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Lady Got People Talking After She Shows Off Her Masquerade Boyfriend [Photo]

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    • By stone bridge

      A Nigerian man has died after a head-on crash in Glenn Dale, early Monday morning, Prince George’s County police revealed.
      According to WTOP, Samuel Oriloye, from Lanham, died after crashing head-on into another vehicle on Glenn Dale Boulevard near Bell Station Road around 1:35 a.m.
        Police arrived at the scene and found a two-vehicle crash with one of the cars on fire. Police said it appears Oriloye was driving the wrong way in the southbound lanes of Glenn Dale Boulevard.
      It is not yet clear what led him to cross into the oncoming traffic. He was pronounced dead on the scene while the second driver sustained nonlife threatening injuries.
    • By stone bridge

      Popular Nollywood actor, Mike Ezuruonye, in this interview with Tofarati Ige speaks on why people think he is a snub, play boy and woman beater. Enjoy!
      What is the most common misconception people have about you?
        People believe that I was born and raised in the eastern part of the country. Because of some of the roles I have played in the past, some people also think that I am mean and that I beat women. However, people now understand that it was just about me interpreting roles.
      Some people think that you are arrogant and snobbish. How would you describe your personality?
      I am sure that people who think that don’t know me and have never met me. Anybody who has worked with me knows that I relate equally to everybody, whatever their status. I play and joke a lot. People shouldn’t judge me by the characters they have seen me play in movies.
      Some people also believe you are a playboy. Are you one?
      They think that because of some characters they have seen me play. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
    • By stone bridge

      A video showing some Muslims climbing a light pole in Abuja has currently been trending on the net. According to reports, the people who were celebrating Maulud claims the face of Sheik Inyass appeared on the surface of the light and they start struggling to climb the light pole to touch Inyass face.
      According to Adebimpe who shared the video on her Facebook page, condemning the act, she wrote;
      “They think a dead man (Sheikh Ibrahim Niyas) has appeared on the light bulb, So they compete in climbing to touch his face supposedly to get blessing from him- a man who died several years ago fa. This is not Islam. This is a pure and clear act of Idolatry. Anybody who dies in this kind of idolatrous sect will surely regret ever coming to this world.”
      Watch Video below;

      See more photos below;

    • By stone bridge

      When a man or woman is tired of being in a relationship, there are several ways at which they call it quit. Some do not have the mind of standing before their partner, so they end the relationship over the phone.
      Such was the case of this young South African lady. She disclosed that her boyfriend broke up with her over the phone. Tlaleng revealed that her relationship ended on WhatsApp.
        After Tlaleng’s instincts packed up unusual vibes between her boyfriend and another lady, she confronted him about it and he owned up to it saying he was seeing the particular lady.
      The young man obviously didn’t feel any guilt about this as he was straightforward in telling without caring for her feelings. Heartbroken Tlaleng took to Twitter to share screenshots of the messages.
      Her post reads: “Guess I’ve been a joke for the whole 6 Months he literally laughed at me. My heart is heavy, my soul is shattered. I’m going through the most.”

    • By stone bridge
      Will Ferrell was taken to hospital after an SUV he was riding in flipped over when it collided with another car on Thursday night.

      The actor was one of four people in the chauffeur-driven SUV when it was struck in the side by a Toyota on the northbound Freeway 5 in Mission Viejo, California, at 10.55pm.
      Ferrell, 50, was hospitalized along with the two other men and one woman, who was described by witnesses as seriously injured and ‘bleeding profusely’. The driver of the second vehicle was uninjured.
      The Anchorman star has since been released from the hospital without any significant injuries and is said to be doing well, while the condition of the woman is unknown.
      Footage obtained by TMZ showed Ferrell sitting upright and talking on his cellphone as he was stretchered into an ambulance.
      Cops have said drugs or alcohol did not play a role in the incident and no one has been arrested.
      The SUV was shown lying on its side on the highway along with debris from the accident just south of Alicia Parkway.
      The car flipped and came to a stop on its side in the middle of the freeway, which had to be temporarily shut down, KTLA5 reported.
      One person was trapped inside the car for a short period before being removed by firefighters.
      In audio obtained by TMZ, a first responder is heard discussing the crash with a co-worker, presumably shortly after arriving on the scene.
      ‘Looks like we have one critical at this time who we’ve already got in an ambulance, and we’ve got one trapped in the car still,’ the caller says.
    • By stone bridge

      A bomb blast killed at least five spectators during a football match in southern Somalia, police and a lawmaker said on Friday, the first time an explosion has targeted a stadium.
      The blast went off in the port town of Barawe, in the Lower Shabelle region, when residents were watching a football match on Thursday afternoon, police said, adding that al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab could be behind the attack.  Police said it appeared to have been detonated by remote control.
      “The bomb killed five people and injured a dozen others in the football field.  “All the casualties were from the onlookers,” Mahad Dhoore, a lawmaker for South West state told Reuters.
      Police officer Mohamed Aden said al Shabaab group was suspected of being behind the attack and put the number of dead at four and wounded at 12. “We believe al Shabaab was behind (it) and that the target was officials who were not seated there at the time of the match. “The bomb looked like a remotely controlled one that was planted there,” Aden told Reuters from Barawe.
      Al Shabaab is fighting to topple Somalia’s Western-backed central government and establish their own rule based on their strict interpretation of Islamic law. The group frequently carries out bombings and gun attacks in the capital Mogadishu and other parts of Somalia. “Al Shabaab carried out an explosion that killed teenagers who were just playing football in Barawe town. Al Shabaab is the only enemy we have,” President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed said during a farewell party for Somalia’s outgoing parliament speaker.
    • By stone bridge
      People with social anxiety have been sharing their experiences of what it’s like to have the condition – saying it’s not the same as being ‘shy’.

      The discussion was sparked by US-based blogger Jessie Paege, who tweeted that having social anxiety doesn’t mean she ‘hates everyone’.
      She explained how it makes social situations more difficult, but it doesn’t mean she wants to stay at home in bed and miss out on having fun.
        Her tweet spurred hundreds of tweets from other people with social anxiety, revealing how different it is to the stereotype, admitting that at times they are affected physically as well as mentally.
      Jessie, who has 246,000 followers on Twitter, revealed how much more complicated it is to live with social anxiety than people believe.
      She tweeted: ‘Social anxiety is not ”omggg I love netflix and I hate everyone”
      ‘It’s longing to go to social situations that are easy for other people, wanting to use your voice, but feeling stifled, feeling trapped in your thoughts and so much more.’
      Other Twitter users began sharing their stories, detailing their symptoms and struggles with the condition.
      One Twitter user, @EmmySheetz, posted: ‘Anxiety is staying up till four in the morning thinking about how situations could have differed, had you just changed one thing.
      ‘Anxiety is falling down the rabbit hole of endless “what ifs” and scenarios for all the bad things that *could* happen.’
      Another, posting under the username @Colcyon, said: ‘Anxiety is suffering to speak while constantly worrying if what you’re saying is even remotely interesting, or if any of it matters to anyone.
      ‘That whenever interrupted, you feel like you should’ve done better to connect with the people you love.’
      Others called for a stop to the casual use of the word anxiety, as it often used by people who are just shy, and not suffering from a medical disorder.
    • By stone bridge
      Blac Chyna and her 18-year-old boyfriend,Ybn Almighty Jay are still going strong.
      The duo are pictured all loved up in an elevator.
      Thos comes a day after he posted a photo of her on Instagram with a caption ‘Would you marry me?”

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