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Found 33 results

  1. lady shares inspiring photos six weeks after a traumatic car accident A pretty lady has shared how she recovered from a traumatic accident that affected her eyes all under 6 weeks. According to her, she didn’t undergo any form of therapy or counselling to help her with the trauma she faced as a result of the accident she suffered with her sister. She said she recovered amazingly due to prayers. Read her post below. ”I figured this was the best way for you guys to notice the difference…the left was 4 days after the accident, right was 6 weeks later. On December 30th 2017, my big sister and I got into a traumatic car accident (no other car was involved.) This was a near-death experience for the both of us, not over exaggerating at all. Won’t get into detail, but I just wanted to show all of you what prayer does. 6 weeks of stress, 6 weeks of fluctuating confidence, 6 weeks of being bold and being forced to step out of my comfort zone in public. No therapy, no type of counseling was needed. My mom raised me to be a strong, independent, young woman and I wasn’t going to let this temporary moment get the best of me. My strength came from her & God himself. If it weren’t for him keeping us safe in that car, my sister and I wouldn’t be here today with the amount of damage we faced. If you’re going through something, the best thing to do is to call on God, he will see you through & if you’re having confidence issues, picture having to go out in public looking the way I did. You are beautiful/handsome once again I really appreciate everyone that reached out to us during that time ”.
  2. The question about whether religion allows couples to begin having sex after traditional marriage but before the church wedding has been debated by a number of people. A Twitter user recently brought up the question again and someone replied with a really hilarious comment. Read the reply below.
  3. A Nigerian lady on Twitter @Mz_pawshtook to the micro-blogging platform to narrate how she found out that the groom at a wedding she attended was the same person who asked her to be his girlfriend a day before. Read her tweets below; “I didn’t want to talk about this before, but I can’t just keep it in again. Can you just imagine ?! Thread So a friend of mine invited me to a wedding, I was reluctant about going but since I wasn’t doing anything at home today, i decided to just follow her. At least to help the boredom We got to church late as you know now, à girl has to slay… bride and groom were already sitting so I couldn’t get the chance to see their faces until the pastor was about to join them. Y’all know how they say all those stuffs first and then the pastor asks bride and groom to come out so the joining will start. I still wasn’t able to get a glimpse of what they look like because i was far from the altar. Pastor asks the groom to say his vows, and then the bride After that, it was the “if you don’t want these two to get married”.. blah blah blah time… Nobody stood up.. Great Time for you may now kiss the bride . After they sha kissed, they both faced the altar and that was when i got the shock of my life ! Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the groom. This was the guy that I met at a club on Wednesday… Meeting him wasn’t the issue though. Can you believe this guy actually asked me to be his girlfriend yesterday Friday. Yes !!! Yesterday !!!!!! I just couldn’t hold myself and told my friend I have to leave cos I’m sure if i had stayed there any longer or gone for their reception, I’d shame this guy…. I wonder how many girlfriends this guy has even on his wedding day ! Ladies, be careful… Men are scum !
  5. A Nigerian lady who is a hair dealer has taken to Instagram to show off her new mansion just 2 weeks after giving birth to a new baby. The excited lady shared a video of the new mansion and also hinted her followers on how she started her business on a low key. According to her she went into business with jut N5,000 and just under 5 years, it has grown into a multi-million naira venture. The lady even mentioned that she started the business as a student where she was always spotted from locations to locations trying to convince people to buy her merchandise. Read her post below. ”I started my business with just 5,000 naira and in less than 5 years I have achieved so much from it. The struggle was real from selling from my hostel , persuading peeps to buy from me , opening my page on Instagram and started selling there , delivering by myself, stocking goods at home Of all things, acquiring this 5 bedroom mansion and a detached b/q in a perfect location in the city of Lagos makes me truly understand that consistent drop of water can make an ocean . The grass can only get greener for hard worker I always knew my hard work will pay real big coz whenever I see people do great things whether on Instagram or on the outside I always make their success my prayer point Broken crayons still colour My 2018 has just started and I haven’t even achieved anything , am coming for more , I believe many young ladies will achieve a lot this 2018 Because hard work pays Interior designers get in here come furnish this to my taste All bills on @mrstilll IT CAN ONLY BE GOD! House warming plus child dedication in a bit SOFT REMINDER: my market is selling like pure water And I will be teaching few ppl how to get rich with their Instagram page”.
  6. A 25-year old lady, Esther Alluya who allegedly tricked and defrauded a man, Mr. Emmanuel Ukpebor to the tune of N5m has been arrested by the police in Lagos. The incident happened at Yusuf Bishi Street Agodo Egbe where the transaction reportedly took place. Ukpebor was still surprised how Esther managed to trick and obtained such amount of money from him for an undisclosed business transaction. It was gathered that what made the transaction suspicious was the way the suspect cut communication as soon as she got the money from Ukpebor. She bolted away and disconnected every communication link between her and the victim. The matter was reported to the police at X-Squad Ikeja Command who trailed and arrested her. When the police asked her about the money, she said he had already spent the money and will not be able to refund it. Esther was charged to court thereafter and brouhht before the Presiding Magistrate, Mrs. O.A. Layinka for the alleged offence. She pleaded not guilty. She was granted bail in the sum of N500,000 with two sureties in like sum. However, she was remanded in prison custody pending when she will perfect her bail condition. The matter could not go on because of the recent transfer of Magistrates in the judiciary which had affected Mrs. Layinka who was in charge of the matter. The matter was therefore adjourned till a later date when the new Magistrate fully resumes at Court 3 Ikeja, Lagos.
  7. A 23-year-old Nigerian blogger based in UK, Chidera Eggerue, who is quite popular for her campaign encouraging women to embrace their natural ‘saggy’ B.reasts has revealed that her campaign has prompted some ladies to change their minds about cosmetic surgery. Chidera appeared on This Morning to discuss her efforts to challenge society’s ‘obsession’ with what perfect B.reasts should look like, which led her to create the hashtag #SaggyB00bsMatter hashtag. The pretty social influencer, revealed how, since launching her body positive movement, she’s received messages from women who decided to cancel consultations with plastic surgeons as a result. She told presenters Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on the ITV daytime show. I’ve had an overwhelmingly warm, amazing response. Specifically from very young teenagers who have told me that when they had come across the hashtag it had stopped them attending a consultation with a plastic surgeon, which was amazing to hear. What’s been even more heart-filling was receiving messages from B.reastfeeding mothers, [who said] that this hashtag has allowed them to feel more beautiful during the process of B.reastfeeding their child. Despite considering surgery, Chidera says she now accepts her body and hopes others will relate to her images on social media. She said: As a teenage girl it was way too young for me [to be] thinking that there was something wrong with me. When I was 18 I considered surgery too. I used to say to my mum all the time that when I was 18 that I was going to get a job, save money and get my B00bs done. As much as I believe that women deserve complete autonomy over their bodies and if they want to get a B.reast augmentation that is completely up to them, I do feel, however, that it is a shortcut to accepting yourself. I am reclaiming ownership of every single negative connotation. It’s just an adjective. More photos below:
  8. An ‘adult baby’, Jess has revealed that she likes to wear nappies, drink from bottles and ‘regress’ back to her infancy. The adult-turned-baby says that while people tend to claim the opposite, she is a fully-fledged, “very independent” adult. According to MirrorOnline, snaps of her Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL) lifestyle are regularly uploaded to her YouTube channel, which boasts more than 160,000 subscribers. “During the day, I’ll just be me – normal, adult me,” she said. “I work full time, I do my YouTube channel, streaming and other stuff like that. I have my own website, and then I also have other hobbies. I like to do art, I like to sing – just normal things.” Jess, who lives in Lakeland, Florida, US, now reveals the struggles she and her boyfriend go through as their relationship is met with hostility by the public. She said: “I’ve had people say that he’s [Stephen] abusive, or they say that he’s sick for wanting a girlfriend that acts like I do because then he probably imagines me as an actual kid – which is D!sgust!ng. “They say like ‘Oh he’s a paedophile, I wouldn’t leave him alone with my kid’. But the 23-yer-old instead claimed the appeal of ADBL or DDLG is that the adult baby reposes all trust in their partner. “The whole appeal to people with ADBL or DDLG dynamics or anything like that is that you are an adult and you’re submitting your control so totally to this dominant person, that you’re making yourself as vulnerable as a child. “It’s just like, ‘Oh, you’re trusting me so much that you’re willing to regress to such a vulnerable stage’. That’s what is appealing to him. That you’re basically submitting entirely.” While pink-haired Jess was $exually abused as a child, she rejects any link between her abuse and her apparent regression. Saying that she would have been who she is even if she had not been abused, Jess noted: “I don’t feel like I’m doing this to cope. I never really think about it. It’s not this healing thing because this is just what I do with my life. “I mean, I’m not going to sit there and say that there definitely isn’t some kind of link – but it’s also not to say that everyone who does this do so because they were abused and are coping with it.”
  9. A Magistrates’ Court sitting in Osogbo, Osun state, has ordered the remand of a 23-year-old woman, Jimoh Simiat in Ilesa prison custody for allegedly killing her friend, Esther Oge, while both were engaged in a fight. The police prosecutor, Inspector Mustapha Tajudeen informed the court that the incident occurred on February 10, around Fountain University area, Osogbo, as the body of the deceased was found lying by the road side. Giving her account of the story, the accused person however, said she only went to Esther’s house to confront her after she was said to have told her new boyfriend that she is a prostitute.
  10. I Can’t Date A Man That Cannot Give Me 5million Naira As Monthly Allowance – Nigerian Lady A Beautiful Nigerian Lady has set her standards. She says there’s no way she would date a Nigerian Guy, or any guy who would not be able to afford to give her Million Naira as Monthly Allowance. Identified as Love Anidi on Facebook, she took to YabaLeftOnline Facebook Group to declare her standards. She simply wrote; “I can’t date a man that cannot give me 5million naira monthly allowance”
  11. A Twitter user identified as Jade Jordan took to the platform to share throwback photos of when she was still a Muslim and also wore the hijab. The lady who wore a hijab from age 3 to 20, eventually stopped being a Muslim, took up P0rn features as a career and also got married. Her tweets read; Funny fact: I was actually born and raised a Muslim (I’m not Muslim anymore BY CHOICE). My real name is said in the video. You have to watch it to find out what it is. I wore a hijab from age 3 up until age 20. I stopped in 2014, when I stopped being Muslim. A few months later, I started doing P0rn. Here is my baby and I I got rid of all my yearbooks because I used to be so heartbroken that I used to be apart of something that brought me so much pain, but I’m in every yearbook from my old school wearing a scarf. I need to get my genealogy done. I was born in America though. My parents are hardcore religious fanatics. So growing up it felt like I lived in another country. Wasn’t interested anymore. Didn’t speak to me. I didn’t feel connected to it. Gonna make a youtube video talking about my journey from MUSLIM to P0rnSTAR in a few days. In the meantime, here is a pic of me from high school… People pirate my manyvids videos, but I’m not mad. Hubby used to pirate software and entire studio albums back in the day. It’s unfortunate business-wise, but I know y’all don’t have money. I grew up in a transitional home, so I get it. I’m still doing DMCA takedowns though!!!! I’m happy we get to share the experience of being free and truly being ourselves with people who are important to us. Our supporters mean everything to us. I have never been so happy. Thank you!
  12. Weeks after a lady gave birth to a baby with three legs in Kaduna, the second wife of a man identified as Malam Hassan Ibrahim, has given birth to a baby with 4 legs, 2 genitals at Sabon Garin Makiyawa in Magama Jibia, Katsina State. According to Dailytrust, 20-year-old Zainab delivered the baby on March 9, 2018. Hassan and Zainab have been married for four years and are already blessed with a three-year-old son, Fahad. Describing the baby, Hassan said, “The child has both $exes and four legs, the two abnormal legs, and a Penis are on the left side of the ribs, only one of the two additional legs is moving, the second doesn’t. I can say it’s a girl because the longer and normal legs have a female genital at their proper place.” When asked if his wife attended ante-natal clinic during pregnancy, Hassan said she did. “For now, I’m made to understand from some health officials that she may need surgery to correct the defects and was given a referral later to the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital to meet a consultant pediatric surgeon,” he said. Doctors’ findings and examination at the Turai Yaradu Clinic stated that “the second twin was attached to the first at the sacral region to the left, swelling at the lumbosacral region of both twins, polydactyl of the fingers. The provisional diagnosis was said to be sarcophagus conjoined twins.”
  13. A suspected rapist was arrested by security operatives on Friday, March 9th, while trying to R@pe a schoolgirl. The suspect was immediately descended upon as he was mobbed and beaten mercilessly by the people around before the police intervened. The incident happened in Lundi, Masvingo area of Zimbabwe. One of the passersby who were present during the arrest – was spotted enjoying the ‘view’ of the suspect’s joystick before he was taken away by the police.
  14. Different reactions are trailing the story of a man who allegedly left his pretty and younger wife to move in with another lady. ‎Emeka Ugwuonye‎ who shared the news seemed not to understand why the man would abandon his young wife and children and move in with an older lady – even to the extent of the alleged mistress putting on the wife’s dress.. Some online users who read the story feel that the man is under a spell and does not know what he’s doing while others feel that his wife might have made the situation in the house uncomfortable for the man – hence he decided to move out and find his ”joy”.
  15. Lady comes hard on Davido’s baby-mama, Sophia Momodu over her pool-side photos. According to the Lady, Sophie is a Mum and needs to be a good example to her baby. She further advised her to dress well as many other ladies looks up to her. See what the Lady posted on Sophie’s Instagram page below:-
  16. A lady who was declared missing some days ago in Sapele area of Delta state has been found. The lady identified as Agbanga Avwerosuo Excel left her home in Ogorode road, Sapele on Monday, March 5th to get her voter’s card at the INEC office in the area and didn’t return home. Her phone was said to have been switched off. This threw her family into panic as they began searching for her both online and offline. According to Sapele Oghenek, the missing lady was found this morning at Amukpe roundabout as she narrated what allegedly happened to her. According to the lady, she claimed she was hypnotized after being touched by some people with diabolical powers. She said she lost concentration after being touched and followed her abductors to their hideout. She claimed she was locked up in a room in an undisclosed house for some days before she managed to escape and found herself at the roundabout. Below is how online users reacted to the story of her recovery
  17. The local residents of Amukpe, old Eku road in Sapele, Delta state, were left in total shock after nabbing a woman who reportedly poisoned her own child. A Facebook user identified as Temi Meg, has taken to the social networking platform and posted some photos, a video, as she narrates how a lady was apprehended after allegedly poisoning her child in Delta State. She posted the photos and wrote: See the full post below;
  18. A Nigerian lady named Favour Philip, who is also a model, explained why she rejected a car gift presented to her by a married man. According to her, she is a business lady who feels she didn't have to be carried away by the gift that was being given to her by the married man. In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Phillip said;
  19. A Beautiful lady identified as Keke has taken to Twitter to give a shocking reason as to why she prefers other ladies than men. According to her, she is not a lesbian just because of the many reasons that other ladies give, she is simply a lesbian just because she chose to be. Some ladies who are lesbians often times say they were heartbroken several times by men, or sexually violated by men, hence their reason to settle with fellow women. However, for Keke, it is a different reason entirely. Tweeting via her handle @Gay_loveeee She wrote;
  20. A Nigerian Lady, identified as Chinenye Nwaeze has taken to her Facebook account to declare that she will be giving her Future Husband the biggest gift, which is her Virginity. Chinenye wrote; Virginity is the biggest gift a girl can give to her husband, That's why I'm keeping my own for my Husband Good intention if you ask me See Photos Below;
  21. A 20-year-old Lady, a Kenyan, model and a student of Kenya Methodist University has surprised her boyfriend with a brand new whip for Valentine. The Lady, identified as Fridah Kariuki, the lady acquired the new whip, a brand new Mercedez as a gift for her man, just to show how much she loves him. According to multiple reports, Fridah took a loan from her father to buy the car, as they've been dating for the past four years. They also revealed that their parents are very supportive of their relationship. See photos below:
  22. A lady identified as Cynthia has revealed how she met her husband on a bus while traveling to Abuja. According to her, meeting her hubby on that bus five years ago is one of the best things that has happened to her as they both have a son together. She narrated her story to Humans of Abuja. Read what she said below;
  23. A heartbroken South- African Lady has called off her engagement to her fiance after discovering that he was a cheat. According to the story currently trending on social media the lady in question got to know that her fiance whom she has been dating for over a year has a child that is also over a year old, he also has another fiance and other girlfriends. She wrote; See screenshot below... Late last year, she shared photos of her boyfriend then and wrote; "Suited for each other.Tailor-made I'm glued up on my lover.WOW, I'm such a happy girlfriend guys. "... See photos below... https://i.imgur.com/Jkkzxyl.jpg She shared chats she had with her boyfriend other girlfriends with them telling her they have been dating for long... https://i.imgur.com/Zixpsod.jpg https://i.imgur.com/mymFVxY.jpg He then messages her saying his baby mama has been getting death threats... https://i.imgur.com/kHNYma8.jpg
  24. A lady has wowed many on the internet after a video of her assaulting her cheating husband emerged online - the lady is seen in the video confronting her husband after she caught him with another lady in an eatery somewhere in Nigeria. After saying a few words, she went ahead to hit him repeatedly on the face right before pouring him a bowl of hot soup and storming out of the eatery. The said unfaithful husband was left dumbfounded as he sat still in shock before he was handed a napkin to clean up. Watch below: Download Video
  25. A Nigerian lady identified as Sylvia Eguonor has taken to her social media page to share her testimony after revealing that she has converted from her bad ways after working for the devil for the past 25 years. According to the young lady, she was like Jezebel in the past until Jesus saved her as she said she's not ashamed to testify of her past.. Read her story below;

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