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Solution to Activate GOtv After Payment and Renewal

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If you have paid for your GOtv monthly subscription and none of the channels is showing then don't worry the problem will be solved in few minutes after reading this article.

How to Pay and Renew you GOtv

I will like to explain more about GOtv payment and renewal to help those who wish to know more about how to pay and renew their GOtv monthly subscription.

⇒ Pay Online

You can renew your GOtv online easily simply by visiting http://eazy.gotvafrica.com, select your country and then select the option PAY and you will be taken to another page where you will need to input your IUC Number, Select your country and fill the security captcha as you can see below.

Once you click Verify you will see another option "view your Balance and Pay" click on it and you will be taking to another page where you can select your preferred payment method and then complete the payment using your ATM debit card (MasterCard, Visa, Verve).

⇒ Pay through You Mobile banking APP

Many banks integrated GOtv subscriptions and payment on their Mobile app that enables you to pay for your GOtv directly from your bank account using your mobile banking app.

⇒ Pay to GOtv Agents and shops

This is the most preferred means of GOtv activation and renewal payments as many don't really know how to pay online from their bank using ATM cards.

If you don't have internet enabled smartphone or Computer simply visit nearest GOtv dealers near you for renewal of your GOtv Subscription, purchase and activation.

Solution to Activate GOtv After Payment and Renewal

Back to business, am sure you have learned how to pay for your GOtv monthly subscriptions, I will now help you solve few problems that might arise after payment such as:

- Subscription has expired
- Account expired

To solve these problems and get your GOtv to work instantly there are few things you need to do, normally when you pay for GOtv it will be activated instantly while some take up to 24 hours but you don't need to wait anymore longer.

Soluations 1
Here are the things you can do to clear GOtv Subscription has expired or Account expired error after you have successfully paid your monthly subscription.

Visit: http://eazy.gotvafrica.com and you will see some options that look exactly like this (see image below)

Select fix errors and you will be taken to this page as you can see below.


Input your details such as your IUC and the security captcha as you can see then click fix errors and your GOtv machine will be rested and restored, all the channels will now be available and active.

Solution 2

You can reset and activate your GOtv with your mobile phone even without internet connection, all you need is to dial this shortcode *423#and follow the prompts to reset your GOtv subscription.

You can equally reset your GOtv simply by sending an SMS to your mobile phone in this format "Reset + Your GOTV account number" and send it to 22688 or 4688

Solution 3

You can reset your GOtv after payment by calling their customer service number which is 08039044688

This phone number (08039044688) is an official GOtv customer care phone number that can enable you to reach them whenever you have any complaints or request.

Hope all your GOtv errors has been fixed but if you are still facing any problem, don't hesitate to share your own opinion below through comments.

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