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Found 11 results

  1. The Nigerian Army has spoken on a video making the rounds of a soldier beating up a civilian. In the viral video, an Army officer whose identity was not revealed was seen flogging a driver over his inability to offer a bribe. The incident was alleged to have happened along Jos-Keffi axis. In a statement on its official Twitter page, the Army stated that the video was old and should not be used as a yardstick to assess the soldiers. The statement read “The Nigerian Army remains professional in the discharge of its constitutional roles. The video in circulation is not recent thus not valid nor a yardstick to measure today’s soldier. This is an old video.”
  2. Unfortunately, Meek Mills’ legal situation remains to be a big pain in the ass he remains locked on a probation violation. Last week, the judge in his case, once again, denied his bail. Meek’s legal team will, however, be able to appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in order to get him released. Until then, his team decided to unveil the official music video for “1942 Flows”, a clear stand-out cut from “Wins And Losses”. It’s still free Meek! The music video is a combination of footage shot before he went to jail and some aftermath of it. Watch it now!
  3. DRAKE’S NEW “NICE FOR WHAT” VIDEO IS LIFE FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS (SORRY CARDI B) OVO Sound boss Drake has come through on his promise. The 6 God delivered his new “Nice For What” single and it’s packed with replay value. Before the clock struck midnight, Drake went to Instagram to announce his new anthem’s release. The surprise single and video features a slew of high-profile entertainers including comedian Tiffany Haddish. As promised, Drake has dropped a new song. It’s called “Nice For What.” He also shared a surprise music video starring Issa Rae, Olivia Wilde, Rashida Jones, Tiffany Haddish, Tracee Ellis Ross, Misty Copeland, and more. Drake’s latest track samples Lauryn Hill’s 1998 song “Ex-Factor,” and was produced by Murda Beatz, a Canadian producer who worked on 2017’s More Life and 2016’s VIEWS. Drake previously sampled Hill’s “Doo-Wop (That Thing)” on his 2014 song “Draft Day.” (Pitchfork) Thursday night, Drake ignited some hype by announcing plans to put out new music Friday.
  4. Evicted housemates, Teddy A and his lover BamBam were the latest to be evicted from the Big Brother Naija reality show. Below is the first video of the couple in their hotel following their eviction from the show. The in-house couple garnered the lowest votes which saw Cee-C and Nina saved. Multiple reactions trailed their eviction yesterday, with Iyanya offering to record a song with him and other celebrities chipping in their opinion. Nigerian Singer Iyanya took to micro-blogginng website, Twitter, to reveal his plan for Teddy A who is the latest housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother Naija reality TV show. Iyanya (real names Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk) who rose to fame after winning the first season of Project Fame West Africa, and is best known for his hit single “Kukere” wrote; Yooooo @iamteddya #Biko hit me up once you get into Gidi. Make we enter studio cook banger! #AlphaMale #BBNajia #TMC #BeTheMovement See his tweet below; Bisola Aiyeola, who was the first runnner up of last year’s Big Brother Naija reacted to the tweet, indicatinng her willingness to feature in the song. She wrote; Bruv @Iyanya, I need to be that studio with you and @iamteddya. Let’s do this! #BBNaija #AlphaMale #TMC #BeTheMovement
  5. During Sunday night’s live eviction show, former evicted Big Brother Naija housemates, Anto and Khloe returned to the house to continue their quest for the grand prize of N45million after having the highest votes for a comeback from their fans. Busayo Abiri, popularly known as Khloe who was disqualified some weeks back and returned to the game after her fans gave her their support, got 18.40% of the total votes. Shortly after she went into the house, Khloe told viewers of the show that she would be setting a couple of things straight this time around. She said: “Drama is Koko, Koko is drama. I’m here to set Cee-C straight. A madman cannot tell a madman he’s mad.” She added that she would deal with the housemates who like sleeping. “I have a problem with them sleeping every time. I’m going to keep them awake either by screaming always or beating drums.” Meanwhile, a throwback video has emerged online showing the moment, Khloe revealed during a Channels Television show “Rubbin Minds” that she will never go back to the house even if she was given another opportunity. Angry fans are now blasting her online for being a hypocrite. Watch the video below;
  6. Hip Hop power couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce transformed the normally docile day activities of Trench Town into a Hollywood movie set on Tuesday, with the shooting of a video scene along Collie Smith Drive in the community, the birthplace of reggae music. The presence of a high-level security detail made it clear to those venturing into the area, the status of the individuals involved, as some of the major streets leading to the scene were blocked off with both police and private security standing guard. It got tighter closer to the scene, which involved Jay Z riding a ‘Bajaj kind of okada up Collie Smith Drive with wife Beyonce coolly nestled on the back in a blue sweat top that covered a short set that complemented the pink shoes she wore. The diva completed her outfit with diva-like shades. Jay Z was simple – the rap legend had on a sweat suit with a handkerchief wrapped around his head. While the power couple was the lead, the scene also involved a number of riders behind them. The scene had many takes, with the residents of the area shouting adoringly at Beyonce. “We love you Beyonce”, “Queen B” and “Diva Beyonce” were some of the names they called her, while she waved and smiled approvingly during breaks. Jay Z visited the community last year during a recording visit with Damion ‘Junior Gong’ Marley
  7. In what looks like a rage caused by a traffic incident, two Nigerian men resident in India were attacked, beaten and ridiculed by an Indian mob. This is not the first recorded case of racism against Nigerians and Africans in the country as some Nigerian students were recently attacked in the country. Watch Video Below…
  8. It was recently reported that a certain model and video vixen named Debee, called out Tekno for dropping her from his music video because of her dark skin colour, but the video director, Paul Gambit has come out to explain the actual reason for her rejection. During a chat with Sunday Scoop, Paul Gambit, the director, who shot the video said, “They say customers are always right. I cast someone for a role but the executive producer said she didn’t fit in with what he wanted for the project. He said he would have preferred her in another project. Do you expect me to start arguing with my client? I am the director, not the client who will pay for the job. I understand how she felt and we tried to talk about it.” Gambit maintained that the vixen wasn’t asked to leave the set and he did all he could do to pacify her. On whether Tekno begged the model or tried to give her reasons for his action, Gambit said, “If you are a top artiste like Tekno, would you apologise when the lady didn’t give you audience. It is easier for people to say Tekno did something wrong until you put yourself in his situation. When we sent her details to Tekno, he was not totally sure about using her. He said he would conclude on the day of the shoot; so, it was not 100 percent certain that she would play the lead role. She just wanted to make everyone feel that it was about her colour. The simple truth is that her beauty was not the type Tekno was looking for; it doesn’t mean he didn’t see any beauty in her. Tekno had his preference for the shoot. I am sure the girl cannot date all the guys that come her way. She will have her taste as well.”
  9. ISIS has released a gory video showing the horrific moment U.S. Special Forces soldiers serving in Niger were ambushed by extremists and 4 US soldiers were killed. The distressing video looks like something from a war movie but it’s real. It was in this attack that Sergeant La David Johnson, 25; Staff Sergeant Bryan Black, 35; Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson, 39; and Staff Sergeant Dustin Wright were killed. The video shows heartbreaking details about the courageous last moments of the four soldiers, although it is edited with multiple cuts that make the full context of the firefight unclear. The 9 minute, 15 second video appears to be shot from multiple helmet cameras on the US soldiers who died on October 4 in Tongo Tongo, Niger in an ambush by 50 ISIS militants. The ambush occurred as a unit of 12 American special forces soldiers and 30 Nigerien troops returned from the village near the border with Mali, where they had been hunting for a senior Islamic State member. At the start of the video, a group that appear to be ISIS militants are seen riding in light pickup trucks before the ambush. An estimated 50 militants armed with machine guns and rocket propelled grenades participated in the ambush, which left 21 of their number dead. Next, gruesome still photos of the bodies of the American soldiers flash across the screen. The helmet cam portion of the video begins with the Americans pinned down under gunfire next to a tactical truck and a Toyota Landcruiser. Together with a few Nigerien allies, the US soldiers move with each vehicle toward colored smoke grenades that have been deployed for cover and to alert air support. It would be two hours later until French jets arrived to provide air support. Soldiers walk next to each vehicle, laying down suppressive fire as the vehicles roll over the desert scrub. After a cut, it appears that the Nigerien support personnel and tactical vehicle are gone, and three US soldiers are making a final stand by the Landcruiser. The driver of the Landcruiser steers it from a prone position, with his legs sticking out the passenger side door, as two other soldiers move along side firing at the enemy. One of the US soldiers walking by the Landcrusier falls to the ground in the chaos. He appears dead. The soldier wearing the helmet cam, who appears to be La David Johnson, checks the body. The driver of the Landcruiser jumps out and helps Johnson drag the downed soldier to cover. A firefight ensues. Automatic weapons fire from multiple directions is heard. Johnson crouches by the rear of the Landcruiser, the ground around him covered in shell casings. The other soldier crouches by the hood of the vehicle. Johnson checks his weapon and gestures to the soldier by the hood. He appears to be out of ammunition. He and the other soldier spring up from behind the Landcruiser and make a run for it. The two soldiers run for some time within sight of each other. Bullets kick up puffs of dirt around the two men as they run. Gunfire is everywhere. Then, Johnson, wearing the helmet cam, screams and falls to the ground. The agonizing screams continue as he struggles to rise and falls back to the ground. Blood pools next to Johnson as he lies on the ground. His breathing is quick and shallow. Large-caliber machine gun fire rips through Johnson as he lies on the ground, blowing his watch off his wrist. The broken watch strap lies in the dust. Three masked militants stride around Johnson armed with AK-47s. Gunfire rips through his body again. Blood pours onto the dirt in front of his face. The camera cuts off. Additional video shot by the militants shows the bodies of two of the other US soldiers. What appear to be the bodies of Wright and Jeremiah Johnson lie near each other. Both men have been stripped of their helmets, body armor and boots. They have severe injuries to their faces and necks and blood pools around their heads. There are indications of post-mortem mutilation to both bodies. After the video’s release, an online channel associated with ISIS encouraged would-be lone wolves to draw inspiration from it and attack citizens of “Crusader coalition countries”, according to SITE Intelligence Group. The gory video has gone viral but some are not happy with it being uploaded and have asked for it to be taken down. However, several war veterans commented on the video, asking for it to be left up so people can see what they really go through. “Why are people demanding this video be taken down? This is war, this is what war looks like, people die in war, yes, even Americans, I am a Veteran and Americans need to see what war looks like. War is not pretty, these men who lost their lives defending our liberties are heroes, we need to stop being soft and afraid. Many other countries witness much worse than this video. I would like to thank my Brothers In Arms for their service to country and may they all RIP…?,” one wrote. Another said: “DON’T take this down. Everyone should see it. And if every person saw the blood and gore of every war, Perhaps we’d grow tired of the fond of war. – infantry vet?” Another veteran wrote: “As a veteran, the video should stay up. This is a stark reminder to Joe public how dangerous our job is. If even 1000 millennial hipsters can put down there phones to watch this video. Maybe they will grow some balls and respect for our country and the uniform.?” But a retired vet who did not agree said: “As a Retired Combat Vet, being in two wars and various peacekeeping mission, my respects, but please do not post videos as these. They create nightmares and worries for families of the past, present, and future. God bless my brothers, RIP, and the families. ‘Thy brother's keeper’ G” The attack has raised questions about the US military’s role in Niger, where about 800 US military personnel are stationed to train local forces and operate drones. Watch the video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQmtn3IlDqE
  10. This disturbing video shows a gospel singer performing on stage in a very provocative black outfit. The gospel singer who’s yet to be identified is seen wearing a black bra, bum shorts, and a short jacket while singing worship songs on stage. Watch AND Download the video below.
  11. So for those of you who didn't know, Big Brother Naija housemate, Oluwabamike (BamBam) Olawunmi is an MTN Project Fame season 8 semifinalist. The lovely is actually a singer amongst many other things - she also an actress, broadcaster, Voice over artiste, Event host, Creative Director, and On-Air Personality... quite the talent eh? Watch a video of her singing at MTN Project Fame In the spirit of #throwbackthursdays, we had to dig up this for fans..... check out BamBam on Project Fame.#BBNaija pic.twitter.com/qShSgssDbF — Big Brother Naija 2018 (@Bb9ja2018) February 15, 2018 BamBam earlier in the week was paired with Yoruba demon, Tobi and judging from the way they hung out, they really bonded at the time - a situation which apparently wasn't so cool with Cee-C, who was quite jealous at the time.

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