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Tribute to Mothers

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Sometimes you wonder how many mother’s day exist in a year and how the men must feel knowing they don’t get the fair shake.

Motherhood is a challenging task and the load, a daunting one. Every woman is a potential mother and as such, they deserve our reverence. A day is not enough to love them, care for them, worship them and make them feel like the god that they are.

We owe them daily to let them know how special they are. African mothers, in particular, are full of compassion and go through so much to raise generations of people despite the challenges posed by the society.

Our mothers tilt the earth to feed us. They brave through hardship to ensure we get what we need. They’re our angel on earth and the compass through which we navigate life.

Today we celebrate them and pray that God bless every mother in the world for being the pillars holding us firm and solid.

Make sure you show love today to every woman.

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