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Found 15 results

  1. When a man or woman is tired of being in a relationship, there are several ways at which they call it quit. Some do not have the mind of standing before their partner, so they end the relationship over the phone. Such was the case of this young South African lady. She disclosed that her boyfriend broke up with her over the phone. Tlaleng revealed that her relationship ended on WhatsApp. After Tlaleng’s instincts packed up unusual vibes between her boyfriend and another lady, she confronted him about it and he owned up to it saying he was seeing the particular lady. The young man obviously didn’t feel any guilt about this as he was straightforward in telling without caring for her feelings. Heartbroken Tlaleng took to Twitter to share screenshots of the messages. Her post reads: “Guess I’ve been a joke for the whole 6 Months he literally laughed at me. My heart is heavy, my soul is shattered. I’m going through the most.”
  2. Collins, the boyfriend to Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Nina, has spoken on the recent rift between her and fellow housemate, Miracle. Miracle and Nina had confessed love for each other in show but have been facing challenges after Ebuka, the show host, demanded to know the strength of their relationship. Following the situation, Nina had feared she could lose both Miracle and Collins after the show. And tweets have been coming out suggesting that Collins was angry with Nina. But Collins, last night, cried out that someone had been impersonating him on twitter. He said he had no issues with his girlfriend, Nina. The account, @uno_collins has for the past few days been slamming Nina on the platform. Collins took to his Instagram to say he hold no grudges against Nina. He wrote, “Hello everybody…someone has been impersonating me on twitter…saying bad things about Nina…I bear no grudges for her. “This not me on Twitter… Its a fake account. This is the guy behind the fake twitter account…he was using this handle @Collins_uno,he goes by this handle now @Collins_neo.
  3. Blac Chyna and her 18-year-old boyfriend,Ybn Almighty Jay are still going strong. The duo are pictured all loved up in an elevator. Thos comes a day after he posted a photo of her on Instagram with a caption ‘Would you marry me?”
  4. Following a recent online bashing targeted at Big Brother Naija housemate, Nina, which came as a result of her controversial statement on Sunday’s eviction show in which she said ‘Miracle is everything to me, my boyfriend is my boyfriend’, Nina’s boyfriend, Collins, has reacted to the trolling orchestrated by the Twitter account in his name. According to Collins who claimed he is impersonated in an Instagram post, he bears no grudge against Nina. Here’s the post by Nina’s boyfriend; “Hello everybody…someone has been impersonating me on twitter…saying bad things about Nina…I bear no grudges for her. This not me on Twitter… Its a fake account This is the guy behind the fake twitter account…he was using this handle @Collins_uno,he goes by this handle now @Collins_neo..He is an imposter,an impersonator…that’s not me.” Few days ago, it was reported that Nina lamented over the question put across to her by Ebuka during last Sunday’slive eviction show. According to Nina, her relationship with Miracle was now in serious confusion as a result of the said question, and she now fears that she may lose both Collins and Miracle, her two boyfriends, with the way she replied the question. Recall that Ebuka had on Sunday asked her how strong her relationship with Miracle was and if it would continue outside the show. He insisted to know if she could call Miracle her boyfriend. While responding, Nina refused to call Miracle her boyfriend, but rather said he was “My best friend. My everything.” On Tuesday, Nina revealed to fellow housemate, Alex that Miracle has been angry with her because of her response to Ebuka, adding that, “I could not call Miracle my boyfriend because I did not want to disrespect Collins. But now I feel bad. She said futher that:- “I would have told Ebuka Miracle was my boyfriend and that I love him. I wish Ebuka would ask me same question next Sunday so that I’ll correct myself.”
  5. A 35-year-old man, identified simply as Sikiru, has drowned in the swimming pool of a hotel in the Ishashi area of Lagos State. It was gathered that Sikiru and his girlfriend had visited the hotel – Regional Hotel and Suites – on April 2 when the incident happened. The girlfriend was said to have fled the facility while the hotel manager reported the case to the police who removed the corpse and deposited it in a morgue. The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Chike Oti, said a preliminary investigation by detectives who visited the scene showed that there was no injury on the corpse. He said, “The hotel manager reported that one of his customers, identified simply as Sikiru, whose address is still unknown, was found dead inside the hotel’s swimming pool upon diving into the water. Detectives went to the scene of crime and recovered the remains of the said man. “No trace of injuries was found and no identification or phone recovered from him. The girlfriend that came with him disappeared immediately with all links of identification of the deceased. The corpse has been deposited in the Badagry General Hospital morgue for autopsy. An investigation is ongoing.” Meanwhile the police in the state also arrested a suspected drug addict, Musendiku Christian, for allegedly killing his grandmother. Christian, 24, reportedly H@cked the octogenarian to death while she was asleep. It was learnt that the suspect lived with the grandmother, Maria Ogabi, at Ishagira village, Ijanikin, Lagos. A source said Christian had been having a running battle with the deceased, who always complained about his use of drugs. The source explained that although he did not know the immediate cause of the attack on the woman, Christian was recently released from prison over a criminal case. He said, “He is on drugs and well known for taking hemp. He has been living with the grandmother for a long time. I don’t know where his parents live. The grandma always warned him against smoking hemp, but he would not listen. “In the early hours of Saturday, April 2, there was a distress call from their apartment. When people got to the place, the woman was found in a pool of blood with machete injuries on her body. She died on the spot. “The case was reported to the police at the Ijanikin division and he was arrested. He just came back from prison.” The PPRO, Oti, said the corpse had been deposited in the Badagry General Hospital mortuary. He said, “The police received a report that the 80-year-old woman was H@cked to death by the grandson, Musendiku Christian, at their residence. “A police team visited and photographed the scene of the incident. The corpse was removed and taken to the general hospital mortuary, Badagry, for autopsy. The exhibit was recovered and the suspected arrested.”
  6. NAOMI CAMPBELL CONGRATULATES RUMORED BOYFRIEND SKEPTA AS HE IS MADE AN ACTUAL NIGERIAN CHIEF Naomi Campbell is one proud ‘girlfriend’, congratulating Skepta as he is conferred with Chieftaincy title in Nigeria. The British model, who is of Jamaican descent, and British-Nigerian rapper Skepta are rumoured to be dating and have been in Nigeria for some time now. Following a little misunderstanding with the President of Nigeria on Friday, Naomi, 47, tweeted out congratulations to the 35-year-old rapper from London. Posting a picture of the Shutdown rapper in his traditional clothes and holding up his certificate, she wrote: ‘Congratulations Chief Joseph Olaitan Adenuga!’ The 2016 Mercury Prize winner attended a ceremony in his family’s hometown of Ijebu Ode, Ogun state yesterday and was conferred with the honorary chieftaincy title Amuludun of Odo-Aje. The rapper, real name Joseph Adenuga, is of both Yoruba and Igbo ethnicity and proudly showed off a video of the ceremony to his followers on Instagram. His caption reads: ‘Thank you to the Baale, Chiefs of Odo Aje and King for presenting me with my Chieftaincy title today. ‘I am honoured and will continue to put time and love into Nigeria, especially the community of Odo Aje.’ So now we have to address the That’s Not Me hitmaker as Chief Skeppy? Incredible!
  7. 9jaonline

    Top 10 Best Names to Call Your Boyfriend

    One of the simple and warm ways to keep love alive in your relationship is to tell your partner beautiful, kind words that would be nice to hear. We invite you to consider 10 sweet names to call your boyfriend. Gentle, affectionate adjectives spoken to each other can soften hearts, make people forget about conflicts. As it is commonly believed, women adore pleasant compliments. In fact, any guy will also be happy if his girlfriend treats him gently with the help of sweet words. It is sometimes difficult for girls to come up with something original and not trivial. If you want to learn how to call your boyfriend affectionately and find interesting fresh ideas for this, read on. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO USE ROMANTIC NAMES FOR BOYFRIEND? Gentle compliments – a pledge of a long-lasting relationship. The warm phrases said by a wife or girlfriend make the union stronger, establish mutual understanding, and prove sincere love. Lovely nicknames will make your lover smile and give him a positive charge for the whole day. Men also need support from women, although they look strict and strong. This is especially important if a guy is sick. GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS At the very beginning of a relationship, it is sometimes difficult to find suitable sweet names for a guy. He may not understand your humor. Therefore, at the primary stage, you should use the general standard words to make sure the man likes it. Be wary of using such words as “Baby”, “Puppy”, because some guys are annoyed by them. They think that these names seem insulting. Try to add the pronoun “my” to the love names to soften the official tone. Put all your tenderness and love in a voice so that the words sound sincere. After said, watch for the reaction of your man. The main thing is that the guy should perceive tenderness adequately and not take offense, especially if you pronounce love worlds in the company of friends. Thus, you can maintain a romantic relationship and further expand your vocabulary with more intimate terms. PET NAMES FOR BOYFRIEND Pet names for lovers are extremely popular. Try to choose an individual nickname that can best describe character or appearance of your man. For example: Bear; Lion; Tiger. Funny names for the guy can also be written in messages. Take care that your description does not sound rude or offensive because there are inappropriate and vulgar words. Pet names should not be spoken before outsiders. It is better to leave them for when you guys are alone or at night. FUNNY NAMES WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR In fact, all men remain children in the depth of their souls. Each of them wants to feel like a small playful child next to the beloved girlfriend. If your young man has a great sense of humor, you are very lucky. In this case, you can safely show imagination and invent a variety of lovely names. The main thing is not to hurt the pride of a guy if he, for example, has complexes. Such nice words can be used to write down the name of the guy on the phone or beautifully sign a postcard for a holiday. Examples: Bad Boy; Eсstasy; Hot Lips. WHAT CAN YOU CALL A MAN THAT IS TOO SERIOUS? Only words of high importance will be relevant for such men. They should describe something heroic, decent, not to sound banal. At the same time, sweet words should characterize your lively interest and genuine sincerity. Examples: Mr. Cool; Gorgeous; Iron Man; Hero. Instead of nicknames, you can use phrases in prose which your chosen one will be pleasant to hear. For example, “With you, I can cope with everything”, “Your kisses are more precious than gold for me.” Repeat them often so that he will feel your strong love. HOW TO CALL A MAN BY NAME AFFECTIONATELY? Male names can be slightly modified. You may make their pronunciation special, inherent only to you. This will emphasize your special attitude to beloved one and bring the couple even closer. WHAT WORDS SHOULD NOT BE TOLD TO A LOVED ONE? You should act correctly and carefully inventing nicknames for your second half. It is advisable to be interested in whether he likes different names. It is not recommended to use curses, even if in jest, because your man will not be pleased to hear this. Try to avoid too intimate and funny appeals that can be heard by outsiders. This can be misunderstood by relatives and friends, and the guy may feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. Be tactful if the guy is overweight or have a small height. Perhaps he is very worried about this, so such nicknames as Donut, Patty, Lilliput, Shorty can injure and create negative emotions and provoke a quarrel. As you can see, there are quite a lot of sweet names to call your lover. It is important to choose an interesting and original version that will cause a joyful smile on his face.
  8. Nigerian blogger Temi Otedola who just marked her 22nd birthday a week ago has demanded for her own birthday wagon from her boyfriend, Starboy records act, Mr Eazi. Just like her big sis, Cuppy who got a white GWagon from her footballer ex, Victor Anichebe, Temi wanted a luxury SUV for her birthday present but instead got a box of chocolate and roses from her dream man Eazi. Due to the singer’s financial weight, it feels like only her Billionaire dad would be up to the task of making this dream a reality. She what she posted below:-
  9. How to Break Up with Your Boyfriend if You Are in Love with Him Breaking up with someone you love is hard, but with the right attitude and a lot of confidence, you will be able to burn the fire out. Ultimately, you need to be willing to put your own health, happiness, and future first. If that future doesn’t contain your man, then it is time to end things with him, even if you still have feelings. Ask why you want to break-up with him. Breaking up with someone is hard. It is no easier when you still have feelings for him. However, sometimes relationships stall, grow apart, and become difficult to manage due to time or space apart. You can be in love with someone and still feel like you need to move on to a new stage of your life. If you’re considering a break-up, ask yourself a few questions about yourself and the relationship. If you say no to most of the following, it may be time to move on: Do you only want to break up because of present circumstances, like a recent fight or money troubles? If not, is it because of long-term problems? Do you have second thoughts about breaking up, or have you been sure of your decision for a few weeks? If your partner asked you for a second chance, would you say yes? Do you see your partner in your life 6 months from now? Write down a list of reasons why you want to break up. No doubt it may be hard, but if you get down your reasons down on paper, it makes it easier to convince yourself you need to get through with this. Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings — this paper is for you and you only. Brainstorm why you need to end things, considering the following reasons: You can’t give him the love he deserves. You may need to move for a new job, want to spend more time with your family, or have a hard time supporting his needs. If you truly love him but know that you can’t/don’t want be there for him, it’s time to end it. You’ve fallen in love with someone else. Unfortunately, you can’t really control who you love. If you’ve got deep feelings for another, you need to end things with your current man before moving on. You don’t see yourself spending the rest of your life with him. This is especially important if he seems to plan his future around you. End things now instead of hoping you change your mind — it won’t happen. You’re unhappy. If the bad times outweigh the good, and the relationship weighs on your mind each day, it’s time to move on. This isn’t a phase — this is relationship that has begun to go sour. Look over your reasons one week later. Read your reasons for needing to break up with him and see if they still feel true. Did you dash that list off in the spur of the moment, or do you still feel the same way seven days later. If you’re still sure of your decision to break-up, you’ve made the right one. Look ahead to an independent lifestyle, not at the temporary pain a break up will bring. Many people stay in relationships for too long because they’re afraid of the emotional whiplash being alone will bring. You may understand that you’ll be better in the long run, but the short-term pain makes breaking up seem unbearable. However, you’ve got to rip off the bandage sometimes, and it will get easier if you remind yourself of several key things: You will not be alone forever. Being single does not mean you’ll never find love again, even if it feels like you’ll never find another “perfect” man. Independence will make you stronger. Being alone is hard, but it forces you to grow in unexpected and important ways. You do not need your guy to be strong and happy. Remind yourself why you love him to ensure you’re making the right decision. This may be one of the hardest things to do, especially if you’ve committed to ending the relationship, but you need to consider the good with the bad. Jot down why you love him, the reasons you’re together, and the good times you’ve had. Remember, you will always have these memories, no matter what happens between you. If you make it through this trip down memory lane, but still know that it would be best to end things, then you’ll know for sure that you’ve made the right decision. Remember, it may be best to break up even if you still have feelings for him. You just want to be sure that the bad outweighs the good. Prioritize your health and happiness. The final hurdle to a break-up is often your worries about other people. What will our friends think? What will my parents think? How will we sort out our stuff? Most importantly, how will he feel? However, all of these worries are unimportant in comparison to your own happiness and emotional well-being. While this sounds selfish, it is ultimately the most thoughtful perspective you can adopt. If you’re in a relationship that isn’t working, you’re going to take it out on each other with fights and arguments. Friends and family may get dragged in, and worries about your stuff can turn into possessiveness and secrecy. When you’re ready to end things, all that matters is your decision to break up. The rest of the details will work themselves out. Sometimes a gut feeling — “This just isn’t working” — is a perfectly acceptable reason for breaking up. Remember that you’re doing this for you, not someone else. End things quickly once you’ve made you decision. Know that if you don’t break up with him right now – and you keep delaying – the situation you are in may grow worse in the future. You’ll regret not taking action while you could have, and end up wasting both his time and yours in a meaningless relationship. It may hurt right now, but once you get this over with, you’ll be happy you did. Once you go through with it, both parties can move on, but not before. Remember — it is better to be happy alone than miserable on your own.
  10. A beautiful Nigerian lady on twitter @darasimicoal narrated how she read her boyfriend’s chat where he was telling another girl he is just passing time with her. Read what she wrote;
  11. A Magistrates’ Court sitting in Osogbo, Osun state, has ordered the remand of a 23-year-old woman, Jimoh Simiat in Ilesa prison custody for allegedly killing her friend, Esther Oge, while both were engaged in a fight. The police prosecutor, Inspector Mustapha Tajudeen informed the court that the incident occurred on February 10, around Fountain University area, Osogbo, as the body of the deceased was found lying by the road side. Giving her account of the story, the accused person however, said she only went to Esther’s house to confront her after she was said to have told her new boyfriend that she is a prostitute.
  12. THE DEATH OF 4-YEAR-OLD ANIYA DAY-GARRETT HAS LEFT THE WORLD SHOCKED, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF THE TORTURE SHE SUFFERED AT THE HANDS OF HER MOTHER AND HER BOYFRIEND BEFORE SHE WAS KILLED. The death of 4-year-old Aniya Day-Garrett has left many shocked, especially because of the torture she suffered at the hands of her mother and her boyfriendbefore she was killed. Anya was allegedly beaten to death by her mother and her boyfriend. Prior to that, she was starved and had her feet and legs burned. As a result of the torture, the child died in Euclid Hospital in Cleveland on Sunday from a stroke. Medical examiners said the stroke was caused by repeated blows to the head. Her mother Sierra Day, 23, and Day’s boyfriend Deonte Lewis, 26, were charged with aggravated murder and held on $1 million bonds. Day and her boyfriend called 911 at about 11.30am on Sunday to report that Aniya was unresponsive and not breathing. Day claimed Aniya started “acting weird” when they took her to Red Lobster the previous Thursday and that she fell off a toilet seat on Sunday. She said her daughter was unable to keep food or water down and threw up Tylenol she gave her, then barely ate any breakfast the morning of her death. But when police arrived, they saw that Aniya’s skin appeared to be “extremely pale and lifeless,” and her face and neck were “very small and emaciated”. The toddler also had what appeared to be rug burn marks on her feet and legs and was so malnourished paramedics “could see the individual joints” of her fingers. Doctors then noticed a big bruise on her left eye which was nearly swollen shut, a cut above her left eyebrow, and scald marks on both legs. It has been revealed that Harbor Crest Child Care filed an abusing a minor report against Day in May 2017 allegedly documenting 18 months of injuries to Aniya. Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services also conducted three separate investigations into allegations of neglect last year. However, it concluded there was not enough evidence to remove the child from her mother’s home. Aniya’s father Mickhal Garrett had been fighting to gain custody of his daughter and made repeated complaints accusing Day and Lewis of harming and abusing the child. Day was scheduled to meet with a social worker on Monday, March 19 to discuss Mickhal Garrett’s petition for an emergency custody but Aniya was killed before then. As Day and boyfriend Lewis faced court on Tuesday, Aniya’s father jumped to his feet and screamed in anguish: “You killed my f***ing child! You hurt my baby.” He then collapsed into the arms of family members and sobbed uncontrollably. Garrett has accused Child Protective Service of failing him and his child. “We want them to be held accountable,” said Garrett. “CPS failed me. They failed us all. Nobody should have to go through this. So many people tried and tried to make sure Aniya Marie Garrett was safe and they failed our family.”
  13. The mystery surrounding the death of two young lovers in Delta state is yet to unraveled by police authorities. According to reports, a boyfriend and girlfriend were found dead yesterday morning in the apartment of a friend where they went to sleep in Mosogar, Sapele area of Delta state. According to Sapele Oghenek, the pair identified as Matthew and Bose were said to have gone out to buy Suya on Thursday night before the boyfriend took Bose to his friend’s house when they went to sleep. The owner of the house and his girlfriend was said to have slept in the room while Matthew and his girlfriend Bose slept in the parlor. Their friend was reportedly shocked to have woken up the next morning and discovered that the young lovers had died in the parlor. Their corpses have been deposited at the mortuary and the owner of the house detained by the police. According to reports, some people are saying the pair may have died from the Suya they ate the previous night while others are saying they may have died after inhaling generator fumes. Whatever the case might be, may their souls rest in peace.
  14. A 20-year-old Lady, a Kenyan, model and a student of Kenya Methodist University has surprised her boyfriend with a brand new whip for Valentine. The Lady, identified as Fridah Kariuki, the lady acquired the new whip, a brand new Mercedez as a gift for her man, just to show how much she loves him. According to multiple reports, Fridah took a loan from her father to buy the car, as they've been dating for the past four years. They also revealed that their parents are very supportive of their relationship. See photos below:
  15. Love at the Peak...............What do you think?

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