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‘I hope we receive sense one day’- Actor, Seun Jimoh Comes For Fellow Country Men

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Nollywood actor, Seun Jimoh who seems not be cool with Nigerians riding down their fellow nationals businesses but go ahead to patronize international brands at exorbitant amounts.



According to Seun Jimoh who wondered when Nigerians are going to stop being hypocrites, Nigerians who claim they don’t watch Nollywood movies will vet still Nigerian actors’ social media pages for terroristic and abusive contents.

Here’s what he wrote;


Dear country men, when are we going to stop being hypocrites? when are we going to stop these double standards ? when are we going to start putting value on our own instead of running them down ?we can buy ugly gucci t shirt for 1k usd but if tianna makes a beautiful dress and sells for 200k we will curse and say it isn’t worth it , when cardi b says she only sings on D!ck on a live interview we opened our mouths and laughed and said she is so blunt but when a Nigerian artiste says just half of that we curse them out and call them useless , with this kind of attitude we will always remain second class in the world and outsiders will hardly respect us, we see blac Chyna as a role model but call someone like toke who hardly shows any skin a whore . I pray we receive due sense one day, and anytime I hear anyone say “I don’t watch nollywood , I only watch Hollywood movies na this sword I go take mark your face , lol. and for all the “savages” on social media still looking for Visa, lol, shay u sha know they will be vetting your social media accounts now for terroristic and abusive contents, keep it up, awon were!

However a follower who reacted to the post wrote;


Mr @seunseanjimoh1 I totally understand your sentiments but excuse me this is Nigeria this is Africa there is this thing we call culture I totally appreciate realness but in the course of being real you still have to be decent we cant compare our ideology as a Nigerian to other white people’s ideology…. If tiwa savage comes out to say what cardi B said then for me it’s total bull shut. Our religious beliefs, our culture doesn’t just allow those things… My main point exactly is this in the course of being real let’s at least learn some decency and for the appreciating our stuffs I think most of you celebrities with so much money are the main culprits because no average Nigerian would go around buying expensive Sh!t when he/she could always get something nice around plus I think the main reason why y’all do that is just for show off which obviously ain’t necessary

Seun Jimoh replied by writing this;

@_blessing199 you obviously didn’t understand a word of what I wrote , but since you are an orator who has the answer to it all and knows the inner thoughts of every celebrity and why they do things  for yourself , average people can’t afford gucci and anyone that can afford gucci fam afford tianas clothes , so that part wasn’t for broke people , and the other part that speaks about double standards doesn’t imply that annie should be indecent but that people shouldn’t praise indecency because its ‘western’ and condemn it when Nigerians copy it, that is the highest level of hypocrisy. Being fluent in English has never accrued to wisdom or knowledge, the only time one can really learn is if one reads to understand before dishing out answers , you really should pick up that habit





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