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Remita Online Payment | How to generate code for purchases and payments

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How do you feel when you walk into the bank, spend some few minutes paying your school fees conveniently. These type of payments are handled by one of Nigeria's efficient online payment intermediary - remita.net. 



However, most people don't know to use the platform and quickly becomes frustrated generating the pins. 

Luckily, you will learn how to generate Remita code for payment using the Remita Online Payment platform in Nigeria. You will also know the steps to make payment to Remita billers. Also with this guide, you will be able to make School fees payment, licenses renewals, FIRS Taxes, PHCN bills, corporate Affairs Commission and so on.

This guide will be a valuable for students who are looking for guidelines on how to generate the Remita code. 

How to generate remita code for payment

To pay your fees(School fees,acceptance fees,....) at the Bank: 

1. Visit the application page of your institution. 
2. Once the portal is ready, proceed and there you will see Make Payment On Remita Link - click on it.. 
3. Then click on “Pay with Remita”. 
4. When you have done step 3 successfully, you are required to proceed and click on the ‘Submit and Generate Remita Payment Reference Button (RRR)’. 
5. Once you have generated the Remita Payment Reference button, write down the displayed Payment Reference Number (RRR). 
6. Go to Any Commercial Bank Branch to Make Payment. 
7. After you have made a successful payment, go to the applicant Login Page and Login with Your Username and Password. 

To make payment Using an ATM Card:

1. Copy the (Remita Retrieval Reference) RRR Code generated for you. 
2. In the page you will see a “Here” link, click it. 
3. Input the name of your university in the 'Who do you want to pay' textarea. 
4. Input the generated RRR Code (Remita Retrieval Reference) you copied earlier. 
5. Click Continue. 
6. You will be directed to a page that will ask “How do you want to Pay?” 
7. When you see the appropriate logo that applies to your bank card (Verve, MasterCard or Visa), which is located under the "Pay Now with Cards or Wallets” navigation, choose your card type. 
8. Then you will be redirected to select (from a drop down option) your type of card. 
9. Input your Card Number, CVV2 (last three digits on the reverse side of your card), Card Expiry date and Pin. 
10. Click on the Pay button.

After a successful payment, you will receive a confirmation mail in the email address you earlier provided. Then you have to wait even a few hours (the network may be slow). After which the payment will be credited to your portal. 

As already said, Remita is one of the best payment platforms in Nigeria that provides us with one of the most convenient methods to make e-payments.

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