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Found 17 results

  1. Evicted Big Brother Naija housemate, Teddy A has since his eviction from the house, continued to remain a trending topic online as he continues to give fans something to talk about. The singer got more people swooning after a lovely photo of himself and his mum in fl0ral shirts emerged online.
  2. Evicted Big Brother housemates, Bambam and Teddy A were not just contestants in the Big Brother Naija house, they were more than that. Popularly referred to as Bamteddy, they were also one of viewers’ favourite couple. The duo has been out and about, going on media tours and all since their arrival in the country. In a recent interview with Pulse, they spoke about the future of their relationship. According to them, they are more focused on taking advantage of the platform and vibe they are currently receiving. READ EXCERPTS FROM THEIR INTERVIEW BELOW: Teddy A: It’s about making money right now. We have been gone for three months. Bambam: These people would not look at our faces if we are drinking garri. Teddy A: Do you know how much bills are piling up right now? Yea, everything that happened in the house was beautiful, but you people would have to watch things grow. Don’t be under any pressure to see what would materialize. Because if anything [bad] should happen between us, you people would be the ones to carry it and say ‘Ah…’ Bambam: – [mimicking an interviewer] So Bamteddy, what happened to your relationship? So Bam you’re a gold digger, you prefer money to love? Teddy A: – So guys, the koko of all these things is wanting to put our feet solidly on the ground. We want to stay relevant. We want to have enough money that my mother would say ‘Teddy, send two million,’ and I send it without any questions being asked. We want to focus on our careers solely, see where things go from there. You guys should not worry. Are you people running away? Bambam: We need to take advantage of this vibe and build a solid foundation, so we don’t easily fade out of your faces. That’s what is important. Teddy A, who was in a relationship before he went into the Big Brother house, also talked about having a conversation with his girlfriend since he got back. “I already talked about it before I left. So for right now, the conversation we have had, that’s between us solely. I can’t let that out there,” he told Pulse Nigeria.
  3. Big Brother Naija ex housemate Teddy A, in an interview has revealed why he showed so much dissatisfaction with viewers votes after Bam Bam eviction from the house. According to Teddy A he couldn’t believe viewers like Cee-C and Nina more than Bam Bam as he was so shocked when they evicted Bam Bam. Remember Teddy A has mentioned to Rico just minutes after Bam Bam’s eviction that he couldn’t believe people prefer Cee-C to Bam Bam. In this interview with Pulse Nigeria, Teddy A explains the comment, which he described as a personal opinion, and not a generalized consensus. He said: “Apparently, that was like a big thing for everyone listening to the conversation. But, yea, I didn’t think she was gonna leave. Because left to my opinion… And that’s my opinion, it doesn’t mean that it’s a generalized consensus of what’s happening out there. I felt that at the time, it’s was what it was. I didn’t think that she deserved to leave. But hey, it’s a game. With the love we got out there, it kind of makes me wonder how. But that’s for another day. I’m just happy we are here. I’m happy for the growth and the trajectory where this is headed to. I’m happy and grateful.” On why he thought viewers wouldn’t choose Cee-C and Nina over Bambam “Like I said, I know Bam [and] you guys [have] seen Bam, are you really going to tell me you prefer them to Bambam? “I don’t know, maybe it’s just because of how I feel about her or whatever, and that’s why I am being selfish or blinded as to what the fact actually is. “But I know that eventually, the end would justify the means.”
  4. Teddy A really has a loving fan base as they’ve all agreed to donate 5,000 Naira each to him, to make up for the 45 million he couldn’t win See screenshot below:
  5. Teddy A and Bambam the recently Evicted Big Bother Naija housemates during their media rounds with Linda Ikeji TV addressed the status of their relationship now that they are outside the house. Speaking to LIB, Bambam revealed that she cares about Teddy A a lot but does not want the media and fans to pressure them into anything. When asked if she will love to have a relationship with Teddy outside the house. She said; I care about Teddy A a lot. sometimes it can be confusing because you’re confined in a space with the same person and that person is the only one who gets you, you may not be sure what it is that you’re feeling but it was genuine.Yes, outside here I will like us to have something but let’s not deceive ourselves. There is a baby mama, girlfriend and there might be more we don’t know about In a related news, Bamike aka Bambam has finally found out that she has a sex tape, days after her eviction from the house. The actress who got into a sexual relationship with her co housemate TeddyA during the conversation has said that she and her partner got caught up in the moment and couldn’t help it. Speaking about her parents, the evicted Bambam said she knows they would have been disappointed but she is not less their daughter and they are very proud of her! Video Below:
  6. Evicted housemates, Teddy A and Bam Bam have received massive love from their fans ever since they exited the BBNaija house. Just recently, the partners opened up about their toilet session that went viral a few weeks back. Teddy A and Bam Bam became an internet sensation when a video of them getting busy in the toilet of the BBNaija house went viral. Many bashed the reality show couple for their display of affection on live TV. Now that they are out of the house, everyone is asking about the sexacapade and as expected the two partners are giving a crooked response concerning the event that happened on that day. Speaking on Cool Fm recently, Teddy A was asked what really happened in the toilet in which he was partially seen sited while Bam Bam rocked his man part from on top. He said: ”Hey, I don’t speak English, I speak Swahili.” Bam Bam on the other hand said: “What is toilet issues, I wonder, I don’t know.” Making it obvious that the two lovers were evading the question without completely denying it. Recall that the two were caught doing “kerewa” in the toilet a few weeks back that led the entire internet to rate the BBnaija show as an avenue for lovers to unite in more ways than one.
  7. Former presidential media aide, Mr Reno Omokri has taken to his favorite social media platform, Twitter to slam big brother naija housemates Bam Bam and her in-house lover Teddy A following their epic eviction. The controversial journalist commented on their very public sex-capped while they were still in the house and revealed that if $ex could bring success then the pair of them would most likely still be in the big brother niaja house. Read his Tweet below;
  8. Evicted housemates, Teddy A and his lover BamBam were the latest to be evicted from the Big Brother Naija reality show. Below is the first video of the couple in their hotel following their eviction from the show. The in-house couple garnered the lowest votes which saw Cee-C and Nina saved. Multiple reactions trailed their eviction yesterday, with Iyanya offering to record a song with him and other celebrities chipping in their opinion. Nigerian Singer Iyanya took to micro-blogginng website, Twitter, to reveal his plan for Teddy A who is the latest housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother Naija reality TV show. Iyanya (real names Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk) who rose to fame after winning the first season of Project Fame West Africa, and is best known for his hit single “Kukere” wrote; Yooooo @iamteddya #Biko hit me up once you get into Gidi. Make we enter studio cook banger! #AlphaMale #BBNajia #TMC #BeTheMovement See his tweet below; Bisola Aiyeola, who was the first runnner up of last year’s Big Brother Naija reacted to the tweet, indicatinng her willingness to feature in the song. She wrote; Bruv @Iyanya, I need to be that studio with you and @iamteddya. Let’s do this! #BBNaija #AlphaMale #TMC #BeTheMovement
  9. So much is being made among viewers as to how Nina made it back into the house. After the live show, the voting sequence was released and it showed Nina having an overwhelming lead over the closest contestant to her which is Cee-c.
  10. Big Brother Naija housemate Teddy A wept this night after his in-house lover,Bam Bam was evicted in a shocking manner this evening. He wept uncontrollably as Alex and Khloe tried to console him.
  11. BBNaija 2018: I’ve fallen stupidly for Teddy A – Bambam Big brother naija housemate, BamBam has just revealed that she knows about her partner, Teddy A’s baby mama outside. Bambam said she was now helplessly in love with Teddy A, who had in more one occasion talked about his baby-mama. Bambam, however, sees the other lady as Teddy A’s past while she dreams of occupying his present and future. Confessing her love for Teddy to fellow housemate, Lolu, last night, Bambam, an upcoming actress, said, “I’m aware Teddy had a lady outside the house. “But I have fallen ‘stupidly’ for him and believes that he feels the same way about me.” Teddy A and Bambam have been in a relationship since the beginning of the show.
  12. Big Brother 2018 housemate, Bambam, has pleaded with Teddy A not to impregnate her before she leaves the show. Bambam made the plea on Saturday when Teddy A hugged her from the back in the kitchen. Teddy and Bambam were strategic partners which later metamorphosed into a romantic relationship. The two lovebirds have been caught in romantic position on different occasions. The most glaring situation was when they made love in the toilet of the Big Brother house on live television. After Teddy A passionately hugged Bambam from behind, she said, “Please don’t impregnate me in this house.‎” In response, Teddy A said, “Oh! How can that happen when we are not even working towards it?”
  13. Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Alex, has lashed out at fellow housemates, Bambamand Teddy A. In what looked like a gossip session with Tobi and Rico Swavey after Saturday’s night party, Alex said Bambam reads the Bible after which she calls Teddy A to the toilet to wash her “bumbum.” According to Alex, “Bambam reads her Bible then after goes to the toilet and calls Teddy to wash her bumbum.” Both Bambam and Teddy A seem to be in a romantic relationship. Recall that few weeks into the reality show, Bambam and Teddy A were allegedly caught having $ex in the toilet. Earlier on Saturday, Bambam had pleaded with Teddy A not to impregnate her before she leaves the show.
  14. Riding on a wave of success, following her two wins in one day, Bambam unexpectedly found herself cornered by Teddy A in the shower for what turned out to be a rather stormy outburst on day 48 in the #bbnaija house. Teddy A made it known to her that he didn’t like how she allegedly had been ignoring him, and more, that she should check her emotions. Standing quite tall over her, Teddy A brought back old petty insignificant events to make her understand how angry she had made him. Teddy A felt like she had disrespected him then and he didn’t stop, he went on to bring another grudge to the fore. According to Teddy A, Bambam had once wore a pair of Ankara shorts gifted to him by his real-life girlfriend. Bambam allegedly went against his advice which Teddy A found totally disrespectful. All through the discussion, in the shower room of the #bbnaija house, Bambam stayed quiet, even as she rapidly flickered her lowered eyelids to indicate she was still listening. Nonetheless, her face looked visibly hurt as she struggled to contain her emotions. Yet over dinner later, she compliantly sat without a plate in hand beside Teddy A who was gladly downing his food. The reason behind Teddy A’s actions was not immediately clear, especially since he came down so hard on her in a surprising manner. It was not clear why Teddy A came down on her so hardly and so suddenly, but one thing that was sure was that he broke her spirit and made her look like a crumpled piece of paper despite being victorious in the task and games on day 48 in the #bbnaija house. While the other #bbnaija housemates were hanging out in the kitchen, drinking and joking after dinner, Bambam simply crawled into bed, curled up, with her eyes shut and called it an early Friday night. Could it be that Teddy A secretly resented her consecutive successes? Or did her wins seem to bring out the insecurities he thought he never knew he had. Is it that Bambam was so threatening or was the whole altercation a part of Teddy A’s #bbnaija game?
  15. Bambam was with her romantic partner, Teddy A today, Saturday, where she expressed displeasure over fellow housemate, Teddy A. The current Head of House said she usually has negative thoughts whenever Teddy A is around her. Bambam said to Teddy A who was lying on her bed, shortly after Biggie asked all housemates to return to the house and close the front door. According to Bambam, “You are affecting me negatively, anytime I see you I have negative thoughts.” Recall that few weeks into the reality show, Bambam and Teddy were caught having $ex in the toilet. Following the $exual act, a lady who claimed to be a family friend of Bambam, identified as Fisayo Awonuga alleged that the housemate’s parents were angry with her sexual act.
  16. This year’s edition of the Big Brother Naijareality show is almost at the midway point and the drama is getting more intense as the days go by, both inside and outside the house. Fan favorite Teddy A has been talked about the most this evening and surprisingly, not for his actions in the house. Apparently, details of his past arrest records in the US leaked online and fans are having a field day discussing it. According to Who Got Arrested, Teddy A(real name Tope Adenibuyan) has been arrested three times in Texas for offenses ranging from driving without headlights, speeding to displaying expired License Plates & Registration. This has caused quite the discussion online as his fans are defending his actions while others are condemning it. See some reactions below:
  17. Teddy A and Bam-Bam gave viewers pure entertainment yesterday early morning. The duo, who have stuck to each other since they got paired during the early weeks of the Big Brother Nigeria show, were captured by the cameras having sex in the bathroom. Thankfully, their nudity was shielded by the shower blind. Their moment warmed the hearts of many of their fans, but also, got some prudes angry, and it comes just hours after Miracle started the rumours that Teddy A and Bam-Bam are among the couples also having sex in the house, a claim Teddy A aptly shot down. Well, now they have been captured on live TV, and fans are divided in their reaction to the emotional video. However, one thing is clear: Teddy A, as he had previously said, wants to keep his business in his own “yard”, unlike others who have been kissing and telling. Watch their moment.

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