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‘Thank God we didn’t divorce every time we thought of it’ – Sonia Ogbonna

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Like every other marriage, that of Sonia Ogbonna and Nollywood Actor, IK Ogbonna has faced lots of challenges, and if there’s anything to be grateful for, Sonia Ogbonna says it is not getting divorced each time they thought of it.

Penning down an emotional post to her husband this morning, Sonia Ogbonna wrote;


From @sonialareinaa – Happy relationship is not found ,it’s built. Its ok to be confused,scared and lost. We can’t know something we never experienced before. When we did wrong it was simply because we didn’t know better. Now we do. It’s a process. Then you learn how to remove pride (Igbo man VS feministic,”i know it all” kinda independent stubborn alpha woman = you can only imagine) and listen to UNDERSTAND because you care,and NOT to REPLY satisfy your ego because you want to prove him/her “wrong” . It took us some time,but that’s also just fine. Thank God we didn’t divorce every time we thought of it when times were harsh Otherwise I would not be able to discover that u can fall in love with the same person more than once. The most genuine & exceptional male creature I have ever come across. Bless you. Thank you for all the happiness


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    • By stone bridge

      Actor, IK Ogbonna, was recently ridiculed on social media when he was ‘caught’ wearing a counterfeit shirt. But the actor claimed he was unaware it was fake and his personal shopper should be blamed. However, many did not agree with his claims, stating that Ogbonna bought the shirt himself. In a chat with Sunday Scoop, IK maintained that the cloth was bought by his personal shopper and said;
      “As far as I’m concerned, everyone is entitled to their opinions. No matter what you say, people would always perceive it in different ways. I don’t owe anything to anybody. The only people I owe (explanations) are my family and myself. I am a hard-working person and when it comes to buying clothes, I rarely have that time, except whenever I travel. Every other person that is in my line of business doesn’t really have the time to go shopping. You would have someone that goes shopping for you and you would pay the person when he or she delivers the items. You send them pictures of the things you want and they would get them for you.
        I have been using someone for some time now and when I told him about this mistake, he was shocked about it. Nobody would see something of that nature and go ahead to buy it. For me to wear the cloth means that I trust the person who bought it for me. It is so surprising that even my friends, who are very detailed, did not notice the flaw. I was at the club with a lot of people such as Jude Okoye; yet, nobody pointed it out. When I saw the picture online, I had to go back to look at the shirt and I saw the mistake.
      I put up a post online that I would get a replacement and over 100 people sent me private messages asking to be my personal shopper. I was quite bitter because I trusted the shopper and because of that, I didn’t go out of my way to scrutinize whatever he brought. These days, one can hardly tell the difference between original and fake clothes.
      It is easier to identify authentic items when it comes to bags and watches because you can always go on the Internet to make checks. This incident could have led to bigger embarrassments because there are some countries that you go to and they arrest you at the airport if they discover you have counterfeit items on you. There are people out there who have good and authentic stuff and I would be working with a few people from now on. I became paranoid after the incident and I had to properly check all the items he had bought for me. People should also learn from my experience and pay more attention to details.”
      On why he has refused to mention the personal shopper’s name, Ogbonna said, “If I mention a name, it is more like I’m advertising the person. The person follows me on Instagram and I am sure that he has gotten the message I meant for him. I posted the message on Instagram not to please my audience but it was directed at him. I don’t feel embarrassed or pressured about anything. I am a fashionable person and I always love to dress well. I always patronize Nigerian designers and whenever I see anything good, I go for it.”
      Maintaining that he has never been under pressure by fans to live up to a certain standard, he said, “You are only under pressure if you allow yourself to be. I am not under any pressure and I don’t categorize myself as a celebrity. I am IK Ogbonna and I have people who like me for what I do.”
    • By stone bridge

      A young man based in Ijebu Ode area of Ogun state has been subjected to barking like a dog, once every month.
      It appears it is not too much of a sacrifice for this yet to be identified young man as against the idea of working for a means of livelihood.
        The young man has been exposed and mocked by his friends in a video having a regular ‘moment’.
      One of his friends who shared the video explained further saying this is not the first time a similar occurrence took control of his friend.
      He added that the same young man was having fun in a popular nightclub; ‘Club royal’ when the episode overtook the victim and his friends had to lock him up in a car pending when he would come around.
      It was also gathered that this embarrassing conditions for money ritual is a trend in that part of Western Nigeria.

      Watch Video Below
    • By stone bridge

      It happens so that marriages fail and the causes of divorce can be diverse. Cheat!ng, mismatch of characters, beliefs, dissatisfaction, lack of love, jealousy, and many others form a long range of reasons why people fall apart. What are the main causes of divorce in Nigeria?
      This reason for a divorce is not indigenous for Nigeria: it happens everywhere all around the globe. Young people think that they are prepared for everything when their bodies reach physical maturity but their minds are still infantile. This is why they often tend to get married by impulse, being totally unprepared.
      The lack of emotional, psychological, and even intellectual preparation before getting married is one of the most common reasons why marriages fail. No understanding of the obligations, responsibility, care, and communication causes a complete mismatch.
      Quite often, young people don’t give themselves enough time to get to know each other better before getting married. They simply meet, feel the attraction, and decide that they are in love. Without the period of dating and courting, they have no chance of getting to know the characters, habits, and life views of each other.
      The courting time allows young sweethearts to find out whether they are truly in love, whether their tempers match each other, and also what the HIV status of the partner is, whether he or she is fertile or sterile, and so on. All these things can be vital for a marriage.
      The physical draw is often treated as love, and it’s one of the biggest mistakes young spouses tend to make. They discover that their natures, intellects, emotions, and habits are incompatible only when they are already married, the time of the first passion is over, and the reality dawns on them. Incompatibility is one of the reasons couples divorce after decades of marriage.
      We all want to look better than we are in the eyes of our sweethearts. Quite often, people delude their partners to force them into marriage or something like that. Men tell girls tales about their wealth, girls conceal the truth about their previous relationships, and so on. All this leads to the collapse of trust and the collapse of a marriage.
      A man of 40 who marries a girl of 23 years is not very much uncommon. However, he should keep in mind that soon, he will be an aging man while she will be a woman in the bloom of her beauty and her prime. The same is about a man of, say, 30 who marries a woman of 40: she has only a couple of years to conceive a baby.
      The biggest and most healthy difference in age should be at most five years, experts say, and it’s necessary to make sure that the partner doesn’t falsify their birth date.
      It’s quite clear that understanding is one of the key factors for a strong and happy marriage. In this light, it’s also clear that a crude mismatch in the interests, intellectual development, and education has turned out to be one of the most common causes of divorce in Nigeria.
      It’s not a fact that a university graduate will have an unhappy life with an illiterate village worker. Still, it’s always better when spouses are approximately on the same level of intellectual development.
      Nigerians have a very special attitude towards children. A marriage that stays childless for more than two years is often treated with anxiety. Women who have no children in marriage are often blamed for being infertile even if the problem is in their men. It can be a very big problem.
      It happens often that a partner hides the fact of their infertility from the other side, knowing about it before their marriage. Of course, when the truth comes up, the marriage collapses because of the trust issues.
      People rarely realize that their expectations are their own problem and nobody is obliged to fulfill them. However, some people even get married expecting something particular from their partners. Of course, when nothing like this happens, the marriage collapses.
      Being married to somebody means being tied to this somebody and sharing everything with this person. The spousal infidelity is one of the most common causes of divorce in many countries around the world, not only in Nigeria. It’s very hard if possible to forgive and forget the pains caused by a Cheat!ng partner.
      Talking to each other is vital in a marriage. Discussing complicated issues, finding mutual points of view on the ways of bringing up children, running the household, spending money, and so on makes a lot of sense for a couple. Small problems that are kept silent tend to grow into bigger and finally huge problems.
      It’s sad to admit that there are still abusers in Nigeria who practice domestic violence on their spouses and children. Cruelty and disrespect, violence and total control, restrictions, humiliations, and beating – these are the sad reasons many marriages in Nigeria fail at any stage. This is one of the most serious problems with marriages, which demands special attention and a complex approach to be solved.
    • By stone bridge

      Johnny Drille excited About Leaving The Country For The First Time
      Nigerian country singer, Johnny Drille who just signed on to Mavin Records has started enjoying one of the best things in Life, leaving this country albeit for a little while.
        He shared his excitement on gram about his first flight abroad. He wrote:, “
    • By stone bridge

      This lovely couple or rather ex-couple are trending online after deciding to make their separation public. The husband identified as Mr Omorode revealed that he and his estranged partner, Doris are no longer together following their divorce today in Delta state. The man also revealed that his ex-partner who is now a free woman should not come near him neither will he go near her.
      Journalist Sapele Oghenek shared the divorce update online in pidgin English. Read below;
        “From the couple Mr Omorode and Doris , we just divorce now, because of the thing nor work. It is good to divorce than for one to die in marriage, I, Mr Omorode have declared that Doris Omoraka is a free woman. She can move with her friends from now upwards. In case anybody see or saw her from today 12th of March 2018, they should know that I Omorode and Doris are not together and she is now free. I Omorode have decided that Doris should not come close to me please, and I will never go close to her. Please inform Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria and the world at large that we are done. This is the couple final decision for peace to reign”

    • By stone bridge

      Being a celebrity comes with a lot of pecks and benefits. The money, fame and lavish lifestyle. You can’t deny the lure of extravagance. Women and the unending demands for attention. All these come at a cost and who better to know than one of Nollywood’s top shot IK Ogbonnna.
      The actor has revealed how he once outsmarted a crazy fan who resorted to blackmail after a failed attempt to R@pe him.
      Ogbonna made the revelation in a chat with Sun news, when asked about his female fans and the craziest thing a female fan has ever done to him. His words: “A female fan almost R@ped me. It was crazy but the good thing for me is that I was at a friend’s place when she started making the moves, and I was recording everything she was doing.
      So, by the time she got to the point where she said she was going to shout and turn the tables around, I played back what she was doing and she had to slow down. I think that was the craziest thing a female fan ever did to me.
      Since then, I stopped getting too personal with my fans. I won’t have them come visit me or see me at a friend’s place and all that kind of stuff. I created a barrier.”
    • By stone bridge

      Manchester City’s unbeaten start to the season has left Pep Guardiola believing that his side are capable of beating anybody.
        A remarkable opening to the 2017-18 campaign has seen City surge to the top of the Premier League table, while also progressing in the Champions League and Carabao Cup.
      The likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Napoli have been unable to derail the Blues bandwagon, with confidence now so high around the Etihad Stadium that there is feeling they can overcome any opponent, any time, any place.
      Guardiola told reporters ahead of a home date with struggling West Ham: “With the confidence, our players believe they can do it until the end.
      “Liverpool at home, winning at Stamford Bridge, at Napoli, against Shakhtar, gives you confidence. Of course, confidence on its own doesn’t work, but you have to see it, believe it, feel it.
      “We now have the feeling – wherever we go, whoever we play – that we are capable of winning. And that is the first step to arrive at the end of a competition and to fight to win the title.”
      Guardiola has enjoyed a glittering coaching career to date, collecting numerous major honours during spells at Barcelona and Bayern Munich.
      Even he, though, has never enjoyed such a stunning start to a season, with City currently on a record-breaking 19-match winning streak.
      “When you achieve these types of records, then you know what the target is to break them again,” added Guardiola.
      “It’s so important to break these little records. It doesn’t count for the title, but it counts for the way we play.
      “It means that, in the good moments, we win comfortably and, in the bad moments, we keep going.”
      After facing the Hammers, City do have some testing encounters approaching.
      A midweek outing in the Champions League will see them head to Shakhtar Donetsk, before returning to domestic competition with a derby against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

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