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Found 14 results

  1. NET WORTH OF DON JAZZY According to the experts’ estimates, his current net worth is about $30-35 million. How did he manage to accumulate all this money? Don Jazzy began to work seriously in show business after he co-founded Mo’ Hits Records with D’Banj in 2004. However, the partners had disagreements because of which they stopped working on a joint project. In 2012, another label soley owned by Don Jazzy, Mavin Records, appeared. Now this studio constantly grows and brings the high earning to the owner. Mavin Records approximate worth is reportedly $10 million. Although Don Jazzy is a musician, he has some other sources of income besides sound recording and producing: In 2012, he concluded a deal with Loya milk. Its estimated cost is 40 million Naira. Also, a contract with МТN worth 25 million Naira was signed. After some time, the fee was revised and reached 40 million Naira. Don Jazzy is a Samsung brand ambassador. The deal concluded in 2013 costs about 110 million Naira. In addition, he recently signed a contract with Konga worth 15 million Naira. When you work hard you have the full m0ral right to spend your money on luxury. DON JAZZY CARS Don Jazzy has several powerful and stylish models in his garage: 1. PORSCHE CARRERA (N32 MILLION) 2. BENTLEY CONTINENTAL FLYING ($185,000/N70 MILLION) 3. BLACK CADILLAC ESCALADE ($70,000/N 26 MILLION) 4. RANGE ROVER SPORTS ($60,000/N23 MILLION) DON JAZZY HOUSE The star of Nigerian show business lives in Lekki, Lagos. His house is very large, comfortable and full of luxury. The estimated price is 160 million Naira. Many of us would like to live the life of Don Jazzy. He was able to achieve amazing success using his mind and talent. This man is already in top 10 African artistes list according to Forbes Africa! One year before the duo P-Square were the wealthiest musicians in Nigeria, but after the split of the famous duo, Don Jazzy can be named the richest musician in Nigeria. Let’s wish him creative inspiration and further career successes.
  2. Zimbabwean Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy said it will summon former president Robert Mugabe to explain how about 15 billion U.S. dollars’ worth of diamonds was siphoned out of Marange diamond fields. Mugabe once said in an interview while he was still president that some companies had repatriated diamonds from the fields, although his former spokesperson George Charamba has said his statement had been a metaphoric one. The Herald on Wednesday quoted committee chairperson Temba Mliswa as saying that his committee had resolved to invite Mugabe to get clarity on what happened to the diamonds. He did not say when Mugabe would appear before the committee. “My point is that we are not witch-hunting; we are actually trying to get institutions to respond to the 15 billion dollar leakage in terms of diamonds. “When we have received all the evidence we will deliberate on it, but in terms of him coming we had resolved that we will invite everybody, especially him since he was the source (of the information),” Mliswa said. A number of former and serving top officials in government and the security services have appeared before the same committee to answer questions regarding the “missing” diamonds.
  3. Spotify has gone public for £21billion in one of the most controversial stock market debuts in history. The music streaming service, which lets its 157m users listen to a catalogue of 35m songs, sparked a trading storm with its unorthodox float last night. Musicians including Kiss bassist Gene Simmons and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale say the firm’s arrival has ushered in a new era for music. But financiers fear its radical approach could upset the balance of power on Wall Street and break the stranglehold of the big investment banks. Spotify shunned a normal initial public offering where investment banks oversee the issuance of new stock and line up buyers for it, in exchange for massive fees. The firm instead opted for a rarely-used direct listing where no new shares are created but existing ones are placed onto the open market, allowing investors to buy and sell them freely. This meant it did not raise any new money on the New York Stock Exchange but existing investors were able to cash out and sell some of their holdings for a profit. Bankers including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are expected to pocket around £21million, far lower than normal. Chief executive Daniel Ek told staff: ‘Normally companies ring bells. Normally companies spend their day doing interviews on the trading floor touting why their stock is a good investment. ‘Spotify has never been a normal kind of company. Instead, we will be working on trying to build, plan, and imagine for the long term.’ With no set offer price, traders were forced to huddle together on the floor of the exchange and thrash out how much they thought the Stockholm-based business is worth before dealing could begin. It meant that the stock did not start changing hands until 12.45pm in the US – the longest wait on the maiden day of trading since records began. But following a lengthy haggling process, around a third of the company’s 178.1m shares were eventually released onto the market for $165.90 each. It is considerably higher than the $132 previously expected, suggesting huge demand for the stock from investors hoping it will emulate the success of tech titans such as Facebook. The firm is worth more than Twitter, which was valued at £15.3billion last night. The listing, which also saw a mix-up where the New York exchange accidentally flew a Swiss flag in honour of the company instead of a Swedish one, will be watched closely by other private tech firms such as Uber as a possible low-cost model they could follow. Wall Street banks fearful of losing business, however, will be looking on anxiously. Launched in 2008, Spotify claims it offers musicians a way to earn money from the internet and avoid becoming victims of piracy by killing off illegal downloads. The business makes its money through adverts between songs, and from 71m subscribers who pay £9.99-a-month for a premium service without adverts which lets users listen to music offline. But despite revenues of £3.6billion in 2017, losses at the firm climbed to £1.1billion last year. Founders Ek, 35, and 49-year-old Martin Lorentzon own 21 percent of the stock worth £4.4billion. But they have followed other tech barons by refusing to relinquish control, with special shares that give them more than 80 percent of the voting rights. It is not the only controversial aspect of the business, which has suffered a string of high-profile spats with stars over whether it deprives them of money of album sales. Taylor Swift withheld her music from Spotify for almost three years, saying she felt that artists were not being fairly paid, and Thom Yorke of Radiohead has voiced similar concerns. Simmons said yesterday the internet had completely changed the music industry but that Spotify itself is not to blame. ‘Artists have gotten the rug pulled out from under them,’ he said. ‘New artists are getting slaughtered.’ Spotify, on the other hand, claims it is partly responsible for the fact that revenue from recorded music has started growing again following a period where it fell sharply due to online piracy.
  4. Do you want to know how Mikel Obi house looks like and how many mansions he has in his native country? This is an extremely successful and rich Nigerian football player. So do not doubt that his houses are luxurious. Find out the more detailed info below. World fame and cooperation with Chelsea club helped John Mikel Obi accumulate a solid net worth and spend it on improving his living conditions. He has earnings not only from sports activities. Obi has signed favourable endorsements worth more than $25 million. Every year his incomes increase so that a football player can please himself with new elements of luxury. It seems that Mikel does not belong to the category of people who earn money to keep it on a bank account. This man lives a full life and enjoys the results of his work. John Mikel Obi investment interest is also quite noticeable. In particular, the football player invests money in the real estate market. He has 6 houses now. 4 of them are located on the territory of Nigeria. 2 others are situated in China and Surrey. He bought them to work with Tianjin TEDA and for his family. Let’s talk about each Mikel Obi houses in Nigeria in more detail. MIKEL OBI HOUSE IN LAGOS It would be strange enough if a football star of such magnitude had no real estate in one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. So this choice is completely understandable and justified. The price of houses in Lagos grows every year. So if Obi wants to sell his house, he will get a good profit. Do you also want to settle in Lagos? Prepare for the fact that Mikel Obi can become your neighbour. Great prospect! This is really a big city for big people. MIKEL OBI HOUSE IN ABUJA Many interesting and important events also happen in the capital of Nigeria. Not everyone can afford to buy property here. But we are talking about Mikel Obi. He easily coped with this task. Abuja is one of the most densely populated and picturesque cities in Nigeria. Having a home here brings not only benefits but also a great pleasure. When Mikel comes here, he always can enjoy a delightful view, be aware of the political life of the country. There were reports that he visited the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki. If you also want to meet with the high-ranked officials and get aesthetic pleasure during walks along the streets, Abuja is the best place for this. MIKEL OBI HOUSE IN JOS Jos is a less densely populated city. However, it may seem an advantage to some people. Obi can come to this residence if he gets tired of the noise and bustle of large cities. Jos is the capital of Plateau State. There is all infrastructure required for a comfortable and pleasant life here. Also, the tourism is well developed in Plateau State. So it’s no surprise that Mikel chose this place. MIKEL OBI HOUSE IN LEKKI Each lover of beauty and tranquillity would not refuse a home in Lekki if he had the slightest opportunity to acquire it. Lekki is located on the territory of Lagos State and is almost completely surrounded by water. All previous property is situated in areas with the tropical climate. However, this house can be called the most suitable for peaceful holidays. We hope that it was interesting for you to find out about the property of the talented footballer. You may watch the inside John Obi Mikel’s house video to get a better idea of the conditions in which he lives.
  5. Uriel Oputa from Big Brother Naija recently met Chika Lann who has continued to insist that her hairstyle is worth that exorbitant amount and little by little she is becoming more popular. Mention the name Chika Lann, and you are likely to be met with blank stares. But add ‘the lady who says her hair is worth N40m’ watch how people’s faces will light up in recognition. She was recently spotted at comedy show AY Live and she happened to meet Uriel Oputa of Big Brother Naija fame. Both of them posed for photos with Uriel even said she was taking hair lessons from Chika. See their photos below:
  6. Linda Ikeji is known as a celebrity blogger, but this time we are going to talk not about her media posts but her luxury mansion. Linda Ikeji’s house is situated in Ikoyi neighborhood of Lagos. According to Linda’s Twitter post, the price of a new mansion is over N500 million. Want to know more details? Why is Linda Ikeji so popular and rich? Linda Ikeji has many regards, she is known as news blogger, a former model, and writer. She is very active in social media and now she is recognized as a highest paid blogger in Nigeria. And of course, there is a beautiful terrace, a perfect place to sit with a cup of coffee and look at a delectable view of the Banana Island. We continue to follow the news from Linda, wait for new publications about this wonderful blogger.
  7. 9jaonline

    Wizkid’s New Net Worth Will Shock You

    Do you want to know what the Wizkid net worth is? We know that some music stars in Nigeria live a luxurious life. Photos of their cars, homes, and stylish accessories constantly appear on the Internet. Quite naturally, we wish to hear the exact figures of their net worth. The latest information about Starboy Wizkid worth is presented in this article. Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun (full name) was born on the 16th of July, 1990. From the very childhood, it was clear that he would become a musician since Wizkid’s first records were created when he was only 11 years old. The boy participated in a group with several church friends. This was the beginning of his victorious path. In 2009, a contract was signed with Banky W. Then new compositions began to appear and multiply the popularity of this guy. Now he is a Nigerian superstar worth of great respect. Wizkid is one of those people who shake the African scene and leave almost no listener indifferent. He is equally good at writing and performing songs and has a unique vision of modern music which makes him very close to a young audience. WHAT IS WIZKID NET WORTH? In society, there is a stereotype that a person who chooses a profession of a musician will hardly earn money for rented apartment and food. For some reason, people think that artists are doomed to live in a cardboard box with their old guitars. But what could they say about the net worth of Wizkid? This ambitious and talented person has proved that charisma and diligence can provide you with a decent livelihood. The musician earns much more than many Nigerian businessmen. Current Wizkid net worth in dollars is something about 12-14 million according to different sources. Starboy took the 7th position in the Forbes top-10 ranking slightly ahead of his closest rival in the entertainment industry, Davido. Impressive result, isn’t it? ENDORSEMENTS AND SOURCE OF INCOME As in the cases with other musicians, most of the Wizkid’s net worth was accumulated thanks to the successful sales of records, large-scale concerts on national and international stages. Also, Wizkid concluded several successful endorsements: In 2012, he signed a 1-year contract with Pepsi worth $350,000. Then he traveled together with Tiwa Savage to Lebanon and Beirut for the commercial shoot. In May 2013, he signed a 1-year contract with MTN Nigeria. Also, then it became known that the celebrity extended the deal with Pepsi for two more years. In October 2013, Wizkid signed a contract with Guinness regarding the “Guinness World of More” concert which was held on Victoria Island, Lagos on November 3 of the same year. In June 2015, he stopped the cooperation with MTN for a contract with GLO value of which was N128 million. Also, a significant part of Wizkid worth is formed by his own record label Starboy Entertainment, founded in March 2013. Wizkid tries to push young talents to fame just like he once started his journey to wealth and respect. Collaboration with numerous popular musicians and producers doesn’t cease to multiply his income. Today, many people call Wizkid the Nigerian Justin Bieber. He gets N2-4 million for each show. It’s fantastic! A huge sum of his net worth no longer surprises anyone. The first tour of the musician was held in 2012. Since then, he has made several world travels and granted his music to grateful listeners. WIZKID CARS AND HOUSE The media published information about the fact that Wizkid is the owner of a mansion worth N13 million. It was told that this house is located in one of the prestigious areas of Lagos State. There are also rumors that he has real estate in the United States. This mansion is presumably located in Los Angeles. Of course, a star of such a high class should have a luxury collection of cars. Journalists mentioned that in the Wizkid’s garage there are models of BMW, Mercedes, Bentley, Hyundai, and some other popular brands. Have you been inspired by the story of this famous singer? He made great efforts and received excellent results. Talent and diligence became guarantors of Wizkid’s wealth. This is an excellent example for young performers who believe in their dreams.
  8. A Lady on IG has raised alarm about a man who bought stuff from her Mother’s Supermarket with fake 95k. According to her they never realized it was fake money till he left. Apparently, he also did same to a nearby shop. See her post below!
  9. Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has the luxury of picking between £810,000 worth of cars whenever he goes out for a spin. The forward’s row of flashy cars is made up of a Range Rover Sport Mansory (£150k), Ferrari 812 Superfast (£250k), Lamborghini Aventador (£270k) and Porsche Panamera Turbo Techart (£140k). There is no sign of the infamous Batmobile or another Lamborghini Aventado with the rest of his £1.5m collection which is also owned by the Gabon international. Aubemeyang displays his fleet of cars worth £810,000. Photo Credit: The Sun The 28-year-old who vowed never to give up his prize possessions told the Mirror: “The clothes, the cars and all that are a bonus. I enjoy living this way. “I like who I am and it doesn’t matter if other people can’t ­accept that – it goes over my head. “As they say ‘you only live once’. It’s important to know where you come from and where your roots are – the rest is a big bonus.” Aubameyang has scored three goals since joining the Gunners from Borussia Dortmund in January, with two coming in his last two. He said: “I’m feeling really better; in January I didn’t play a lot so it was difficult when I came here, but I’m feeling better and I try to do my best of course for the team and for the club. The striker was at the stands when the Gunners defeated AC Milan in the Europa League to progress into the last eight. Aubemeyang will be hoping his London side will make it to the Champions League next season if the emerge champions in the Europa league.
  10. 9jaonline

    Tupac’s Net Worth Now and Then

    How much was the late Tupac worth? Tupac Amaru Shakur was once a hip-hop and rap music icon and even today, many years after his tragic death, he remains undoubtedly a legend and a rap god to many. WHO TUPAC WAS AT THE MOMENT OF HIS DEATH Twenty-two years ago, in 1996, the world lost one of the most influential and prominent rappers in the history of the genre. Tupac was hit in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. He was only 25, known all around the globe, and more popular than he could ever expect. He was killed right at the moment when everybody thought he was at the peak of his fame. Seven months before the tragic day of September 14, he produced his album number four titled “All Eyez On Me” and, in addition, two singles that topped the charts in a wink of an eye. How much is 2Pac worth now? In the USA, this album was officially recognized as a diamond in July 2014. In 2010, the Shakur’s real estate earned $3.5 million according to Forbes’ estimate. Some more cash came from TV shows, video games, and movies that have in a different way used his legacy. 2PAC NET WORTH: THE LEGACY THAT LIVES The “2Pac Greatest Hits” has been downloaded from the Web 1 billion times. His page on Facebook has 20 million followers. Before the incredible take-off of his career, Tupac used to change many jobs: a side dancer, an emcee, and finally an actor. The “actor” appeared in his resume after he starred in the movie “Juice”, which was able to earn more than $20 million in box offices. In 1993, he starred in the “Poetic Justice” with Janet Jackson, and the film earned more than $27 million. WHAT WAS TUPAC NET WORTH BEFORE HE DIED? In 1995, Tupac was imprisoned for a case of Sexual assault. The Death Row Records was reported to agree to post Tupac Shakur’s bail in return for a favour. He was supposed to sign a contract for three albums with them, which was worth $3.5 million. At the same time, some rumours said that the hip-hop king was in debt to the recording label. In spite of having sold albums for more than $60 million, he still owed something to them. Some of the letters Tupac wrote from prison were saved and sold not long ago. The most expensive one was sold for $15,000 but this happened after Tupac’s death. As well, after his passing, his mother Afeni was said to start managing the estate he left after him. In accordance with the Celebrity Net Worth, it made about $40 million. Now, the funds make up the fund named after her late son. The fund is meant to provide support for students who are willing to increase, develop, and strengthen their artistic and creative skills. Apart from the money, Tupac’s net worth involves a range of albums produced after his passing, a holographic performance dedicated to him in Coachella in 2012. Being killed at 25, Tupac still lives in the hearts of his fans. He still has the influence on the entire hip-hop culture.
  11. Russian footballer Stanislav Manayev has caused a huge amount of disapproval on social media after a video emerged online of him blowing his nose with 5,000 roubles - worth over N31,000. The video - which despite being deleted, is available via Marca - depicts Manayev traveling on a plane with teammates. The FC Tonso player asks someone if they have anything for him to clear his nose with, before being handed a bunch of 5,000 rouble notes. He said; "I could give this money to people in great need, but I'm not going to do it because I have snot," and proceeds to blow his nose, and throw the note on the floor. Upon being uploaded to Instagram, the video is said to have received a wide amount of hate for the controversial act and was subsequently removed by the uploader. However, it remained online long enough to capture the attention of Pavel Kolobkov, Russian Sports Minister. He wasn't subtle in expressing his feelings towards the situation: "There is no doubt that the video points to the low cultural level of that player, I am sure it will serve as a lesson," Kolobkov said. The Minister wasn't the only senior official to criticise Manayev. The head of the 2018 Russian World Cup organizing committee also damned his actions. Watch the Video: Twitter Ads info and privacy
  12. Do you know the networth of Ray Hushpuppi this 2017? Keep reading to find out, and also to learn about his source of wealth! You may be surprised and even shocked! In the world of Nigerian celebrities, there are some select ones who live the bohemian way of life and spend a lot of money. But at the same time, no one really knows the real sources of their income. For example, singers make big money from concerts, radio rotations and CD sales. Actors receive royalties for filming. Famous athletes receive money for outstanding sporting achievements. They are all popular people and should remain in the public eye to maintain the interest of people. However, there are some individuals who spend huge sums on luxuries and at the same time constantly expose their wealth for the public to see; and where they get all the money they flaunt from remains absolutely unclear. One of the popular “dark horses” in Nigeria leading a luxurious lifestyle and constantly sharing photo reports on Instagram and other social networks, is Ray Hushpuppi. The real name of this young man is Raymond Igbalodely; he is also known as Aja 4 and Aja Puppi This guy achieved great wealth after moving to Malaysia. But what is the source of Hushpuppi’s wealth – super-profitable business, influential acquaintances or patrons? How did he get so much money? And why does he flaunt his luxurious life, causing admiration, envy and even censure? His numerous photos in private jets, with premium cars, at expensive boutiques of the most fashionable brands, in chic hotels and clubs impress a lot of people. His followers seem really interested in even the tiniest details about him like how many pairs of shoes he has, what kind of watches he wears and what cars are in his garage. They wonder the entire size of Hushpuppi’s net worth. But this guy is not that simple to figure out. He shows the world only a beautiful outer shell while the inside is reliably hidden from prying eyes. It is believed that his net worth is about 20 million US dollars. This is fabulous money; but only Raymond himself probably knows how much his net worth is. We can say for sure that a person living such a lavish life must own a fortune. Aja 4 has outpaced a lot of Nigerian celebrities. On the Internet, his financial capabilities are constantly compared with the incomes of Davido and other Nigerian stars e fuels such comparisons by showing off huge bills from nightclub. In addition, he shows photos of his purchases from the most expensive boutiques in Nigeria and abroad. With such a large quantity of clothes and footwear from leading world brands, Ray Hushpuppi could easily open a personal exhibition or auction of luxury items. He also has a strong love for the Gucci brand. This year, on his birthday, Raymond Igbalodely received a birthday cake with a personal congratulatory message from a Gucci store in Dubai as a VIP client; he did not waste time on sharing pictures of the cake on his social media page. According to rumors, Raymond has his own private jet, Rolls Royce, the newest Range Rover, a gold watch laced with diamonds, and many other attributes of a posh life. A few months ago, he put up a photo of him sleeping in the embrace of half a million US dollars. He also compared the photo with another one taken in 2010, where he was lying in bed with N1m. The huge difference shows how much his wealth has grown with time. Hushpuppi also likes to give advice to his less fortunate fans on Instagram on how to succeed and go from being an ordinary guy into a beautiful prince. This instagram star has over 650,000 subscribers who like his posts daily. It is evident that Raymond Igbalodely is either a very rich man or one who very skillfully creates the illusion of having great wealth. Whatever the case may be, the exact amount of his net worth, as well as sources of the income, may remain unknown for a very long time.
  13. The founder and director of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is incredibly successful and rich. He has achieved amazing results thanks to his programming talent and brilliant entrepreneurial skills. The net worth of the businessman is estimated to be $73.6 billion in 2017 (Forbes). This colossal sum has earned him the fifth position on the ranking of the richest people in the world. From this article, you will learn about Mark Zuckerberg’s house and cars. Mark Zuckerberg house in Palo Alto Mark once published a presentation on his Facebook page in which he talked about his new invention – artificial intelligence for the smart house system. The video showed several rooms with amazing features and many people were impressed. However, contrary to what many would expect, Mark and his family live very modestly. He bought his house in Palo Alto for $7 million. The young billionaire and his family have been known to live there for a long time. Just check out this modest and cozy patio with a swimming pool. It seems like a great place for a family to rest. One entrepreneur wanted to buy houses in the neighborhood to build elite mansions and sell them to the rich who would like to live next to the CEO of Facebook. To prevent this from happening, Zuckerberg had to buy his neighboring houses for $30 million. He did not want to demolish the existing houses to build one huge super-mansion. After all, the neighboring houses were not bought for expansion purposes or even for investment purposes (even though this was considered at the moment of purchase). The funny thing is that the previous owners he bought the houses from did not move out. They still live in the houses that now belong to Zuckerberg, but only as tenants rather than owners. “Smart assistant” in Zuckerberg’s house In a video presentation, viewers got the opportunity to take a look at not just Mark Zuckerberg’s new invention, but the insides of his home as well. It was revealed that it took him a whole year to develop the innovative system he showed. Mark called it “smart assistant” Jarvis in honor of the cyber butler from the films about Iron Man. In the video, the founder of Facebook clearly demonstrated all the possibilities of Jarvis. The system allows him manage the house using voice or text commands of all members of the Zuckerberg family. The artificial intelligence can plan meetings and follow daily routines. With simple voice commands, Jarvis can open curtains, turn on lights or music. The intelligent helper can also make a simple breakfast like toasts, or wake the children up in the morning. To show all the possibilities of artificial intelligence, Zuckerberg asked Jarvis to “play a good Nickelback song”, but the “clever assistant” refused to do so because “Nickelback does not have any good song.” One of the main features of Jarvis is its ability to recognize the faces of visitors who are standing at the doorstep of the house. Also, it can monitor the movement of Mark’s little daughter and warn parents in case of danger. At the end of the video, Zuckerberg noted that the system has not yet been fully refined and called on his subscribers to leave interesting ideas about its further development in the comments. Mark Zuckerberg’s house interior Let us take a small virtual tour of the billionaire’s house. You will see that there are really no golden toilet bowls and other elements of excessive luxury. You can however find a convenient terrace and garden furniture in his yard, where Mark can communicate with guests, drink tea, read a book, etc. An important member of the family is in the photo below. This funny pet enjoys all the perks of the house. Mark has no banquet halls and servants; family members prepare food and eat in a modest, neat kitchen. Living room – this is a nice place for pleasant leisure family time and conversations. In the bathroom, you can find everything necessary for comfort, but there is absolutely nothing superfluous. It is decorated in pleasant light colors. Here one can not only clean their body, but also clear their thoughts. You can choose to either take a shower or have a bath. Again we see that convenience is what matters most for the owner of this house. In conclusion, we can say that Mark’s house in Palo Alto is modest, convenient, cozy and has a special smart assistant. House in San Francisco Mark Zuckerberg also has landed property in San Francisco. This house which is located in Liberty Hill is worth $10 million and covers an area of 7980 square feet. Mark had to spend $1.6 million for the renovation of this house which he remodeled in April 2013. According to eyewitnesses, about 50 builders worked on this mansion. They prevented the residents of the street from parking and were quite noisy. Local citizens argue that sidewalks were rummaged to ensure communications. Journalists managed to talk with the construction contractor who admitted that the scale of work was very huge. He however explained that the problems being experienced by the residents due to the work being carried out on the house were greatly exaggerated. He stressed that his subordinates were doing everything possible to keep the district clean and to inform neighbors about all the works. Property on Kauai island Mark Zuckerberg once sued hundreds of residents of the Hawaiian island of Kauai in an attempt to evict them and get an opportunity to relax on the beach with his family. In 2014, the billionaire spent $100 million to buy real estate here, and later purchased the nearby areas for another $30 million, but the locals still have the right to move through his land. The companies representing the interests of Zuckerberg appealed to the Kauai court with a request to initiate forced sale at an auction. The billionaire was ready to buy up the land at an inflated price. His lawyer, Keoni Shultz, noted that the Hawaiian people have lived on the same plot for many generations and occupy a small piece of the area. It is hard to even tell that they formerly owned vast territories. Zuckerberg published a post on Facebook in which he said that he did not force the local people to leave their lands and insisted that many should be pleased to learn about the existence of their property and, in addition, to get good money for it. In June 2016, Zuckerberg began to build a two-meter wall around his property on Kauai. This angered his neighbors and residents of the island who did not like that the massive structure would spoil the landscape. One57 Penthouse At the time of purchase, this house was worth about $90 million. It is located in a glass tower high above the center of Manhattan. Mark’s huge apartment occupies the 89th and 90th floors of the building. Mark Zuckerberg cars Mark Zuckerberg is one of the wealthiest people in the world of high technology; he could easily buy himself the best models of Ferrari, Bugatti, Land Rover etc. However, this man adheres to the principle of “a car is not a luxury but a means of transportation”. He has 4 cars at the moment; let us talk more about each of them. 1. Acura TSX This is a mid-size car equipped with an automatic transmission and 5 speeds. The engine has 4 cylinders and a volume of 2.4 liters. The vehicle is capable of speeding up to 137 miles per hour and has a high horsepower brake. Zuckerberg loves inconspicuous cars and does not want to attract attention on ordinary working days. However, if you read further, you will see that he has at least one luxury automobile worthy of his billionaire status. 2. Volkswagen MK6 GTI This black car produced in 2014 was significantly modified. Many of its options have been improved but it is still difficult to call this mechanism a car of the elite class. It is equipped with alloy wheels, a manual transmission and other additions that the owner put in himself. Its maximum speed is 238 kilometers per hour and it can acceleration to 100 kilometers in 6.9 seconds. Volkswagen representatives were extremely surprised that Mark decided to buy their car and gave him a present. Presumably, this vehicle costs $30 thousand. 3. Pagani Huayra Mark Zuckerberg purchased one of the first models of this car to enter the US. This is a first-class vehicle with 730 horsepower. The dual-clutch transmission passes power to the rear wheels. A high amount of carbon fiber was used to manufacture this car. The maximum speed is 231 miles per hour. It is believed that Zuckerberg updated his fleet with this novelty for only $1.3 million. Just 3.2 seconds is enough to hit a speed of 60 miles per hour in this car, which is somewhat better than that of the previous car. 4. Honda FIT Now let us return to a more modest car. Zuckerberg is also the owner of a silver Honda FIT 2015. This vehicle is fairly affordable for any representative of the middle class. The maximum speed is 118 miles per hour. The 4-cylinder engine has 117 horsepower. It has a manual transmission with 5 steps. After seeing all the properties mentioned above, it is easy to believe that Mark has nothing else to strive for since he already has almost everything a person needs. However, we wish him more success and multiplied wealth. He is a good example for all businessmen.
  14. Talented Nollywood actresses are greatly admired and loved by fans all over the world, but so many still wonder how lucrative the entertainment industry is. The false assumption that people in the creative industries do not make a lot of money will be debunked in this article, because contrary to what people think, professionalism come with high pay. 10. Uche Jombo - N370m This charming lady is doing well not only with finances but also in her personal life, as she recently married her Mexican lover. Uche Jombo has remained one of the most loved Nigerian actresses for a long time. She does not only act, but also produces and is works as a Globacom ambassador. In 2012, she married Kenney Rodriguez. They have a son. Uche Jombo is a very active woman who is constantly improving her work and directing successful films; considering all this, it is no wonder her assets continue to grow. 9. Mary Remmy-Njoku - N380m Mary Njoku and her husband Jason Njoku come together to form a very strong force in Nollywood. Jason Njoku founded IrokoTv in 2011 and got married to Mary in 2012; their marriage also gave a big boost to the actress' career. She is currently acting as the director of ROK Studios, which is located in Lagos. Her estimated worth is N380m. 8. Patience Ozokwor - N390m The next Nollywood star on our list is Patience Ozokwor, or Mama G as she is fondly called by fans. There are very few actresses whose popularity in Nigeria can be compared to hers, except for the likes of Omotola Jalade Ekehinde and Genevieve Nnaji. Patience has many awards for her excellent acting work; she is well known for her significant contribution to the development of the Nigerian film industry, and has participated in different very successful projects in Nollywood. The perseverance and talent of this lady is really admirable. In addition to cinema, she is engaged in trade, music, and a number of other companies. Her efforts and hard work have helped her accumulate an estimated worth of N390m. 7. Clarion Chukwura - N400m Clarion Chukwura is the mother of Clarence Peters, who is undoubtedly one of the most talented video directors in Nigeria; he is also the only child from her marriage to popular musician Shina Peters. If there is any actress who can be said to be well versed in theatre art and knows the rules of interpretation of complex roles, it is definitely Clarion Chukwura. Her wealth is estimated at over N400m. 6. Ini Edo - N450m Ini Edo is considered one of the hottest actresses of Nollywood. She has starred in over 200 movies, which is a really high figure when compared with other actresses in the industry. In 2013, she received the best actress award presented by NAFCA. In 2016, she bought herself a very beautiful luxurious mansion in Lekki worth over N50m, and a chic Mercedes G-Wagon car worth over N30m. Ini Edo's excellent acting skills and her ability to capture her audience has built her a networth of over N450m. 5. Funke Akindele - N510m Funke Akindele is one of the most popular Nollywood actresses with Yoruba roots. In 2009, the adorable woman was awarded the best actress in a leading role by Africa Movie Academy; this award is considered one of the most honorable awards for Nigerian actors and actresses. Funke is an actress that personifies all the best in Nollywood, which is obviously why she earns so much. Most people in the industry are interested in working with her, so it's no surprise that she has managed to accumulate N510m. 4. Omotola Jalade Ekeinde - N550m She is fondly called Omosexy by her fans; it is difficult to deny her significant contribution to the cinema industry of Nigeria. In 2005, according to AMAA version, she played the best supporting female role in a movie. She also has won many other awards emphasizing her high professionalism. She is highly loved by her fans, who are constantly keeping a close watch on every event taking place in her life. She has more than 1m followers on Facebook. She is currently worth over N550m. 3. Mercy Johnson - N600m Mercy Johnson is a favorite in the heart of many Nigerians; she hails from Kogi, and has featured in so many movies, one of the most popular of them is "Dumebi the dirty girl". This particular movie quickly raised Mercy to the top of her acting career; her role in the movie also earned her African Magic Viewers Choice award in 2013. Mercy Johnson has really worked hard to earn her current status in Nollywood; she is currently the 3rd highest paid actress in Nigeria. There has been reports that she allegedly receives N2m for a role in a film. She lives in a luxurious 6 bedroom duplex located in Ajah; it is a massive house with all the necessary amenities, including a bar, parking lodge, sports gym, pool, etc. The actress drives a luxurious Lexus SUV which costs 16 million Naira. She also deals in real estate investment and has several landed properties in Lagos. She currently has a net worth of over N600m. 2. Genevieve Nnaji - N850m This is one of the most talented ladies in the world of Nigerian cinema. She lives a very active life as not just an actress, but also as a model and musician; she has also worked with so many notable companies in Nigeria like Amstel Malta, Lux, MUD and Etisalat. It was reported that her contract with Etisalat (now 9mobile), was worth N100m, her deal with Polo earned her N70m while Cintron brought her a revenue of N50m. This elegant lady drives a beautiful Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, which costs N30m; she also has a Range Rover Evogue which is worth N19m. She has houses worth a fortune in Ikoyi and Ghana; but all these come as no surprise considering the actress is worth N850m. 1. Rita Uchenna Dominic - N950m Rita Dominic is the richest actress in Nigeria for 2017. She was born into a wealthy Imo state family and was taught to be an entrepreneur and earn money from her early age. However, her rich background did not affect her efforts in any way, she works very hard to obtain all she has and her talent is undeniable. RIta Dominic picked interest in acting at a very early age, and her zeal has remained till today; she has starred in over 100 films. In 2012, she produced a movie called "The Meeting", this romantic comedy was well received by the audience and soon obtained the status of a blockbuster. This and many other successes have contributed to her growth to becoming the richest woman in Nollywood with a net worth of N950m. Each of these charming ladies on our list definitely deserve the respect and admiration of their numerous fans. They serve as excellent examples for all Nigerian women and prove that if you work hard enough, you can reach the stars. The main thing is to believe in yourself and strive for the goal. Let us wish them growth and success to reach the peak of their careers.

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