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Found 2 results

  1. PSquare: You Played Yourselves

    A reunion seem an emotional response to the breakup but few months down the line, the clamor is no longer valid. What happened? Life happened. Just when we thought we couldn’t live with the pain of seeing our favorite twins split up, like water under the river, the sentiment got swept away. Our favorite singing duo of PSquare allowed family feud to separate the legendary music group highly revered and respected all over Africa. Peter wasted no time in dropping singles one after the other. Paul took his time and eventually released his own songs but like Peter before him, their songs never hit the heights expected. No charts topping songs, no club hit, no heavy radio and tv rotations for the duo and the fans doesn’t care much. Is the magic touch in the power of two? Is the wand no longer potent? From all indications, Peter is not PSquare and Paul is not PSquare. Do we still want to see a reunion? Will they ever attain the status of dominance they once had? Questions after questions but the more you look at it, the less you see a return to prominence. Life’s lesson resides in this. No one stays prominent forever and It’s so easy to go from 100 to 50 in the Nigerian music industry. Would the twins ever stage a reunion and will that rejuvenate their careers? Only time will tell.a
  2. In a determined bid to protest a range of issues from bad roads, poor hospital conditions, the high cost of living, pollution, and unemployment, some youths in Angola have kicked off a bizarre trend on social media. A hashtag #acabademematar, which translates roughly as “kill me already” is currently trending on social media as young Angolans pose for pictures where they are seen playing dead. The country’s popular blogger, Lunga Izata, who spoke on the reason behind the new trend, said the photos are in protest to a range of issues from bad roads, poor hospital conditions, the high cost of living, pollution, and unemployment to the lack of schools. She wrote: “Yesterday while longing for news that there may be a possibility of easing the country’s economic crisis, I was saddened to hear that children have not been to school for five years.” See more of the photos from the trend below:

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