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Activate Ntel Night Unlimited Data Plan for N500 – How to Subscribe

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Ntel has unveiled new Night Data Plans for superfast browsing, downloads and streaming at affordable prices.

With Ntel new night data plans, you can now browse/download and stream UNLIMITED on a budget from 10 pm to 6am daily with super fast data speed without limits or data throttling.

After an outcry early in the year on the increase in their monthly unlimited data plans which starts from N10,000, the newly introduced Night plans will definitely bring smiles to their subscribers.

Notification from NTEL concerning the new plans read;

"Get the Unlimited Data that fits your pocket! Ntel Unlimited U data from as low as N500. No data cap, no throttling, truly Unlimited"


See details of the new plans below

1. N500 - Unlimited U from
10pm-6am Validity (2days)

2. N1500 - Unlimited U from
10pm-6am Validity (7days)

3. N5000 - Unlimited U from
10pm-6am Validity (30days)

This offer is said to run from now until March 4, 2018. So if you have any big file to download or any movie, this is the right time to do that.


How to Activate Ntel Unlimited Night Data Plan

1. To enjoy this offer, get the Ntel SIM for FREE

2. If you already have the Ntel SIM, visit Ntel site by clicking here

3. Input your Ntel Phone number

4. Choose your preferred Ntel Night Plan

5. Confirm and you will get the success text message

Enjoy your data from 10 pm to 6 pm. As stated above, the data can be rollover to the next day.
If you have normal monthly data, it will be automatically suspended during those hours and your monthly data will not be touched while you download with the night plan.

Ntel, for now, is available only in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt with superfast 4G/LTE coverage.

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      Glo data plans are among the best network propositions in Nigeria. In this article, we are going to show you the latest plan codes, tariffs, and other details. Don’t waste time, try new internet data plans by Glo.
      Glo is known as the best provider of data plans in Nigeria. The network covers all the country. In this post we will tell you about Glo data plans of 2018, be ready to find out about daily, weekly, monthly, weekends and night options of data plans. You will also find out the codes and prices of the newest data plans.
        It should be said that Glo is among the cheapest providers of mobile networks in Nigeria. Among our list there is latest Glo data plan for Android, Blackberry, Windows phones or IOS, the owners of all kinds of modern devices can enjoy new data plans.
        30MB for N50, dial *127*14# for activation N100 for 100MB, dial *127*51# for activation N200 for 200MB it is valid for 3 days, dial *127*56# for activation WEEKLY DATA PLANS
      N500 for 1.6GB valid for 10 days. Dial *127*57# for activation MONTHLY DATA PLANS (VALID FOR 30 DAYS)
      N1,000 for 3.2GB, dial *127*53# for activation N2,000 for 7.5GB, dial *127*55# for activation N2,500 for 10GB, dial *127*58# for activation N3,000 for 12GB, dial *127*54# for activation N4,000 for 18GB, dial *127*59# for activation N5,000 for 24GB, dial *127*2# for activation N8,000 for 48GB, dial *127*1# for activation N15,000 for 60GB, dial *127*12# for activation N18,000 for 90GB, dial *127*13# for activation THE WEEKEND AND NIGHT PLANS
        N200 for 1GB one night plan. Dial *127*60# for activation Don’t forget to check Glo data plan balance, you can do this by dialing *127*0#
      Now you know Glo data plan codes and tariffs, don’t waste time and try the data plans by Glo.
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      Do you own any Android gadget for everyday use? Anyone who wants to get the best data plan in Nigeria will find this post handy. We have selected different bundles and packages for a number of some of the most popular carriers in the country including Glo, MTN, Etisalat and Airtel. Let us discover the right data plan for your Android device right now.
      While most Nigerian mobile network operators offer the matching bundles and sets for Android and other smartphones, there are sometimes specific data plans for Android platform only. We would like to list such exclusive options along with standard choices offered to all interested users from Nigeria and foreign visitors who need a local SIM card with a good data plan.
      All citizens and guests of Nigeria who are happy to get MTN cheap data plans for Android will find some of these choices interesting. They are easily obtained after you send the quick code to 131:
      104 – just as great as it sounds, you are to take advantage of 30MB of data for 100 Naira for a day 113 – users can take 100MB of data per day for 200 Naira 103 – anyone will love getting 750MB of data per 7 days for 500 Naira 106 – text a 3-digit message and you will get 1.5GB of data per 30 days once you pay 1,000 Naira 110 – send this message to receive 3.5GB of data per 30 days for the price of 2,000 Naira 116 – this package provides you 10GB of data for 30 days for 5,000 Naira 117 – this is not the cheap package as it costs 10,000 Naira offering you 22GB of data for 30 days 118 – send this message to be given 50GB of mobile data for 60 days that are worth 20,000 Naira
      There is an exciting package called SmartSPEEDO. These are pretty cheap Airtel data plans for Android devices.
      It is fast to dial any of the following USSD codes to get the cheap data plan from Airtel:
      *496# – this package is called Android 1.0 and costs 1,000 Naira. It offers you some great deal of 1.5GB of data for this price for a month. *440*16# – this option is titled Android 1.5 and its price is 1,500 Naira. This cost includes 2.5GB of data and 1GB of bonus data that you can enjoy from 1 am until 7 am for the next 30 days. *437# – the package has the title Android 2.0 and costs 2,000 Naira for 30 days. Subscribers can take full benefit of 3.5GB of data. *437*1# – the option is called Android 2.5 and Airtel offers it at the price of 2,500 Naira for 30 days. The main data offered is 4.5GB and there is also a 1GB bonus you can use at night. *438# – the Airtel package is titled Android 3.0 and it costs 3,000 Naira for 30 days. You receive 5.5GB of data for this cost along with 1GB of bonus to enjoy at night. *438*1# – the data plan is called Android 4.0. It is available for 30 days for 4,000 Naira. You can get 7.5GB of data plus 2GB of night-time bonus for this price.
      Are you still in search for Etisalat data plans for Android? It is time to remember that there is no Etisalat carrier in Nigeria anymore. This company has been renamed 9mobile and you can purchase 9mobile packages for your phone this year:
      *229*2*11# – this is an easy-to-remember number for 500MB of data (you will pay 500 Naira) and this plan lasts for a month. *229*2*22# – users can grab their 1GB of mobile data worth 1,000 Naira, which can last for a month. *229*2*44# – Nigerians who subscribe to 9mobile network can pay 2,000 Naira per month for using 2.5GB of mobile data. *229*3*11# – this is a one-day plan worth 200 Naira and offering 1GB of data (this data can only be used from 12 am until 5 am). *229*3*12# – this is another interesting internet bundle of 2GB of data per 30 days worth 1,000 Naira. More plans are available on Etisalat’s site aka 9mobile’s website.

      There are many interesting Glo data plans for Android phones to choose from. We have selected some of the most affordable packages for you along with their USSD code for quick subscription:
      *127*32# – you pay 25 Naira for using 10MB of data for 1 day *127*51# – this data package costs 100 Naira and gives you 80MB of data for 1 day *127*57# – the option brings you 800MB of data for 500 Naira for 14 days *127*60# – this is a 1-day night plan of 1GB (available from 12 am till 5 am) that costs 200 Naira *127*61# – it is another affordable package that offers 3GB of data for 500 Naira for 7 days including night time during the weekend *127*56# – you receive 210MB of data for 200 Naira for 5 days These are some of the most popular and cheap plans, however, you can visit the Glo’s site to find other packages as well for your Android device.
      We have listed some of the most valuable and popular Etisalat, MTN, Airtel and Glo data plans for Android phones. Some of these packages are cheap, others are affordable, and some sound a bit expensive. You just need to choose what suits your preferences and needs best.
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      Those of you who wish to use high-quality 4G LTE connection might wonder which Spectranet data plans are worth checking out. Let us talk about this company, learn about its subscription requirements, free night browsing, devices, WiFi and MiFi connection as well as services you can expect once you become their client.
      This company stands out among all other Nigerian firms that offer internet services to the citizens. It was the first company to introduce 4G LTE connection, and today its great speed is enjoyed by many students, families, and businesses.
        Right now its 4G network is available in several areas. You can use it in Ibadan, Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja. However, you are not able to enjoy 4G by Spectranet if you live in other territories not covered by its network yet.

      There is a wide variety of data plans you can enjoy. Some of them include extra bonus, so we would like to list them separately. Here are the main packages without the bonus:
      4GB plan – this option costs 3,000 Naira but offers you nothing extra 7GB package – you will have to pay 5,000 Naira for this plan 15GB data plan – this option is available at 7,000 Naira 20GB plan – you can purchase this service at 7,500 Naira 40GB package – this 11,000 Naira package can be enjoyed by you Unlimited Gold Plan – you can get this option at 18,000 Naira SPECTRANET FREE NIGHT BROWSING
      These plans offer you this interesting bonus. You can enjoy the no-cost night browsing from 1 am until 7 am every night:
        25GB plan – this package costs 10,000 Naira and offers the internet for free at night time 40GB package – you can enjoy it with the no-cost night internet surfing at 12,500 Naira 50GB option – the plan can be purchased at the price of 13,000 Naira 55GB data plan – this option would cost you 20,000 Naira 110GB package – it is priced at 40,000 Naira 200GB option – this is the most expensive package priced at 70,000 Naira SPECTRANET MIFI, WIFI, MODEM, AND DEVICES
      You need to purchase Spectranet device or modem along with a SIM card if you wish to use its plans. Here is a list of all available Spectranet devices for purchase:
      Indoor WiFi – offers fast internet connection to office users and families Portable MiFi – it is a nice device for connection to mobile hotspots Outdoor Modem – this is a great gadget for access to the quick internet anywhere you are (if the area is covered by Spectranet’s network) Pebble MiFi 2017 – the device provides access to mobile hotspots for multiple users TOZ Indoor CPE – this device offers WiFi internet access to over 10 users at the same time Freedom MiFi 2017 – this gadget offers a strong signal and can be easily connected to your PC   It is easy to install any of these 6 devices offered by Spectranet. Each one includes the how-to guides you have to follow in order to connect and start your device.
      To use the gadgets and services offered by this company, you have to meet three main requirements:
      You should live in the territory that is covered by the 4G LTE offered by Spectranet. You have to purchase any of the devices (MiFi, WiFi or USB) sold by the company. You should own a handset, computer or tablet device that meets the minimum system requirements. SPECTRANET SUBSCRIPTION
      How easy is it to subscribe to the 4G LTE service? The company subscription is available to all Nigerians who are at least 18 years old. You need to have a passport or ID along with a credit card to pay for the services. Foreigners are also required to provide 2 colorful photos.
      Clients can get support from the company using its toll-free phone number 08002345678, through email care@spectranet.com.ng, and via online self-care account.
      Now you know a lot about Spectranet, its data packages, devices and useful details about the service and subscription. We hope you will enjoy fast 4G LTE internet from now on.
    • By stone bridge

      Anyone who is using MTN subscription to make phone calls, send text messages, and enjoy web surfing in Nigeria should know this information. It is important to learn how to check MTN Night plan data balance to know for sure how much mobile data you have already used and yet to use.
      MTN is a popular mobile network across Nigeria. It is one of the largest providers of internet connection in the country, so it is no wonder that so many citizens prefer MTN to other companies. Besides, it boasts a great coverage so guarantees connection in all supported areas.
      This is a cool one-day plan you can enable each day for 25 Naira per SIM card per night. This offers you 500MB of night data which you can enjoy after midnight. The package is available to all MTN Nigerian users who have subscribed to iPulse package.
      You need to have at least 25 Naira worth airtime to use the MTN Night plan. It is easy to subscribe: just write a quick word ‘NIGHT’ and send it to the phone number 131.
      The option to surf the Internet at night becomes available for 4 hours per night: from midnight to 4 am.
      Sadly, MTN provides no direct method how to check MTN night plan data balance. At the same time, the mobile operator usually texts you periodically regarding your data usage during the night while you are slowly using your 500MB of data.
      It is also possible for computer users to install MTN fastlink stats and see for yourself how much of data you have already used.
      Here is another method you can give a try (it surely works on all Android gadgets):
        On your Android phone, select your Settings. Go to the menu with Data Usage. Choose MTN NG option and you will get to the statistics how you are using your data. Choose your current date here (the night when you have purchased your Night browsing plan). You will see your data consumption information. HOW TO CHECK MTN DATA BALANCE
      All MTN subscription plans (except the MTN night plan) offer three main options how you can check your balance. This includes the following possibilities:
      Dial USSD code Send text message to see balance Use quick 131-menu We would like to share the code to check MTN data balance and mention other two methods below as well.
      There is a quick code to dial. Sometimes you might forget it, but you can always look it up on MTN’s site.
      On your phone, you have to place a call to *131*4# and look at the screen. The USSD number returns your data balance to your device’s screen. Some packages can offer you additional bonuses. If you wish to check the bonus balance you should call a different USSD number *559#.
      It is easy to figure out your night plan data balance by sending a text message with a short message ‘2’ to a phone number 131. It is necessary to wait a bit for a reply. You will receive a return message that asks you to wait for a response and stay patient. After a short while, you will get a second SMS with the balance on your account.
      There is also 131-menu to use. You simply need to call *131# and you will enter the USSD-MTN-menu directly from your smartphone. Here you should choose Option 4, which at once displays the updated balance amount on the gadget’s display.
      Now you know a code to check MTN data balance and an interesting trick how to track your Night plan data balance as well.

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