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Found 13 results

  1. Annie Idibia wife of legendary Nigerian musician 2Baba has warned social media beggars to stay off her page as she can no longer bear the never-ending requests for assistance that she comes across each day. She poured out her mind on her Instagram stories ; See the screenshots below:
  2. Nigerian musician Davido has finally released his new song Nwa Baby and it has been received with mostly positive comments. Produced by Fresh and Speroach Beatz, the song sees Davido singing about his girlfriend who has stolen his heart. He also borrows a line from Akon’s hit song Lonely. DOWNLOAD HERE Nigerians and celebrities alike have taken to social media to share their thoughts on it with a particular fan going as far as calling the new tune trash. Writing on social media, a twitter user with handle @Nsikak_Ud wrote: “Nwa Baby is trash” yen yen yen Nwa Baby is a: T – Tantalizing R – Refreshing A – Adorable S – Satisfying H – Hit See other Twitter user comments concerning Davido’s new song “Nwa Baby” below:
  3. PORTUGUESE SUPERSTAR, CRISTIANO RONALDO HAS CUT TIES WITH HIS FORMER CLUB, REAL MADRID AFTER JUVENTUS TRANSFER. Ronaldo completed a shock move to the Old Lady in July, bringing to an end his nine-year stay at the Santiago Bernabeu. The former Manchester United forward has now unfollowed Real Madrid on Instagram. The Portugal captain left Real Madrid having scored an incredible 450 goals in 438 appearances for the La Liga giants, making him the greatest player in their history. The player, according to Metro UK, has severed ties with his old club and has now moved on. The 33-year-old now follows his new club, Juventus.
  4. These days, slang terms get more and more confusing. For instance, what exactly is the meaning of slay queen? Who qualifies as a slay queen? Let’s talk about the slay queen meaning and how to figure out that someone is a slay queen. SLAY QUEEN DEFINITION If you are familiar with modern slang, you might have heard of the word ‘slay’ being used in a figurative way. If you say that someone is slaying, it usually means that they are doing a very good job and, if it is a competition, destroying their competitors by being so much better. They are Young and naive girls who apparently do not date broke men. They spend hours on Snapchat and Instagram showing off things they don't even own. Girls who do not have a wealthy background but appear as if they do. They use malicious acts to attain cash, drink expensive alcohol, procure expensive cellphones. But back at home, she's a chicken chaser. A slay queen is a woman who wants to choke everyone else with how beautiful and cool they are Social media and slay queen are “chanda na pete” literally The slay queens party hard have their make up intact all the time There is a new breed of women in town commonly known as slay queens on social media. In layman’s language, a slay queen is a woman who wants to choke everyone else with how beautiful they feel they are and how they do their “cool stuff”, not forgetting their blond opinions! You can spot them from a distance by their obnoxious and heavy rolling accent characterized by flat pronunciations of the letter "e" e.g. I just don't gat it When it comes to the term ‘slay queen’, one would think that it also has a very positive connotation. After all, saying ‘slay, queen!’ as an exclamation is a form of encouragement. So slay queen has to be something good, right? Wrong! These days, many people in Africa, especially in Nigeria and Kenya, use the term ‘slay queen’ to describe a woman that likes to show off her luxurious lifestyle even if she lives in the poorest neighbourhood and struggles to stay on her feet. The Internet is full of slay queen images. 21st century is the perfect era for slay queens, as they can use Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/Facebook/etc. to tell the whole world about the expensive things they do not even own. You might be surprised, but this type of behaviour is actually not unique to women. Slay kings also exist and behave almost in the same way as slay queens do, with minor adjustments for gender. We will not get too much into the details; it is just so you know that women are not the only ones who engage in this kind of behaviour. So how can you tell for sure that someone is a slay queen? Continue reading and find out! TRAITS OF A SLAY QUEEN Most of the time, slay queens are quite two-dimensional beings with little to no depth to them. They all look, dress and behave in same ways. This makes it fairly easy to tell them apart from the general population (but not from one another). Here are seven characteristics that can describe a slay queen. MAKEUP AND STYLE Your typical slay queen never leaves home without makeup on. She can show up to the corner store in the middle of the night wearing a full face of makeup and, most likely, a pair of high heels. Heels and short tight dresses is what slay queens love most. However, the fact that slay queens wear makeup all the time does not mean that they are good at it. In real life, a slay queen might not even be able to match the colour of her neck to the shade of her face. Nevertheless, almost all of them are experts at using retouching apps and software. Their selfies that they post so frequently on social media are facetuned so hard you will probably never recognize them on the streets. If you somehow manage to catch one of them without any makeup on, do not be too shocked by the striking difference between what you see before you and what they post online. EXPENSIVE LIFESTYLE One of the most definitive traits of queens of slay that distinguishes them from the others is their love for expensive things and luxury. They will go out of their way to snap a picture in or around a lavish car, with a bottle of pricey alcohol or in five-star hotels. Despite her love of all things shiny, a typical slay queen cannot afford most (if not all) things she takes pictures with. She usually achieves her cool shots by using the social position of her friends or of her ‘bae’. A queen of slay might also go into an expensive shop just to try something on, take a picture of herself in it and leave. LOVE FOR PARTIES Almost every slay queen is a party animal. Every weekend, or sometimes even during the week, you can see her at the fancy bars, clubs and other similar places dancing on her ridiculously high heels, drinking a colourful cocktail by the bar or drunkenly stumbling in or out of a cab. If you are (un)lucky enough, you might even catch a whole flock of them, huddled together with their lips pursed and selfie hands outstretched in search of the best selfie angle and lighting. If a club has a resident photographer, you can be certain that they will be in all of the pictures from the night’s events. SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE A slay queen cannot live without her social media. After all, how else would the world know about her awesome life if not for Instagram, Snapchat or other social media platforms? 95% of slay queen’s Instagram profile is pictures of her. Mirror selfies, beach photos, club pictures, you name it. Every minute of her life has to be documented, so the remaining 5% is photos of food and other random things. The poses slay queens usually take in their photos are unnatural and uncomfortable, as they have to gather in their stomachs, curve their legs and jut out their chests and behinds. They think they look good, but more often than not, they look utterly ridiculous. LANGUAGE Even if you cannot yet see a slay queen approaching, you can hear her from a mile away. Slay queens have a very weird way of talking, so it is often hard to comprehend what they are saying. Their language is littered with filler words and expletives, and even the way they pronounce certain vowels is weird. Just so you know, ‘whatever’ is one of their favourite words. When slay queens are writing, they use lots of hashtags and do not pay much attention to their grammar. Nevertheless, some of them even have the audacity to correct others in order to seem smart. INTELLECT Now, when it comes to smarts, an overwhelming majority of slay queens have little to offer in this department. If you find yourself in a conversation with one of them, prepare to be amazed at the ignorance some people can possess. However, not all of them are stupid. Some might just be playing dumb to get the attention. Some girls are actually incredibly smart, because they are able to get an insane amount of followers on social media and then just live off sponsorship deals and gifts from gullible men TASTE IN MEN Slay queens and men is a topic for a whole other article, but we will try to keep it brief. For some slay queens, the end goal is to find a man. And not just any man; he has to be filthy rich and he needs to worship them and the ground they walk on. When a slay queen finally grabs someone with her long manicured fingers, you can be sure she will post about it a million times a day. Get ready for the infamous ‘follow me’ pictures, cutesy couple photos and romantic quotes. If the man is cute, his face will be visible; if not, she will only show his hands or headless torso. All that said, slay queens have the right to live the way they want. If they feel like spending their time on convincing others in their ephemeral superiority and catching men, then it is their choice. As long as they are not hurting anyone, slay queens have a right to be. Besides, whom would we talk about if they did not exist?
  5. People with social anxiety have been sharing their experiences of what it’s like to have the condition – saying it’s not the same as being ‘shy’. The discussion was sparked by US-based blogger Jessie Paege, who tweeted that having social anxiety doesn’t mean she ‘hates everyone’. She explained how it makes social situations more difficult, but it doesn’t mean she wants to stay at home in bed and miss out on having fun. Her tweet spurred hundreds of tweets from other people with social anxiety, revealing how different it is to the stereotype, admitting that at times they are affected physically as well as mentally. Jessie, who has 246,000 followers on Twitter, revealed how much more complicated it is to live with social anxiety than people believe. She tweeted: ‘Social anxiety is not ”omggg I love netflix and I hate everyone” ‘It’s longing to go to social situations that are easy for other people, wanting to use your voice, but feeling stifled, feeling trapped in your thoughts and so much more.’ Other Twitter users began sharing their stories, detailing their symptoms and struggles with the condition. One Twitter user, @EmmySheetz, posted: ‘Anxiety is staying up till four in the morning thinking about how situations could have differed, had you just changed one thing. ‘Anxiety is falling down the rabbit hole of endless “what ifs” and scenarios for all the bad things that *could* happen.’ Another, posting under the username @Colcyon, said: ‘Anxiety is suffering to speak while constantly worrying if what you’re saying is even remotely interesting, or if any of it matters to anyone. ‘That whenever interrupted, you feel like you should’ve done better to connect with the people you love.’ Others called for a stop to the casual use of the word anxiety, as it often used by people who are just shy, and not suffering from a medical disorder.
  6. EMINEM REVEALS HE’S TAKING BACK CONTROL OF ONE OF HIS SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS Grammy-winning rapper Eminem knows the tweets are talking. The hip-hop veteran has announced he’s regained control of his Twitter page. Slim Shady went to Instagram this week to reveal he’s now behind his own tweets. “I’m on Twitter. I’m taking control of my own Twitter now.” Earlier this month, Em came through with his “Framed” music video premiere.
  7. Many people like using wise quotes for status on Facebook. It looks impressive and emotional and attracts many likes from friends. If you’re looking for smart and interesting quotes dedicated to the friendship and fake friends, just keep on reading! If you have smart and brainy quotes on your page, people who enter it, see at once that you read a lot and have a skill of separating nice thoughts from a text. When you find a lovely saying about the life and the world that surrounds us, you start thinking about all this, so people often become smarter owing to such quotes. Another reason for using them on your page is the emotions such quotes convey. For instance, you are searching for a way to share your current state of mind and feelings with your friends but don’t know how. It’s not a sin if you can’t express them in a sharp and witty way. Quotes can always help you. We have prepared a collection of lovely brainy true and fake friends quotes, and friendship as it is. Hopefully, you will like it! You should feel free to use them as you like, post as your Facebook or Whatsapp status, or share with your pals. TRUE AND FAKE FRIENDS QUOTES FOR FACEBOOK You should never worry about the number of your friends. One but true friend is well worth twenty fake ones. Both true friends and fake friends congratulate you if you do something right but only a true friend will tell you if you do something wrong. Those people who are beside you when you are in your prime are your friends. Only those who still are beside you when you are all down are your true friends. The only person you can trust is yourself and a friend who’s not scared to tell you the entire truth about yourself. “Bestfriends” consists of the exact amount of letters with the “Backstabber”. Be careful and never let your today’s “bestie” St@byou in the back tomorrow. How to check your friend is a fake? Tell them a fake story about some shameful situation pretending that’s about you but ask to keep it secret. You’ll see whether the lies spreads. If there were no cheaters and betrayers, you would never know who your true friends are. If there were no haters, you would never know when you are doing right. It’s always a big surprise when a day comes, when you need support in a tough situation, and those whom you considered haters and those whom you considered friends reveal their true faces. It’s a big, big surprise, I tell you. If you are ready to stand out from the crowd, be ready that nobody of your friends follows you. The one who’s ahead of the crowd is a perfect target. Losing money is not as bad as losing a true friend. Friends are the gold you start to value when you get older. Never leave your true friend and stand behind his back even if he’s against the whole world. Everything may change tomorrow but he will always stand behind your back even if you’re against the whole world. People, if you evaluate me and see that I’m not good enough for you, just keep on going your way and let me go mine. I don’t need fake friends and you don’t need the fake friendship either. Everyone has this weird friend who’s making sad long face every time you achieve something really good. Get rid of such people, please. If some of your friends decide to leave you, don’t cry or be upset, don’t even think to run after them. They are not the people you are searching for. They would have betrayed you on the first occasion. True friends are not the ones whom you know for years. True friends are the ones whose presence makes your years better and brighter. You don’t need hundreds of friends on Facebook. You need only the ones who are loyal to you and who value your friendship. You have the friends you deserve. If you discover that they are mean, jealous and shallow, maybe, it’s you who should change to attract better people. We all get what we raise. If you don’t give attention to a person who wants to be your true loyal friend, don’t be surprised when you discover that the only ones who surround you are fakes. The people whom you call friends on social media are far from being that. Playing online games is not what’s called friendship. Friendship is a thing that lasts through hard times. Only a true friend knows when there are tears behind your joking and when there’s deep disappointment behind your joy. True friends will never spread your secrets so don’t uncover them to just everyone until you know that you can trust your life to this person. Stick to the people who give you inspiration and strength to overcome all the hardships. Sometimes, even enemies and enemies alone can move you to the new tops. Don’t be blind to the signs the life gives you. Some people are just not worth your trust and the life will help you detect them. If you lose a friend easily, don’t fear. True friends are really hard to find and really hard to lose. No friend will ever make themselves comfortable by disrespecting you. Remove such people from your life to free the room for loving and loyal ones. You should never fear an open enemy who attacks you. Fear a friend who can see your back and put a knife in it. Don’t tell me that I have changed simply because I have just stopped believing in your lies. Look, friend, I have found your knife! Imagine, where? In my back! Want to know who your real friends are? Just disappear for a while. The ones who wonder where you are will be your friends because they are the only ones who really care. Social media are not everything. Virtual friends are not always as close as they seem to be. The old offline fellows who are ready to spend day and night with you talking, joking, remembering sad and joyful times, and who are not afraid of criticizing or praising you are your most precious friends. We believe you have liked our collection of wise and witty sayings about friendship and friends. If you like it, share it with your bestie and enjoy the words of wisdom in your status!
  8. A Kuwaiti actress was referred to criminal prosecutors for sucking on a popsicle in a supposedly ‘inappropriate and sexual’ manner. Sana Al Qattan posted a video in which she sucked the frozen purple treat and wiped it across her lips to colour them. The 34-year-old said ‘settle my throat red’ as she stared into the camera, according to local media reports translated from Arabic. Social media users in the Islamic Gulf state were outraged and prompted lawyer Saad Al Enezi to make a complaint to authorities. He claimed her ‘provocative’ act was a ‘flagrant’ offence to m0rality and modesty and argued it was a crime because the internet counted as ‘public space’. Mr Al Enezi also filed a complaint against another so far unidentified social media star who he alleged was hurling abuse at her critics on Snapchat. The lawyer argued both women’s acts were not protected by freedom of speech because they had abused it, local media said. He claimed they went against Kuwaiti culture and the teachings of Islam and ‘promoted debauchery’. Prosecutors reportedly summoned both women and began proceedings against them.
  9. GAME REACTS TO FABOLOUS’ DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DRAMA: “ANOTHER BLACK FAMILY TORN APART OVER SOCIAL MEDIA” West Coast rapper Game has a few thoughts on the drama currently surrounding Fabolous. The Los Angeles native has reacted to Loso’s headline-generating domestic violence coverage. A screenshot has emerged of Game commenting on a story about Fab possibly facing five years behind bars. This week, reports emerged about the severity of Fab’s legal situation. BOSSIP has also learned that the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office has stepped in and will be trying the case against the Brooklyn rapper. A spokeswoman for the prosecutor confirmed Monday that the initial charges still stood. If he’s convicted, the “Throw It In The Bag” rapper could face three to five years in state prison along with up to $15,000 in fines for the aggravated assault charge alone. He is due back in court later this month. (Bossip)
  10. Here are the some of the most inappropriate social posts ever… From a woman who’s shared a $exy selfie at her four-year-old nephew’s funeral, to a mum who’s given her baby an anklet to match his dad’s ankle tag – you won’t believe your eyes with these outrageous Facebook posts. One lady is posing with a poorly friend or relative, who’s recovering in a hospital bed with bandages covering their head, arms and body. While some mums have posed for glam shots while their kids stand crying in the background.
  11. The picture of a Nigerian man parading a massive baby bump in a professional photoshoot has got Nigerians debating on the originality. See Photo Below
  12. In a determined bid to protest a range of issues from bad roads, poor hospital conditions, the high cost of living, pollution, and unemployment, some youths in Angola have kicked off a bizarre trend on social media. A hashtag #acabademematar, which translates roughly as “kill me already” is currently trending on social media as young Angolans pose for pictures where they are seen playing dead. The country’s popular blogger, Lunga Izata, who spoke on the reason behind the new trend, said the photos are in protest to a range of issues from bad roads, poor hospital conditions, the high cost of living, pollution, and unemployment to the lack of schools. She wrote: “Yesterday while longing for news that there may be a possibility of easing the country’s economic crisis, I was saddened to hear that children have not been to school for five years.” See more of the photos from the trend below:
  13. A young lady has attracted undue attention on social media after gallantly exposing her big boobs on her Instagram page. In the name of ‘slaying’ which has become a common word in the Nigerian social media circle for expensively dressed ladies or people with exotic appearances, this unnamed girl put herself in the bow. The young girl flaunted a large chunk of her Breasts as she ditches her bra in a skimpy top. This has led to all manner of flirtatious comments from perverts and other manners of criticisms. In recent times Female folks shares such pictures in order to gather likes and swell their social media accounts regardless of the moral costs

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