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Found 5 results

  1. In recent times, there have been news about young men and women killing themselves neither because of been frustrated about life or someone close to their heart jilted them. It has just been reported that an unidentified young man hung himself to death in Abuja. The unfortunate incident reportedly took place at Lokogoma district within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). According to eyewitnesses, they claimed that the young man killed himself because he was frustrated. Looking at the picture which has now gone viral on social media, the deceased was seen hanging on the tree with just his underwear on as people gathered round to look at him. However, as at the time his picture was taken on shared on the internet the remains of the deceased was yet to be removed by appropriate authorities. RIP!
  2. a A student has reportedly taken his own life by hanging himself his girlfriend decided to put a stop to their relationship by sending him a letter telling the boyfriend never to come to her again as she has found a new boyfriend and also telling the boyfriend to look for another girlfriend. According to ToriMill reports, the reason his girlfriend decided to end their is because the said boyfriend could not afford to buy her breakfast and lunch. The letter reads; “From today never and never come to me again because I have got another boyfriend who can buy for me breakfast and lunch,so you are free also to get another girl”.
  3. Evicted Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Ahneeka, who was evicted during the last eviction show last weekend alongside her partner, Angel, has revealed why she was reserved in the house and couldn’t connect to any guy in the house as their romantic relationship with other female housemates made it impossible for her to have a connection with them. In her interview with Pulse, Ahneeka linked her inability to connect to the guys because of their romantic relationship with other ladies in the house. “For some reason in the house, anytime I tried to talk to any guy in the house, people made it look like I was trying to steal their man. And Bambam was my girl so I couldn’t have her thinking like that, even though at some point she did. “So I was staying away from Teddy and he was making it known that I was being too reserved – It’s because of your babe [Bambam]. “I could flow with you, you could be my G, but I’m just respectful to your babe and not to start some drama in the house. “So that was just my concern. I couldn’t connect to the guys because of their wives,” Ahneeka said.
  4. Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has said it has been a problem having a big bum. According to her, she is lost if it’s her big bum that attracts men to her or her killer figure. “When it comes to my body, it has not been easy with the advances.
  5. An unidentified man jumped to his death at the Lagos State Magistrate Court in Ogba because of a N40k debt which he got arrested for. He was arrested 6 months ago after his creditor had reported to the police that he had refused to pay up his debt. He was apparently arraigned yesterday and the young man obviously tired of being held for a debt he couldn’t pay up jumped to his death from the 3rd floor. This sad story was shared by twitter user @O-Nife

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