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Found 21 results

  1. For actress Amanda Ebeye, money answereth all things. In a recent interview with Sunnews, when asked if the sex is bad but he is a good man and treats you like a queen, will you stay in the relationship or marriage, the single mother of one said: “As long as he has lots of money, why not? Who has good sex helped? Who cares when the shops are full of the right tools?”
  2. A young man based in Ijebu Ode area of Ogun state has been subjected to barking like a dog, once every month. It appears it is not too much of a sacrifice for this yet to be identified young man as against the idea of working for a means of livelihood. The young man has been exposed and mocked by his friends in a video having a regular ‘moment’. One of his friends who shared the video explained further saying this is not the first time a similar occurrence took control of his friend. He added that the same young man was having fun in a popular nightclub; ‘Club royal’ when the episode overtook the victim and his friends had to lock him up in a car pending when he would come around. It was also gathered that this embarrassing conditions for money ritual is a trend in that part of Western Nigeria. WATCH THE VIDEO WHICH HAS BEEN MAKING ROUNDS HERE; Watch Video Below
  3. I GOT MORE JOBS, MONEY AFTER TONTO DIKEH’S MARRIAGE CRISIS ALLEGATIONS – ACTRESS, ROSALINE MEURER In an interview with Punch, Nollywood actress, Rosaline Meurer, who was accused of being the cause of marital issues between Tonto Dikeh and her husband, Olakunle Churchill, has said that Tonto Dikeh’s marriage crises was a blessing to her. Read: Tonto Dikeh/Olakunle Churchill The stones that were thrown at me with intentions to bring me down last year when I was used to cover up a marriage crisis turned around to be in my favor with God on my side. I got more jobs and more money. At first, I was bothered; then I realized that so many other innocent people were used and lied on as well in the same situation. Out of respect for the head of the family and because I and my family have come a long way with him even before I relocated to Nigeria, I decided to let go. I don’t have any relationship with Tonto Dikeh; I only know her to be Mr. Churchill’s ex-wife.
  4. Who hasn’t heard about Western Union? This company has been around for decades all across the globe. It is present in over 200 countries and territories across the planet offering its services to millions of users. Learn how to receive money from Western Union in Nigeria, since this popular money transfer service is available to the citizens of the most populated African country. Citizens of Nigeria can enjoy money transfer services offered by Western Union (WU) in any of its many locations. By the way, the number of such points exceeds 2,700 across the country. WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER It is possible to use Western Union tracking number to know when exactly your funds become available for pick up. Then you can enjoy the money transfer service. GETTING MONEY FROM AN AGENT Here is how you can get your WU money in Nigeria: Step 1. Ask the sender to provide you with the Western Union tracking number. Step 2. Track the money transfer and wait until you see the message that you can pick it up. Step 3. Find a location in your city where you can get your money. You can visit this page https://locations.westernunion.com/ng/ and make a selection. Step 4. Visit the agent’s location and you will be asked to fill out a special form to get your money. You will have to enter the following information: The name of the person who sent you money via WU The country where money was transferred from MTCN along with secret Question – Answer (if you are asked to) Step 5. You have to provide your ID card along with the filled out form (if you are asked to). Step 6. Western Union agent should collect the form, make sure you are who you are (by checking the ID card) and handle you the finances. GETTING FINANCES ON SMARTPHONE Here is how you can receive money sent via Western Union directly on your handset: You have to create a mobile wallet to get money directly on your phone. Your money sender should select the option ‘receiver’s mobile wallet.’ Otherwise, you will not be able to get your finances using this method. Besides, he or she has to use your phone number and Nigeria’s zip code. The mobile wallet service you are using will let you know when your finances become available. Once you have gotten WU money on your handset (mobile device) you can withdraw cash, use mobile money to purchase products, buy airtime and pay your bills. WESTERN UNION LIMITS IN NIGERIA You can transfer your funds using WU only within the country if you are located in Nigeria. Foreigners are allowed sending you money from different countries to Nigeria if they provide you with your MTCN code (this is the special money transfer control number). Money recipient has to provide his or her ID card to get money. A recipient has to know the Test Question and answer for the transaction. If you receive more than $10,000 (or the equivalent in Naira), your transaction has to be reported to Central Bank of Nigeria. That’s it. This is how to receive money from Western Union in Nigeria. You can always find detailed information on WU’s local site in Nigeria https://www.westernunion.ng/. For example, you can get a list of all cities that allow collecting U.S. transactions in U.S. dollars, and get other useful information as well.
  5. So Banky W and Adesua Etomi robbed the spotlight at gbanks2018 traditional wedding, some fans prayed a spell of Baad2017 should not be casted on the new couple as they won’t want to see Nude photos of Gabriel Afolayan ’s wife circulating over social media a week after their wedding. Watch Video:
  6. Social media is currently buzzing with the hashtag #VisaBae which tells the story of a beautiful young woman from Zimbabwe identified as “Rutendo Tichiwangani”. As a social media slay queen, she’s known as rlt_ on Instagram and Rlt on YouTube and her story is as hilarious as it gets. Rutendo Tichiwangani boasts of over 70.6k followers on Instagram and 9k subscribers on YouTube as a result of her lavish social media lifestyle that makes her look larger than life. Sadly, her visa to stay in the UK is due to expire in one month! And she needs £2300 to pay for it so she can remain in the UK. She, however, can’t afford the visa fee so she has started a Gofundme account. Unfortunately, people have lost a lot of sympathy for her fake social media life and how unreasonable she has been for the last 6 years not to have saved up the money required for her visa fee instead of the slaying on social media. Watch The Video Below:
  7. Teddy A really has a loving fan base as they’ve all agreed to donate 5,000 Naira each to him, to make up for the 45 million he couldn’t win See screenshot below:
  8. 9jaonline

    How to Travel Abroad With no Money

    Today we going have a talk on how to travelabroad with no money. If you like comfortable hotels and not ready to deny yourself comforts for the sake of realizing a dream, then this is surely not for you. An advice for you is simple: work long and hard, and one day, perhaps you will manage to accumulate the amount necessary for such a trip. For the rest, who do not seek easy ways, we will tell how to travel independently across the world without money or with a minimal amount. HOW TO TRAVEL ABROAD WITH NO MONEY AND LOTS OF SMILES Let’s start with the bad, but rather predictable news: it’s hardly possible to fix such a journey without a penny. There are two items of expenditure, which cannot be omitted. The first is a visa. Of course, you can ask a trafficker to smuggle you across the border, but, firstly, this will create a number of obstacles during the illegal stay in the country, and secondly, we prefer legitimate ways of traveling. The second is medical insurance. Before you go traveling around the world with no money, you need to understand clearly that this adventure is often dangerous. Medical care abroad is very expensive and if something happens – your relatives will have to spend a fortune on your treatment. At this point, we should tie with bad news and pass to something positive. Any trip costs on areas: transport, habitation, and food. We will dwell on each of them in detail, considering both extreme ways of saving, and ordinary ones. TRANSPORT IN TRAVEL The freest mode of transport in the world is pit stop. There are some nuances, but for hardcore tourists, it is the very thing. Those who do not want to rely on the case can search for fellow travelers on services, like blablacar. A bicycle is the choice of hardy travelers who are in no hurry. Fortunately, European countries have all the conditions for cycling. The bus is an inexpensive means of transport, suitable for short journeys between cities. Carefully study the route and the cost of tickets. Often happens, that the price of shifting tickets will be much more low, than on a direct flight. The train is also inexpensive, especially if you book tickets in advance. It is better to choose night passages. If you’re lucky, you can sleep, saving your time and hotel costs. HOUSING If you are asking how to travel abroad with no money, then you should think about cheap ways of a housing. For those who carry all their own with them, camping would be an ideal option. Free, safe, has everything you need, plus fresh air. What else is needed? If you want an option with no costs, you can choose a proposition of an exchange holiday or a house sitting. In the first case, you provide your housing in exchange for someone else’s, in the second – you look after the house in the absence of the owners. As well, in any tourist city, you can find a hostel — a cheap version of a hotel, where you can find everything you need. There are many international volunteer organizations that will gladly accept active young people who want to travel while helping other people or the planet. Housing, road, food – all inclusive. You have a chance not only to leave to travel the world but also to make it a little better. FOOD Forget about the restaurants on the tourist streets. Look for inconspicuous cafes in crowded alleys, where locals eat. It will be guaranteed tasty and inexpensive. Even better option: cook yourself from products purchased in the market. So you can save at least 50% of the budget for food. And if you buy only promotional products or those which are about to expire the expiration date, then even more. USEFUL TIPS FOR SAVING MONEY IN TRAVEL How to travel abroad with no money, if you have a lot of things with you? It would be really hard. When you are going to the trip, stick to the good old rule: prepare all the essentials and take from it exactly half. Choose a comfortable backpack to avoid discomfort. In tourist cities, start reconnaissance from the stations. Usually, there are information centers for tourists, where you can get maps and guide notes, as well as find out where you can cheaply snack and sleep. You can visit cafes to charge your gadgets. There you can also use the Internet. If there is no money for snacking, you can peek the wireless pass on a check left by someone. And the last tip. Before you go to travel without money, think about why you need it? If for sightseeing, then, most likely, you will be disappointed. Most of the time your brain will be occupied with thoughts about where to get food and spend the night. All that you will see are highways, train stations, and the same hippy tourists. But if you are looking for thrills and new acquaintances – then all this will be in abundance. You look at the world, return to your home, full of impressions, and hardly ever will forget this journey. WORK WHILE TRAVELING If your work does not suit for travel and does not bring sufficient funds that would allow you to go on a tour around the world, and travel is exactly what you are so hungry for, then there is good news for you. There are many programs and opportunities that allow people to travel around the world and work simultaneously. For example: Au Pair Work & Travel If such options are not suitable due to your age, education or any other reasons, pay attention to that work, which is connected with a travel. For example: Flight attendant Work on cruise liners An employee in a hostel or hotel Tour guide Also, if you have some interesting or rare skills and can teach it to others or just work in freelancing. Naturally, these options will not give you a lot of money, but they will cover the expenses in your journey. We hope that our guide on how to travel abroad with no money would be useful for your future journeys. Don’t forget to check your backpack in travel and stay with Naija wherever you would go. Source: Naija.ng
  9. USEFUL TIPS ON HOW TO GET MONEY FROM A MAN How to get money from a man without asking? If you are tired of being a strong amazon who cleans an apartment, cooks food, raises children, tries to look good and at the same time goes to work, you must learn how to communicate with your man and ask for. This post will definitely help you. The emancipation gets stronger, and since the school bench, each girl dreams of financial independence and full equality between the male and female genders. All this is certainly good, but ladies should not forget that their men are still supposed to take care of them. ANALYZE THE SITUATION How to get money from your boyfriend? Before you will try to get financial help from your man, you should clearly understand in what situation you are and whether your request is relevant. Otherwise, you will look foolish and selfish. For example, you want a new dress. But you should clearly understand the material status of your boyfriend? Is he a rich man who can buy you ten dresses and moreover a diamond necklace? Or is it a person you like who last year hardly collected a certain sum of money to buy you jeans which you wear now? In both cases you are driven by an ordinary female “I want”, but first of all, you should objectively and adequately assess the situation in order not to look like a selfish b*tch with which a rich lover and a person who you sincerely like will hardly want to deal. First of all, it is necessary to understand the financial position of a man. This does not mean at all that you should ask a wealthy person about everything that your heart desires and not to ask an average guy for anything. It means that you have to calculate your needs and man’s opportunities. Agree it is foolish to ask the wealthy person to buy a blouse found on the sale and the average guy – for a new diamond necklace. NEVER DEMAND Often we do not get what we want only because we do not know how to ask for politely – we begin to demand, prove that we need something and feel offended when don’t get an answer immediately. If you want to know how to make a man spend money on you, forever delete from your vocabulary such phrases as “I need”, “I deserve”, “you must”, “you are obliged”. Especially it concerns phrases “you must” and “you are obliged”. Putting it this way, you can immediately forget about any material help. All specialists in the field of psychology and speech communication argue that in order to ask a person it is necessary to show him how much you need his help and what kind of service he will receive for his help. In addition, human nature is incorrigible – every guy loves flattery, it covers his eyes with fog and he is able to fulfill any wish. Why not use the advice of specialists? With a gentle and affectionate voice, make a few compliments to your man about his strength and wit. Then say that you want to be beautiful for him and should always look better than everyone. After all, you consider him to be the real king next to whom there must be a worthy queen. He really couldn’t argue with this statement. A chic and happy woman next to a man always enhances his status in the public eye so that he will be interested in meeting your desires. YOUR HINTS SHOULD NOT BE TOO ABSTRACT How to make a man give you money without asking? Indeed, when a woman directly asks for money from her man all the time, he may start thinking that she does not love him, that she’s just using him as her “ATM.” In fact, you do not need money. This is what you should talk about. But if you do it too abstractly your man will not understand what you want. Did you decide to choose a hint strategy? You can immediately set yourself up for failure. The fact is that men are not telepaths or psychics. Hints clear to you are unlikely will be clear to your man. Do not forget about it when you complain to your lover that your friend’s husband gave her a new car and sent her on vacation for two weeks. Do not be shy to talk to a man about your needs and ask him politely to satisfy them. Remember: you are a woman and you have the right to all the best. So let’s back to the hints or rather completely delete them from the lexicon leaving only the bare truth. Do you need new shoes? Tell how much you like them! Do you dream about a jewelry? Let your man know about it! Take a photo in the store and send it with the message “I would be the happiest woman in the world if I could wear it every day!” And so it should be in everything. A MAN SHOULD BE CALM AND RELAXED Before you ask anything from your man, make sure that he is in good mood. For example, he came home after work. First, feed him and let speak out asking: “How did your day go? How are things at work?” When he “let the steam out”, give your loved one a few moments of pleasure. Do a light massage, caress neck, shoulders. And only then say: “Dear, I really need your help. I want to ask you about one thing.” After these words, take a short pause, let your man ask: “How can I help you?” And then you can very calmly and gently say: “You know, I saw such a beautiful dress in the store, I would very much like to go for a presentation in it.” If a man has money and he is not greedy, he certainly will not refuse. THERE ARE DIFFERENT MEN There are men who simply give women what they want and there are men who need proofs what you need the money for They may think that this is your whim or greed: “You have so many dresses, why do you need one more?” It is important not to be annoyed or offended: you have a goal – a dress. Say calmly: “Well, I understand what you’re talking about. First, at the presentation where I want to go, there will be people of a decent level and if I come in such a dress everyone will think: “Well done! How beautifully he dresses his woman!” So you make him a compliment. Continue: “Secondly, I look so cool in it. And it has such a zip from behind that if I’ll unzip the dress it will fall straight to the feet” and stay silent. Then the man will turn on the imagination, he will think how you will return from the presentation, the dress will fall to your feet and what may follow after this. Be sure he will buy it!. GIVE SOMETHING IN RETURN This is another golden rule that will help you understand how to get money from men. So, such is the law of nature: it will not tolerate inequality if you take something you must give something in return. For example, before you’ll ask your man for money, cook a romantic dinner, b Of course, this does not mean that you need to ‘ask’ for money only after bed! You just need to do something nice, for example, wash his car or let him go with his friends to the club in the evening. He must see and understand that receiving good attitude you don’t just take from him only, you also give him things regularly whether in cash or kind. THANK YOUR MAN Thank sincerely: “How lucky I am, you are the best! The girls will envy me because I have such a man!. Remember that it is important for a man to realize that he is good, he is a hero and that he is important to you. Be sure to thank your boyfriend, emphasize his importance and then he will love you even more. So, dear women, it is a very normal and natural process to ask men for money or any other items, because they are created to support us. If your man will be happy and will know that he is a real hero for you, believe me, he will give you money even if you do not ask him for this. If you act wise, your man will do everything to make you happy. Good luck!
  10. The Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development has arrested one Chinyere Blessing, from Enugu state who uses rented children to beg for money. According to reports, on Thursday, the attention of the Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs was drawn to a woman at Ring Road in the centre of Benin City, who is in the habit of using what she claimed to be her children, a set of a triplet, to beg for money. Immediately, she was arrested and brought to the office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, and upon searching her, a total of ₦104,240 was recovered from her. Upon further investigation by the police of Family Unit, State CID, and after obtaining a full confession from the ringleader, the real mothers of two of the children were found and arrested at their hotel room in Benin City. They all have confessed to the crime and admitted to this being their fourth trip to Benin for their illicit business.
  11. IROKO TV BOSS, JASON NJOKU EXPLAINS WHY HE WON’T LEAVE ANY MONEY FOR HIS CHILDREN OWNER OF IROKO TV, MR JASON NJOKU STATED THAT HE WOULD NOT LEAVE A DIME FOR HIS CHILDREN BECAUSE MONEY IS A BURDEN, WHEN REACTING TO A TWEET BY NAIRABET CEO, AKIN ALABI, ON WORRIES ABOUT MONEY. Akin Alabi had tweeted; 10 years ago, I thought that if I had what I have today, I wouldn’t worry about money ever again. Today, my money worries are so much that I can’t think straight sometimes. I need money like mad. Reacting to the tweet, Jason Njoku tweeted;
  12. The Celestial Church of Christ has spoken about a 21-year-old man, Sylvester Friday, allegedly used for money ritual by one of its Parish pastors, Steven Babatunde Sh!ttu at Bayan Dutse/Narayi in Chikum Local Government Area of Kaduna State. One of the church’s leaders, Superior Evangelist Sam Atolagbe, who addressed reporters yesterday on the matter in Kaduna on behalf of the church, said the incident that led to Sylvester’s death was an accident and by no means ritual. The death of Sylvester on March 21, 2018, had sparked violence at Narayi/Bayan Dutse community as youths accused the Celestial Church pastor of killing him for a ritual. The deceased was engaged as a mason by the 78-year-old evangelist to construct a concrete demarcation inside a river beside the church when he fell into the river and died. The church commiserated with the family of Sylvester and insisted that Evangelist Steven was not responsible for Sylvester’s death. It said the deceased and a member of the community had worked with the church as mason on construction jobs for some time now. “On that fateful day, Sylvester was engaged by Shepherd Steven to do a small work by the river bank where the church was trying to control the erosion. “While working, he slipped into a deeper part of the water while the shepherd who was supervising the work raised an alarm. “When he realized that the mason was drowning and the neighbours that came around could not help much, he ran to the nearest police outpost to report the situation,” Atolagbe said.
  13. Twitter user, @tashidahbakward is currently trending on the social media platform. She had declared she will supply milk to anyone who gives her money. The Nigerian lady shared a suggestive picture of herself with the above message as the caption.
  14. A Lady on IG has raised alarm about a man who bought stuff from her Mother’s Supermarket with fake 95k. According to her they never realized it was fake money till he left. Apparently, he also did same to a nearby shop. See her post below!
  15. Why It’s More Rewarding To Use Your Money To Buy Liquor In Quilox – Daddy Freeze Writing on his instagram page, the popular Cool fm OAP Daddy Freeze launched another assault on GOs who receive huge tithes with nothing to show for it by their members. “There was an accident along the Lagos Ibadan expressway and my good friend from the same hood as I, SHINA was passing by. Not only did he stop to help, he siphoned fuel with his mouth because the ambulance on the scene did not have enough fuel. He also gave one of his vehicles to take the injured to the hospital. How many of your fake ass Daddy GOs would do this? How many of them would use those their dirty, lying ass mouths anointed by satan himself to draw fuel? How many will even stop? Many of the accidents along that road are caused by the traffic around the numerous satanic institutions set up where developed countries would have set up factories. When Jesus was alive he drank alcohol and was accused to be in the presence of sinners (possibly in Night Clubs) so enjoying a bottle of Champagne or Henny with coke and ice at quilox in responsibility and moderation is actually Christ like.” he said.
  16. An alleged internet fraudster who was desperate to make money has reportedly used his sister’s son for money ritual. A Yahoo Boy (internet fraudster) who allegedly used his nephew for money rituals has been arrested by security agents. The man identified as Tunde Owolabi aka Money Talks reportedly used his elder sister’s 7-year-old son for a ritual. The sad incident happened in Ikoyi, Lagos state. He confessed after he had taken shocked security operatives to the place where he buried the boy. He was forced to exhume the dead body following the shocking incident. He is now in police custody. Watch video below:
  17. Atiku Abubakar former Vice President stated in an event in Lagos on Friday that the “snake of corruption” swallowing money in government agencies and ministries will kill Nigeria if it is not killed. Atiku stated this while receiving the Man of the Year Award. He advised the federal government to crusade against corruption instead of engaging in media warfare or propaganda. “We must try to identify why, though we have been ostensibly fighting corruption for the past few years, Transparency International, the official global anti-corruption monitoring agency, has not increased our Corruption Perception Index rating, “Not to belabour the point, but we have to kill the snake of corruption that swallows the commonwealth that should lift our people up from poverty. Whether that snake is in a JAMB office or any other government office, we must kill it or it will kill us “This month of February 2018, according to the World Poverty Clock, Nigeria has just overtaken India as the world’s capital of extreme poverty. There are more extremely poor people in Nigeria than there are in India, a country that has six times Nigeria’s population. “When people do not have jobs and the means to start a business are beyond their reach, they are incrementally much more likely to engage in criminal behaviours like terrorism, kidnapping, militancy and armed robbery”. Atiku has shown interest in contesting for the presidency in 2019 through Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), he has also been subjected to corrupt investigations in and outside of Nigeria. Source – Herald
  18. Tolani Otedola, the first daughter of billionaire Femi Otedola, who learned the rudiments of music in England and has completed her education, has decided to take her music to the next level in Nigeria. In a recent interview, she somewhat accepted that she takes advantage of her father's name but she is trying to work hard and hopes that her music speaks for her. In the chat with GoldMyneTV, she said, "If you want to be good at anything, you have to learn it in school or somewhere. I have been preparing myself for the music industry. At a time, I was working, I was in the university and I was studying music too. I had to learn how to play instruments and how to write music." According to her, she will never take it personally if anyone who attributes her success to her father's fame. "If you tell me I am taking advantage of my father's fame, I will not argue with you. I have already accepted that people will form their own opinions about me and I don't intend to fight it. I will try to work hard and hope that my music speaks for me. "It's a mistake for people to think that since we were born into a wealthy home, we don't need to work for anything. My father takes care of us, but his money is not ours. Parents like to support their children, but I don't think they want us to depend on them forever. One day, my parents will not be around again and I will need to take care of myself." Inset: L-R: Femi Otedola, Tolani and Dangote By the way, Billionaire CEO of Forte Oil, Femi Otedola, is blessed with four children, three daughters, and a son. It notable to know that his three daughters possess interests in entertainment. Florence is DJ Cuppy, Temi is a fashion entrepreneur and Tolani, is a singer.
  19. The Oyo State Police Command on February 8th paraded four suspects, who were nabbed with human parts in the Ayegun area of Ibadan. The suspects include an Islamic cleric, (Alfa) Sulaiman Hamed, 35, Tope Akinyele, 45, who claimed to be the pastor of a church in Ojagbo, in the Oranyan area of Ibadan and two other accomplices, Olapade Saheed, 32, and Olatunji Abiodun, 26. While briefing newsmen at the Command headquarters, the state Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Odude, stated that the Alfa, participated in the Fidau prayers for a dead man but later paid Saheed and Abiodun N2,500, to exhume the corpse because he needed the body parts for making money charm for his clients. Saheed and Abiodun were later caught with the deceased's head and other body parts, leading to the arrest of Hamed and Akinyele. Saheed admitted that the Alfa paid them N1,500 to do the job and that he took them to the grave of the deceased.
  20. 9jaonline

    How Do Banks Make Money ?

    What if you are surprised by your little ones at home with the question ‘how do banks make money?’ What would be your answer? One fact is certain, banks are after all businesses and as businesses go, they have expenses to cover and need funds for their effective functioning. This rules out the idea of banks not making money away. The first thing you need to know is that the bank is like a shop that buys and sells money in various forms like loans, deposits, certificates of deposit and many other types of financial products. The bank’s fundamental business is borrowing and lending money and they earn from the interest that they derive from independent customers. The interest at which they lend money is always higher than what they borrow money at. This difference in interest rate is the main profit earned by commercial banks. The money they lend out are essentially from other customers who deposit theirs in banks as longterm saves. This means that the rate of interest that a bank charges is entirely dependent on the demand and supply for a particular amount, the number of people who are ready to borrow the amount and the exact amount that the bank can spare as loan. Banks also charge customers a certain amount as charges or fees for taking care of the bank accounts of individual customers. Other charges levied by the bank like charges levied for overdraft facilities or cheque facilities and the likes also add to their income. Upcoming companies often seek the advice from established financial institutions like investment banks for effective execution of their plans. The bank provides crucial advice in terms of what rate the issue should be priced, the total number of shares issued, conducts the due diligence of the interested company and many such associated services. And of course, all of this is for a price, this is the advisory fee that the bank charges in return for its services and the time it spends to finalize the deal for the specific company. Banks, especially the investment banks are active traders in the equity, forex and commodity markets. Banks with people's funds invest in various securities trading as well as open positions in the debt market as well. It is easy to see that some individuals are scared to keep their precious jewellery, important documents at home. They are nervous of theft, and the bank comes to the aid of all such customers. They have vaults of various sizes and dimension to suit the needs of many different types of customers who require these vault services. The bank charges annual fees for the maintenance, upkeep and also monthly rental in return for these services. While customers are happy that their precious documents and jewelry are in safe hands, the banks use this opportunity to maximise it's profit base. Also, when an individual or a company defaults on a specific loan, the bank impounds on the collateral that was given in exchange of the loan amount and puts it up for sale. These are wide range of products ranging from houses, cars and other personal belongings including jewellery. Auctioning these properties is an easy way for the bank to recover the defaulted loan amount as well as let go of the collateral that it had taken over. There are many other services that a bank caters to and levies charges on like teller services, checking statements and account balance, accessing the bank account from any ATM which might not belong to the parent bank and the like. In conclusion, as all businesses are, banks rakes in significant sum by meer numbers of customers. Banks certainly makes sure their business of trading money becomes a means of making money!
  21. Do you know the networth of Ray Hushpuppi this 2017? Keep reading to find out, and also to learn about his source of wealth! You may be surprised and even shocked! In the world of Nigerian celebrities, there are some select ones who live the bohemian way of life and spend a lot of money. But at the same time, no one really knows the real sources of their income. For example, singers make big money from concerts, radio rotations and CD sales. Actors receive royalties for filming. Famous athletes receive money for outstanding sporting achievements. They are all popular people and should remain in the public eye to maintain the interest of people. However, there are some individuals who spend huge sums on luxuries and at the same time constantly expose their wealth for the public to see; and where they get all the money they flaunt from remains absolutely unclear. One of the popular “dark horses” in Nigeria leading a luxurious lifestyle and constantly sharing photo reports on Instagram and other social networks, is Ray Hushpuppi. The real name of this young man is Raymond Igbalodely; he is also known as Aja 4 and Aja Puppi This guy achieved great wealth after moving to Malaysia. But what is the source of Hushpuppi’s wealth – super-profitable business, influential acquaintances or patrons? How did he get so much money? And why does he flaunt his luxurious life, causing admiration, envy and even censure? His numerous photos in private jets, with premium cars, at expensive boutiques of the most fashionable brands, in chic hotels and clubs impress a lot of people. His followers seem really interested in even the tiniest details about him like how many pairs of shoes he has, what kind of watches he wears and what cars are in his garage. They wonder the entire size of Hushpuppi’s net worth. But this guy is not that simple to figure out. He shows the world only a beautiful outer shell while the inside is reliably hidden from prying eyes. It is believed that his net worth is about 20 million US dollars. This is fabulous money; but only Raymond himself probably knows how much his net worth is. We can say for sure that a person living such a lavish life must own a fortune. Aja 4 has outpaced a lot of Nigerian celebrities. On the Internet, his financial capabilities are constantly compared with the incomes of Davido and other Nigerian stars e fuels such comparisons by showing off huge bills from nightclub. In addition, he shows photos of his purchases from the most expensive boutiques in Nigeria and abroad. With such a large quantity of clothes and footwear from leading world brands, Ray Hushpuppi could easily open a personal exhibition or auction of luxury items. He also has a strong love for the Gucci brand. This year, on his birthday, Raymond Igbalodely received a birthday cake with a personal congratulatory message from a Gucci store in Dubai as a VIP client; he did not waste time on sharing pictures of the cake on his social media page. According to rumors, Raymond has his own private jet, Rolls Royce, the newest Range Rover, a gold watch laced with diamonds, and many other attributes of a posh life. A few months ago, he put up a photo of him sleeping in the embrace of half a million US dollars. He also compared the photo with another one taken in 2010, where he was lying in bed with N1m. The huge difference shows how much his wealth has grown with time. Hushpuppi also likes to give advice to his less fortunate fans on Instagram on how to succeed and go from being an ordinary guy into a beautiful prince. This instagram star has over 650,000 subscribers who like his posts daily. It is evident that Raymond Igbalodely is either a very rich man or one who very skillfully creates the illusion of having great wealth. Whatever the case may be, the exact amount of his net worth, as well as sources of the income, may remain unknown for a very long time.

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