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DJ Cuppy And Asa Asika Are Not Breaking Up! (See Exclusive Details & Photos)

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DJ Cuppy and Asa Asika are not likely to break up soon despite the ridiculous rumours going round about Cuppy having a side boo.

We love the relationship between DJ Cuppy And Asa Asika with the cuteness that they display. Like when they reenacted a scene from Disney’s ‘The Lady and the Tramp’. So chill, if you heard rumours that they might be breaking up soon because as far as we know, it’s false.

DJ Cuppy, who is currently on vacation in Ibiza with her squad, commented under the photo of a friend of hers. Well, the guy, Farouk, is kinda cute -dark skinned, Blond highlights on his hair, muscles and beard.



Trust the internet to go wild and make assumptions including spreading the ridiculous rumor that she is breaking up with Asa Asika. Anyway, she went with the joke and posted a hilarious photo of herself, Asa Asika and another friend in a private jet with the hilarious caption “Oya pass the Akara”.


Seems like DJ Cuppy is handling the rumors and backlash well. She also shared a comment about people getting angry over an inside joke. Amebo people need to chill, jare!

However, we are not comfortable with the double standards that is written all over the assumptions. Well, she would still have been attacked if it was the guy who commented such on her post. Do women always have to take the heat alone during relationship issues?

Since she has come out to say she isn’t a feminist, it’s unsure if issues like this bother her so much. She said feminism won’t solve women’s issues.

What can we say, girl? There are some storms you can’t go through alone. Meanwhile, we hope their relationship grows stronger.

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