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Found 32 results

  1. A woman did yoga in public wearing just body paint, a thong, and nipple pasties to see whether passersby would notice anything unusual about her outfit—and the masterful optical illusion kept several people guessing. Body painter Jen Seidel and her daughter Kennedy teamed up with Ali, their model and yogi, for the experiment, captured in a video that Jen shared yesterday on her YouTube channel. Ali was only wearing a flesh-colored thing and nipple pasties when the duo got to work, giving her faux blue leggings and a matching sports bra. The intricate design made it look as though the sportswear ensemble had an abstract blue pattern overall and laces snaking down Ali’s legs as well as her chest and back. After the body paint session, Ali grabbed a yoga mat and stepped out in Baltimore, Maryland, to perform a yoga flow while a steady stream of people walked past her. She looked imperturbable as she completed her yoga poses in the bustling area wearing little more than body paint, and seemed to focus more on her asanas than on her almost non-existent outfit. Meanwhile, Jen and her cameraman stopped passersby and asked her whether they could notice anything ‘different’ about Ali. Many didn’t seem to think anything was amiss, and were convinced there was nothing special about the scene apart from the fact that Ali was completing impressive yoga poses.
  2. BBNaija 2017 star Uriel Oputa thick lady that is proud of her body and shape. Her Instagram followers were served with hot eye-popping photos of her in a brown two-piece swimming suit as she hit the swimming pool. The former Big Brother Naija Diary Room drama queen showed off her curvaceous body telling all that she is a fully loaded African lady as she posed for the camera. Her braided hair also helps in adding to her beauty. She shared her photos on her Insta story and Instagram page. She was elated at first before she realised that it was a fake Davido that was sending her birthday wishes. Star-struck Uriel’s joy knew no bounds when the original Davido eventually sent her a birthday greeting.
  3. A scared woman managed to snap a selfie while a knife-wielding kidnapper held a blade to her throat. Maria Analia da Conceição, 60, was standing at a bus stop in the city centre of São Paulo, Brazil, when she was accosted by another woman. The female assailant came up behind the librarian, put a knife to her neck and said: “You’re going to save me. Call the press”, reports Globo. But despite having her life-threatened, Maria pretended to look for press contacts and managed to message her psychologist with whom she had an appointment with that day. The 60-year-old then snapped a selfie of herself with the knife to her throat and sent it to the therapist who alerted the police. Maria said: “She (the woman with the knife) was not paying attention to what I was doing.” According to local media, the police received the first call about the incident at around 12.15pm. Pictures from the scene show the attacker holding Maria while witnesses and police look on. The female kidnapper reportedly put down the knife and gave herself up at 12.58pm after a tense stand-off. Authorities have yet to confirm the identity of the attention-hungry attacker.
  4. A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to seek advice on an issue disturbing her mind at the moment. According to the woman, her husband does not like having sex with her ‘through the opening God made for that’, he prefers to have sex with her via the anus and at the same time wants her to conceive. A friend of the lady shared the story on Facebook and it appears that she wants to know if it is possible to conceive through anal sex. As posted on Facebook by the woman’s friend: “A woman friend of my complained to me that since she got married with her husband which is two years now that her hubby does not like having sex with her through the opening God made for sex instead He prefer sex through the anus and they are looking for fruit of the womb and she want to know whether it’s possible to conceive through that way I told her am not sure but let’s hear from other people pls no insult she needs help thanks” According to WebMD it is not possible for a woman to conceive through anal sex. The explanation goes thus: Very simply, pregnancy occurs when a male’s sperm fertilizes a female’s egg. This occurs when a man ejaculates semen, which contains sperm, into a woman’s vagina. The sperm then move into the uterus, where they fertilize an egg if they find one. If a man ejaculates into a woman’s rectum during anal sex, no pregnancy can occur since human eggs only reside in a woman’s reproductive tract. However, because the anus and the vaginal opening are located close to each other, it’s possible – though unlikely — semen could inadvertently be deposited near the vaginal opening, which could lead to pregnancy. For example, if a man ejaculates outside the rectum during anal sex, the semen could be deposited on the woman’s vulva (the outer area of the vagina). If any of this semen made its way into the vagina, the sperm could possibly make its way into the uterus and fertilize an egg. However, this scenario is unlikely. The odds of a single sperm fertilizing an egg are low even when semen is deposited directly into the vagina. It’s even less likely a sperm residing outside the vagina would be successful.
  5. Some suspected child traffickers have absconded with a six-month-old baby after allegedly strangling her mother, Helen Ehianu, at Obior community, in the Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State. It was gathered that the 28-year-old, who had been missing since March 22, 2018, was found dead in a pit on March 24. The assailants were alleged to have absconded with her baby. It was gathered that not only was the victim strangled, her legs were also broken. Residents, who reportedly sighted one of the assailants dumping the body in the pit, raised the alarm. It was learnt that before youths in the community and the police could arrive on the scene, the suspect had fled. The immediate elder brother of the deceased, Samuel Ehianu, alleged that the victim’s friend, identified only as Precious, had a hand in her death. He said Helen and Precious left the family compound in Ekwuoma, in the Ika North East council area for Ogwashi-Uku on March 22. According to Samuel, the friend said she was taking her to where she could be cured of epilepsy, a health condition she (Helen) had been battling for years. He said, “On March 22, 2018, my sister’s friend came to take her to Ogwashi-Uku where she claimed that she could be cured of epilepsy. We don’t know the lady, but my sister said she knew her somewhere and that was the second time that they would be going to the place together. When they wanted to leave, Precious insisted that my sister should go with her six-month-old baby girl. My sister refused, but after some pressure, she yielded. “After a while, my mother called them on the telephone. They promised to return in the evening. My mother waited until evening and when she did not hear from them, she called again. “When the lady picked the call, she told my mother that my sister said she was not returning home because she wanted to start a trade there. Later on, we called, but Precious did not pick the call. Up till this moment, we have not heard from her. “It was while we were searching for my sister that we learnt that a corpse was found at Obior. When we got there, we found my sister’s corpse in a pit. She was strangled and her corpse thrown into a pit. The police took her remains to a morgue at Issele-Uku.” Samuel noted that residents of the area where the corpse was found claimed that they heard a “strange sound” from the apartment of a man they suspected had a hand in her death. He explained that the suspect fled the community after the incident. “We are suspecting that the lady and the man connived to abduct the baby and that was why they lured my sister to the place. We can’t find her baby. We can’t also find the friend and her telephone line has not been reachable. “We want justice for my sister. We want the two suspects arrested and brought to book. There is evidence that she was strangled; she did not die from epilepsy. There were several marks on her throat and her legs were broken,” Samuel added. The state Police Public Relations Officer, Andrew Aniamaka, confirmed the incident, adding that the case had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department. He said, “The case was reported at the Isselle-Uku Police Division from where it was transferred to the SCIID. The matter is being investigated.”
  6. Here’s a new picture of the woman who was overwhelmed with joy after undergoing a successful surgery to remove a big tumor on her arm. According to reports, the woman who had 10lb Lipoma tumor – spent almost 10 years hiding the huge tumor under her clothes. The woman underwent a three-hour surgery which saw the abnormal growth removed. The woman whose ‘burden’ has been removed – was all smiles as he showed off her freedom!
  7. A woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her husband while he was fast asleep following an accusation of infidelity. The woman was said to have stabbed her husband to death while he was sleeping for having a child with another woman. According to reports, the incident reportedly happened in Gabon. The deceased who is reported to be a sergeant in the Gabonese army died immediately after the knife attack by his jealous wife in their room. He wasn’t even taken to the hospital. During interrogation, the woman allegedly confessed that she killed him for cheating on her and having a baby behind her back. Taking advantage that he was asleep on Wednesday night, the scorned woman inflicted several stab wounds on the man which led to his death.
  8. The Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development has arrested one Chinyere Blessing, from Enugu state who uses rented children to beg for money. According to reports, on Thursday, the attention of the Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs was drawn to a woman at Ring Road in the centre of Benin City, who is in the habit of using what she claimed to be her children, a set of a triplet, to beg for money. Immediately, she was arrested and brought to the office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, and upon searching her, a total of ₦104,240 was recovered from her. Upon further investigation by the police of Family Unit, State CID, and after obtaining a full confession from the ringleader, the real mothers of two of the children were found and arrested at their hotel room in Benin City. They all have confessed to the crime and admitted to this being their fourth trip to Benin for their illicit business.
  9. A woman was R@ped and killed by unknown persons in Jigawa state. According to reports, the woman was R@ped by some men who attacked her and also killed her in the process with a knife. Her corpse was dumped by the roadside with condoms allegedly found on her body. The incident was said to have caused panic among residents who notified the police authorities of the sad development. The corpse of the deceased was later evacuated by police officers as investigations are underway to apprehend the perpetrators, according to reports. May her soul rest in peace.
  10. A 74-year-old woman with large brain tumor scheduled for overseas (Germany) – has been successfully operated upon in Rivers state. With deteriorating condition, the patient was successfully operated and tumor removed at Prof. Kelsey Harrison Hospital, Port Harcourt, Rivers state capital – by a team of Nigerian Surgeons of International Trauma & Critical Care Ltd (ITCC) managers of the hospital. Another feat by ITCC in reducing medical tourism outside Nigeria. According to Douglas WaSerite Dodiyi-Manuel, the doctor who led the surgery is Dr. Sydney Ibeanusi…
  11. This is a very sad one. A woman who has buried seven out of her eight children – is currently in lament as her only surviving child is sick. According to a philanthropist., Uche Onyemobi who recently met with the woman at the National Hospital in Abuja, she had eight children in all and has lost seven to various circumstances! The distraught woman who has been by her daughter’s side due to her illness – is praying and hoping her last surviving child would bury her someday and not the other way round. According to Uche, the sick girl identified Ogechi Stella Njoku has been able to pull through very difficult stages of her illness and is yet to undergo dialysis…
  12. Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri in a new interview with Potpourri opened up on how her upbringing shaped her into the woman she is today. Reda her interview below; “Growing up in the slum helps you to find yourself,” she mused. “It’s either you are defined or you are not. Growing up as a child in Ajegunle, it’s either you get lost or it helps you find your way. Right now, there are so many mistakes I can’t make. I see many ladies misbehave, if I am able to overcome it at childhood I can’t start doing it now. As a child I have always known what I wanted. In my room I had a write-up that when I become eighteen I would rent my own apartment. My dad saw it and he was like “Where are you going by eighteen?” I told him I want to be able to get my own apartment and make my own money. He just laughed it off. I think that decision helped me to cultivate the desire to make my own money and do it the right way,” she added. On what she has learnt from being a practitioner in Nollywood; “I have learnt to be patient. I have learnt to understand that people’s destinies are different. I have also learnt to understand that not everybody will appreciate your style, not everybody will understand where you are coming from. All you need as a person is focus. The easiest thing to do is to get distracted. The easiest thing to do in this industry is to follow the trend. If you have a style and you are able to stick to it, as long as you know that you are doing the right thing, you will get to where you desire,” she stated with a note of finality.
  13. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Tuesday, 20 March, 2018, arraigned Leeroy Egebe, (alias Amedeo Dante William, Alhassan Davide) before Justice E. A. Obile of the Federal High Court, sitting in Warri, Delta State on an 8-count charge bordering on conspiracy and obtaining money by false pretence to the tune of $18,023.96 (Eigteen Thousand, Twenty- Three Hundred Dollars, Ninety- Six Cent. Egebe’s troubles began when one Vivian Varotto-Guigoz, a citizen of Switzerland, petitoned the EFCC alleging that she met one Amedeo William Dante (the defendant) who claimed to be an Italian living in the United Kingdom on a social dating site called “Badoo”. They became lovers, exchanging emotions and later cash. She alleged that on several occasions, between 12 May and 14 October, 2015, she wired a total sum of CHF 196,701,44 and EUR 15, 957.43 to different individuals in the United Kingdom, Canada and Nigeria at the request of Dante, for sundry reasons which she later discovered to be fraudulent. The payments were allegedly made in five installments: two into British accounts belonging to Amedeo William Dante and Dittimi Tamara-Finide while three were made into Nigerian accounts belonging to Alhassan Davide and Edin Obaro. The petitioner also alleged that the defendant was reaching her through some English, Canadian and Nigerian telephone numbers. The defendant pleaded not guilty to the charges when they were read to him. In view of his pleas, the prosecution counsel, M. T. Iko asked the court to fix a date for the commencement of trial. However, counsel to the defendant, K. D Alufe, made an 0ral application for bail for his client. He argued that the alleged offences were bailable and that the defendant did not jump an earlier administrative bail by the prosecution.. In his ruling, Justice Obile granted the defendant bail in the sum of N3, 000,000.00 (Three Million Naira), one surety in like sum. The surety must be a public servant in the service of Federal or Delta state government on grade level 12 and above. The defendant and the surety must depose to an affidavit of means amog other conditions. The matter was adjourned to 10 May, 2018 for trial, while the defendant was remanded in prison custody pending the perfection of his bail conditions.
  14. She Bagged a PHD and knelt Down to Thank Her Husband For His Support. Online feminists are abusing her for kneeling down and being thankful to her husband. What is your advice to these angry Birds (Feminists)?
  15. A mentally challenged woman gave birth to a cute baby boy on the street along Decimal Road by water street in Sapele, Delta State. The mother after delivering the boy – abandoned him as the baby was taken into custody by a well meaning resident. The lady seen in the photos carrying the baby – is said to have been the one taking care of the child since the mother abandoned him. The lady said, she squeezed the last money she had on her to see that the baby was circumcised yesterday. Efforts are underway to see how to help the baby and the guardian. For those who are willing to send a token to the account below for the upkeep of this baby pending when an alternative solution to the case is found, below are the bank details. Account Name: Gajere Victoria Omomati Account Number: 0014206097 Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) Those who also wish to visit the baby to should call this number for direction 07038442563..
  16. A woman covered a BMW with sanitary pads during the night after an alleged dispute with the owner. The woman and her friend were seen plastering about a dozen pads all over the car in Foshan in China’s southern Guangdong Province, in a footage which emerged online. According to witnesses, the car owner was involved in a “dispute” with one of the women, who called her friend to help dish out the form of “revenge”. While witnesses did not elaborate on the nature of the dispute, reports have suggested that the BMW owner and one of the women used to date – before their relationship turned sour. The sunroof was also covered by the pads- luckily believed to be unused. Images of the pursuit were posted on social media after the car owner and passersby found the unusual sight the next morning. It is unclear whether the car owner pressed any charges for the vandalism.
  17. Imo state deputy governor Madumere in a statement released by his spokesperson, Uche Onwuchekwa, vowed that ”No man born of a woman can stop me from becoming governor” said in an apparent disregard to the position of the incumbent state governor, Rochas Okorocha , who has endorsed Uche Nwosu, his son-in-law, as his successor. Madumere who is currently fighting his biggest political battles said owing to his years of experience in the private and public sectors, he is more qualified to succeed Okorocha. “The deputy governor once more likened his betrayal from those he managed and nurtured to limelight politically to that of the betrayal of the Lord Jesus Christ, who was also betrayed by those he loved and called his friends. He, however, vowed that no man born of a woman could stop his ambition, saying that God remained the ultimate decider of anyone’s future.” the statement read. Okorocha is rumoured to be pulling his strings to kick Madumere out of office and frustrate his ambition.
  18. This picture of Jide Kosoko and a Nollywood actress running lines of the set of a film has got people talking on social media. Many are of the opinion that the legendary actor might have been flirting with his colleague considering his history with women. Mr Kosoko began his acting career as a child actor in 1964 in a television production Makanjuola. He has featured in several Nollywood movies of both English and Yoruba Genres. He was married to two wives; Karimat and Henrietta (late) with children and grandchildren.
  19. There was pandemonium yesterday in Bethel Nursery/Primary school in Sapele area of Delta state after a woman who just gave birth two weeks ago – stormed the school yesterday morning to flog the bursar after her children were not allowed to write exams because they didn’t pay their school fees. It was gathered that the woman’s husband had made trouble and threatened the headmistress a few days ago over the same issue. The woman allegedly even bit one of the teachers who was trying to restrain her from flogging the bursar. Pictured is the bursar with her flogged hand after the woman’s attack.
  20. ”To keep your woman happy, give her 0ral sex 9 times a week” – – relationship expert, Joro Olumofin tells men The self-acclaimed relationship expert said this via his Instagram page. ”Researching this Topic: 3 ways to keep your woman Happy. – Give her 0ral $ex 9 times a week – Listen to her like a sermon – Give her money Most importantly give her Head 9 times a week, you have 6 days of her period to rest but continue 2/3 days after her Period. You will have a Happy Faithful partner. Thank me later” he wrote
  21. Magdalena Malec a mother of two lost almost all of her limbs after a hospital failed to spot she was suffering from sepsis. Magdalena Malec, 31, had to have both of her legs, her right arm and the fingers of her left hand amputated after contracting the disease in the hospital. She also needed a kidney transplant to save her life after being admitted with an ectopic pregnancy. Bosses at the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital have now apologized for the medical blunder, which they accept could have been completely avoided. Magdalena said: “Now my life is not a life, it is vegetation — a fight for life. “I was waiting for six months for the amputation of my limbs, with stinking and decaying legs and arms. “Nothing will restore what I had. I will never paint my nails again, I will never make a ponytail for my daughter. “I do not trust doctors and I am very skeptical about all medical appointments and diagnoses.” Magdalena continued suffering from heavy bleeding and stomach cramps but was sent home from A&E with painkillers and anti-sickness tablets. She returned to the hospital on Christmas Day and was finally told she’d suffered an ectopic pregnancy. This occurs when a fertilized egg implants itself outside of the womb and requires urgent surgery to remove the affected fallopian tube and unviable foetus. “I had been in and out of the hospital since 22 December 2014 and by the time I was admitted on 25th December for surgery, my pain was unbearable,” she said. “That hospital hurt me badly and I probably will never trust any hospital again.” But while in recovery, Magdalena developed extensive limb ischemia, which became gangrenous and caused her body tissue to die. She later learned it was caused by a loss of blood supply due to medical staff not recognizing the classical warning signs for sepsis and failing to follow their own sepsis protocol. Magdalena had to wait six months for surgery to amputate her limbs and had to return to hospital three times a week for dialysis, with each session lasting up to four hours. During this time, her relationship with Robert also broke down due to the pressures of her disabilities. Magdalena, from Luton, Bedfordshire, said: “Nothing will restore what I had. I have been left on my own, starting with re-learning how to walk, comb my hair, eat, and brush my teeth. “From the very beginning, everything was a big challenge for me. I would wake up and not know what I should do with myself. “The only thing I dream about is decent living conditions with my disability and prostheses, which will allow me to live as normally as possible. “My life is continual hospital appointments and each hospital appointment brings sad memories. “I am susceptible to infections because my immune system is weakened by the medicines I take to support my kidneys. “I am learning how to live with pain. Going out and coping with the way people look at me is very difficult, and so is self-acceptance.” The NHS has apologized unreservedly for missing all of the classic signs of sepsis that Magdalena was experiencing, and accepts the outcome could have been avoided. Sepsis is blood poisoning caused by the body’s reaction due to an infection and it needs urgent treatment. Common symptoms include persistently high temperatures, rash and itchiness in the legs, blue and mottled limbs and inability to urinate. Magdalena has already received an interim payment to help alleviate her financial hardship, but she is expected to receive a further payout in due course.
  22. A woman who was allegedly abused and maltreated by her husband has been begging him to come and take back his bride price for two years now. According to reports, the mocked her and taunted her with his current girlfriend whom he allegedly said is prettier than her. He abused his wife. He maltreated her. He starved her. He told her that his current girlfriend is prettier. He even denied the vow he made at the altar. He said to her: “I never told you I loved you or that you would be my only wife”. He neglected and abandoned her. He threatened her with divorce. He even made a “mock demand” for the refund of the bride price. After enduring and praying for him to change, she found the courage and left the marriage. Now, for two years, she has been begging him and his people to come and take the bride price and the man has been posting her. He believes that if he does not take the bride price, he would continue to hold the lady hostage and prevent her from remarrying.
  23. A woman who welcomed a set of triplets recently is apparently overwhelmed with joy after a safe delivery. The woman gave birth to three bouncing babies, two girls, and one boy. The babies and their mother are said toe in good condition. A Facebook user, Happiness Joshua who shared pictures of the woman and her babies – said the overjoyed new mother asked for a baby but God gave her three. Congratulations to them.
  24. A young man from the Niger Delta part of Nigeria has gotten married to a woman old enough to be his biological mother in Europe. Congratulations are in order for Paul Esusu Ighomitedo from Delta state who tied the knot to his white lady from the United Kingdom. The man who is said to be one of the best vigilante members in Sapele area of Delta state – got married to his wife in a low-key fashion in the presence of family and friends. Social media users have frowned at the age difference between the duo. Research has shown that such marriage arrangements are borne out of economic benefits and travelling documents completion on the path of the younger partner. See more photos:
  25. A hairdresser died in the church immediately after giving testimonies before the congregation at Universal Church of God. The deceased, simply identified as Mpofu attended a church service at Bulawayo area of Zimbabwe where she gave a testimony thanking God for the wonders He had done in her life. According to reports by B-metro, Mpofu slumped immediately after sharing her testimony and died in the church. A close relative who asked for anonymity told the media that they were very disappointed and confused as they were not sure if the testimony was the reason behind Mpofu's death. "It is very sad that our family member died this way. She was someone who was a dedicated church member which now turns to be a surprise that she died in the house which she thought was the safest," said the relative. "What is more surprising is when all this happened the church did not notify us that she had collapsed choosing to keep her for six hours. We do not know why they kept her in church when they were aware that her condition was critical, that is why we are suspecting foul play," he continued. The deceased's husband left mourners in shock when he asked all church members to leave the funeral. It was clear that he wanted nothing to do with Universal Church members and their pastors. A pastor who declined to be named said they did not bother attending the funeral as they were not on good terms with Mpofu's family. Mpofu was buried on Monday. Efforts to get a comment from the church on the incident involving their deceased member were fruitless as a pastor that invited B-Metro over for a comment asked for written questions that he said would be sent to their lawyers for a response. (B-metro)

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