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35-Yr-Old Man Rapes 7-Year-Old Girl In Zaria, Puts Hands Inside Her Vagina (Photos)

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A 35-year-old man reportedly raped his neighbor's seven-years-old daughter in Zaria.
According to Fateemah who shared the bizarre news on Facebook
wrote beneath:



'This is Amina Abubakar, a 7-year-old girl that was raped by a 35-year-old man. 


Amina Abubakar stays in Sabon Gari, Zaria. And she's a Neighbour to the man called Umar. Her mother reported that Umar has been putting his hands in Amina's vagina for almost a year. Umar is a motorcyclist and he doesn't stay full time in Zaria. He goes to Rivers and comes back to Zaria after three months



When the mom asked Amina who did the thing to her, Amina couldn't answer because Umar asked her not to tell anyone that when he is coming back from Porthacourt, he will buy her a big bag full of toys. She told the mom this after she got a beating from her dad and mom. The mom was being very careful with Amina. But unfortunately, yesterday in the morning, they didn't have the water to perform ablution And they normally fetch water from Umar's house. Amina with the rest of her siblings went to the fetch water and they left before Amina. 

Umar called Amina but she refused to go to him. He dragged her to a dilapidated building and raped her.

I am calling upon the people in higher authority to please intervene in making sure she gets justice'




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    • By stone bridge

      Muhammadu Aminu Sambo, born in 1888 in Zaria, was a grandson of Tajo who is a son to Mallam Musa, the flag bearer of Shehu Usman Dan Fodio and founder of the then Islamic ruling dynasty of Mallawa in the Zazzau Emirate.
      Zazzau, Emirate, also known as the Zaria Emirate, is a traditional state with headquarters in the city of Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria.
        Muhammadu Aminu Sambo is the first western educated person in Zazzau Emirate. Credit: Facebook/Dandalin Tarihin Magabata

      1. Muhammadu Aminu Sambo, was the first northerner from Zazzau Emirate to acquire western education
      2. He was educated at the Kano Provincial School (the 8th on the register) from 1903 to 1908, after completing his Quranic studies
      3. Aminu Sambo was the first indigenous Headmaster of Zaria Provincial School (now Alhudahuda College) from 1910 to 1912
        4. He was also the first headmaster of Bauchi Middle School, later named after him as Sambo College of Education, from 1912 to 1916
      5. For initiation the building of a guest house which was later given to Command and Staff College Jaji, Aminu Sambo was conferred with the title of Wamban Zazzau and appointed district head of Jaji in 1916 by Sarkin Zazzau Aliyu Dan Sidi
      6. Sadly, he was stripped of his tittle of Wamban Zazzau and removed as district head of Jaji by Sarkin Zazzau Dalhatu who is from Barebari ruling house in the Zazzau Emirate in 1920
      7. As the only western educated person in Zazzau Emirate, in 1923 he was nominated by Sakin Zazzau Ibrahim Dan Kwasau to be a ‘guide’ to a British team sent by King George of England to conduct census of all tribes in Northern Nigeria.
      8. In 1924, following the successful census count of the tribes in Northern Nigeria, King George of England awarded him a Certificate of Honour.
      9. In 1925, Sarkin Zazzau Ibrahim Dan Kwasau re-instated Aminu Sambo as District Head and posted to Sabon Gari, Zaria which explained his nickname, ‘Sarkin Sabon Gari’
      10. While in Sabon Gari, he built Elementary School, created Muchia and Dogon Bauchi settlements from 1927 to 1930 and appointed ward heads and scribes in the new settlements
      11. In 1937, Aminu Sambo was given another appointment as District Head of Kaduna and conferred with a new title of Magajin Garin Zazzau by HRH Sarkin Zazzau Ja’afaru Dan Isiyaku
      12. Remarkably, the Magajin Garin Zazzau (Aminu Sambo), built the first primary school in Kaduna in 1940, located behind the present Fire Brigade.
      13. As Kaduna District Head, he planned out Kaduna geographical layout: he established new settlements viz; Tudun Wada, Unguwan Shanu, Unguwan Sanusi, Abakpa and Tudun Nupawa and created new roads such as Sokoto road (now Abubakar Kigo road), Constitution road, Maiduguri road, Sardauna Crescent and Bakori road.
      14. In 1943, he engaged more in the beautification of Kaduna town; he planted trees beginning from Lugard Hall Complex to the entire Independent way, from Kanta road up to Ahmadu Bello way, and from Market road (now Ibrahim Taiwo road) to Ahmadu Bello way.
      15. Aminu Sambo was also the first administrator to start alpha numeric numbering of houses in Kaduna. The first house he officially numbered is No A1 Layin Shaba (now Nupe road) up to his house No ZZ 6/7 at then Sokoto road (now Kigo road) and onwards.
      16. With his impressive pedigree, Aminu Sambo, Magajin Gari Sambo, emerged as the first northerner to become Administrator of the Kaduna Local Authority Government at the same time the District Head, accountable to the Administrator of Kaduna Capital Authority
      17. For the for meritorious services rendered to his country, In 1956, Queen Elizabeth of England conferred on Aminu Sambo a Member of the British Empire (O.B.E) award.
      18. Also in 1956, he built the second primary school in Kaduna at Maiduguri road, and in 1960 built the third primary school at Sabon Gari, T/Wada Kaduna.
      19. Muhammadu Aminu Sambo, Magajin Gari Sambo, a.k.a Sarkin Sabon Gari died in 1961 at the age of 73.
    • By stone bridge

      The question is can you wear this?…lol.
      Young people are taking this whole attention seeking on social media to a whole new level.
        A young girl has taken to the internet to post a picture of herself wearing nothing but nylon in place of actual clothing. Creative it may seem but come on. Is this too far or she is just having fun?
      Creative or not, this is just another young girl expressing herself in a rather unorthodox manner.
    • By stone bridge
      The Ondo State Police Command on Sunday arrested a driver, Yusuf Waheed, for allegedly robbing and raping a female undergraduate in a bush.

      The victim had reportedly joined Waheed’s vehicle from the Agbogbo area of Akure, Ondo State, en route to Ile-Ife, Osun State, sometime last week.
      After other passengers had alighted at their various destinations, the suspect allegedly drove the victim into the bush and brought out a knife.
      He was said to have threatened to kill her if she did not succumb to his request.
      After raping her, the 35-year-old reportedly robbed the victim of her valuables, including a handset, iPad and N4,000.
      The state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Femi Joseph, said the command, on receiving the information, swung into action and tracked the suspect to Ogun State where the victim’s phone was recovered.
      Joseph said, “A search warrant was executed in his house. A flash drive with the iPad cover of the student was also recovered.
      “He has confessed to the crime and blamed his action on the devil. We will soon charge him to court.
    • By stone bridge

      In a country where liberty is guaranteed and freedom of speech, expression, political affiliation and religious belief are all protected under the constitution it’s therefore disheartening to see that a young Nigerian can be held captive because of her faith.
      Will therefore share this post by OAP and author Toke Makinwa or the need for the innocent adopted girl to be strong and steadfast in her resolute state of staying through with her conviction.
      “If this is not bravery, I don’t know what to call it. This young lady Leah was one of the abducted Dapchi school girls, she refused to deny her faith and sfe was held back while the others have been released.
      Heavenly Father, as she stood up unashamed for you, as she refused to denounce her faith in the face of the unknown, I pray that you too will defend her, cover her Lord, do as you did in the days of the 3 Jewish boys who refused to bow down to a foreign god and by her act of boldness change the hearts of her abductors, Jesus, save them. Forgive them, introduce yourself to them and let them find salvation Lord and lastly let this inspire everyone who is struggling with their faith, let this miracle open our eyes and hearts to you Lord. You have done it before, you will do it again. It shall end in praise.”
      We can all just pray for her safe return and hopefully we get her back very soon.
    • By stone bridge

      The terrorists had released kidnapped students of Government Girls’ Science and Technical College, Dapchi, Yobe State, early Wednesday morning.
      The students were abducted by the Boko Haram sect on February 19.
      But Liah Sharibu was not released
    • By stone bridge

      The death of 4-year-old Aniya Day-Garrett has left many shocked, especially because of the torture she suffered at the hands of her mother and her boyfriendbefore she was killed. Anya was allegedly beaten to death by her mother and her boyfriend. Prior to that, she was starved and had her feet and legs burned.
      As a result of the torture, the child died in Euclid Hospital in Cleveland on Sunday from a stroke. Medical examiners said the stroke was caused by repeated blows to the head.
        Her mother Sierra Day, 23, and Day’s boyfriend Deonte Lewis, 26, were charged with aggravated murder and held on $1 million bonds.
      Day and her boyfriend called 911 at about 11.30am on Sunday to report that Aniya was unresponsive and not breathing. Day claimed Aniya started “acting weird” when they took her to Red Lobster the previous Thursday and that she fell off a toilet seat on Sunday. She said her daughter was unable to keep food or water down and threw up Tylenol she gave her, then barely ate any breakfast the morning of her death.
      But when police arrived, they saw that Aniya’s skin appeared to be “extremely pale and lifeless,” and her face and neck were “very small and emaciated”.
      The toddler also had what appeared to be rug burn marks on her feet and legs and was so malnourished paramedics “could see the individual joints” of her fingers. Doctors then noticed a big bruise on her left eye which was nearly swollen shut, a cut above her left eyebrow, and scald marks on both legs.
      It has been revealed that Harbor Crest Child Care filed an abusing a minor report against Day in May 2017 allegedly documenting 18 months of injuries to Aniya. Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services also conducted three separate investigations into allegations of neglect last year. However, it concluded there was not enough evidence to remove the child from her mother’s home.
      Aniya’s father Mickhal Garrett had been fighting to gain custody of his daughter and made repeated complaints accusing Day and Lewis of harming and abusing the child. Day was scheduled to meet with a social worker on Monday, March 19 to discuss Mickhal Garrett’s petition for an emergency custody but Aniya was killed before then.
      Garrett has accused Child Protective Service of failing him and his child.
      “We want them to be held accountable,” said Garrett. “CPS failed me. They failed us all. Nobody should have to go through this. So many people tried and tried to make sure Aniya Marie Garrett was safe and they failed our family.”
    • By stone bridge
      A five-year-old schoolgirl drowned in a pit latrine after falling in when she went to the toilet between lessons in South Africa.
      Lumka Mkhetwa was feared abducted when she vanished while at school in Bizana in the Eastern Cape and a police search was launched for the youngster.
      But her lifeless body was found the following day after the pit toilet was emptied and searched.
        The tragedy happened at the Luna Primary School, the Education Minister has confirmed. Angie Motshekga apologised for the death of the Grade R pupil.
      She said in an official statement: ‘The death of a child in such an undignified manner is completely unacceptable and incredibly disturbing.
      ‘I would like to send my sincere condolence to the family of Lumka Mkhetwa. I cannot begin to know the trauma the parents are experiencing now.
      ‘It is truly a tragic incident and my sympathies are with them.’
      Counselling has been offered to staff and pupils at the school.
      The incident was similar to one at a school outside Polokwane four years ago when Michael Komape, five, drowned in a pit toilet.
      His family went on to claim damages from the State.
      Lumka’s father Vuyani Mkehtwa said he believed from the position his daughter was found in that she could have been pushed rather than fallen.
      He told Despeath Live: ‘We do not understand how this happened. We were under the impression that children are escorted to the toilet at that age.
      ‘We have serious questions about the responsibility of the teachers but we have received a visit from officials, who have promised to investigate.’
      Mkhethwa last saw his daughter on Monday morning as she was leaving for school and has been told his teacher last saw her at 1pm.
      He described Lumka as a happy child who enjoyed playing with other children and was excited about having finally started school this year.
      He said:’We are heartbroken because we send our children to school thinking they will be safe.
      ‘Although we do not know the details of how this tragedy happened from how she was found it does not look like she was using the toilet because she still had her underwear on.
      ‘From the position of her legs it leaves us with the fear that she may have been pushed.’
      The national education department said it is doing ‘everything in its capacity’ to try to upgrade pit latrine toilets and sanitation at schools in South Africa.
      Section 27 executive director Mark Heywood, who runs a public interest law centre hit out at Motshekga over Lumka’s death.
      He said: ‘I read her statement and I absolutely believe that she is crying crocodile tears.
      ‘She knows about the repulsive and shocking state of toilets in public schools in remote areas.
      ‘The problem is that she and her people know about these deadly toilets but there is no political will to fix them.
      ‘They continue to make excuses. It’s not a matter of lack of resources or technology. They simply do not care’ he said.
      Captain Edith Mjoko of the local police said: ‘No foul play is suspected. The body is still with the police for a post-mortem and inquest will take place’.
    • By stone bridge

      Fans of Big Brother Housemate, Miracle are currently at loggerheads over a video of their Favourite housemate which emerged on social media last night.

        According to some viewers, Miracle reportedly put on a condom while Nina was asleep last night, but the focus of the Camera was taken away from the two lovers.
      Watch the video below;


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