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Woman stabs husband to death after he denied her sex

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Police in Uganda arrested a 24-year-old woman after she stabbed her husband to death because he refused to make love with her.


Harriet Nambi, who hails from Nakiyanhja,Kaliro Town council stabbed Musa Batera 25, for refusing to have sex with her ever since she gave birth two months ago through cesarean.

Until his death, Batera who was married to 3 wives was the chairman of Kaliro district Boda Boda Association, while Nambi is a primary school teacher at Kaliro Town.


Hasifa Babirye, a neighbor said the couple developed some quarrels some 3 days ago where Nambi accused Batera of repeatedly refusing to sleep with her.

"She told me that her husband was denying her sex yet she needed it. I asked her to wait since she had just been operated upon but she was obsessed," Babirye told police.

"I tried to ask her to give it time but she said she was going to harm him and when the husband returned, she stabbed him," she added.

According to residents, Nambi lured the deceased to their rented house and as soon as he entered, she started quarreling which developed into a fight.

Kaliro District police boss, Joseph Kihamba, who confirmed the incident, said the suspect has been arrested and is to be charged with murder.

The police boss advised couples to settle their differences with family members and relevant authorities.

Source: Daily Monitor

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       Forensic examinations of evidence from the Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos home of Peter Nielsen, 53, alleged to have killed his wife and daughter indicated traces of blood stains cleverly wiped, the police said yesterday. Although initial reports suggested that the woman, Zaynab, was strangled and her three-year-old daughter, Patra suffocated, autopsy report conducted showed that Zaynab suffered trauma because of impact on her head.
      Police Commissioner Imohimi Edgal yesterday suggested that there were attempts by the suspect to cover up his crime, which forensic experts traced with the use of special chemical reagents.
        Edgal said: “The autopsy revealed that Mrs Zaynab Nielsen suffered trauma as a result of the impact on her head. Secondly, forensic experts revealed that there were blood stains from the couple’s bedroom to the kitchen.
      “Though it was cleverly wiped from the floor, the experts were still able to detect it with the application of special chemical reagents. In addition, blood stains were also discovered on the wash hand basins and on the hand towel the suspect used in wiping his hands after the commission of the offence. Although it was cleverly cleaned up as well, the experts were able to discover that too.”
      Edgal said the Danish Embassy was co-operating with the police, adding that the embassy provided legal representation for the suspect.
      He said: “I spoke personally with the ambassador apart from the official correspondence. They also arranged for counsel for their citizen so they are following the process very closely. We did not parade the suspect for obvious reasons. Do not forget he’s not a Nigerian and so, there are diplomatic connotations.
      “This is a man being accused of first degree murder. So, it would have been wrong for the police who are going to prosecute him, to also begin to parade him before such prosecution. However, he was charged to an open court. We are concerned with ensuring that he is diligently prosecuted and justice is done.”
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      A Nigerian man has died after a head-on crash in Glenn Dale, early Monday morning, Prince George’s County police revealed.
      According to WTOP, Samuel Oriloye, from Lanham, died after crashing head-on into another vehicle on Glenn Dale Boulevard near Bell Station Road around 1:35 a.m.
        Police arrived at the scene and found a two-vehicle crash with one of the cars on fire. Police said it appears Oriloye was driving the wrong way in the southbound lanes of Glenn Dale Boulevard.
      It is not yet clear what led him to cross into the oncoming traffic. He was pronounced dead on the scene while the second driver sustained nonlife threatening injuries.
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      It has just been reported that the 10 years marriage between Yoruba actress Ireti Isayemi to former Super Story production manager/associate producer, Bakare Adeoye, allegedly crashes. They had two kids together.
      According to blogger Kemi Ashefon, she disclosed that friends and family of the couple are trying to bring them together but the actress seems to have moved on with her life. She added that the actress has already moved out of her matrimonial home.
        Osayemi is allegedly enjoying a new love life of an Ilaro, Ogun state-based businessman who reportedly spoils her silly with luxurious gifts.
      It was also revealed that the businessman, who is also a hotelier and big socialite is doing all he could to keep her. Although he is reportedly married but news has it that the actress is the apple of his eye.
      A close friend who remained anonymous disclosed that: “She is a pretty woman and it takes a rich man to keep ladies of her ilks. She has been exposed to wealthy men by virtue of her profession and the lowly life Bakky was thrusting at her didn’t make her happy. She opted out.”
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      Will Ferrell was taken to hospital after an SUV he was riding in flipped over when it collided with another car on Thursday night.

      The actor was one of four people in the chauffeur-driven SUV when it was struck in the side by a Toyota on the northbound Freeway 5 in Mission Viejo, California, at 10.55pm.
      Ferrell, 50, was hospitalized along with the two other men and one woman, who was described by witnesses as seriously injured and ‘bleeding profusely’. The driver of the second vehicle was uninjured.
      The Anchorman star has since been released from the hospital without any significant injuries and is said to be doing well, while the condition of the woman is unknown.
      Footage obtained by TMZ showed Ferrell sitting upright and talking on his cellphone as he was stretchered into an ambulance.
      Cops have said drugs or alcohol did not play a role in the incident and no one has been arrested.
      The SUV was shown lying on its side on the highway along with debris from the accident just south of Alicia Parkway.
      The car flipped and came to a stop on its side in the middle of the freeway, which had to be temporarily shut down, KTLA5 reported.
      One person was trapped inside the car for a short period before being removed by firefighters.
      In audio obtained by TMZ, a first responder is heard discussing the crash with a co-worker, presumably shortly after arriving on the scene.
      ‘Looks like we have one critical at this time who we’ve already got in an ambulance, and we’ve got one trapped in the car still,’ the caller says.
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      Nigeria imposed the highest number of death sentences in the sub-Saharan Africa region in 2017 with 621 people put to death, Amnesty International has said.
      The country bucked the trend seen elsewhere in the region, as Sub-Saharan Africa made great strides in the global fight to abolish the death penalty with a significant decrease in death sentences being imposed.
        Guinea became the 20th state in sub-Saharan Africa to abolish the death penalty for all crimes, while Kenya abolished the mandatory death penalty for murder. Burkina Faso and Chad also took steps to repeal this punishment with new or proposed laws.
        The leadership of countries in this region gives fresh hope that the abolition of the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment is within reach.
      Unfortunately, some states in Nigeria continue to expand the scope of death sentences,” said Amnesty International’s Secretary General Salil Shetty in the organisation’s 2017 global review of the death penalty.
      There are a total of 2,285 people on death row in Nigeria, which is also the highest in the region, though no executions were carried out in 2017.
      Death sentences in the country have spiked massively over the past two years. In 2015, 171 death sentences were handed down, while in 2016 there were 527.
      Amnesty International recorded a drop in the number of executing countries across Sub-Saharan Africa, from five in 2016 to two in 2017, with only South Sudan and Somalia known to have carried out executions. However, with reports that Botswana and Sudan resumed executions in 2018, the organisation highlighted that this must not overshadow the positive steps being taken by other countries across the region.
      Elsewhere in Africa, The Gambia signed an international treaty committing the country not to carry out executions and moving to abolish the death penalty. The Gambian President Adama Barrow established an official moratorium (temporary ban) on executions in February 2018.
      Developments across Sub-Saharan Africa in 2017 exemplified the positive trend recorded globally, with Amnesty International’s research pointing to a further decrease in the global use of the death penalty in 2017.
      Amnesty International recorded at least 993 executions in 23 countries in 2017, down by 4% from 2016 (1,032 executions) and 39% from 2015 (when the organisation reported 1,634 executions, the highest number since 1989).
      At least 2,591 death sentences in 53 countries were recorded in 2017, a significant decrease from the record-high of 3,117 recorded in 2016.
      These figures do not include the thousands of death sentences and executions that Amnesty International believes were imposed and implemented in China, where figures remain classified as a state secret.
      In addition to Guinea, Mongolia abolished the death penalty for all crimes taking the total of abolitionist states to 106 in 2017.
      After Guatemala became abolitionist for crimes such as murder, the number of countries to have abolished the death penalty in law or practice now stands at 142.
      Only 23 countries continued to execute – the same number as in 2016, despite several states resuming executions after a hiatus.
      Significant steps to reduce the use of the death penalty were also taken in countries that are staunch supporters of it. In Iran, recorded executions reduced by 11% and drug-related executions reduced to 40%.
      Moves were also made to increase the threshold of drug amounts required to impose a mandatory death penalty.
      In Malaysia, the anti-drug laws were amended, with the introduction of sentencing discretion in drug trafficking cases. These changes will likely result in a reduction in the number of death sentences imposed in both countries in the future.
      Indonesia, which executed four people convicted of drug crimes in 2016 in an ill-conceived attempt to tackle drug crime, did not carry out any executions last year and reported a slight decrease in the number of death sentences imposed.
      However, distressing trends continued to feature in the use of the death penalty in 2017. Fifteen countries imposed death sentences or executed people for drug-related offences, going against international law.
      The Middle East and North Africa region recorded the highest number of drug-related executions in 2017, while the Asia-Pacific region had the most countries resorting to the death penalty for this type of offence (10 out of 16).
      Amnesty International recorded drug-related executions in four countries – China (where figures are classified as a state secret), Iran, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.
      The secrecy that shrouded capital punishment in Malaysia and Viet Nam made it impossible to determine whether executions for drug crimes occurred.
      Singapore hanged eight people in 2017 – all for drug-related offences and double the amount in 2016. There was a similar trend in Saudi Arabia, where drug-related beheadings rocketed from 14% of total executions in 2016 to 40% in 2017.
      “Despite strides towards abolishing this abhorrent punishment, there are still a few leaders who would resort to the death penalty as a ‘quick-fix’ rather than tackling problems at their roots with humane, effective and evidence-based policies. Strong leaders execute justice, not people,” said Salil Shetty.
      “The draconian anti-drug measures widely used in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific have totally failed to address the issue.”
      Governments also breached several other prohibitions under international law in 2017. At least five people in Iran were executed for crimes committed when they were under 18 and at least 80 others remained on death row, and people with mental or intellectual disabilities were executed or remained under sentence of death in Japan, the Maldives, Pakistan, Singapore and the USA.
      Amnesty International recorded several cases of people facing the death penalty after “confessing” to crimes as a result of torture or other ill-treatment in Bahrain, China, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. In Iran and Iraq, some of these “confessions” were broadcast on live television.
      Although the overall number of executing countries remained the same, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates resumed executions after a hiatus. In Egypt, recorded death sentences increased by about 70% compared to 2016.
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      A woman did yoga in public wearing just body paint, a thong, and nipple pasties to see whether passersby would notice anything unusual about her outfit—and the masterful optical illusion kept several people guessing. Body painter Jen Seidel and her daughter Kennedy teamed up with Ali, their model and yogi, for the experiment, captured in a video that Jen shared yesterday on her YouTube channel.
      Ali was only wearing a flesh-colored thing and nipple pasties when the duo got to work, giving her faux blue leggings and a matching sports bra.
        The intricate design made it look as though the sportswear ensemble had an abstract blue pattern overall and laces snaking down Ali’s legs as well as her chest and back.
      After the body paint session, Ali grabbed a yoga mat and stepped out in Baltimore, Maryland, to perform a yoga flow while a steady stream of people walked past her.

      She looked imperturbable as she completed her yoga poses in the bustling area wearing little more than body paint, and seemed to focus more on her asanas than on her almost non-existent outfit.
      Meanwhile, Jen and her cameraman stopped passersby and asked her whether they could notice anything ‘different’ about Ali.

      Many didn’t seem to think anything was amiss, and were convinced there was nothing special about the scene apart from the fact that Ali was completing impressive yoga poses.

    • By stone bridge

      A Yaba Chief Magistrates’ Court sitting in Lagos on Wednesday remanded a Danish national, Peter Nielsen, who was suspected of killing his wife, Zainab Ali- Nielsen and their three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Petra.
      Chief Magistrate Kikelomo Ayeye remanded Nielsen, 53, in Ikoyi Prison, following an application by the police. Nielsen was docked on a two-count charge of unlawful killing.
        Nielsen’s plea was not taken. He was represented by Frank Udoka Amah. Prosecuting counsel, Effiong Asuquo, tendered a three-page application, containing 15 grounds for Nielsen’s remand in prison.
      He said: “There is overwhelming forensic evidence linking the defendant to the assault and murder of his wife and daughter. The investigation has also shown that the defendant was habitually violent to his late wife, Zainab.”
      According to Asuquo, a fight broke out between the couple in their flat at about 3:00 a.m. on that fateful day. Nielsen was allegedly seen fighting and hitting the deceased’s head on a wall by her two relations, Mimi, 11, and Faith, 13 who lived with them.
      She died from injuries sustained from the assault. The prosecutor alleged that Nielsen then poisoned Petra before dragging her body into the kitchen.
      Asuquo said: “He took the lifeless little girl and put her under the mother’s body and then put on gas stove burners in the kitchen so that it will be believed that the wife and daughter were suffocated to death by the cooking gas.
      It is in the national interest that the suspect remain in prison pending legal advice and his arraignment and trial.” Chief Magistrate Ayeye upheld his prayer. She remanded Nielsen in prison and adjourned the case till May 8 for the DPP’s advice.
    • By stone bridge

      Nollywood actress Awele Odita came into limelight after she got pregnant and gave birth to a son for married NURTW official, Kokozaria last year.
      Just this morning, she took to her Instagram page to make a controversial post of mothers. According to Awele, real mothers will love and cherish the other children their husbands have with other women.
      The post actually got a lot of reaction from her followers who believed she was throwing a shade at her senior wife, Ajoke aka Mumsy Aliyah. Awele obviously doesn’t have a rosy relationship with the latter. And it was reported that their feud started after the actress had a son for Kokozaria.
        The actress is also reported to not be in the good books of her baby father, Koko Zaria since the birth of her son. Some of her followers alleged that the NURTW chieftain didn’t want the baby, but she insisted on keeping it.
      Awele in her post had written:
      ”A True Mother Is Who Is Able To Accept And Love The Children Around Her Equally, Who Doesn’t Separate Children, Who Doesn’t Hate Another And Love Her Own, Someone Who Knowns How To Raise, Love And Care For Children Born Of The Same Father Different Mother As One Because That Is What A Good Woman And A Queen Do To Keep Her Home, She Keeps The Family Together And That Is What You Are Kudos To You MRS PAPPY @bunmypappy1 I Salute You Ma”.
      Some of her followers are attacking her over the post. See the comments below:
      abiodun_oladitan@aweleodita7 , firstly, stop these social media shades… it is indirectly showing yourself to the whole world that you are peppered and bitter…well, that was the way I felt immediately I read your post. 2ndly, you are so young, and pretty, with your bright future ahead of you, is this a mistake or how did you really get your self into this kind of MESS in the first place??? You are too too young and too pretty for this you got yourself into… You derserve much better than this, my dear. Leave Oyinda alone, sincerely to me, the lady is just being human… any woman, including you, @aweleodita7 , will probably act the same. titobiloluwa18@ali.yah1970 this koko is dating Kenny George back o, calling her my love up and down and oyinda knows about it. Awele got pregnant, oyinda accepted her and she messed up, she was busying rubbing it to her face u gave birth to a boy , smh amoye boys Nita . She just started crying, he told her initially to abort it but she did strong head, u brought it upon urself so deal with it    

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