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Found 10 results

  1. This article is dedicated to football lovers. We are going to talk about the most expensive and most famous trophies of football. These awards of the football world are considered the dream of players and team. So let’s see the details of such significant trophies. THE IMPORTANCE OF FOOTBALL TROPHIES We know how popular football is, this game is loved all over the world. Football competitions gather huge crowds. Football awards are perceived as the main goal for teams and millions of fans cheer their favorite team on the way to victory. The world of football competitions has its hierarchy, the team must go through a lot of competitions and in the end the world-class teams compete for most expensive trophies. World-class competitions are the league of the highest level players. During such competitions, players become world stars, some even remain in the history of football as best players of their time or season. The first World Cup was conducted in 1930. It was a great historical event for the whole sports world. Since then, the number of world-class competitions has increased. Football has a tradition to award the winners with the cups. The cup itself is rather the symbol, a trophy for the team or for the player. In this publication, we will tell you about the most important and expensive football trophies. THE BEST TROPHIES IN FOOTBALL FIFA WORLD CUP This is the stage for the best of the best. This competition occurs every four years, and millions of people go to the stadiums, tune TV and radio to support their national team. The final part of World cup 2018 will be held in Russia. The first FIFA world competition was held in 1930. During the history of the cup 8 countries were awarded with the title of Champions. The Brazilian national team has won the world cup at least five times. Pelé (Edson Arantes do Nascimento) is the only player to become world champion three times. At the present time 79 national teams take part in 20 final matches. All the teams go through qualifying matches. Without a doubt, the World Cup is one of the most important sports events of our time. FIFA World Cup is the most expensive trophy in the world of sport. The modern trophy of FIFA is a golden cup that’s worth $150,000. The current holder is German national team. FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION CHALLENGE CUP The next world’s biggest football competition is Premier League. This championship comes up every year and the winner receives the Football Association Challenge Cup – one of the most expensive football trophies. It is also known as FA Cup. The original design of the cup was created in 1871. The cup is decorated with ribbons and colors of the winner team. The current holder is footfall club of York City. FA COMMUNITY SHIELD This is famous award of the competition between champions of the previous Premier League season. The trophy is a shining dish-like shield. The feature of this competition is that the proceeds of the match are donated to charity organizations. EUROPEAN CHAMPION CLUBS’ CUP This one is among the most competitive football championships in the world. All star-teams of Europe fight for this cup, it is also called European Cup. According to the original rule the winner team was allowed to keep the trophy permanently after 5 times of victory. But since 2009 such a team can receive only “multiple-winner badge.” The Cup is a silver amphora with a gold coating inside. The price is 10 thousand Swiss francs. COPA AMÉRICA This football competition is among the oldest in the sports world. The first competitions of the championship were between South American teams. But since 1990s there were also teams from North American and Asian countries. The trophy itself is a silver tall amphora. LA LIGA The trophy of La Liga championship is among the top cups in the world of football. The host teams of La Liga is Barcelona and Real Madrid, so it is not easy to win such a cup. Recently a new modern, ribbon-like design of the cup was presented. COPPA CAMPIONI D’ITALIA This is the biggest football competition of Italy, it is also known as Serie A. Among the hosts we can see such teams as Juventus, Roma, Napoli, and others. The cup is shaped like a large cone with the base with rings. The golden trophy is worth 60,000 euro. DEUTSCHE MEISTERSCHALE This is the top football league in Germany. The competition is among the most competitive and popular in Europe. The cup itself has a shape of ornately plate. There are the names of all the winners. Some winner teams have a copy of the cup. EUROPEAN GOLDEN BOOT This is an annual award that started in 1967. The golden boot is given to the top goal scorers of European leagues. The current holder of this award is Lionel Messi, and he is the only player who has won the award four times. PREMIER LEAGUE GOLDEN GLOVE This is special award for goalkeepers. Current holder of the glove is Chelsea’s goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois. Football trophy is not just a symbol, it is a special cup which is the embodiment of victory. Players work hard to raise over their heads, the coveted trophy of the champion.
  2. According to reports, hell broke loose yesterday after Abia Warriors fans turned football to war as they threatened and beaten officials after the 1-1 game against Katsina United in Umuahia. Sports journalist, Niyi Busari, revealed how Katsina United Cameraman Bashir was also beaten black-blue. His camera was seized and the tape in the camera was removed. He (Bashir) has been rushed to Federal Medical Centre in Umuahia for treatment.
  3. A bomb blast killed at least five spectators during a football match in southern Somalia, police and a lawmaker said on Friday, the first time an explosion has targeted a stadium. The blast went off in the port town of Barawe, in the Lower Shabelle region, when residents were watching a football match on Thursday afternoon, police said, adding that al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab could be behind the attack. Police said it appeared to have been detonated by remote control. “The bomb killed five people and injured a dozen others in the football field. “All the casualties were from the onlookers,” Mahad Dhoore, a lawmaker for South West state told Reuters. Police officer Mohamed Aden said al Shabaab group was suspected of being behind the attack and put the number of dead at four and wounded at 12. “We believe al Shabaab was behind (it) and that the target was officials who were not seated there at the time of the match. “The bomb looked like a remotely controlled one that was planted there,” Aden told Reuters from Barawe. Al Shabaab is fighting to topple Somalia’s Western-backed central government and establish their own rule based on their strict interpretation of Islamic law. The group frequently carries out bombings and gun attacks in the capital Mogadishu and other parts of Somalia. “Al Shabaab carried out an explosion that killed teenagers who were just playing football in Barawe town. Al Shabaab is the only enemy we have,” President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed said during a farewell party for Somalia’s outgoing parliament speaker.
  4. The contemporary history of the world’s favorite game spans more than 100 years. It all began in 1863 in England, when rugby football and association football branched off on their different courses and the Football Association in England was formed – becoming the sport’s first governing body. Both codes stemmed from a common root and both have a long and intricately branched ancestral tree. A search down the centuries reveals at least half a dozen different games, varying to different degrees, and to which the historical development of football has been traced back. Whether this can be justified in some instances is disputable. Nevertheless, the fact remains that people have enjoyed kicking a ball about for thousands of years and there is absolutely no reason to consider it an aberration of the more ‘natural’ form of playing a ball with the hands. On the contrary, apart from the need to employ the legs and feet in tough tussles for the ball, often without any laws for protection, it was recognized right at the outset that the art of controlling the ball with the feet was not easy and, as such, required no small measure of skill. The very earliest form of the game for which there is scientific evidence was an exercise from a military manual dating back to the second and third centuries BC in China. This Han Dynasty forebear of football was called Tsu’ Chu and it consisted of kicking a leather ball filled with feathers and hair through an opening, measuring only 30-40cm in width, into a small net fixed onto long bamboo canes. According to one variation of this exercise, the player was not permitted to aim at his target unimpeded, but had to use his feet, chest, back and shoulders while trying to withstand the attacks of his opponents. Use of the hands was not permitted. Another form of the game, also originating from the Far East, was the Japanese Kemari, which began some 500-600 years later and is still played today. This is a sport lacking the competitive element of Tsu’ Chu with no struggle for possession involved. Standing in a circle, the players had to pass the ball to each other, in a relatively small space, trying not to let it touch the ground. The Greek ‘Episkyros’ – of which few concrete details survive – was much livelier, as was the Roman ‘Harpastum’. The latter was played out with a smaller ball by two teams on a rectangular field marked by boundary lines and a centre line. The objective was to get the ball over the opposition’s boundary lines and as players passed it between themselves, trickery was the order of the day. The game remained popular for 700-800 years, but, although the Romans took it to Britain with them, the use of feet was so small as to scarcely be of consequence. Source: Fifa.com
  5. Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar seems determined to return fully fit for the upcoming World Cup as he hit the gym on Thursday. The Brazil forward sustained a broken metatarsal in his right foot during the Ligue 1 leaders’ 3-0 victory over Marseille on February 25. After locking horns with his employers over the time and location that he would have surgery, the 26-year-old underwent a successful procedure less than two weeks ago.Having originally been ruled out for up to three months, his World Cup hopes to hang in the balance.
  6. Lille fans went on a rampage this weekend as they invaded the pitch and attacked their own players. In the match between their side and Montpellier, supporters of the club hopped the fences and surged towards the Lille players. TV footage showed that some of those invading the field aimed kicks at some of their own team after the final whistle. The match in France finished level with the scores tied at 1-1, leaving Lille one from bottom in the league table. French officials confirmed that the incidents at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium will be looked into further. “The LFP firmly condemns the incidents that occurred after the Lille v Montpellier game,” the League said in a statement.
  7. Samir Nasri has been banned from football following an investigation into the intravenous drip treatment he received at a Los Angeles clinic. Ex-Manchester City and Arsenal midfielder, Samir Nasri have been banned from football for six months because of a drip treatment he took at a Los Angeles clinic in 2016, his lawyer said. According to BBC Sport, the 30-year-old Nasri took the treatment while on holiday, but it contravened World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) rules leading to a Spanish Anti-Doping investigation. Nasri’s lawyer disclosed that the suspension was being imposed by Uefa. Reports in Spain have suggested the ban will be made public on Monday. Nasri, who is without a club having left Turkish side, Antalyaspor in January, received treatment from a private medical company, Drip Doctors, in his hotel room. At the time he was on loan from Manchester City to Sevilla and posed for a photograph with the organisation’s co-founder Jamila Sozahdah that drew publicity. Wada rules state there is a 50-millilitre infusion limit per six-hour period for active athletes but it was alleged he received 500 millilitres of hydration in the form of sterile water containing micronutrient components. In February 2017, a request by Sevilla for a retroactive therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for Nasri was refused by Uefa, whose decision was later upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Former France international Nasri’s spell with Antalyaspor lasted only six months after he joined from Manchester City in August 2017. Nasri played for Arsenal from 2008 to 2011 before moving to City for £25m, going on to win two Premier League titles during his time at Etihad Stadium. During his loan spell at Sevilla last season, he made 30 appearances and scored three goals.
  8. After many months of trials, former Olympic champion, Usain Bolt has successfully signed for a football team. Usain Bolt, the 100-metre world record holder, says he has agreed to sign for a football club. Bolt, 31, retired from athletics last summer after a glittering career in which he won eight Olympic gold medals. He has always spoken of his desire to play football once his sprinting career was over, and on Sunday he tweeted to say “I’ve signed for a football team! Find out which one this Tuesday at 8am GMT.” Bolt is a lifelong Manchester United fan and was due to have a trial with Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund next month. He also trained with South African side Mamelodi Sundowns last month. “It’s something that I want to do,” Bolt told the Daily Express in January. “In March we’re going to do trials with Dortmund and that will determine what I do with that career, which way it goes. “If they say I’m good, and that I need a bit of training, I’ll do it. “It makes me nervous. I don’t get nervous but this is different, this is football now. It’ll take time to adjust but once I play a few times I’ll get used to it. It was the same when I started track and field. “ I was nervous for a while until I started getting used to the crowd, people and everyone around and it falls into place, “One of my biggest dreams is to sign for Manchester United. If Dortmund say I’m good enough, I’ll crack on and train hard. “I’ve spoken to Alex Ferguson and I told him he needs to put in a good word. He told me if I get fit and ready; he will see what he can do.” -(ESPN)
  9. A Nigerian man identified as xteem_visuals on Instagram revealed how a staff of Nigerian prisons service in Oyo, brutalized his son over football. According to the narrator, the NPS staff, Mr Adepoju Biodun(Pictured above) flogged his son till he sustained a deep cut in his head. Read his post below; This happened at Oluwatedo area of Ibadan, Mr Adepoju Biodun is married with three kids, he works with Nigerian prison service Agodi, Ibadan. His eldest child is Israel, On 16th February 2018 Israel went to play football and after the football, his father beat him from 7:00 pm till 2:30 am in the early hours of Saturday till he sustained a deep cut on his head with blood everywhere in the house. Is the appropriate way to correct or chastise our child? This is beyond chastisement. Please share until the appropriate authorities see this especially Nigerian prisons, UNICEF.
  10. Download 12 Greatest World Records In Football Mp4 Or Play/Watch here Online Download The Video

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