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Best New Ankara Styles For Trendy Ladies in 2018 (Photos)

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Ankara is still at the peak of popularity. This bright and versatile fashion pieces allow each lady to find the suitable styles and reveal her beauty from every side. We suggest you familiarize yourself with new Ankara styles for women.


Secular and solemn events require original, bright, juicy but elegant and noble images. If you want to feel like a real queen and become a star of the evening pay attention to beautiful Ankara styles.


Modern fashion offers interesting and expressive outfits that look spectacular and incredibly attractive. You are sure to find a dress that is ideal for your event among different Ankara styles.


Be bright and express your emotions through clothes! Any saturated shade flawlessly suitable for the skin color of a woman will be the best option.

  • This season, Ankara styles with shades of precious stones are popular: ruby, emerald, turquoise, pomegranate, and sapphire.
  • In order to create an image of an elegant and self-confident lady with the help of clothes, it is worth choosing a bright Ankara gown of any red shade: from scarlet to burgundy.
  • Also, dresses of blue scale are perfect: from turquoise to ultramarine.

Nigerian women can purchase outfits in an impressive range of models. Rich colors of fabrics, original cut, expressive decor – all this harmoniously combined in the design of Ankara styles for ladies.


Gowns of the most various silhouettes are presented: from classical plain to compositions with folds and waves.


You can find a dress for a woman with any figure and age. Different styles demonstrate the merits of the silhouette and mask possible shortcomings. Your graduation party, social event or date will be successful because you will feel 100% confident in your beauty.


Creating evening dresses designers often combine the brightness and richness of colors with the simplicity of styles. This adds a bit of mystery to any image. Even the most modest dress of bold and catchy shades can create an incredibly feminine image that emphasizes the figure and fully expresses your personality.




For several seasons, long dresses appear in the collections of almost every fashion house. Femininity and grace is an ageless classic. What can be more feminine than a beautiful maxi gown? That’s why such clothes should be present in the wardrobe of every woman.


There is an opinion that long dresses suit not every woman. Some people are sure that such gowns are contraindicated for small-growth girls. This is a great misconception: any lady will look great in a long dress if it is correctly chosen according to the characteristics of her figure. Pay attention to the tight fitting latest styles without a lush skirt.


Another interesting way to increase visually your growth is a maxi dress with an overstated waist. This style stretches the lower part of the body creating an airy effect.


In addition, high-heeled shoes or an elegant platform will also help to adjust the proportions of the body and create a charming romantic image.


Girls with magnificent shapes also need to choose long gowns of a certain style. First of all, give up too broad models – they will only add volume. Wear long straight dresses with V-neck. Waves on the abdomen can hide extra pounds.


Place an emphasis on the waistline with a narrow belt of suitable color to emphasize the natural graceful curves of the female silhouette.




A short dress is the strongest weapon that is used for seduction and hits just the target. That’s why this thing can be considered the favorite of many women. It does not matter whether the lady has an ideal figure and long slender legs or not because everything can be corrected by the right model.


This outfit can be both romantic or fun, solemn or sportive, classic or business. You just need to choose the dress version for a specific situation.


It is also very important to take into account the individual characteristics of the female physique. Although it is worth saying that the rigid standards that define the ideals of the female figure are rather conditional. Anyway, short gown will help the wearer to have an elegant and attractive appearance.


Consider the following tips:

  • You can hide the lush hips with a help of short dress without frills at the bottom.
  • Lush models are suitable only for small-growth girls.
  • You can visually hide your tummy with a high waist dress.
  • V-neckline is perfect for women with magnificent shapes.
  • To emphasize the advantages of a figure, you should give preference to tight-fitting clothes.
  • Tall girls should better wear dresses up to the knee.
  • aG7NhLn.jpg

When choosing a gown, great importance is given to cut. A plain option is suitable for many women because it can hide all the shortcomings of the figure. Such outfits look great even for big size ladies because visually make the figure more proportional.



The advantage of this set is that you can wear different blouses with one skirt and get new images each time. Similarly, a multi-colored blouse can be worn with different bottom variations. The main thing that the general color composition should look harmoniously.


Traditional outfits consist of a long skirt and blouse sewn from the same fabric. Wearing a beautiful headdress you’ll get a delightful image. Despite a lot of fresh trends, such outfits are still popular.


Also, you can choose a monophonic blouse and a simple skirt with a pattern. This outfit is ideal for visiting the office and business meetings.


The asymmetrical models of this blouse look quite interesting. One shoulder can be opened and the other one may be decorated with magnificent frills.


Even if you’ll wear a maxi skirt and a blouse with long sleeves, a deep neckline and a cut on the thigh will make the outfit very tempting.


It is quite convenient to purchase 2 in 1 skirt. It will be part of the solemn attire at an important event. If you’ll want to go to work in something more modest just detach the top layer.



P@ntsuits have long since migrated from the men’s to the women’s wardrobe. Many ladies like to wear trousers. They use them both at work and in an informal atmosphere.


Today, elegant women’s suits are no less popular than skirts or dresses. Fashion designers constantly please ladies with new feminine and very beautiful design. In order to look beautiful in trouser suits, you should simply choose the right size that will match the figure and your taste.


Suits with wide trousers that can be very long and cover half of your shoes. Such P@ntslook very interesting with tight-fitting jackets.


Also, designs with shorts and long sleeves are loved by Nigerian ladies.


It’s very comfortable to wear an overall – a suit with the bottom connected to the top.


Traditional fashion offers free tops suitable for a girl with any figure. Even  pregnant lady will feel quite comfortable.



Women’s costumes should be characterized by an expressive silhouette and simple lines. Bright colors, classic cut, and functional details are the main features of such clothes.




Going to the beach you can give preference to a fairly frank top and shorts. Thanks to the high waist, such outfit does not look too vulgar but draws attention to your figure!


As you can see, the Ankara fashion is multifaceted and diverse. Choose the outfits you like and enjoy your own reflection in the mirror. We wish you to be always stylish and attractive!

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    • By stone bridge

      Off shoulder Ankara gowns of 2017 are feminine and attractive; today we will show you some beautiful pictures of Ankara outfits to inspire you for the next time you want to make something for a special occasion.
      Every woman wants to look attractive and feminine, and a beautiful dress is one of the items that can help them achieve this. A lot of fashionistas always want to know what dresses are trending each year.
        In 2017-2018 season, the leading designers inspired to bring back the retro styles of the fifties. They designed a lot of dresses with open shoulders and made them come back in style. A lot of trendy styles were also made using Ankara.

      The dresses of 2017-2018 were inspired by femininity, lightness and a refined look; the length of the dresses also vary. The shorter dresses emphasize slender legs, and the longer ones come with numerous voluminous folds, creating a unique image.

      Off shoulder Ankara gowns are of different types; they can be made with thin straps, made to be tied at the back or completely without them. Such dresses can also have a corset. The necklines could be semicircular, V-shaped or in the form of a heart. An open dress with a decorative collar looks excellent, especially when worn with beautiful accessories or decorated with beads and sequins to give a special charm and coquetry.

      Bright Ankara fabrics are well suited for hot weather. Lace, frills, guipure and cape can also be added to Ankara dresses with open shoulders for a more dramatic look.
      Dresses with frills and a nice belt that emphasizes a slender waistline look really beautiful too.

      Gowns with open shoulders look fashionable and stylish, but there is one tiny problem – this style does not suit every girl. The beauty of open shoulder dresses usually depends on the figure of a woman; when chosen without consideration of this factor, it could look tasteless and ridiculous.
      Off shoulder gowns made with Ankara are an inalienable attribute of all feminine designs – romantic, boho, new look, etc.

      To choose a dress of this style, you need to take into account the characteristics of your figure. It does not suit girls with broad shoulders because it tends to visually increase this part of the body. On the contrary, for girls who have narrow shoulders, especially with the “pear” type of figure, such a dress will be an excellent find.

      At the same time, for short and plump girls it can do a disservice, creating a “barrel” effect (in this case it is recommended to choose styles with sleeves and a small neckline). Plump ladies should not wear short attires. Beautiful floor length dresses or midi length dresses are a better option.

      A tight silhouette is good for girls with an ideal figure. Otherwise, choose a free tailored dress or a tR@pezoid shaped gown.
      Off shoulder dresses also have another effect – it visually lengthens the neck and draws attention to it. However, if some age-related skin defects are present, it can have a negative effect, and this is worth considering when choosing this style.

      Dresses with flounces below the shoulder line are one of the trendiest styles this season. It is distinguished by its subtleness, playfulness and absolute femininity.

      This timeless model is an excellent choice for people who are going for a boho look, especially if you complement it with accessories made of leather and suede.
      The dress version without sleeves also allows you to accessorize with a lot of bracelets and baubles. Besides, a dress with a short skirt is perfectly combined with cowboy-style boots.

      Beautiful Ankara styles with sleeves look very refined, especially if the décolleté is deep enough. At the same time, the choice of a small décolleté allows older women achieve the desired effect without having to worry about stressing age-related skin imperfections on the neck and chest.

      A straight dress is an excellent solution for plump women and those with apple figures because it does not draw emphasis to the weight or the extra fat around the mid areas of a woman’s body. These straight dresses should not be made above the knee, as long dresses are better to visually increase your height.

      Such styles create a truly romantic image. It is a perfect choice for a date or leisure activities. However, such a dress can be very frivolous on an aged woman.

      A case dress with open shoulders is a traditional evening dress. It’s quite universal and very popular everywhere.

      An off shoulder dress with straps intertwined or tied behind the neck is a very impressive design; it is also a top trend of 2017 because it looks very stylish and trendy. But girls with broad shoulders should refrain from this style. It emphasizes the shoulders more than any other dress design.

      At the same time, the vertical balance of symmetry achieved from wearing alternate styles besides strapless dresses, make them suitable for every kind of figure.

      Another non-standard type of dress is a model with one open shoulder. It is also perfect for those who have naturally broad shoulders.

      A long dress is a classic choice for evening attires. A style with open shoulders brings more royalty and femininity to your look.

      A long and very loose dress should not be worn by short girls, even though it is a nice choice for hot weather. In this case, preference is best given to styles of medium length or with a narrowed skirt to the floor (as an evening version), which visually extends the legs.

      Medium length dresses are good for ladies with a “rectangle” type of figure. It is however universal and suits almost every other body type. The main thing is, do not forget to pay attention to the cut details, ensure that they emphasize your good sides, diverting attention from your flaws.

      Dresses made to stop above the knee are perfect for everyday use. They can also be used as tunics and combined with straight cut skinny jeans or trousers. The most common version of this dress are the straight-cut models.

      What colors are trendy this year? Undoubtedly, you can choose a warm mustard color or gray to emphasize elegance; burning bright red, warm yellow, soft pinkish, cold blue tones, turquoise and greenish colors can be associated with nature.

      As for the patterns on the fabric, everything depends on your taste. If you like bright outfits, choose Ankara fabrics with large, multicolored geometric pattern. If you prefer to create a delicate and refined image, choose a fabric with small, fl0ral ornaments.

      In 2017, the best accessories to add to your Ankara off shoulder gowns include fringes, chiffon ruffles, inserts and capes. A combination of different fabrics in one outfit is also a good concept.

      Most Nigerian fashionistas prefer to make their beautiful outfits using Ankara fabrics; be sure to add some off shoulder Ankara dresses to your wardrobe too.
    • By stone bridge

      Not everyone has the gift to be fashionable but you can derive the gift of being fashionable by following the tips gathered from the fashion divas.
      You cannot only look good wearing “English attire” as we commonly refer to the foreign material but with the Ankara fabric you can look fabulous too.
        Some individuals think that there are certain styles that the Ankara cannot be used for but I am here to tell you that Ankara can be simply styled however you like and want.
      Latest 2017 Styles
      The styles we have sourced for you are simply gorgeous. These styles will completely inspire your look this week. Ankara fabrics are comfortable to wear, Ankara fabric styles are not limited, and there is so much you can do with this fabric.
      If you are under the impression that Ankara has a limitation I would like to say that there’s no limitation to the creativity that can be done using this fabric.
      These Ankara styles are simply chic and outstanding, comfortable and stylish. These styles will definitely turn heads, they are a show stopper.

      Cc @malika_designer

      Cc @lauraikeji

      Cc @peachy_demoiselle

      Cc @doopie

      Cc @fumis_makeup

      Cc Dress by @ooogeh

      Cc @tojudavidscouture

      Cc @peachy_demoiselle
    • By stone bridge

      Ankara print allows you explore many options. You can use it to make styles ranging from pants to skirts to shorts e.t.c. The possibilities are endless.
          Check out these styles below

      Just Checkout the Pictures chidinma below, these Pictures are just amazing …

    • By stone bridge

      According to an online report, this man parked his car wrongly and when a parking attendant looked inside yesterday morning, he saw the man and two female companions deep asleep and a pistol placed between the passenger’s and the driver’s seats.
      Local residents alerted the police, who secured the area and gained access to the car before securing the pistol.
        When he arose from the slumber he tried to reach his pistol in vain.
      The three occupants were taken to Kisumu Central Police Station in Kenya for questioning.

      Credit : The Standard.
    • By stone bridge

      Nigerian international Wilfred Ndidi has been included in the Premier League’s 30 players who have been in the best form this season.
      After the 32nd round of fixtures played over the weekend in England, the 30-man list was drawn up by Sky Sports who updated their player power rankings.
        And according to Sky Sports, power rankings work by assessing each player’s performance with a complex system which analyses 32 different match-day stats.
      According to the rankings, Super Eagles star Wilfred Ndidi is placed at number 23 on 41,985 points, among the 30 shortlisted players.
      Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah who has been impressive this season for the Reds occupies the first position on the rankings with 83,732 points.
        Sky Sports Premier League 30 best in form players this season:
      1 – Mohamed Salah/Liverpool (83,752 points)
      2 – Kevin De Bruyne/Manchester City (74,746 points)
      3 – Harry Kane/Tottenham Hotspur (67,466 points)
      4 – Sergio Aguero/Manchester City (58,440 points)
      5 – Roberto Firmino/Liverpool (57,530 points)
      6 – Christian Eriksen/Tottenham Hotspur (56,592 points)
      7 – Raheem Sterling/Manchester City (56,290 points)
      8 – Eden Hazard/Chelsea (56,030 points)
      9 – Riyad Mahrez/Leicester City (54,208 points)
      10 – Romelu Lukaku/Manchester United (52,121 points)
      11 – David Silva/Manchester City (52,062 points)
      12 – Leroy Sane/Manchester City (51,067 points)
      13 – Alexis Sanchez/Manchester United (49,927 points)
      14 – Dele Alli/Tottenham Hotspur (49,347 points)
      15 – David De Gea/Manchester United (48,850 points)
      16 – Fernandinho/Manchester City (48,009 points)
      17 – Heung-Min Son/Tottenham Hotspur (46,714 points)
      18 – Abdoulaye Doucoure/Watford (46,405 points)
      19 – Ederson/Manchester City (42,895 points)
      20 – Nicolas Otamendi/Manchester City (42,886 points)
      21 – Marcos Alonso/Chelsea (42,850 points)
      22 – Xherdan Shaqiri/Stoke City (42,155 points)
      23 – Wilfred Ndidi/Leicester City (41,985 points)
      24 – Cesar Azpilicueta/Chelsea (41,474 points)
      25 – Nemanja Matic/Manchester United (40,550 points)
      26 – Nick Pope/Burnley (40,230 points)
      27 – Willian/Chelsea (39,956 points)
      28 – Sadio Mane/Liverpool (39,927 points)
      29 – Pascal Gross/Brighton and Hove Albion (39,688 points)
      30 – Jan Vertonghen/Tottenham Hotspur (39,659 points)
      Meanwhile, Super Eagles star Wilfred Ndidi has been superb this season for Leicester City and he is also expected to shine for Nigeria at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.
      The 21-year-old is no doubt a force to reckon with since he joined Leicester City in 2017, as he was named the Premier League’s top tackler half way into the current season.
      However, Liverpool among-st some other clubs have shown interest in signing the Super Eagles defensive midfielder who has been likened to Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante due to his style of play.

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