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Found 19 results

  1. It is yet another case of the weird stuffs trending on social media. A yet to be identified ‘man of God’ has been caught doing something quite weird to his member during church service. The end time ‘Zambian prophet’ whose name wasn’t given has caused outrage online after he was pictured taking off a lady’s underwear in front of his congregation in church. It’s unclear what could have led to this show of shame, but Facebook user, Offwell Sikazwe, who shared the photo to Zambian Facebook group ‘ZNBC Top Stories Online’ wrote:- See his post below:- What Do We Call This?
  2. A Zambian-born Black Panther actor has expressed embarrassment after a video of him posing Nakked spread on social media. “Recently there was an unsavory video released of Shumba Mutukwa to the Zambian public from his 20s,” Patrick Shumba Mutukwa’s publicist, Larrissa Long, said in a statement published by the Lusaka Times. However, she said stories that he starred in G.ay P0rn were inaccurate. “He is not now, nor was he ever a G.ay P0rn actor,” Ms Long told BBC Africa Live. The images have caused a huge storm in Zambia. Some have accused the actor of being “evil” and “satanic”, while others branded his critics as “hypocrites” who wanted to act “holier” than others, reports the BBC’s Kennedy Gondwe from the capital, Lusaka. Ms Long told BBC he made the Nakked video for his former girlfriend. “There was no one in the video with him. He is embarrassed by the actions of his youth but certainly has nothing to apologize for, as what he did was not illegal or harmful to anyone,” Ms Long said. “He was a young man that made a choice not all may agree with,” she added. In a statement, Shumba said that “we all make mistakes but know I will continue to bring pride to Zambia”. After the images were widely circulated, he published a poem on his Facebook page mentioning regret.
  3. A single mom of five has gone viral after graduating from Law School. 33-year-old Houston native Ieshia Champs posted an amazing photo including her five children holding signs that say things like, “I helped too!” and “We did it!” All of the success Iesha is experiencing has come after a series of unfortunate circumstances. As a single mother, I know first hand that nothing else has pushed me to become a better person than my son! It’s something about a mother’s love for her children that drives her to do the impossible! Iesha and her sister bounced around from foster home-to-foster home after being removed from their drug-addicted mother’s home. Her sister got pregnant at 14, so she dropped out of high school to help raise the baby. Soon after, Iesha met the father of four of her children and they had their first child when she was 19. Iesha was 25 at the time and thought she was crazy for pressing onward, but she did! Iesha got accepted into law school, had her fifth baby and got married, only to be divorced a year later, but she stayed in school and here we are today! Lesha says God made a way for her when she thought all was lost. She says that she finished in the top 15% of her class and that it was “nobody but God!” She also received $13,000 in scholarships and tells us that God sent her a study group that would come to her home .
  4. Banky On Cameraman’s Duty For Adesua at the wedding of Gabriel Afolayan held in the ancient city of Ibadan.
  5. Raw talents everywhere, now this is what i call awesome, In just few hours after a twitter user helped him shared the photo on twitter, its already hitting over 20k retweets and likes.. Although the lady who shared it never mentioned his name, She even got bashed for it, but i did my diggings and his name is Elton Senior, Plus he looks so cute with his dread and lirrle beards, So yea, His talent is rare.. see more photos below.
  6. Teenagers all over the United States of America are now engaging in a new viral challenge called the #TheCondomChallenge. The challenge shows teenagers placing a condom inside one of their nostrils and inhaling it until the condom comes out of their mouth. It’s even nastier to watch. While the challenge is obviously risky and unhealthy, the fact that it generates likes and engagement online has caused it to be popular among the young folk. While an infection is an obvious consequence of the moronic trend, more serious implications like lodged appendix and collapsed lungs are also possible consequences of breathing in a condom. When asked about the latest trend, here’s what Bruce Y. Lee, a Professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, had to say: ‘When is using a condom a bad idea? When you are trying to snort it up your nose and pull it out through your mouth. If you ask, ‘why would anyone ever do that’, then you obviously haven’t heard of the ‘Condom Snorting Challenge’. The condom could easily get stuck in your nose or your throat, blocking your breathing or causing you to choke. Even if you manage to successfully pull the condom out through your mouth, inhaling a condom up your nose would be very uncomfortable and potentially quite painful. Would it really be worth all that just to get more likes and views?’ Parents and caregivers are being advised strongly to warn their teenagers about the dangers of being a part of the challenge.
  7. VIRAL PICTURE: DINO MELAYE ADVISES HIS OWN PARTY Senator Dino Melaye advises APC , and for the sake of the nation hope it’s not too late?
  8. Nigerians are talented and saying that is nothing new. As the legend 2baba marks his 5th wedding anniversary with wife Annie, a young Nigerian with Instagram handle @priinceart made this beautiful drawing of the legend to celebrate them on their wedding anniversary. I think this is dope..
  9. Artistes keeps showing love for the late 2pac and west coast rapper Game have joined the ranks. West Coast rapper Game is still riding for late rap icon 2Pac. The hip-hop veteran has paid homage to Makaveli with an epic-looking collage. The Los Angeles native went to Instagram Friday (March 23) to share the Tupac Shakur masterpiece.
  10. What Is this Guy Looking At ehn ?The power of the yansh cannot be downgraded by any means. Its a tool of confusion. Barely can a man see a big one and not lust after it. May God deliver us from every temptation.
  11. A Nigerian South African-based pastor has sent the internet into a frenzy after photos of him having an intense worship session with his members surfaced online. Prophet Andrew Ejimadu who is the president at Christ Freedom Ministries became a controversial topic when photos of his members kissing his shoes for blessings and miracles emerged on social media. The young pastor has in the past suggested apparent ridiculous things for members to do in order to gain “blessings” and certain “miracles” from God. People are now of the opinion that his methods appear completely outrageous. The photo has left many asking what can come out of a human licking another person’s shoes. It is however, a thing of joy for the members who were pictured doing it with faith that their burden will be lifted off the. Prophet Andrew is also known as Seer 1 nd shared the photos on his social media page, saying: “I have blessed your legs. I have washed your feet. First thing tomorrow morning, if you type Amen and share this post, someone will call you and your feet will carry you there to pick a special gift. Many people will miss this. Try it.” Members in worship session Source: Facebook, Prophet Anointed CFM
  12. In what looks like a rage caused by a traffic incident, two Nigerian men resident in India were attacked, beaten and ridiculed by an Indian mob. This is not the first recorded case of racism against Nigerians and Africans in the country as some Nigerian students were recently attacked in the country. Watch Video Below…
  13. Check out this pre-wedding photo that has been making the rounds for all the wrong reasons after someone failed to do his/her job correctly. The couple has come under fire from social media users and has been described as illiterates after they failed to wear customized shirts with the right inscriptions. This photo was reportedly taken at the beach in Lagos State with Nigerians admiring the beautiful couple before some eagle-eyed Nigerians spotted the inscriptions on their shirts. It appears the couple failed to read the inscriptions on the white shirts before wearing them thereby raising eyebrows. The man rocked the shirt with the writing ‘His Queen’ while the lady wrongly wore the one saying ‘Her King’ rather than the other way. Nigerians have failed to believe the action might be deliberate as they have continued to make jokes out of it. A social media user skilled in editing pictures has, however, made a hilarious correction to the image to save the unnamed couple some stress.
  14. A mathematics teacher identified as Madam Enyonam has set the internet agog with her determination, selflessness and ability to empower children despite her disability. A hashtag that was started on Twitter, has led to the discovery of a female mathematics teacher, teaching her students by writing with her teeth because apparently, she had no arms. A photo showed the picture of the teacher, believed to be called Madam Enyonam, teaching math without her arms – because she had none. It is reported that she is a teacher at R/C Addo-Agyiri School. It cannot be however ascertained if she is still a teacher in the school. A hashtag which was started on Twitter, ‘#GhanaTrueHero’ sought to celebrate Ghanaians who were in one way or another, doing things for the greater good without considering the lengths they had to go to achieve their aim. The photo, ever since it was posted, has won the hearts of many Ghanaians who were in awe and were amazed at the selflessness of the female teacher. It can be recalled that just a few weeks ago, an ICT teacher, Owura Kwadwo Hottish, teaching his students without a computer went viral on social media and his heroism was shared around the world on many international news sites. The ICT teacher, not too long ago, received the very first donation of a laptop from Leeds University. ICT giant, Microsoft has also promised to ‘kit out’ the ICT teacher to help him teacher ‘better’.
  15. A father has revealed what he did when he had to babysit his daughter at home when his wife left the house for work. The man, identified as Anthony Favors, shared the story on Facebook. According to him, his wife was away and his daughter didn’t want him because he didn’t have chest milk, so he did something creative to attract her. He revealed that he cut a hole in his shirt and stuck out the tip of the girl’s feeding bottle to make it look like it was his chest. That way, his daughter was able to feed. The man’s post has since gone viral with many people applauding him for the effort. In his post, he wrote:
  16. The Kaduna State teacher identified as Usman Kabiru, who recently got employed by the state government, has taken to his Facebook to give thanks to God for his newly found job as a state primary school teacher. The young man who asked God to bless the work, posted his appointment letter and wrote: The man who has since deleted the post was trailed with criticisms after many online users blasted him and whoever gave him the job because his wrong use of grammar and tense showed he is not qualified for the job. Recall that a few months ago, over 20,000 primary school teachers were sacked in Kaduna state after they failed a test conducted by the state government to test the ability and competency of the teachers. It was later reported that new teachers were employed to replace those teachers that were sacked. Kabiru’s new employment could be a result of the recent employment by the state.
  17. In a determined bid to protest a range of issues from bad roads, poor hospital conditions, the high cost of living, pollution, and unemployment, some youths in Angola have kicked off a bizarre trend on social media. A hashtag #acabademematar, which translates roughly as “kill me already” is currently trending on social media as young Angolans pose for pictures where they are seen playing dead. The country’s popular blogger, Lunga Izata, who spoke on the reason behind the new trend, said the photos are in protest to a range of issues from bad roads, poor hospital conditions, the high cost of living, pollution, and unemployment to the lack of schools. She wrote: “Yesterday while longing for news that there may be a possibility of easing the country’s economic crisis, I was saddened to hear that children have not been to school for five years.” See more of the photos from the trend below:
  18. This disturbing video shows a gospel singer performing on stage in a very provocative black outfit. The gospel singer who’s yet to be identified is seen wearing a black bra, bum shorts, and a short jacket while singing worship songs on stage. Watch AND Download the video below.
  19. \ This child beggar just became internet sensation after a photographer captured her and her sister in Calabar while the were begging. LilyWhyte wrote; “Met this incredible soul on the streets of Calabar begging for petty change… Such beauty shouldn’t be on the road! Let’s tweet until something is done about taking kids off the street! #childnotbeggar” See her tweet below;

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