, mosque, and the witches’ association for special prayers if he must win. “These three spiritual places are keys in this year’s election. He has to go to these three places for special prayers to be offered on him. If he fails to do so and chooses to follow the way of Jonathan, then he should forget the presidency. “In 2015, we told President Jonathan the same thing, but he refused and we all know what happened after that. “Millions of Nigerians want Atiku to be the next president, but he has this assignment to undertake so that God can clear his way to win the election,” he said while disclosing that in their meeting which was held in Calabar, the Cross River state in the first week of December, 2018, it was clear that the gods favoured Atiku to be the next president of Nigeria, but on condition that he sought spiritual interventions. “Atiku will win Buhari with a landslide if he obeys this simple instruction,” he said. Iboi also tasked the Independent National Elect0ral Commission (INEC) to resist any pressure and refrain from any clandestine plan to manipulate the results of the election in favour of a particular candidate. “Elections will be peaceful. But if INEC manipulates the result, there will be serious chaos in the country. INEC must be truly independent. INEC must be neutral so that Nigeria does not experience post-election crisis,” he said. He also said the PDP will lose the governorship election in Ogun state if the party did not give the governorship ticket to Senator Buruji Kashamu. “Kashamu is destined to win Ogun state for PDP, but if the party denies him the ticket, they will lose. Kashamu has the grace of followership. People like him,” he said.
  12. A man has been killed by unknown assailants after returning home a few days ago from Brazil. The deceased identified as Ndubuisi who hails from Anambra state has reportedly been in Brazil for a long time and decided to come back home to celebrate the Yuletide in his hometown where he met his untimely end. According to multiple unverified reports online, the deceased was killed following an alleged drug deal went wrong as it has been claimed that he dupes people from the drug deals they make. His SUV was abandoned on the road by his killers, suggesting that it was not a case of robbery. His corpse has been deposited at the mortuary.
  13. A hilarious video trending online shows a Caucasian man, who has managed to outsmart Nigerian scammers, telling the Yahoo boys that their charm isn’t working on him. The man told Nigerian scammers that he can help them get other clients (maga) so that they can buy their G-Wagons and everything else they want. But advised them to forget trying to scam him because he’s immune to their charms. Watch the video below:
  14. Nigerian football player Dominic Dukudod is dead. The former Kano Pillars player popularly known as ‘Don K’ slumped and died while warming up before a friendly match between Abuja United and Nasarawa United at the Lafia township stadium, Nasarawa state, according to sports journalist Niyi Busari. Dominic before his death was Sokoto United player but has left Sokoto for been Abuja since there were no league matches for his club. Don K was selected to play for an Abuja based amateur side, Abuja United in a friendly match against Nasarawa United on Thursday. Dominic slumped and died while he was warming up with his teammates before the commencement of the match. May God rest his soul.

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